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up to Dover, and deliver them unto Capt. Tuttle, & the gd Tuttle is required in his Majtys name to Poste them where he thinks most convenient, in the respective garrisons, there to doe duty in watching & warding, and to be kept and not released from their Poste without speciall order from myselfe or the Comander-in-cheefe for the time being; for wch this shall be his & your Warrant; and hereof faile not, as he and you will answer the contrary at your perrill.

Given under my hand & seale att Arms att New Castle, July 234, 1696.

Sam! Keise,

Sam' Penhallow,
Jno. Knight,

Tho. Waicombe,
Wm. Cotton,

Richd Jose.

B. II. p. 95.

July, ye 24th 1696. To Ltt. Furber, greeting:

Sir, Herewith comes three souldiers, viz. Mr. Penhallow, Mr. Will. Cotton, Mr. Sam. Keise, wch souldiers you are ordered & required in his Maj's name to command to their duty as souldiers in your garrison, to watch & ward, &c. and not to let them depart their post without special order; and for your so doing this shall be your warrant. Given under my hand this 24th of July, 1696.


B. II. p. 94.

Whereas Mr. Sam? Keais, William Cotton and Sam! Penhallow were on ye 24th of this instant sent me by Capt. John Tuttle of Dover, and in his Majst name ordered and required to do their duty as souldiers in my garrison for watching and warding, &c. and not suffered to depart their respective post without special order:

These are to certify, whom it may concern, That I, the subscriber, having observed the above order to ye utmost of my power; but being destitute of all manner of provision for the subsistence of said souldiers as the law directs in that kind, Do hereby release and acquitt them. Given under my hand at Welsh Cove, July 27th 1696.


B. II. p. 98.

Whereas Mr. Thomas Wacomb, John Knight and Obadiah Mors, were on the 24th of this Instant sent me by Capt. John Tuttle, of Dover, and in his Majts' name ordered and required to do their duty for watching, warding, &c. and not suffer them to depart their respective post without special order:

Bee it hereby known to all men, by these presents, that I, the subscriber, having observed the above order to ye utmost of my power, but being destitute of all manner of provisions for the subsistince of said soulders, as the Law directs in that kind, do hereby release and acquitt them. Given under my hand, at Welch Cove, July 27th, 1696.

JOHN DAM, Sergt. Acknowledged September 14th, 1696.

B. II. p. 83.

Letter from his Majesty's Council, 7th of August, 1696. AFTER OUR HEARTY COMMENDATIONS: Whereas their Excellencies the Lords Justices of England have received Information from the Governor and Company of Merchants of London, trading to the East Indies, That Henry Every als. Bridgman, with diverse other persons, English and Forriegners, having run away with the ship Charles the Second, als, the Phancy, from ye Port of Corunna in Spain, had committed several Acts of Pyracy in the Seas of India & Persia, and have afterwards left the ship at the Island of Provence, having [the] plunder so by them gotten and dispersed themselves: Their Excellencies thereupon thought fit by Proclamation in his Majties name, to require all his Majties Admiralls, commanders and other officers att sea, and all governors, commanders and other officers whatsoever in his Majties plantations, to secure and apprehend the said Henry Every, als. Bridgman and other persons named in the said Proclamation and such as were with them in the said ship, a copy of which Proclamation you will receive. And whereas information has been likewise given, that divers Pyrates and Sea Robbers have of late years gone from severall parts of his Majtys Plantations in America to the Seas of India and Persia and other remote parts, upon the like pyraticall designes, and that some of them have returned home againe, and dispersed themselves in his Majtys Plantations with great quantities of gold and other plunder: Wee do hereby in his Majtys name strictly require and command you, forthwith upon

receipt hereof, to cause the said Proclamation to be published within yo' Government; and for the suppressing as much as may be all such evill practices for ye future, whereby the trade of his Majtys good subjects in Forreign parts may be otherwise greatly disturbed: Wee do hereby in his Majtys name strictly charge and require you and all his Maj'y officers and loving subjects within your Government, to take all possible care and use all due means for yo seizing and apprehending all such Pyrates and Sea Robbers, and such as may reasonably be suspected for the same, either by reason of the great quantities of Gold or Silver of Forreign Coynes, they usually have with them, or by other probable circumstances; and to cause them to be streightly imprisoned and their ships, goods and plunder to be kept in safe custody untill , .. Returning a full account unto us, of the said persons, their ships, gold and plunder, with the evidences relateing to them,-his Majtys pleasure be known and signified concerning them. And so we bid you, heartily, Farewell.

