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60. Doubts scattered,&c. America. HENCE from my soul, sad thoughts be

gone, And leave me to my joys; My tongue shall triumph in my God,

And make a joyful noise. Darkness and doubts had veil'd my mind,

And drown'd mine eyes in tears; Till sov’reign grace with shining rays

Dispell’d my gloomy fears. Oh! what immortal joys I felt,

And raptures all divine,
When Jesus told me I was his,

And my Beloved mine!
In vain the Tempter frights my soul,

And breaks my peace in vain ;
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face,

Revives my joys again. 61.

Evening Worship. Devizes. NOW, from the altar of our hearts,

Let incense flames arise;
Assist us, Lord, to offer up

Our evening sacrifice.
Awake our love, awake our joy ;

Awake our heart and tongue:
Sleep not, when mercies loudly call,

Break forth into a song.

Minutes and mercies multiply'd,

Have made up all this day;
Minutes came quick, but mercies were

More fleet and free than they.
New time, new favours, and new joys,

Do a new song require:
Till we shall praise thee as we would,

Accept our heart's desire.
Lord of our time, whose hand hath set

*New time npon our score;
Thee may we praise for all our time,

When time shall be no more.


62. Christ's Passion
YE E that pass by, behold the man,

The Man of Grief condemn'd for you; The Lamb of God for sinners slain,

Weeping to Calvary pursue.
His sacred limbs they stretch, they tear,

With nails they fasten to the wood-
His sacred limbs---expos'd and bare,

Or only cover'd with his blood. See there, his temples crown'd with thorns,

His bleeding hands extended wide, His streaming feet transfixt and torn, The fountain gushing from his side.

The earth could to her centre quake,

Convuls'd while her Deliy'rer dy'd; O may our inmost nature shake,

And bow with Jesus crucify'd. The rocks could feel thy powerful death,

And tremble and asunder part: O rend with thy expiring breath,

The harder marble of our heart.

63. Sight of God and Christ in Heaven.


ESCEND from heaven, immortal Dove,

Stoop down, and take us on thy wings; And mount, and bear us far above

The reach of these inferior things. Oh! for a sight, a pleasing sight

Of our almighty Father's throne; There sits our Saviour, crown’d with light,

Cloth’d in a body like our own. Adoring saints around bim stand,

And thrones and powers before him fall; The God shines gracious thro' the Man,

And sheds sweet glories on them all. When shall the day, dear Lord, appear,

That we shall mount to dwell aboye; And stand and bow among them there,

And view thy face, and sing thy love?

64. Passion and Exaltation of Christ.

COME, all harmonious tongues,

Your noblest music bring; 'Tis Christ the everlasting God,

And Christ the Man, we sing.
Tell how he took our flesh,

To take-away our guilt;
Sing the dear drops of sacred blood,

That hellish monsters spilt.
Down to the shades of death

He bow'd his awful head :
Yet he arose to live and reign

When death itself is dead.
No more the bloody spcar,

The cross and nails no more;
For hell itself shakes at bis name,

And all the heavens adore.
There the Redeemer sits,

High on his Father's throne;
The Father lays his vengeance by,

And smiles upon his Son.
65. The Priesthood of Christ.

BLOOD has a voice to pierce the skies ;

Revenge, the blood of Abel cries : But the dear stream, when Christ was slain, Spake peace as loud, from ev'ry vein.

Pardon and peace, from God on high,
Behold, he lays his vengeance by;
And rebels, that deserve his sword,
Become the fay'rites of the Lord.
To Jesus let our praises rise,
Who gave his life a sacrifice:
Now he appears before our God,
And for our pardon pleads his blood.
66. For the Propagation of the Gospel.

COME, divine Immanuel, come,

Take possession of thy home;
Now thy mercy's wings expand,
Stretch throughout the happy land.
Carry on thy victory,
Spread thy rule from sea to sea;
Re-convert the ransom'd race,
Save us, save us, Lord, by grace.
O that ev'ry soul might be,
Suddenly subdu'd to thee;
O that all in thee might know
Everlasting life below.
Now thy mercy's wings expand,
Stretch throughout the happy land:
Take possession of thy home;
Come, divine Immanuel, come.

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