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in which Peace Societies have been organized in places where I am personally unknown. Many ministers of the gospel have also had their attention called to their duty as it relates to the pacific principles of our holy religion ; some have adopted the plan of preaching sermons at stated against the custom of war, and others have. been instrumental in the formation of new Peace Societies.

I now, a second time, take my leave of the public, with many thanks for their continued indulgence. Whether I shall ever resume the subject of Peace and War is at present uncertain. I wish both temporal and eternal happiness to the whole human race. dently pray that wars and fightings and every species of oppression may cease throughout the earth. I thank God for having spared

my life to see a day of such general benevolence and philanthropy,--a day, in which mankind are willing to do so much for the good of their fellow creatures,-a day, 'in which such mighty moral engines are moving, with “the full tide of successful experiment."

I thank God for enabling me to

I ar

add one drop to the stream, and making me in some small measure useful to the great cause which angels came to proclaim,--the cause of PEACE ON EARTA AND GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN.



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