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study between themselves ; they got up, and ( nisters all together, as it was proposed to take Thistlewood said, “ well, it is agreed on, that them separate, I propose to you there shall be if nothing happens between this and next as many as we think we can take; as many Wednesday night, on Wednesday night to go men as we can get shall be separated into so to work."

many parts, and from each allotment there Did any thing further pass at that meeting ? shall be a man drawn, and that man that is -Yes; Thistlewood gave instructions to drawn, is the man that is to do the deed. Brunt.

The men should be divided into a certain Did he assign any reason why they must number of parts, and from each part a man go to work the next Wednesday night?-The drawn for the purpose of committing, each reason he assigned was, that they were all so murder ?—Yes, just so; that man that the lot poor they could wait no longer; he gave in- fell upon, if he attempted it and did not do the structions to Brunt, and those in the room, thing, if there was any signs of cowardice, he that there should be a meeting sit the next should be run through upon the spot directly ; morning at pine o'clock, to draw up a plan to upon this I got up myself; I asked him if he settle how they should act.

thought it was impossible for a man to atDid they separate after that ?-Yes, at least tempt to do a thing of that kind and fail ; says they went away.

I, "if a man fails, is he to be run through on Ďid a meeting take place on the next morn the spot immediately;" he said “no, unless ing ?-Yes.

there is signs that he is a coward.” This moWas that meeting larger than usual?- It tion was put from the chair as before, and was.

agreed to; directly after this, in came Palin, Were the prisoners at the bar among the Potter and Strange. party who met that morning ?-Yes.

Palin, whose name you have before-menBoth of them ?-Yes.

tioned, and Potter and Strange, came into the Tell us what passed on Sunday morning, room ?—Yes. the 20th of February; what time did you get Was that the Palin who was to head the there?--Just before eleven o'clock ; Thistle- party for firing ?-Yes. wood said, on looking round, “there are On their coming into the room, were the twelve of us, it is time to proceed to business ;" circumstances that had passed communicated he proposed Tidd to take the chair. Tidd to them ?-Yes, they were; and they agreed takes the chair with a pike in his land; and to them after Thistlewood and Brunt had comhe began by stating, that “we,” he said, municated the same to those as he had to all “ have come to a determination, that if no in the room before; Palin got up to speak to thing transpires between this and next Wednes- the chairman, saying he wished to say some day night, we intend to go to work, for we have thing, that he had paid due attention, and been waiting so long expecting the ministers that he amongst the rest had agreed to what to dine together; finding they do not, we had been proposed ; but he wished to know intend if nothing happens, that they do dine how those things, as they had so many objects together between this and that, to take them to be carried at the same time, were to be separately.” On this, he began to propose his done ; "you talk of the West-end job taking plan, saying, he intended to take the two pieces from forty to fifty men.” of cannon in Gray's-inn-lane, the six cannon Had that number been mentioned for that in the Artillery-ground, and for Mr. Palin to called the West-end job?-Yes, it had been take upon himself to set fire to the different by Thistlewood. buildings.

What was the meaning of the West-end job? Was Palin to do that alone, or how?-He That meant the assassination of the miniswas to have assistance from men that he had ters; it was so called. collected himself. Mr. Thistlewood said, this And from forty to fifty men were thought was an outline of the plan at present; and as necessary for that purpose ? - Yes.

“You Mr. Brunt had got a plan to propose respect- talk of taking the two pieces of cannon from ing the assassination, he should drop it for the Gray's-ind-lane, and six pieces of cannon from present, and leave it to Mr. Brunt to speak. the Artillery-ground, and my setting fire to

Upon this what took place ? - Upon this the buildings ; I wish to know how this is to Brunt came forwards to explain his plan; be done ; you ought to know whether you Thistlewood stopped him, saying “let my have men to depend upon sufficient : I cannot plan first be put from the chair; if any one in give you any satisfaction on that point till I ihe room has any thing to say upon it let him can see what men I can speak to; I wish to speak."

have instructions from here whether I can Was it put from the chair ?—Yes; and communicate to them what has passed here agreed to by all present.

this morning.” The prisoner, Tidd, being in the chair? What was answered to that?--It was said Yes.

from the chair, Thistlewood and Brunt, that After this was put from the chair and agreed there was no doubt that Palin certainly knew to, what took place ? did Brunt come forward ? the men he had spoken to respecting it; if Brunt came forward, and spoke to this Palin was satisfied within himself that he bad effect: Brunt said, as we cannot get the mi- got such men as he could depend upon, he

was at liberty to act, and to tell them what Tell us whether you had seen any arms - in had passed.

