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praying for enquiry into the existing dis- Harcott, 58, Mr. J. Humphries, respected. iress, addressed to both Houses of Parlia. -At Mitton, Miss Morris, deservedly es ment, were adopted.

teemed. The noble theatre at Biriningham was

WORCESTERSHIRE. totally destroyed by fire on the 7th ult. Great moral good has recently been ef.

Married.] Mr. . H. Jaegar, tu Miss fected in the gaol of this connty. The Constantine, of Spark-hill. – Mr. T. prisoners are constantly employed. The Chance, to Miss A. Harwood.-Mr. W. wliole of the clothing, shoes, bedding, &c. Turner, to Miss M.Barber,--Mr.J. Bratt, is manufactured in the gaol, under the di. to Miss s. Court,--Mr. D. Williams, of rection of visiting magistrates. Bradford-street, to Miss Law, of Hill- Married.) Mr. R. Green, to Miss street: all of Birmingham).-Mr. G. Had- Devey, borh of Stourbridge.-Mr. B, ley, of Birmingham, to Miss Smith, of Exe- Johnson, to Miss M. Shonler.- Edward ter.-Mr. J. H. Hawkes, of New-street, Butler, esq. to Miss H. Darbey : all of Birmingham, to Miss S. Callender, of Sulo Kinfaré.- The Rev. J. Cawood, of Bewdton.-Mr. R Perry, of Birmingliam, to ley, to Miss M. Davies, of Mamble. Miss E. Jobern, of Wall.-Mr. J. Lyndon, Died.) At French, Miss Woodward. of Birmingham, to Miss S. Shaw, of Mar

HEREFORUSUTRE. ston Green.Mr.Padmore,of Bloomsbury. A numerous meeting of the freemen of place, Ashted, to Miss H. Buckley, of Dale Hereford, residing in the metropolis and End, -Lieut. J. Shipton, R. N. 10 Miss E. its environs, lately took place at the White Atkins, of Leamington Priors.--Mr. R. Lion, Oxford-street, Colonel Foley, M.P. Trow, of Duddesden, to Miss S. Whale, in the chair. The mecting was attended of Birmingham. --Mr. J. Cluley, of Nor by the representative for Hereford, R.P. ton-under-Cannock, to Miss E. Milner, of Scudamore, esq. when the whole meeting Sutton Coldfield.

signed a declaration, to support at any Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. S. Plim- future election, none but men who would ley.--In Aston-road, 72, Mrs. Atkins, late pledge themselves to support a reforin in of High-street.-In Bristol-street, 64, Mrs. the Commons House of Parliament, and J. Taylor.-In Church-street, 67, Mrs. S. the rights and liberties of the people. Brett.—21, Miss A. Pears, deservedly Died.] At Hereford, 77, William lamented. In Navigation-street, 90, Mrs. Holmes, esg. senior alderman of the cor. Barber.-In St. Paul's-square, 68, M. R. poration of this city. Hudson, greatly respected.-Mr. Spurdle, At Newton-hill house, Mr. Henry Bris. deservedly lamented.-In High street, coe. Mr. J. Scott, justly regretted.-Mr. J. : GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH. Dangerfield.

* A numerous and respectable meeting of . At Sutton Coldfield, Anne, wife of the the agriculturists of Monmouthshire, was Rev. John Riland.

lately held at Abergavenny, J. H. MogAt Handsworth, 78, Mr. G. Smitcht, a gridge, esq. in the chair. The great ob. native of Prussia.--At Camden-hill Cot- ject of the meeting, to establish a County tage, 48, Mr. J. Pickering.–At Fazeley, Society for the Encouragement and Pro. Mr. T. Atkinson, deservedly respected. tection of Agriculture, was completely es. SHROPSHIRE.

