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actors in the revolution, tooke upon them the goverment by the name of a Councill, who not content with the inconveniency they had brought on themselves in the Massachusetts Colony, but to the ruine of the poor neighbors, on the twentieth of Aprill gave orders for the drawing off the forces from Pemyquid and other garrisons and places in the Easterne parts, far without the lymitts of their Collony and where the seate of warr with the Indians was, and to seize severall of the officers, and for calling home the vessels appoynted to gard the sea coast and fishery; which was done accordingly, and the forces disbanded when most of the soldiers belonging to the standing Companys there, were dispersed; of which, and their actings at Boston, the Indians having notice,

.. and by the assistance of the French who have been seen amongst them and engaging of severall other Indians before unconcerned, increased their numbers, that in a very short time severall hundred of their Majtis subjects were killed and carried away captive; the Fort at Pemyquid taken; the whole country of Cornwall, the greatest part of the Province of Maine, and part of the Province of New Hampshire destroyed and deserted; and the principall trade of that countrey wch consisted in a considerable fishery, the getting of masts, yards, &c. for the supply of his Majtis navy Royall, and boards and other lumber for the supply of the other West India plantations, is almost wholly ruined.

" Since this insurrection and alteration in New England they doe tolerate an unlimited irregular trade, contrary to the severall acts of Plantations, Trade and Navigation, now as little regarded as in the time of their former Charter Government; they esteeming noe laws to be binding on them but what are made by themselves, nor admitt English Laws to be pleaded there, or appeales to his Matie ; And many shipps and vessels have since arrived from Scotland, Holland, Newfoundland and other places prohibited, they haveing imprisoned His Maties collector, surveyor and searcher, and displaced other Custom house officers.

“Humbly submitted by [Endorsed,]

“E. ANDROS." " Si Edmond Andros's accot 6 of the State of New England “ under his Government.

“ Recd 27 May, 1690."

Order for sending Sir Edmund Andros to

England. [Mass. Hist. Coll., vol. vii. 3d series, p. 191.) To such as for the time being take care for preserving the peace

and administering the laws of our Colony of the Massachusetts

Bay in New England, in America. WILLIAM R.

Whereas Sir Edmund Andros, Knt. late Governor of our dominion of New England, has been seized by some people in Boston, and is detained under close confinement there, together with Edward Randolph, John Trefrey, and divers other onr subjects; who have humbly requested us that they may be either set at liberty, or sent in safe custody into England, to answer before us what may be objected against them: We do hereby will and require, that the said Sir Edmund Andros, Edward Randolph, John Trefrey, and others our subjects, that have been in like manner seized by the said people of Boston, and shall be at the receipt of these our commands, detained there under confinement, be forthwith sent on board the first shipp bound hither, to answer before us what may be objected against them: and that you take care that they be civilly used in their passage from New England, and safely conveyed to our royal presence.

Given at our Court at Whitehall, this thirtieth day of July, 1689, in the first year of our reign.

By his Majesty's command,

NOTTINGHAM. [With the royal seal.]

Unsettled State of the Province of New-Hampshire,

from April 18, 1689, to 1692. April 23, 1689. At the Council for the safety of the people and conservation of the peace,– [in Boston]

Ordered, That Maj. Richard Waldren be appointed commanderin-chief of the New Hampshire Regiments; Maj. Charles Frost, commander-in-chief of the West Regiments of the Province of Maine. — [Mass. Col. Rec., vol. vi. p. 6.]

Oct. 10, 1689. A letter was agreed upon to be sent to the Gentlemen of New Hampshire, viz. Messrs Richard Martyn, William Vaughan, Richard Waldron, to desire that some person might be sent as an agent for their Province to meet the Commissioners of the Colony at Boston, the 18th instant to consult of the affairs of the Warr, &c.— [Mass. Col. Rec., vol. vi. p. 81.]

[Copied from Hampton Town Records, by Joseph Dow, Esq.]

Proceedings of the People at Hampton. Att a meeting of ye Towne of Hampton this 22 of October 1689 Having then received ffrom the Honorable ye Govenore of ye Maschusits Colony Intimating ye readiness of ye confederate colonys (viz) of Plimouth & Coniticote ffor ye vigorus prosicution of sayd warr against ye comon enemy & expecting ye Province of New Hampshire should send a comishoner to consider and agree so far forth as is reasonable with ye sayd comishoners ffor ye vigorus prosicution of sayd warr against ye comon enemy-wee therfore of the Towne of Hampton consideringe ye charge and great expencis in severall emergincyes that hath hapned since the murtherous invasion of the Endien Enemy And not knowing how ffar it may ffothur proceed wee agree now to send according to request A comishoner ffor to debate and considerr of what is expedient ffor ye ffuter And hould ourselves bound ffor to comply with those meathods that shall be agreed on ffor ye defence of our country and ourselves ffor any time hereafter ye date hereof. Voted."

