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not being allowed to receive the benefit thereof, without his Maj'tys approbation first had that the money be so supplied: We humbly offer that your Excellencies may be graciously pleased to permit him, the said Earl of Bellomont to receive the said sum of 500£, according to said Act.

Which nevertheless

is most humbly submitted.
Whitehall, October
the 9th 1700.



[P. 19.]

At the Court at Hampton Court, the 22d of October, 1700.

Present. The Kings most Excellent Majesty in Council. Upon reading this day at the Board a Representation from the Lords Com" for Trade and Plantations dated the 10th inst. setting forth that an Act had been lately passed by the General Assembly of his Maj'tys Province of New Hampshire, entitled an Act for a Tax or assessment of five hundred pounds, which is intended for the proper use of the Earl of Bellomont, but by the Constitution of that Government his Lordship not being allowed to receive the benefit thereof without his Maj’tys approbation first had that the money be so applied; His Maj'ty in Council is pleased to approve the said Act; and to order that the said Earle of Bellomont be and he is hereby permitted to receive to his own use the said sum of 500 lb intended him as a present by said Act. Whereof all persons concerned are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

JOHN POVEY. New Hampshire. 500£ to the Earl of Bellomont.

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.

Province of New Hampshire. [P. 20.]

At a Council held at Portsmo, Friday
the 12th 7ber, 1701.

The Honble Wm Partridge, Esq. Lt. Govern'.
John Hinkes

Peter Coffin
Robert Elliott

Richard Waldron. The several Letters following, being sent to the Lieut. Govern' to be communicated to the Council, was accordingly done and read at this Board, and are as follows, (all upon file.) Confirmation of the Treaty with Algier, and the additional

Articles 17th Aug. 1700. First,

We, the most Excellent and most Illustrious Lords, Mustapha Dey, Ali Bashaw, and Mustapha Aga, Govern" of the most famous and warlike City and Kingdom of Algier, do by these presents renew and confirm the Peace we so happily enjoy with the King of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, Defender of the Christian Faith, and his subjects, made in the year 1682, in every part and Article, more particularly that of the gth wherein it is expressed that no Ship or Vessel belonging to our Government of Algier, shall cruise near or in sight of any the Roads, Havens, or Ports, Towns or places belonging to the said King of Great Brittaine or any ways disturb the Peace or Commerce of the same. And in compliance with the gth Article of that Treaty, We do sincerely promise and declare, that such Orders shall for the future be given to all Our Commanders, that under a severe penalty and Our utmost displeasure they shall not enter into the Channel of England, nor come nor cruise in sight of any part of his Maj'tys of Great Brittaine's Dominions, any more for the time to come. Secondly,

That whereas we had declared (P. 21] that all Ships and Vessels belonging to the said King of Great Brittaine should have passes, by the last of September, 1700, We do by these declare, at the desire of Capt. John Munden, Commander-in-chief of his Maj’tys Ships in the Mediterranean, and Robert Cole, Esq. his Maj’tys Consul now residing at our City of Algier, on behalf of their great M', that no passes shall be required or expected from any of the English Ships or Vessels in any part of the world, but that they shall proceed on their voyage without producing or shewing a pass to any of our Cruizers till the last of September 1701; and after that time is expired, and any ship of England be seized not having a pass, we do hereby declare that the Goods in

that ship shall be prize; but the Ma’, men and ship shall be restored and the freight immediately paid to the said Master to the utmost value as he should have had, if he had gone sate to the Port where he was bound. Thirdly

That whereas Capt. John Munden has given is good assurances that he had a great affront some years passed from some of our rude sailors at our Mould, We do hereby promise that at all times whenever any of the King of Great Brittaines' ships of War come to this place, order shall be given to an Officer of the Government immediately, who shall attend at the Mould all the daytime during their stay here to prevent any such disorder for the future; that no misunderstanding may happen between us, and if any such disorder should happen, the officer of the Mould shall secure the person or persons and they shall be punished with the utmost severity. Fourthly

By the help of God, and if he pleases, these Articles now made between us shall be maintained; to the truth of which We have hereunto set our hands and Seals, in Algier, in the year of the Haggira 1112, and is the account of the Christians August 17th 1700.

Mustapha Dey.
Mustapha Aga.
Ali: Bashaw.

[Note. Pages 22, 23, & 24 of the MS. Council Records, are a duplicate, Terbatim, of pages 17, 18, & 19, relating to the Orders of the Court at Hampton, &c., (except the signature “Edward Southwell,”) and they are therefore here onnitted.—ED.]