that back room at different periods ?-I had. Upon that was he satisfied ?-Upon that Had you seen among other things, any pike: he sat down satisfied.

staves ?-Yes: After this had taken place, did the meeting In what state were they?- In the rough. break up ?-The chair was left upon this. Had any thing been done to the ends of

Did any thing further take place ?—They them ?—No more than just as they were cut were pretty well all standing; at this time from the tree they grew on. Thistlewood suddenly turns himself round, Was any thing done after they were brought « Oh, Brunt, well thought of, now as Palin is in there?-Bradburn sawed the ends of them here, you may as well take him to this spot j off with a saw, and ferruled them. close by here, and let him see whether he Was that done in that back room ?-Yes. thinks it is practicable.”

Were there any sockets or holes made in What place was that? – That place was them ?-Yes. Furnival's-inn-buildings.

After those ferrules had been put on in the Furnival's-inn-buildings was at that time manner you described, by Bradburn, what not finished ?—The back part of it was not. passed ?- There was an alteration, it was con

Was that near the back of Fox-court?—Yes. sidered, after the ends of the pike stick had

In consequence of that, did Brunt and Palin been pared down to the ferrule that was go out ?—They did.

knocked down, that the pike staff was so weak Did they return before you quitted the it would not support the pike; in consequence place !—They did.

of that, every ferrule was cut off again, and What passed, on their return ?-On their bigger ones were got and put on. return, Mr. Palin gave it in that it was a very Was that done also in the room_Yes. good job, and a very easy one, and would make Besides those pike-staves, were there any a very good fire.

hand-grenades brought there ? — There were Did any thing further pass on that occasion ? some that were brought in there ready made, -Yes; Thistlewood said, that it would be and some made there. highly necessary (if it was possible) to get the Did you see Davidson do any thing there? men together, and to communicate their in- |-Yes, Davidson and Harrison; there was a tentions to have them, if possible, to give them kind of a thing that was wound round a tin a treat; but he said he did not know how it case first, and some pitch that was melted in was to be done, for they were all so poor; on an iron-pot; after this was put in, there were this, Brunt turned himself to the fire, walked some nails bound round. across the room and back again, and said he had Did you see Harrison make any of them? a pound note he had reserved for the purpose, -Yes. though he had done little or no work lately, Did you see Davidson also do any thing but he would be damned if he did not spend towards making them ?-I did. it upon his men ; Thistlewood said, “where Was there any other place where they were shall we take them to ? I suppose Hobhs would afterwards carried to? - They were carried to have no objection to letting us have the room Tidd's. up stairs."

To Tidd's lodgings ?-Yes, in Hole-in-the Hobbs kept the White Hart ?-Yes. wall passage.

Had there been any meetings at the White What was that called ?—The dépôt. Hart previous to those meetings held in the Who was it that suggested they should be back room at Brunt's lodgings ?-Yes.

removed from the room - Thistlewood. Were those meetings held in a room at the What reason did he give ?—He assigned the White Hart, or in a back room ?-In a back reason, that there should be nothing kept in room in the yard. Those meetings were dis- that room, in case there should be any continued while you were in prison for debt? persons come to that room who might give Yes.

information. Now proceed. - Brunt said, he did not In consequence of that, were the things much like it after what had dropped from my from time to time removed to Tidd's ? — They mouth “but never mind,” says Brunt, “we can go there, as time gets so short; I do not Do you remember a meeting which took see what occasion we have to fear the traps,” place on the Tuesday morning, the 22nd of or some expression of that kind.

February ?-Yes. Had you, in point of fact, made some com The meeting of which you have been speakmunication to them of what had passed be- ing was the Sunday ?-Yes. tween you and Hobbs ?-Yes; he said he Where was that meeting on the Tuesday would call on Hobbs, and hear what he had to held ?-- In the same room as Brunt's. say; on second recollection, he said he would About what time?-About ten o'clock. give his boy a holiday that day, send his wife Who were the persons present ? --There was out, and what men he had to collect together, Thistlewood, Brunt; there was Hall; there was to have them in his own room.

Ings at this time; and, just after this, Edwards After this conversation had passed, I be- comes in, and brings the account of the informalieve you separated ?-Yes.

tion he had seen in the paper, of a dinner that was to be held on the Wednesday night.


