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Letters relating to the Massacre at Oyster River. *

Portsmo. July 18th, [1694]

Just now arrived a post from Oyster River. The Indians have destroyed the place killed & burned all they could. Nere have Escaped and are too badly wounded doe not know but they be all over our ffrontiers. wait yr. Honors Motion


May please yor Exy:

9 in ye Morning New

Castle July 18th : 1694. Just now have Received the Enclosed acco. our province all in arms desire your Exy forthwith to (send) one or Two hundred men with Arms & Aminition for the defence of the place and to pursue the enimie: we fear Severall other or Towns in the province are besett ..

went from ye head of Oyster River to ye mouth of it on both sides. Tho. Edgerly and his son wounded making their Escape and judge the whole place is Cut off.

Nott doubting of Yor Ready Assistance I subscribe yor Exys Humbl Servat.


To Geo. [Gov.] Phipps.
May it Pleas yor Excell. (rec. 21 July, 1694.]

Since the Lft Goverurs of 18th inst. anoth is come to our hand. The Indians verie numerous. Not less than three hundred. Douie who signed the Peace was there, a woman who was Douie's servant made her escape, by reason of his being drunck. Saith Douie did tell her that they did expect 600 Indians more, that the Mangwaits were joined with them, and judge some Southern Indians were there. There is two Fryars among the Indians who after victory said Mass twice, the Indians did spred 6 or 7 miles, and engaged all at once. Oyster River in a manner Ruined, only about 20 houses left, the rest layd waste. unless we have a supply of men from yourself Oyster River must be deserted. If Oxster River be deserted, the Enimie will have an inlett to the whole Country, for the Majests Service and Security of the country desire you would forthwith Supply us with one hundred men, wth amunition & Provision to be posted for preservation of these Qut places.

we are dispatching some souldiers into our Outward Garrisons, according to the ability of this Province upon the Alarms wth all expedition. We dispatched from the Severall Towns one third of the Militia in this Province for Releate of Oyster River, but before they came here the Enimie was drawn

* Copied from Hist. Mem. in Dov. Enq., by A. H. Q., No. 130.

of and could not be met with; its Judged Eighty persons Killed & taken, abundance of cattle Killed. last night three Indians seen, severall Guns fired. Judge the Enimie is still bordering upon us, but we want assistance to pursue them, the Enimie being so numerous. Desire that orders may be given to Justices and all Constables for the dispatch of Expresses: Not doubting of yor Rediness to assist us, we being ready to afforde our assistance according to our ability, to your parts case the Enimie should Invade yours.

Wee Crave your answer by this -ers
By order of the Lt. Governr & Councill

WM. REDFORD: Dept. Secry.

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B. II. p. 142.

At a Council at New Castle,

July 25, 1694.

The Lt. Govern"
Nath. Frvar

Vathl. Wear
Robt. Elliott Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.
Peter Coffin

Richd Waldron The Lt. Govern' declared to the Board that yesterday it was appointed, that if the men came from Boston, there should be one hundred men raised to join with them, to range the woods, &c., for the impressing of which men, the Lt. Govern delivered a warrant to Maj. Wm. Vaughan.

Ordered, That Mr. Elliott provides 8c.(1) of bread for the soldiers.

The Lt. Govern' proposed to the Board for apointing of fees for those men that have workt at the fourt as day laborers, that they might have ticketts for their wages.

Ordered, That the workinen shall be allowed 2-6 per diem, and the masons 3s. per diem.

The Lt. Govern' declared to the Board that the king's commission declares that the Lt. Govern" and Councill shall appoint officers for collecting the King's customs, & displace any and apoint others, &c.; and that Mr. Estwick refused the Lt. Govern' to see the acct. of what duties of impost since May last; and for copies of receipts of Mr. Partridge for powder, money, &c., which he tooke as a contempt.

(1) Eight hundred. -ED,

Answered: That they never knew any apointed for that office; nor knew that Mr. Estwick was in that place.

The Lt. Govern' demanded of this Board to appoint an officer for collecting the duties of impost in this Province, and proposed Capt Cobbett.

Ordered, That Capt. Cobbett be appointed the officer for collecting the duties of Impost in this Province.

The Lt. Govern' proposed to this Board that an order should be issued out to the selectmen of each Town to inspect the towne stock, and in case any want or defect to be immediately supplied.

Ordered, That warrants be issued out accordingly.

The Lt. Govern' desired of the Councill that whenever they are upon the attack of any place, they immediately dispatch an Express to him.

The Lt. Goven' askt the Board, if they had any thing to offer for their Maj’ties' service.

The Board answered, nothing:

Rich. Waldron} Esqs.

B. II. p. 143.

The Councill called and sat the same day, at 7 of the clock past meridian.

Present - The Lt. Govern"
Nath'. Frvar

Robt. Elliott Esqs.

Peter Coffin The Lieut. [Governor) acquainted the Board that he had received accts. from Capt. Packer of a track of the Indians discovered at Greenland; that this occasion was the reason of calling them, and that he thought it convenient to raise men forthwith to pursue the enemy this night, and desired the Councill to give their opinion thereon.

The l'ouncill declared it is necessary, and to be done forthwith.

