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of Dover, Oyster River and Exeter, doe forthwith order Scouts to be kept on the heads of the said Frontier Towns as foll. to wit:

That Capt. Peter Coffin, Esq. of Exeter doe send two men to Scout from Exeter to Pick Pockett Mill, and thence to Kings-Town, and so back to Exeter ; also to send two men to Lamperill River to the house of John Smiths and soe back to Exeter.

That Capt. Woodman, of Oyster River, do send two men from Oyster River to Lamperill River to the said Smiths, and so back, and two other men from Oyster River to Toll end Falls to the house of John Hamm, Jun: and that Capt. John Tuttle, of Dover, doe send two men from John Hamms at Toll end Falls to Salmond Falls to the house of Capt. Ichabod Plaisted, and that this Scout be daily kept by such persons as the respective Capt' shall think most fit to be employed in this service, until further order, unless on such days as the weather will not admit of travel: and this Order the Secretary is required forthwith to send to the several Capts. aforesaid, whose obedience thereto is strictly required.

Ordered, that the Secretary give notice to Major Wm. Vaughan, that the present Military watch in the town of Portsmo be continued, till further order.

Province of New Hampsh".

At a Council held at New Castle on Saturday the
28th day of March, Anno Domini, 1702.

The Hon ble Wm. Partridge, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
John Hinkes

Robert Elliott
Nath' Fryer

Wm. Vaughan

Richard Waldron, Esq.
Whereas the Gen" Assembly of this Province was Pro-

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rogued to the first Tuesday in April next, the Lt. Governor was pleased, with the advice of his Maj'tys Council, to Order, that Proclamations goe forth to the several Towns of the Province for the Proroging the sa Assembly till the Second Tuesday in May next; and that the Secretary forthwith make out the same.

Ordered, that all scouting be left off which was formerly ordered to be kept at the heads of the Rivers, and that the Secretary give notice to Peter Coffin Esq., Capt. John Woodman, of Oyster River, and Capt. John Tuttle of Dover accordingly.


[P. 46.] Province of New Hampsh'.

At a Council held at Portsmo

the 24 June, 1702.

The Honble Wm. Partridge, Esq. Lt. Govern".
John Hinkes,

Peter Coffin,
Nath' Fryer,

Wm. Vaughan, Esqs.
Robert Elliott,

Rich. Waldron, The Lt. Governor signifying his having received sundry uncertain Rumors of the death of his most excellent Majesty King William the Third, over England, &c. and that the High and mighty Princess Ann of Denmark, was proclaimed Queen of England, &c., he thought meet to advise with the Council thereupon ; when it was immediately Resolved, that as soon as any certain advice thereof should arrive, the High and Mighty Princess Ann of Denmark, should be proclaimed Queen, &c.

Province of New Hampsh'.

3rd of June 1702. The Lt. Govern' Receiving a Letter from the Honble her Maj'tys Council of the Massachusetts Bay, wherein he was

ascertained that the truth of that dismal news, the death of his Most Excellent Majesty King William the Third, of glorious memory,--he thereupon forth with ordered the Militia to be in Arms the next morning, which was accordingly attended; and after a Condolence for the Kings unhappy death, Proclamation was made of the High and Mighty Princess ANN, of Denmark, Queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. : first at her Maj’tys Fort at the Great Island; and then at the Town of Portsmouth ; at the celebration of [P. 47.) which solemnity all the great Gunns at the Fort and Town were discharged with sundry volleys of small Shott, the Lt. Govern" Council and principal Gentlemen of the Province being present, the ceremony was performed with all decency and the greatest demonstrations of joy and satisfaction imaginable.




Province of New Hampsh".

At a Council held at New Castle, on
Monday, the 15th of June, 1702.