A cabinet dinner!-Yes.

the other I cannot remember, and Brunt and At what place ?-Lord Harrowby's, in Gros Tidd were to relieve them. venor-square.

When were they to relieve them ?-At nine In consequence of this, was a newspaper o'clock. sent for !-- Yes ; Hall fetched it.

It was to be a three hours watch ?-Yes. Did it appear by the newspaper that the in Were Davidson and Tidd both present in formation was true?-Yes.

the room at that time?--Yes. What passed ou this information being com Was it said why that watch was to be apmunicated ?-On this being communicated, pointed ?—That watch was to be appointed to Brunt expressed himself, “now, damn my see if there were any police officer entered eyes,” says he, “I believe there is a God; I the house, or any soldiers ; if there was any bave often prayed that those thieves may be thing of that kind entered the house of lord. called together, that we may have an op- Harrowby, it was to be communicated to the portunity to destroy them, and now” says he, committee; if there was nothing of that kind « God has heard my prayer."

seen, Brunt insisted upon it that the business Was any thing else said, that you remember?' should be done the following night. -Ings was equally alive to it; upon this After this did you separate ?--No, we did Thistlewood proposed that there should be a


not; after this proposition of Brunt's was setcommittee sit directly, in order to alter the tled, Thistlewood directly proposed Tidd to plan of assassination which had been agreed take the chair, in consequence of my interrupton on the Sunday,

ing their business. Referring to the plan of individual assassi Did Tidd take the chair then ?-Yes, he nation ?-Yes; my sitting in the chair, Thistle did ; then Thistlewood came forward with the wood proposed me to take the chair; I takes proposition of a fresh plan, respecting the as the chair, and called to order. Thistlewood sassination of the ministers; he proposed was going to speak; I interrupted him; I said, going himself to lord Harrowby's door with a “Gentlemen, I hope from what fell from my note in his band, for the servant to give to his mouth yesterday morning, you have given it a master, telling him he must have an answer; due consideration."

at the time he got in, the others were to rush That was the communication that had been in after him, and to secure the servants, premade to you by Hobbs, the landlord of the senting a pistol to their breast, threatening White Hart --Yes.

them with instant death in case they made Suggesting something, I believe, respecting any resistance; at the same time other perthe police officers having inquired at Hobbs's; sons were to go to take command of the stairs -Yes.

leading to the bottom part of the house ; You communicated that to the meeting ?-I another party to take the command of the stairs did.

to the upper part of the house, and two men Tell us what took place ?-Upon this Brunt to the area ; these men were to take, to each put himself into a bit of a passion, and so did station, a hand-grenade a piece, as well as all of them, and particularly Harrison, so much pistols and blunderbuss; if any servants atthat he walked about andthreatened the first man tempted to retreat from the upper or lower that attempted to fling cold water upon the con- part of the house, or the area, a hand-grenade, ceru, he would run that man through directly was to be thrown among them, with a view to with a sword; upon this I opened my coat in destroy them; at the same time it was propothis way, and said, Harrison, if you have any sed that they should enter the room. Ings conception that I am not a friend to you and was the man that offered himself to take the every man in this room, do it now; Palin command, to lead into the room. Ings proand Potter and Bradburn were in the room; posed to go in this kind of way; as soon as he Palin got up, surprised from what he had seen, I entered the room he was to accost their lordand walked across the room; and Palin was ships by saying, " Now, my lords, I have as the man that holla'd out, insisting on my being good men here as the Manchester yeomanry; heard.

enter citizens and do your duty;" and two Was Hall in the room at that time ?-IIe swordsmen were to follow in after him. was.

Who were the two swordsmen !-I was one In consequence of this conversation that myself, and Harrison another. took place, did Brunt make any proposal ? Harrison had been in the Life-guards? On Mr. Palin insisting on some explanation He had ; on this being done, the swordsmen being given of that I had alluded to, Brunt entering the room, followed by the pike-men, got up and said he would get up and tell the Ings declared he would follow and cut every whole; Brunt got up and communicated it. head off as he came to them.