The Lt. Govern' proposed where the men should meet to Rendezvous.

Advised — at Joseph Berrie's house at Greenland; so to march under the ccmand of Capt. Thwing to range the woods between Exeter, Hampton & Portsmouth this night. Ordered.

The Council was dismist.

B. II. p. 74.

Grant of the Town of Kingstown.

WM. & Mary by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, King & Queen, defenders of the Faith &c.:-to all people to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Know ye, that we, of our especial grace, certaine knowledge, & meer motiou, for ye due encouragement of settling a new plantation, by & with the advice & consent of our Council, have given & granted, & by these presents, as far as in us lies, do give and grant unto our beloved subjects, Isack Godfrey, Tho. Philbrook, jun., Gersham Elkins, Sam'. Colcott, Tho. W ister, Sam'. Derbon, Wm. Godfrey, Jacob Garland, Jno. Mason, Ebenezer Webster*, Nath'. Sanbourn, Benj“. Sanbourn, Jno. Moulton, Dan'. Moulton, Francis Touse, & severall others of their Maj'ties loveing subjects that inhabitt & shall inhabit wthin the gd Grant within our Province of New Hampshire, all that tract of land, to begin from seven miles westward of the meeting-house now standing in Hampton, from thence to run a due course west & by north ten miles into the country, for its breadth four mile northerly from the head point of the west line, from the sd meeting-house, and southerly within three miles of the northermost side of Merrimack River, and that the same be a Town corporate by the name of Kingstownt, to the persons hereund' named, & others of their Maj ties subjects, that do & shall inhabit, forever; and we do by these presents give & grant unto the sd men & Inhabitants of our sd town of Kingstown, & to such others as shall hereafter inhabit, all & every the streets, lanes & highways wthin the sd Town for the publick use & service of the men & Inhabitants thereof, & travilers there, together wth full power, lycence & authority to the sd men & inhabitants, and such as shall inhabit wthin the sd Town, forever, to establish, apoint, order and direct the establishing, making, laveing out, ordering, amending, preparing of all streets, laves, highways, ferrie places & bridges in & through't the sd Towne, necessary, needfull & convenient for the men & Inhabitants of the sd town, and for all Travillers and Passengers there, Prorided allway that our sa lycence as above granted for the establishing, making & layeing out of streets, lanes, highways, ferrie places & bridges, be not extended or construed to extend to the takeing away of any person or persons right or property wthout his, her or their consent, or by some known Law of our Province, to have & to hold all and [-] all & singular the premises foresd, to the same men and inhabitants, or those that shall inhabit the sd Town of Kingstown, and their successors for ever: Rendering and paying therefor unto us our Heirs and successors, or to such other officer or officers as shall be apointed to receive the same yearly, the annuall Quitt rent or acknowledgment of one pepper corn in the sd Town, on the five & twentieth day of October yearly forever. And for the better order, rule and government of the sd Town, we do by these

• The ancestor of Hon. DANIEL WEBSTER.

† “ This Grant comprehended what now forms the towns of East Kington, Hawke, and Sandown.”-N. H, Gaz.

presents grant for us & our successors, unto the sd men and Inhabitants or those that shall inhabitt the sd Town, that yearly & every year, upon the first Tuesday in March forever, they the sa men & Inhabitants & such as shali inhabit of the gd Town, shall elect & chuse by the major part of them, two sufficient & able men householders of the sd Town, to be constables for the year ensuing, wch gd men so chosen & elected, shall be presented to the next Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held for the sa Province, there to take the accustomed oaths appointed by Law for the execution of their offices, under such penaltyes, as the law in our sd Province shall direct, upon refusal or neglect therein. And we doe by these presents, Grant for us our heirs & successors unto sd persons & Inhabitants, and such as shall inhabitt in sd Town, that yearly & every year, upon the sd first Tuesday in March, forever, they the sd men & Inhabitants of our sd Town, or the major part of them shall elect & chuse three inhabitants & householders wthin our sa town to be overseers of the poore, and highways, or selectmen for our sd Town for the year ensuing, wth such powers, privileges and authority as any overseer or selectman within our ga Province have & enjoye, or ought to have and enjoy. In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of our sd Province to be hereunto affixed.

Witness our Lft. Govern”, Jno. Usher, Esq., Commander-in-Cheife of our sd Province, at the Town of New Castle, on the

[Granted August 6. 1694.] Past, & ordered to be ingrost: in behalf of Councill,

Wm. Redford, D. S.

B. II. p. 145.

At a meeting of the Commanders of the Militia of this Province at N. C.

[New Castle], August 6th 1694. The Lt. Govern' acquainted them the occasion of calling them at this time, was to consult of, &c. what is to be done for the safety of the Province; and in case an enimie should attack us, to consider what number of men can be raised to pursue upon an attack: and proposed that d of the men to be detacht to pursue, if the enemie should attack us.

Advised — One half of the men to be detacht, upon an attack of the enemie.

The Lt Govern' askt their advice whether to pursue the enemie, or to head (1) the body of Indians.

Concluded that 100 men shall be apointed to pursue, and a great body to head the enemy.

(1) To head - To go in front of; to get into the front in order to stop.- Web. Dic.

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