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From thy gracious presence flows,
Bliss that softens all our woes;
While thy Spirit's holy fire
Warms our hearts with pure

Here we supplicate thy throne;
Here thou mak'st thy glories known;
Here we learn thy righteous ways,
Taste thy love, and sing thy praise.
Thus with festive songs of joy,
We our happy lives employ;
Love, and long to love thee more,
Till from earth to heay'n we soar.


The Sabbath.


A NOTHER six days' work is done,

Another sabbath is begun; Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest, Improve the day thy God has bless'd. Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns So sweet a rest to wearied minds; Provides an antepast of heaven, And gives this day the food of seven. O that our thoughts and thanks may rise As grateful incense to the skies; And draw from heav'n that sweet repose Which none, but he that feels it, knows.


In holy duties let the day,
In holy pleasures pass away:
How sweet a sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end!

104. Exhortation to Prayer.

WHAT various hind’rances we meet,

In coming to a mercy seat !
Yet who that knows the worth of pray’r,
But wishes to be often there?
Pray'r makes the darken'd cloud withdraw;
Pray'r climbs the ladder Jacob saw:
Gives exercise to faith and love;
Brings ev'ry blessing from above.
Restraining pray’r, we cease to fight;
Pray'r makes the christian's armour bright:
And Satan trembles, when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.
Have you no words ? ah, think again;
Words flow apace when you complain,
And fill your fellow-creature's ear
With the sad tale of all your care.
Were half the breath thus vainly spent,
To heav'n in supplication sent;
Your cheerful songs would oft'ner be,
66 Hear what the Lord has done for me!”.

: 105. Reedeeming Lore.

BATH ABBEY. NOW begin the heay’nly theme,

Sing aloud in Jesu's name ; Ye who Jesu's kindness prove, Triumph in Redeeming Love! [Ye who see the Father's grace, Beaming in the Saviour's face; As to Caoaan on ye move, Praise and bless Redeeming Love!] Hither then your music bring, Strike aloud each joyful string ! Mortals, join the hosts above, Join to praise Redeeming Love! Welcome all by sin opprest, Welcome to your Saviour's breast : Nothing brought him from above, Nothing but Redeeming Love! He subdu'd th’ infernal pow’rs, His tremendous foes and ours, From their cursed empire drove; Mighty in Redeeming Lore! Hither then your music bring, Strike aloud each joyful string! Mortals, join the hosts above, Join to praise Redeeming Lore!


Invitation. KNARESBOROUGH. YE wretched, hungry, starving poor,

Behold a royal feast!
Where mercy spreads her bounteous store

For ev'ry welcome guest.
See, Jesus stands with open arms;

He calls, he bids you come:
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms;
see, there


is room. Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart,

There love and pity meet;
Nor will he bid the soul depart,

That trembles at his feet.
In him the Father, reconcil'd,

Invites each soul to come:
The rebel shall be call'd a child,

And kindly welcom'd home.
Ten thousand times ten thousand more

Are welcome still to come :
Ye longing souls, the grace adore; ;

Approach, there yet is room. 107.

Protecting Love. UXBRIDGE. FROM evil secure and its dread,

I rest, if my Saviour is nigh; And

songs his kind presence indeed Shall in the night-season supply:

He smiles, and my comforts abound;

grace as the dew shall descend; And walls of salvation surround

The soul he delights to defend.

Kind author and ground of my hope,

Thee, thee, for my God I avow; My glad Ebenezer set up,

And own thou hast help'd me till now: I muse on the years that are past,

Wherein my defence thou hast prov'd; Nor wilt thou relinquish, at last,

A sinner so signally lov’d.


Protecting Love. LAMBETH. INSPIRER and hearer of pray'r;

Thou feeder and guardian of thine, My all to thy covenant care,

I, sleeping and waking, resign: If thou art my shield and my sun,

The night is no darkness to me; And fast as my moments roll on,

They bring me but nearer to thee.

Thy minist'ring spirits descend,

Io watch while thy saints are asleep;
By day and by night they attend,
The heirs of salvation to keep:

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