The Hon ble Wm. Partridge, Esq. Lt. Govern".
John Hinkes

Robert Elliott
Nath. Fryer


Richard Waldron Upon the advice of the arrival of his Excellency Col. JOSEPH DUDLEY at Boston, Govern' of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire,— It is thought meet that a Congratulary Address be sent to his Excellency, with all expedition from her Maj'tys Council in this Province, and that Mr. Secretary Story, Richard Jose, and Theodore Atkinson, Esqrs. be the persons that shall goe and present said Address to his Excellency at Boston. Copy of Address upon file.*

* This Address not now to be found.-ED.

Richard Waldron, } Esqs.

[P. 48.] Province of New Hampsh".

At a Council held at Portsmo on Tuesday,
the 7th July, 1702, ante meridiem.

The Honbile Wm. Partridge Esq. Lt. Governor.
John Hinkes,

Robert Elliott,

Esqs. Nath. Fryer, The Lt. Govern" having rec" the Declaration of War from his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq. between England, and France and Spain, acquainted the Council therewith, and desired their advice about proclaiming the War. Immediately upon which, the Militia was ordered in arms at the town of Portsmouth, and about twelve of the clock at Noon the Declaration of War was published in said town of Portsmouth, as also at her Maj’tys Fort at New Castle, when several great Guns and volleys of small Shott were fired. The Lt. Govern", several of the Council, and a great many of the principal Gentlemen and inhabitants of the Province were present.

This Ceremony was performed as accustomed.


[Transcribed from a Copy in the Secretary's Office.] ANNE, by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and

Ireland, Queen, defender of the faith &c: To our Trusty and well beloved JOSEPH DUDLEY, Esq., Greeting.

WEE, Reposing special Trust and Confidence in the Prudence, Courage and Loyaltie of you the said Joseph Dudley, out of our especial Grace certaine knowledge & meer motion HAVE thought fitt to Constitute & appoint, and by these presents doe Constitute and appoint you, the said Joseph Dudley, to be our Governor and Commander in Chief of all that part of our province of New Hampshire, within our Dominion of New England, in America, lying & extending itselfe from three miles northward of Merrimack River or any part thereof, unto the Province of Maine

with the south part of the Isle of Shoals: And wee doe hereby Command and require you to doe & Execute all things in due manner that shall belong unto your said Command and the Trust wee have Reposed in you according to the several Powers and directions Granted and appointed you by this present Commission, & the Instructions herewith given you or by such further powers & Instructions as shall at any time hereafter be granted or appointed you; under our Signett or Signe Manuall and according to such Reasonable Lawes and Statutes as now are & hereafter shall be made and agreed upon by you with the Advice and Consent of the Councill and the Assembly of our said Province and Plantation under your Government in such manner and form as is hereafter expressed. And wee doe hereby give full power to you the said Joseph Dudley, after you shall have first taken the Oaths for the due Execution of the Office and Trust of our Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over our said Province of New Hampshire, which the said Councill or any five of them have hereby full power and Authority, and are required to administer unto you, to give and Administer to each of the members of our said Councill as well the Oaths appointed by Act of Parliament to be taken instead of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, as the Test, and an Oath for the due Execution of their places and Trust, and likewise to require them to Subscribe the late Association mentioned in an Act of Parliament made in the Seventh & Eighth years, of the Reigne of our late Royal Brother, King Wm the third, of blessed memory; entitled an Act for the better security of his Majtys Royal person and Government,-AND, wee doe hereby give & grant unto you full power and Authority to suspend any of the members of our said Councill from sitting, voting or assisting therein, if you shall finde just cause for soe doing, and if it shall at any time happen that by the Death, Departure out of our said Province, or suspension of any of our said Counsellors there shall happen to be a vacancy in our said Councill, any three whereof wee doe hereby appoint to be a Quorum, Our will & pleasure is, that you signify the same unto us by the first opportunity, that we may under our Signett & Signe mamall Constitute & appoint others in their Roome. But that our Affairs at that distance may not suffer for want of a due number of Counsellors, if it shall at any time happen that there are less than seaven of them Residing in our said Province, Wee doe hereby give and grant unto you full power and Authority to Choose as many Persons out of the principal freeholders, inhabitants of our said Province as will make up the full number of the Councill to be Seaven

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