fected. Married.] Mr. T. Mottram, jun. of Married.] Mr. S. Herbert, of TwigShrewsbury, to Miss S. Bickerton, of Ro worth, to Miss E. Wheeler, of Gloucester. den.-Mr. J. Collier, of Whitchuch, to -Mr. H. Johnson, to Mrs. M. A. Baugh. Miss Parr, of Liverpool.-Mr. P. Cope, of --Mr. W. Butt, tó Miss S. J. Webb, "of Bridgnorth, to Miss H. Wright, of Hatton Charles-street: all of Bristol.-Mr. J. Grange.- Mr. G.Edwards, ot Bridgnorth, Chick, of Bristol, to Miss A. Hughes, of to Miss Cooper, of Stockton-Mr.Baiber, Laugharne.-Mr. J. Hubbertone, of Bris. of Wem, to Miss M. Walınsley, of Bas- tol, to Miss M. Twigg, of Westbury.-church.-R. H. Gwyn, esq. of Broseley,to Mr. F. Short, to Miss S. Sidney, of BuckMiss Marianne Vaughan, of the Verzons.- ingham.street, Fitzroy-square, London.Mr. T. Taylor, jun. of High Ercall, to Miss Ai Clifton, George Fisher, jun, esq. to C. Rogers, of Beatcott.--Thomas Stillgoe, Miss Caroline White, of Bristol.-Mr. J. esq. of Cluddley, to Miss. M. Shelton, of Gallop, of Brinscombe Port, to Miss K. Rushton.

Garner, of Bath. Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. T. Price, of Died.] At Gloucester, Mrs. Sadler, the Haymarket, London.--On Swan-hill, wife of B. S. esg. Mrs. Martha Mytton, of Shipton, deserá At Bristol, 81, Mrs. Anderson, widow of vedly lamented.-On Pride-hill, 72, Mrs. John il. esq. alderman.-In West-street, Powis.-Mrs. A. Straphen, justlyesteemed. Mr. W. Ball.-In Portland-square, Ann,

At Bridgnorth, 78, Mr. R. Crudgingion. wife of George Rock, esq.- In Jubilee-John Sing, esq. deservedly regretted place, Redcliti-parade, Mr. G. Wetherall.

At Coleham, Mrs. Scoltock.–At White -68, Mrs. Andrews, widow of Thomas Hall, Broseley, 77, John Onions, esq.- A. esq.--85, Mr. E. Onion.-On KingsAt Cruck Meole, Mr. J.J. Clarke.At down-parade, Mrs. M. King. In Steep. street, Mr. Passmore.--In Duke-street, Moore's Almauack, and calculator to the 88, Thomas Pannell, esq.


Stationers' Company. By his own inAt Monmouth, at an advanced age, dustry, with a limited education, he made William Partridge, esq.-Mr. T. Preece, great progress in the liberal sciences, and much respected.-Mr. T. Andrew. ad been for some years justly esteemed

At Wootton-under-Edge, Mr. C. Wal- one of the best astronomical calculators of lington.

the age. He was for many years engaged At Blagdon, Mr. Marks, sen.- At as the computer of the Nuutical Ephemeris ; Lower Easton, 83, Mr. Maule, deservedly and, on retiring from that situation, re. lamented.

ceived the thanks of the Board of LongiAt Abson, 71, Mr.J. Parry.

tude, acconipanied by a handsome preOXFORDSHIRE.

sent, as a tribute due for his long and ar. A meeting was recently held at Oxford, drous services: his profound knowledge for the benefit of the distressed unem- of astronomy, and the mathematics in geployed poor: several benevolent resolu- neral, were acknowledged by all scientific tions were entered into, worthy of that men who were acquainted with him. He enlightened and opulent city.

was an excellent man in every relation of A dreadful fire lately broke out in Mag. life, modest, to a degree, which retarded dalen Hall, which totally consumed the bis interest, and in sound integrity he whole range of buildings, consisting of conld not be surpassed. As an author, he about eighteen seis of rooms, in three might be considered as the most popular hours. Twenty-four chambers, three stair of his age, Moore's Almanack rising, under cases, with the valuable pictures, and bis management, in spite of quadruple duplate, were destroyed.

