Yearbook of Pharmacy: Comprising Abstracts of Papers Relating to Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Chemistry Contributed to British and Foreign Journal...with the Transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference

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John Churchill & Sons, 1888 - British Pharmaceutical Conference
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Page 237 - AB Organic Analysis. A Manual of the Descriptive and Analytical Chemistry of certain Carbon Compounds in Common Use ; a Guide in the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Organic Materials in Commercial and Pharmaceutical Assays, in the estimation of Impurities under Authorized Standards, and in Forensic Examinations for Poisons, with Directions for Elementary Organic Analysis.
Page 302 - MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Executive Committee was held at the Grand Hotel, Bath, on Monday, September 3, at 10 pm Present — Mr.
Page 305 - Floyd read the report of the Executive Committee as follows: REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR THE YEAR ENDING WITH THE LEXINGTON CONGRESS.
Page 238 - SLATER, JW Sewage Treatment, Purification, and Utilization. A Practical Manual for the Use of Corporations, Local Boards, Medical Officers of Health, Inspectors of Nuisances, Chemists, Manufacturers, Riparian Owners, Engineers, and Rate-payers. 12mo, cloth $2.25 SMITH, ISAAC W., CE The Theory of Deflections and of Latitudes and Departures.
Page 460 - ... menstruum to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it. When the liquid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice, and, having closely covered the percolator, macerate for forty-eight hours. Then allow the percolation to proceed, gradually adding menstruum, until the hydrastis is exhausted.
Page 239 - A Manual of Organic Materia Medica; Being a Guide to Materia Medica of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms. For the use of Students, Druggists, Pharmacists and Physicians.
Page 460 - By means of a waterbath, distil off the alcohol from the remainder, and evaporate the residue to a soft extract; dissolve this in the reserved portion, and add enough menstruum to make the fluid extract measure 100 cubic centimeters.
Page 511 - ADVICE TO A WIFE ON THE MANAGEMENT OF HER OWN HEALTH. With an Introductory Chapter, especially addressed to a Young Wife.
Page 466 - Take of— Acid hydrobromate of quinine 160 grains. Diluted hydrobromic acid ". 1 fluid oz. Distilled water 1 " " Mix the diluted hydrobromic acid with the distilled water, and in the mixture dissolve the acid hydrobromate of quinine. Then add Syrup of bromide of iron "sufficient to produce... 1 pint. Each fluid drachm contains 1 grain of acid hydrobromate of quinine, and about 4 grains of bromide of iron. Dose : i to 1 fluid drachm.
Page 237 - Coal-tar and Ammonia: being the third and enlarged edition of "A Treatise on the Distillation of Coal-tar and Ammoniacal Liquor," with numerous tables, figures and diagrams. Thick 8vo, cloth, illustrated net, $15.00 A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali with the Collateral Branches. Vol. I. Sulphuric Acid. In two parts, not sold separately.

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