Thes men doe decent from this vote. “Henry Dow, William Martin, Henry Moulton, Daved Wedg. wood, William Sanbourn, senior, Jno. Redman, juner, Phillip Towle, senior, Samuel Carr, Ebinezer Perkins, Christopher

Palmer, Jacob Perkins, Samuel Masten, Mephebosheth Sanbourn, Thomas Nudd, Abraham Cole, John Lovitt, Beniamin Moulton, Aron Sleeper.”

Att a meeting of the Towne of Hampton, 18 december, 1689,

“zly Att ye same meeting the Towne considering the unsseteled estate that we are in ffor want of Gouerment and so the more incapasited to defend our selues against the invation of any Enemy doe think meet that some persons be chosen to meet with some persons deputed by the seuerall Towns in the prouince to consider and debate The mat that may be now Incumbant upon us And make Report of their Advice To the Towne att ye next Towne meeting for their approbation or otherways. The persons so chosen as aboue was M' Nathaniel Wire Capt. Samuel Shearborn and Ensigne Henry Dow.

Voted. “ Abraham Green desent” (dissents].

Att a publique meeting of the Towne of Hampton 20 Jenuary 1689 [90] ffor as much as since ye late reuolution in ye masitusitts colony no orders ffrom Their Majesties haue yitt ariued ffor ye setelment of Gouerment in this Prouince And no authoritie being left in the prouince But that of ye late Justicis which considering our pressent cercomstance cannot answer that End of Gouerment (uiz) the Raysing of men mony &c ffor our defence against ye comon Enemy And ye neighboring Towns Portsmouth and Douer hauing considered that there is a pressent nescesitie of ffaling into some meathode of Gouernment in order to our defence against our professed Enemeys And thay hauing chosen sixe persons in Each Towne as comishoners to meet with ye comishoners of ye other Townes in ye Prouince to confer about and Resolue upon a meathod of Gouernment in this Prouince The sayd comishoners hauing sent to us to desire us to Joyne with them And to send our comishoners with ffull power to agree upon a meathod of Gouerment As they haue We therefore ye Inhabitants of the Towne of Hampton in answer to their request haue agreed to send thes sixe persons as our comishoners to Joyne with yo comishoners of ye other Towns in ye Prouince to confer about and resolue upon a meathod of Gouernment within this Prouince And what ye sayd comishoners of the whole Prouince or the majer part of them shall conclude and agree upon as to ye setelment of Gouernment amonst us If thes our sayd comishoners (uiz) Henry Green Esqre Ensign Henry Dow M' Nathaniel Wire Capt. Samuel Sherrborne Morris Hobs Senior and M" Edward Goue in discorsing and agree

over us.

ing about ye same if thay or ye majer part of them shall se Just cause to comply and agree with the other comishoners as to ye way and meathod of Gouernment that shall be setteled amonst us And shall subscrib therto we the Inhabitants of ye Towne of Hampton Reposing espeaciall Trust and confidence in our sayd comishoners what thay shall agree to; or the majer part of them We shall hould as good and valued to all intents and purposes: Hereby obleidging our selues to yeild all ready obeadience thereto untill Their Majesties Order shall ariue ffor ye setelment of Gouerment

Uoted.” “Thes men decent Joseph Shaw Henry Moulten William Samborn senior Jonathan Wedgwood John Hussy Ben: Swett John Smith (Tayler) Ephreham Maston James Maston.”

Att a meeting of ye Towne of Hampton October 26: 1691,

1st the inhabitants then meett uoted that thay owned it then to be a Towne meeting

2ly M' Nathaniel Weare' was then chosen Moderater ffor that meeting

3ly Receiuing a letter ffrom Capt John Pickerin by ye order of majer Vaughan wherein is Requested that some men be sent To Portsmouth To Aduize what is most requissitt & needfull to be done in our defence against the comon Enemy we haue made choyce of M' Nath" Weare Henry Dow and M' Joseph Smith as a committee to treat with the gentlemen of this prouince that shall now meet according to his letter: and what shall be our proportion of charge ffor men & pay in order to our ffuter defence we hould our selues obleidged too in that meathod as our sayd comittie or two of them shall agree and subscribe too Uoted.”

Proceedings at Dover. A public Town Meeting appointed to be held at the Meeting house upon Dover Neck, 28 October, 1689, the inhabitants of sd Town being met, Voted, the sd meeting to be legal. At a public Town meeting held at Dover, this 28th October, 1869,

Voted That Lett. Jno. Tuttle is chosen to open the votes at Portsmouth for ye choice of a Commissioner, by yo majority of votes, for the joyning with the Commissioners of the United Colonies, and to join with the rest of the Representatives of this Province, in giving such instructions to the sd Commissioners as shall be thought meet, for the vigorous management of the present war.

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