ties, from 1 to 400,000 per annum. NeverMarried.] Mr. W. Howse, to Mrs. M. theless, he wrote this Almanack as a task Collis. Mr. E. Whitlock, to Miss M. A. for the Company, and conformed himself Judge: all of Oxford.—The Rev. W. to the rules of astrological art, without Thompson, of Queen's College, Oxford, to laying any stress on his predictions, or Miss Emily Pentland, of Cork.--Mr. R. taking any credit for the chances which Cox, of Dorchester, tó Miss S. Parsons, of sometimes led to their fulfilment. The Aston.--William Hayward, esq. of Wat- greatness of his mind was never more conlington, to Miss A. Dodd, of Chevies.- spicuous than during the hopeless period of Mr. J. Wall, of Steeple Aston, to Miss M, his last illness. George, of St. Clement's, Oxford.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Died.] At Oxford, 65, Mrs. Hemmings, Married.] Mr. E. Dainty, of Kettering, greatly regretted.

to Miss A. Brotherhood, of Desborough. At Chipping Norton, Mr. E. Matthews. Mr. J. M. Bloxham, to Miss M. A. Welch, -At Bicester, 22, Miss H. Fletcher, both of King's Sutton.-Mr. E. Parsons, of highly esteemed.-At Wheatley, 78, Mr. Walton Groupds, to Miss J. Radford, of Holiday.

Tiddington. BUCKINGHAM AND BERKSHIRE. Died.] Ai Peterborough, 84, Mr. R. Died.] At Reading, 72, Mr. Alderman Seaton. Poulton.

At Kettering, Mr. R. Mattock. . At Abingdon, 34, S. Selwood, esq. fel.

CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTS. low of Magdalen College, Oxford.

It is the intention of the vice-chancellor At Eton, Mrs. Keate, sister to Dr. K. to give two remaining Sir Wm. Browne's At Sunning-hill, 69, Mrs. More.

medals to such residents under graduates HERTFORD AND PEDFORDSHIRE as shall produce the best compositions ; The banking firm of Messrs. Cotham viz. one medal for the best Larin ode in and Jones, has recently stopped payment. imitation of Horace ; and the other for the | Married.] Thomas Robert Dimsdale, best Greek and Latin epigrams, after the esg, of Hertford, to Miss Lucinda Mané manner of the Anthologia and the model ning, of Sidmouth.--Mr. Hannington, of of Martial, respectively. Little Straighton, to Mrs. Stevens, of Married.] Mr. W. Mitchell, to Miss M. Bedford. ~ At Rickmansworth, L. G. A. Spencer. --Mr. J. Litchfield, of Cam. Brown, esq. to Miss C. Hodgson, of bridge, to Miss S. Gilez, of Coíne.--Mr. Clacton.

H. Fardell, A.M. to Eliza, daughter of Dr. Died.) At Hertford, 70, Mrs. Dimsdale, Sparks, Bishop of Ely.-Mr. J. Seabar, to widow of John D. esq.

Miss Bryant, both of Newmarket.-Mr. At Ware, 34, Arthur Cuthbert Bean HSmootlıy, of Duxford, to Miss S. Ellis, mont, esq.

of Ickleton. At Ampthill, 84, Mrs. S. Coltsea, late of Died.] At Cambridge, in Trinity-street, Filkin's-hall.- At' Ickwell, Bury, Miss John Horacę Legard, esq. student of Susan Harvey.--At Lawrence End, 81, Trinity College.-62, Mr. T. Carrington.the Rev. John Hawkins, M.A. rector of 81, Mrs. Harrison, Barton-le-Clay.

At Huntingdon, 76, Mr. J. Baker.--80, 'Aged 76, Mr. Henry Andrews, of Roys. Mrs. Forkingtoņ. ton, Herts. the celebrated author of At Foulmire, William Wedd, esq. from


an accident. “At Bury, 75, Mr. G. mere, to Miss Ross, of Bury.--Mr. J. Campion.

