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The holy triumph of my soul,

Shall death itself out-brave;
Leave dull mortality behind,

And fly beyond the grave.
There, where my blessed Jesus reigns,

In heav'n's unmeasur'd space,
I'll spend a long eternity,

In pleasures and in praise. Millions of years my wand’ring eyes

Shall o'er thy beauties rove;
And, endless ages, I'll adore

The glories of thy love.
Sweet Jesus, every smile of thine,

Shall fresh endearments bring;
And thousand tastes of new delight,

From all thy graces spring. Haste, my Beloved, fetch my soul

Up to thy bless'd abode: Fly, for my spirit longs to see

My Saviour, and God.


73. Time and Eternity: stephens. THEE we adore, eternal name,

And humbly own to thee, How feeble is our mortal frame,

What dying worms we be.

Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense,

To walk this dangerous road; And when our souls are taken bence,

May they be found with God.
Assure us that our worthless names,

Are graven on thy hands:
Shew us some promise in thy book,

Where our salvation stands.

74. Spiritual Apparel; namely, The

Robe of Righteousness, and Garments of Salvation. Isaiah lxi. 10.


A WAKE, my heart, arise, my tongue,

Prepare a tuneful voice; In God, the life of all my joys,

Aloud will I rejoice. 'Twas he adorn'd my naked soul,

And made salvation mine; Upon a poor polluted worm,

He makes his graces shine.
And lest the shadow of a spot

Should on my soul be found,
He took the robe the Saviour wrought,

And cast it all around.

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How far this heavenly robe exceeds

What earthly princes wear!
These ornaments, how bright they shine!

How white the garments are !
The Spirit wrought my faith, my love,

And hope, and every grace;
But Jesus spent his life to work,

The robe of righteousness. Strangely, my soul, thou art array'd

By the great sacred Three! In sweetest harmony of praise,

Let all thy powers agree.

175. The Wisdom of God.

ULVERSTON. WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will;

Tumultous passions, all be still; Nor let a murmuring thought arise, His ways are just, his councils wise. He in the thickest darkness dwells, Performs his works, the cause

conceals: But though his methods are unknown, Judgment and truth support his throne. In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas, He executes his firm decrees; And by his saints it stands confess'd That what he does is ever blest.

Wait then, my soul, submissive wait,
Prostrate before his awful seat!
And ’midst the terrors of his rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God.

76. The Justice and Goodness of God.


GREAT God, my Maker, and my King,

Of thee I'll speak, of thee I'll sing?
All thou hast done, and all thou dost,
Declare thee good, proclaim thee just.
Thy ancient thoughts, and firm decrees,
Thy threatenings and thy promises,
The joys of heaven, the pains of hell,
What angels taste, what devils feel.
Thy terrors and thine acts of grace,
Thy threatening rod and smiling face,
Thy wounding and thy healing word,
A world undone, a world restor'd!
While these excite my fear and joy,
While these my tuneful lips employ;
Accept, O Lord, the humble song,
The tribute of a trembling tongue.

77. The Consequences of Election.

Rom. viii. 33-39.

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PORTUGAL. WHO shall condemn to endless flames

The chosen people of our God? Since in the book of life their names

Are fairly writ in Jesus' blood. He, for the sins of all th' elect,

Hath a complete atonement made; And justice never can expect

That the same debt should twice be paid. Not tribulation, nakedness,

The famine, peril, or the sword; Not persecution, or distress,

Can separate from Christ the Lord. Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor height,

Nor powers below, nor powers above; Not present things, nor things to come,

Can change his purposes of love.

His sov'reign mercy knows no end,

His faithfulness shall still endure; And those who on his word depend,

Shall find his word for ever sure,

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