Your Loving Friends, Superscribed_“To our loving friend, Samuell Allen, Esq.

ROMNEY, Governour and Commander-in-Chiefe of his H. GOODRICKE, Majt Province of New Hampshire in America, Chas. MONTAGUE. and to the Governour and Commander in TANKERVILLE, Chiefe thereof, for the time being."


B. II. p. 96.
[In Lt. Gov. Usher's own hand.)

Boston, 27th Augt 1696. Sr.

Yo' 24th recd, as to ye men wch wentt with Church its well; as for Capt. Walton wth out advice of ye Councill, I could not grauntt liberty. Walton shows himselfe a Man in giveing ye Councill answer when they advised him. I writt to you a minnitt to enter as to my Letter aboutt coming; whether sd minnitt be entered & ye minde of ye Councill am ignorantt; likewise ye advice of ye Council as to Walton's going, & Walton's answer: all wch Expectt at your hands, being for his Majtys service, & of great momentt.

desire all actts & minnitts Councill might be made redy to goe wth ye mastt ships together with duplicats.

you never writt whether ye oaths was tendered V & W (Vaughan & Waldron] & of theire refusing. Packer if his Lett be true of

Geffrey giving the oath, its wt I desire. ye Scot has & will run to far.

Wish Packer & Walton had presented V & W ye Association,* wch I looke upon as much as anything; if not, hope they will make a tender. if, as Fryar writes, they can doe as well wthoutt as wth me;

for his Majtys service & y® prerogative, I will speadily be wth you, designing to come by water. not else butt remain. For his Majty service

Sr Yor, To Capt. Wm. Redford, Esq.

JNO. USHER. in Portsmouth.”

B. II. p. 97.

Att a meeting of the Commission officers of the Militia of the Province of New Hampshire at New Castle, September 10th, 1696.

Whereas the Militia, having considired the charge of the souldis at Garrisons wch for severall months service & subsistence is not payd, and doe not understand there was not money for payment of what past, besides for time to come, for eight months continuance of the souldiers, which is judged necessary. wch by computation amoo to, To due already, subsistence and for 5d mo

£440 Do. for 8 mo to come

£640 & for his Majesto Fourt



We humbly offer, that the duty of scouting ordered by President & Council is soe great and burthensome, & not possible to be performed as required, and the Inhabitants groane so under itt that they say they must leave the province unless relieved in that matter, That your Honor would take itt into consideration and give reliefe by ordering the scouting to be continued in such methods, as by your warrants we were commanded, wch wee judge the best way for the safety and ease of his Majests subjects.

And doe desire that some way may be ordered, for a suply of bread may be certainly provided through the Province, to be

*["An Association in New Hampshire, to stand by the Protestant succession". See subsequent notice of the same, 1697.-ED.]

ready for marching, three or four days, upon the attack of the Enemie.

By ord" & in behalfe of the Lt. Colls, Majrs and the particular Capts.


Humbly desired that yoʻ Hon' would
be pleased to take unto your considera-
tion, that those that are imprest for scouts,
if that they are out two or three days or
more, upon march, in case of an attack,
that they may be payd by the Treasury; and
humbly offer that an Assembly may be speedily
called for raising of money, wch is absolute
necessary for the ends aforesaid.

Superscribed—“To the Honble John Usher, Esq.

Lieut. Govern', Comander-in-Chiefe,

of Province, New Hampshire."

B. II. p. 102.

By the Honble John Usher Esq. Lt. Gov.

Comd in chiefe &c. You are required in his Majestys name to summons & warne Jno. Dam, Sen. that he be and appear before me at New Castle, the Tuesday next by twelve of the clock, and thereof not to faile at his perill; make return hereof. Given under my hand & seale at arms, at New Castle, this 26th September, 1696. To Geo. Walker,

JOIN USHER. Province Marshall.

According to the within warrant, I have summoned, Jno. Dam, sen. to appear att time and place. September 28th.


B. II. p. 103.

To the Honble John Usher, Esq. Leift Govern"

& Comman"-in-Chiefe &c, of his Majytys Province JOHN Dam humbly offers his Petition:

Beseeching your Hon' through ye clemency to consider my failing in dismissing the soulars Posted; wch in Honesty and sincerity

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