Barnes, to Miss E. James.--Mr. T. Bur. NORFOLK.

rage, to Miss Moffatt : all of Ipswich.On the 24th, a most splendid meeting Mr. Bullen, of Ipswich, to Miss Kaye, of was beld at Norwich, to commemorate the Metfield. birth-day and principles of the late Mr. Died.] At Burs, Mr. A. M. Sproule, deFox, Lord Albemarle was in the chair, servedly regretted.-Mr. J. Trescthan. and the illustrious Duke of Sussex, (twin 82, Mrs. Kenyon,-Mrs. Debenham. in virtue and patriotism to the Duke of At Ipswich, 84, Mrs. J. Dobson.-S. Kent,) together with many nobles, and Thorndike, esq. distinguished commoners, were present. At Sudbury, 29, Mr. J. Boreham. The toasts were accompanied by speeches At Stowmarket, Mrs. E. Orams. creditable to the spirit of the age and

ESSEX. country; and those of the royal personage A numerous meeting of the owners and above named were particularly distin occupiers of land within the eastern disguished by their energy.

trict of Essex, was lately held at Col. A lamentable occurrence lalely took chester, to take into consideration the place off Lowestoft, and within sight of the most advisable means of relieving the agriinhabitants, who were unable to render cultural interest from its present depresany assistance. A hrig foundered from sion. Several resolutions were entered high winds, and lay in such & position, into; and it was agreed to form an associa. that no efforts could relieve the crew, tion to protect the interests of agriculture, consisting of eight persons. They clang under the title of the “ East Essex Agrito the wreck; and their cries, during the cultural Society.” A petition to parliament night, were distinctly heard in the streets. was likewise read and approved of, and

Married.) Barnabas Leman, esq. to Mrs. ordered to lie at various places for signa. A. Smith.-Mr. W. Notley, to Miss E. tures. In this document the petitioners Case.--Mr. Smith, to Miss Bexfield.-Mr. state, among many serious truths,-" That, J. Parker, to Miss S. Strutt.-Mr. J. Bal. unless a very considerable reduction speelimore, to Miss J. Harbord.-Mr. J. dily takes place in the present excessive Woodhouse, to Miss A. Rust: all of Nor. heavy charges in rates and taxes, or a betwich.-Mr. G. Skelton, of Norwich, to ter price be secured to the growers of corn, Miss A. Fisher, of Ashley.-James Tho- it is impossible the land can long continue mas Naylor, esq. of Thetford, to Miss to be properly cultivated ; and, among t Harriet Austin, of Norwich.-Mr. W. other fatal consequences, the total ruin of Gascoigne, to Mrs. E. Took.-Mr. J. the farmer must be inevitable. That the Absolon, R. N. to Miss M. P. Jones.-Mr. inability of a large majority of the occupi. J. Wright, to Mrs. E. Rump : all of Yar- ers of land to employ their accustonied month.-Mr. W. Tuddevham, of North- number of labourers, tends materially to would, to Miss Rowell, of Upwell.-The lessen the produce, and to increase in a Rev. R. Fairbrother, to Miss M. C. Wigg, most alarming degree, the already enor. both of East Dereham.

mons extent of pauperism. That the peti. Died.] At Norwich, 85, Sarah, widow tioners humbly bope, that, in stating their of J. Blofield, esg. of Hoveton-hall. -75, grievances, they may be permitted to offer Mrs. A. Dingle.-. 60, Mrs. Jemima Petit. their opinion, that the partial manner in -Mrs. Palmer, suddenly.-Mrs. Trigg. which the averages regulating the im

At Yarmoutlí, 39, Lieut. J. Priest, R.N. portation of foreign corn are now taken, -75, Mr. J. Boulter, one of the Society of together with the warehousing system, and Friends.-50, Mr. Í. Vincent.--60, Mr. the very heavy excise duties upon barley, M. Spencer, suddenly.--46, Mr. J. Ad from the period of its growth to its ultidison.

mate consumption (amounting together to At Thetford, Saralı, wife of Daniel not less than 65s. per quarter) are the Sewell, esq. bighly esteemed.

principal combining causcs of their preAt Downham Market, 34, Mrs. C. Ket. sent distress." tlewell, suddenly.

