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Lord, I would not repine

At strokes in mercy sent:
If the chastisement comes in love,

My soul shall be content.

127. Sickness and Recovery.


A WHILE remain’d the doubtful strife,

Till Jesus gave me back my life;
My life?-my soul, recal the word;
'Tis life to see thy gracious Lord.
Why inconvenient now to die?
Vile unbelief, O tell me why?
When can it inconvenient be,
My loving Lord, to come to thee?
He saw me made the sport of hell;
He knew the tempter's malice well;
And when my soul had all to fear,
Then did the glorious Sun appear!
O bless him!-bless, ye dying saints,
The God of grace when nature faints!
He shew'd my flesh the gaping grave,
To shew me he had pow'r to save.

128. Providence reviewed.

Providence reviewed.

STEPHENS. WHEN all thy mercies, O my God,

My rising soul surveys; Transported with the view, I'm lost

In wonder, love, and praise. Unnumber'd comforts to my soul

Thy tender care bestow'd, Before my infant heart conceiv'd

From whom those comforts flow'd. When in the slipp'ry paths of youth,

With heedless steps I ran; Thine arm, unseen, convey'd me safe,

And led me up to man. Ten thousand thousand precious gifts

My daily thanks employ; Nor is the least a cheerful heart

That tastes those gifts with joy. * When nature fails, and day and night

Divide thy works no more; My ever grateful heart, O Lord,

Thy mercy shall adore. Through all eternity to thee

A joyful song I'll raise ; But Oh! eternity's too short

To utter all thy praise !

129. It is finished. Trevecca. HARK! the voice of love and mercy

Sounds aloud from Calvary !
See! it rends the rocks asunder,
Shakes the earth and veils the sky!

6. It is finish'd!.
Hear the dying Saviour cry!
It is finish'd! O what pleasure

Do these charming words afford; Heav'nly blessings without measure, Flow to us from Christ the Lord.

It is finish’d!
Saints, the dying words record.
Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs,

Join to sing the pleasing theme;
All on earth, and all in heav'n
Join to praise Immanuel's name!

Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

130. Jesus Christ the Gift of God.


JESUS, my love, my chief delight,

For thee I long, for thee I pray; Amid the shadows of the night,

Amid the business of the day.

Thou art the glorious gift of God,”

To sinners weary and distrest; The first of all his gifts bestow'd,

And certain pledge of all the rest. Could I but say, this gift is mine,

I'd tread the world beneath my feet; No more at poverty repine,

Nor envy sinners rich and great. The precious jewel I would keep,

And lodge it deep within my heart; At home, abroad, awake, asleep,

It never should from thence depart!

131. Effects of divine Grace.



mind devoutly prest,
Dear Saviour, my revolving breast
Would past offences trace;
Trembling, I make the black review;
Yet pleas'd behold, admiring too

The pow'r of changing grace.
This tongue, with blasphemies defil'd,
These feet, to erring paths beguild,

In heav'nly league agree:
Who could believe such lips could praise,
Or think my dark and winding ways

Should ever lead to thee?

These eyes, that once abus'd their sight,
Now lift to thee their wat’ry light,

And weep a silent flood :
These hands ascend in ceaseless pray'r;
O wash away

the stains they wear,
In thy redeeming blood !
These ears that pleas'd could entertain
The midnight oath, the lustful strain,

When round the festal board;
Now, deaf to all th' enchanting noise,
Avoid the throng, detest the joys,

And press to hear thy word.
Thus art thou sery'd in ev'ry part ;
O would'st thou more transform my heart,

This drossy thing refine; That grace might nature's strength controul, And a new creature, body, soul,

Be, Lord, for ever thine!

132. At the close of an Association

d. At the close

Service. ABRIDGE.
CHIEF Shepherd of thy chosen sheep,

From death and sin set free;
May ev'ry under-shepherd keep

intent on thee! With plenteous grace their hearts prepare

To execute thy will;
Çompassion, patience, love and care,

And faithfulness and skill.


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