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Thy justice dreadful glory claims,
And bids me sink to endless flames;
And while I hear thy thunders roar,
I own thy justice and adore.
But there's a throne of grace above,
Where Jesus sits and rules by love:
He'll send his grace and mercy down,
And all his grace with glory crown.
Jesus, to thee alone I fly;
And wilt thou let a sinner die,
Whilst, trusting on thy sacred blood,
I seek other


to God?
Thy tender heart will sure forgive,
And bid a guilty sinner live;
For all that come thy grace is free,
For Saul, and Magdalen, and Me.


24. The Cry of a Heaven-born Soul.

O LOVE divine, how sweet thou art!

When shall I find my longing heart,
All taken up by thee?
Give me to pant, and thirst to prove
The greatness of redeeming love,

The love of Christ so free.
God only knows the love of God:
O that it now were shed abroad

my poor longing heart!

O might I taste thy love divine,
This only portion, Lord, be mine,

Be mine this better part !
O that I could for ever sit
With Mary, at the Master's feet,

And in his love rejoice!
My only care, delight, and bliss,
My joy, my heaven on earth be this,

To hear the bridegroom's voice.
Thy love alone may I require,
Nothing on earth beneath desire,

Nor aught in heay'n above! Let earth and all its trifles

go; Give me, O Lord, thy love to know,

Give me thy precious love.

25. . Be ye also ready. Matt. xxiv. 44.

PREPARE, prepare, to meet thy God,

Nor trifle with a Saviour's blood;
Attend the voice, immortal souls,
'Tis time, 'tis death, 'tis judgment calls.
Jesus, our spirits waiting stand,
To hear thy great, august command;
Assist us, Lord, to watch and

pray, And realize that solemn day.

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Give us a faith that works by love,
To bear our souls to thee above:
Thy heav'nly graces all impart,
To cleanse and purify the heart.
Adorn us with that spotless dress,
The robe of Jesu's righteousness;
Then shall thy saints in glory shine,
Clad in a righteousness divine.
There shall we see our Saviour God,
And spread redeeming love abroad,
While listening angels round the throne,
Shall join to make thy wonders known.


Hope in Christ alone. DEPTFORD. SMITTEN on th' accursed tree,

Rock of ages, shelter me; Let the water

and the blood,
From thy wounded side which flow'd,
Be of sin the double

Cleanse me from its guilt and power.
Not the labours of my hands
Can fulfil thy laws demands:
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears for ever flow,
All for sin could not atone:
Thou must save, and thou alone.

Nothing in my hand I bring;
Simply to thy cross I cling:
Naked, come to thee for dress;
Helpless, look to thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly:
Wash me, Saviour, or I dic.

27. Perseverance. sydeniaM.
"IRM as the earth thy gospel stands,

My Lord, my hope, my trust: If I am found in Jesus' hands,

My soul can ne'er be lost.
His honour is engag'd to save

The meanest of his sheep;
All that his heavenly Father gave,

His hands securely keep.
Nor death, nor hell, shall e'er remove

His chosen from his breast;
In the dear bosom of his love,
They shall for ever rest.
28. The Triumph of Faith.

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HEAD of the church triumphant,

We joyfully adore thee; 'Till thou appear, thy members here

Shall sing like those in glory.

We lift our hearts and voices,

With blest anticipation;
And cry aloud, and give to God

The praise of our salvation.
We clap our hands, exulting,

In thine almighty favour;
The love divine, which made us thine,

Shall keep us thine for ever.
By faith we see the glory,

To which thou shalt restore us;
The cross despise, for that high prize

Which thou hast set before us.

29. Sinners of whom I am the Chief.

COMPASSION. DID ever one of Adam's race

Cost thee, my Lord, more toil and grace Than I have done, before my soul Could yield to thy divine controul! Vile was my heart, deep plung'd in sin, A dismal den of thieves within; Where ev'ry lust presum'd to dwell, The hateful progeny of hell. A deep apostate from my God, I trampled on the Saviour's blood; I scorn'd his mercy, mock'd his pain, And crucify'd my Lord again.

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