Did Brunt make any proposition ?-He What was Ings by trade?-I always was made a proposition, that lord Harrowby's house led to believe that he was a butcher; and as should be watched.

well as that, he proposed to cut one of When was that watch to commence ?-At lord Castlereagh's hands off. Ings had two six o'clock that evening.

bags with him. Who were the two men that were at the What was he to do with the bags ?-He first on the watch ?-Davidson was one, but proposed to bring away the heads of lord

Castlereagh and lord Sidmouth in the bags; England, and plunder it; but the books were he would have one of lord Castlereagh's hands, not to be meddled with, as Thistlewood thought, saying, that he would cure that, as it would be by preserving the books, they would comthought a great deal of in a future day. Ings municate to them something more than they bad on a former day said, he would exhibit were aware of. those heads on poles, and carry them through You afterwards broke up, for the purpose of the streets; on the house being left, after they making preparations ?—Yes, that is the outline had done what they had to do, it was proposed, of it. and Harrison undertook it, to go to the King On the Wednesday, what time did you go street barracks, and set fire to the shed where there?-I went up about two o'clock, as near the straw and hay were deposited, and to de- as I can guess. stroy the whole building.

Was any thing said as to a sign or counterWas any further use to be made of the sign ?-Harrison was the man that proposed heads, when they were brought away ?-Yes, this; saying the men that had to go round this thing was often talked of; this discourse to communicate it to what men they could colfinished on the Wednesday afternoon; those lectheads, after they were brought away, which It was proposed, then, that the persons had been proposed by Ings, saying he would there should go round for the purpose of comexhibit them about on a pole, Thistlewood municating what they had in view to their said, “no, the best way of carrying them will associates ?-Yes. be to put them on a pike each, and carry them What was proposed as to that ?-Harrison behind the cannon 'to terrify the people, to proposed that bulion should be the countersign. make them believe that there was somebody How was that to be? –The man appointed of more consequence than they were aware of to stand in Oxford-road was to pronounce the at the head of them."

letters b, u, t, and the man in waiting to say Was any further use to be made of either of t, 0, n; on doing this he was to be considered them after that, of lord Castlereagh's head for a man friendly to their concern. instance ?– It was proposed after this, by Where was that station to be ?-The end of Bradburn, after it had been exhibited about Oxford-road, by Tyburn-turnpike. the streets for two or three days, says he, “I After they had made those arrangements will make a box and inclose it, and send it did you separate for the purposes of prepara'to Ireland, or take it over myself to be ex- tion-Yes. hibited there."

Did Davidson and the other men go upon Did any thing further pass at that meeting, the watch on the Tuesday, as had been apas to the plan ?-Yes, it was proposed that pointed ?-Yes, I found Davidson on the after they had done at lord Harrowby's, Har- watch ; but the other man I did not know, rison was to go to the horse barracks, support. At what time did they go upon the watch? ed by Wilson, to set them on fire, by a ball --They went upon the watch at six o'clock. prepared for that purpose, and others were to You state it had been originally proposed, proceed to Gray's-ind lane; if they met with that Tidd and Brunt should go upon the any interruption from the people, it was pro- watch at nine o'clock for the purpose of reposed to run the pikes through them, and to fire lieving Davidson and his associate ?-Yes. upon them occasionally; and after they met Did they go upon that watch ?-They setthe party in Gray's-inn-lane, to assist them in tled for that ; but Brunt came back in about taking those two pieces of cannon at the Light-five minutes, saying, that Tidd had called at horse stables, and to proceed from there to the his house, and found the man that he had Artillery-ground to take the six cannon there. appointed ; and that he was a man of too

Who was to head the party that was to take much consequence to be left, and that therethe six carnon at the Artillery-ground – fore he could not go on the watch. Cook ; after Cook had got the six pieces of In consequence

of that, what proposal was cannon he was to load them, and bring them made?-For me to go instead of Tidd. into the street, and if there was any interrup Did you, in consequence of that, go upon tion to fire; if he found the people came over the watch with Brunt instead of Tidd ?-Yes, to him, to enable him to advance, he was to I did. advance to the Mansion-house, divide the When you got upon the watch did you see cannon into two parts, place three on each Davidson there !-Yes. side of the Mansion-house, and demand an en Did you and Brunt continue on the watch tránce; and if it was refused, fire upon it on till twelve ?-Not in the square all the while. both sides.