Extract of a Letter from the Secretary, to the Earl of Bellomont, dated the gth November, 1700.

I am directed by the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to send your Lordship the Copy of two orders of Council of the 2.20 October last relating to the Acts of New Hampshire, all which being only for your Lordships information I have nothing to say upon them.

Extract of a letter from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Bellomont, dated the 30th October 1700.

The Ship with Timber from New Hampshire for which Mr. Partridge entered into Bond that she should come for England,

being accordingly arrived in Torbay, the merchants concerned therein made application and great complaint to us about that matter; and we, finding thereby that this happens to be the same Ship concerning which his Maj:ty by order in Council of the geh of May last (whereof we sent you a copy in ours of the 21st June) had directed that she should be permitted to proceed on her voyage to Portugal;-We accordingly represented to their Excellencies our opinion thereupon and send your Lordship also a copy thereof here inclosed. However, as to this trade of T'imber from the Plantations to foreign parts, we shall take action further to consider of it.

The li presentations that we were preparing upon the Acts of the Gen" Assembly of New Hampshire having been laid before their Excellencies, we send you copies thereof here inclosed, to which we refer ourselves for the reasons for what we have therein offered, and when we receive Orders thereupon, they shall be transmitted to you that they may be observed.

We desire your Lordship to be mindful of his Maj'tys Instruction for sending home yearly accounts of the Arms, Ammunition and Stores remaining in his (P. 28.] Maj’tys Magazines and Garrisons in the several Provinces under your Government, and to take care that those acctts be regularly transmitted as his Maj?ty has ordered.

We also desire your Lordpp (as we shall do the Goven's of all his Majtys other Plantations respectively) that a memorandum be entered upon the Council Books of all your Governments to caution them, that whenever any those Governments by the death, absence or removal of a Govern' or Lt. Govern'immediately commissioned by his Maj’ty comes to devolve upon a President and the Council of any of those Plantations or Governments, such President and Council do forbear to pass any Acts but such as are immediately necessary for the peace and welfare of any of the respective Governments, without his Maj’tys express order for that purpose.

Copy of a letter from the Lords Com’rs for Trade and Planta

tions, to the Earl of Bellomont. Duted the 3d December 1700.

We send you here inclosed a copy of an Agreement lately made by Capt. Munden and Consul Cole with the Government of Algiers, by which all English Merchant Ships are exempted from being molested by the Algerines on account of their not baving Passes until the end of September 1701; but after that time (if not provided with such Passes) will be liable to be carried up to Algiers and have their Loading confiscated.

And we desire you thereupon to take care that due notice be given thereof in yr Governments that all persons concerned may thereby have opportunity to provide themselves with Adiniralty Passes for their security in that occasion, according to the lustructions that have not long since been sent to you by the Lords (ommissioners of the Admiralty with Passes to be distributed accord

ingly. And in case you find occasion for [P. 29.) a greater number of Passes than you have yet received you will do well to apply y'self in time to the Lords of the Admiralty that you may be accordingly furnished with them. So we bid you heartily farewell.

Your very loving friends,


(Prov. Rec. B. II. p. 235.) Extract from the Lords of the Council of Trade's letter of the

21st June, 1700, to the E. of Bellomont. His Majesty having been informed by the consul at Algier, that the Dey of that Government had declared to him their resolution to direct their crusiers to require Admiralty passes, pursuant to the Treaty with them in 1682, from all the ships of his Majestys subjects that they should meet with in and after the month of September next;-and, it being apprehended that they may cruise in the way of our Plantations' trade more than they have formerly done, so that all ships not only to, but from, England thither, but also from one plantation to another will need to be provided therewith; Care has been taken here for preparing of passes and regulating the distribution thereof in the Plantations with all possible diligence; in which we have done our part: We doubt not but you will accordingly receive both passes and rules relating thereunto for the security of the trade of his Majesty's subjects in the Provinces under your Government from the Lords of the Admiralty: And that your Lordship may be more fully informed of what the Algerines expect, we send you here indorsed the copies of the Dey of Algiers letter to his Majesty, of the 14th April, 1699, and of the Consul's letter of the 13th April, 1700.

(Prov. Rec. B. II. p. 234.]
Letter to Gov. Bellomont relating to Passes.

Admiralty Office, 21st June, 1700. My Lord,

Your Lordship will herewith receive 2 boxes containing 1000 passes to be disposed of as the inclosed instructions from my

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