Did you, part of the time, go into any pubWhat was to be done with the Mansion- lic-house in the neighbourhood ?-Yes. house ?--The Mansion-house was proposed, Where was that public-house situate ?- At by Thistlewood, for the seat of the provisional the back of the square; a public-house at the government.

corner of the mews. Cook was not to be of the party at lord Did Brant do any thing there ?-He played Harrowby's ?---No, he was to command the at dominos there. party that was to go into the city; then it was Did you, during that time, go out into the proposed that they should take the Bank of square to see whether all was quiet, and reVOL. XXXIII.


turn again ?--Yes; and I went out at eleven my shoulder, and asked me bow I did; I said o'clock, and stopped till the turn of twelve, “ I am rather unwell, and very low in spirits ;” and then went home.

in consequence of this, he proposed to Brunt You found all quiet ?-Yes.

to send for something to drink to put me in Do you recollect on Tuesday afternoon, or spirits; and he proposed directly after this, evening, going to Fox-court, and smelling any that there should be some paper fetched, as he strange smell? -Yes; on going up stairs, I wanted to draw up some bills, and money was smelt a strange smell; on going in, I found produced from Thistlewood to Brunt. Edwards, Ings, and Hall. Ings and Hall Was any thing said about the sort of paper ? were employed in making illumination-balls to - Thistlewood wanted such paper as the fire the buildings, and Edwards in making the newspapers were printed upon; he did not touch-paper for the grenades. Hall was laying know the name of it, and I proposed to him the paper on the floor, to receive the balls, to to have some cartridge paper; in consequence prevent their sticking to the band.

of this, cartridge paper was sent for, and Did you stay there any time, or go away?- Brunt said his apprentice or his boy should I went away almost directly.

fetch it. : The next day, I believe, you did not go very Brunt has a son as well as an apprentice? early to the room did you ?-No.

Yes. Some business of your own kept you away? Did Brunt go out for that purpose ?-Yes, -Yes.

and the cartridge paper was brought. What time did you go ?--About two o'clock. Was there any table in the room ?--A table Whom did you find when you went there? and chair were brought in from Brunt's room - I found Brunt in his own room, the front at the time. room.

What was done with them ?—Thistlewood While you were in that front room, did sat down, and wrote three bills ? Strange come in ?-Strange was the first man What were the contents of those bills ?that came in after myself.

Thistlewood wrote “ Your tyrants are deDid Strange come in by himself, or accom-stroyed. The friends of liberty are called panied by other persons — By himself; there upon to come forward. The provisional gowere one or two strangers came in afterwards. vernment is now sitting. James Ings, secre

What were they employed about ?- There tary. February 23rd, 1820.” were some pistols laid upon the drawers in As he was writing the third bill, did you Bront's room.

make any observation upon him ?-On my • How many ?--I saw half a dozen.

looking at Thistlewood, I perceived him to be What were they doing with those pistols ? very much agitated, and he could not write - They were endeavouring to fix the flints in any more, and he wished somebody else to them.

take the pen, and proposed Hall to take the Was any thing said by Brunt?-On these pen ; Hall refused it; there was another man, last men coming in, Brunt proposed they a strange man, in the room, who refused at should go into the other room.

first to take the pen, but afterwards took it. Did they in consequence of that go with the Did he proceed to write any other bill? pistols into the other room ?-Yes.

Yes, he did. You went into the other room too ?-Yes. We must not ask you the contents of that

Whom did you find at that time in the other bill; what was to be done with those bills ?room ? — There were no other persons in the Those bills were to be stuck up at the side of room at that time, except those who followed different buildings that were to be set fire to, in from Brunt's room.

order to communicate to the public what had Who came in afterwards ? — Thistlewood been done. came in soon afterwards.

After those bills were written, what further Was Ings there?-Not at that time. took place at the meeting? how was Ings

Did you see him there in the course of the equipped ?-Ings equipped himself by putting afternoon ?-Yes.

a black belt round his loins, another hanging What was Ings doing ?-Ings, within a very upon his shoulder to support the cutlass with, little time after he came into the room, began with a couple of bags in the form of a soldier's to equip himself.

haversack. Did any thing take place before Ings came Were these under his great coat?-One over in ?- The different strangers that were then in each shoulder. the room were busy in fixing the different Under his great coat?-Under the coat he Aints to their pistols, and likewise the slings wore at top, he put on his great coat afterto the cutlasses that I saw lying in the room. wards; the belt round his loins was to contain

Did any body make any proposition to them? a brace of pistols, a belt for his cutlass; and -Not as yet; on Thistlewood coming into the on viewing himself, he perceived that he had room, he looks round.

forgotten to bring his steel. When Thistlewood came in, were they pre Had he any knife?-Yes, a large butcher's paring themselves ?-Yes, they were ; and he knife, with wax-end round the handle. said, “ this looks something like as if you Was he asked any question why the waxwere going to work ;" he claps his hand on end was wound round the handle ?-Yes, he

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