Married.] Mr. Joseph Kent, of ChelmsSUFFOLK.

ford, to Miss Burningham, of Ingatestone. Great order and discipline are observed - Mr. Chaplin, to Miss E. Browning, both in the gaol of Bury St. Edmund's. The of Harwich.-Thomas Andrews, esq. of prisoners learn 10 make shoes, baskets, Hempsted, to Miss Cole, of the Newa plait straw, &c. A discipline-mill, opon Kent-road. very improved principles, has been laiely Died.] At Colchester, 24, Mr. J. Finch, erected in this gaol, by Mr. Cubitt, civil of London.--Mr. E. Leech.--42, Mrs. J. engineer, of Ipswich, which is capable of Shuttleworth, deservedly lamented.--Mrs. employing twenty-four persons, in the act M. Crisp, greatly regretted.--At Mile of treading, at the same time.

End-ball, 50, Mr. Í. Posford. Married.) Mr. J. Bullen, to Miss Pond. At Chelmsford, 67, Thomas Pace, one Mr. Lockwood, to Mrs. Lorimer : all of of the Society of Fricuds, much respected. Bury.--Mr. W, Mothersole, of Liver. -81, Mrs. C. Paiv.



ton, to Miss F. Baker, of Portsea.--Mr. A numerons meeting of the inhabitants Prince, jun. to Miss díoxon, of Marlboof Canterbury was lately held at the rough-row, Portsea. Guildhall, to take into consideration ibe D ied.] At Winchester, in Kingscote. propriety of commencing a subscription street, Miss Charker. to relieve the wants of the necessitons Al Portsmouth, Mr. J. E. Spearing.poor. A subscription was entered into, At Portsea, in Trafalgar-place, Capt. and a committee appointed to carry the E. M. Ennis, R. M.-At Lymington, 80, objects of the meeting. Upwards of three Mr. P. Blake.-At Romsey, Mrs. Marsh. hundred and sixty pounds were subscribed –At Bambridge, 81, Mr. S. Dear. At iu the room.

Fareliam, 68, Mr. E. Turner, deservedly Married.] Mr. E Silk, to Miss E. Scott, regretted.-At Wootton Bridge, Mr. j. both of Canterbury:-Mr. J. Hooker, of Cooper,-At Alresford, 74, Mr. B. Smith. Canterbury, to Miss A. Forwood, of Deal.

WILTSHIRE. -Mr.J.Day, of Dover, to Miss Stubbies, Married.] Mr. Osmond, to Miss C. of Canterbury.-Mr. F. Somerford, to Marsh, of ihe Close: both of Salisbury.Miss S. Crouch, both of Chatham.--Mr. T. Mr. W. Parry, to Miss M. A. Timbrell: Wood, to Miss F. Gardner, both of Deal. both of Malmesbury,--Mr. James Derbam, -Mr. Warman, of Sandwich, to Miss J. to Miss M, A. Scott: both of Devizes. Horst, of Ramsgate.--Mr. H. Peston, of Mr. Parrish, of Beckington, to Miss Webb, Maidstone, to Miss M. Wood, of Can. of Trowbridge.--Mr. Canning, of Ogburn terbary.

St. Andrew, to Miss Tanner, of ChalDied.] At Canterbury, 90, Mr. P. - derton, Jeffery.-Mrs. T. Badcock.—82, Mrs. Died.] At Salisbury, 52, Mrs. H. King. Bishop.

-At Trowbridge, Mr. R. Harding.--A At Rochester, in Troy-town, 64, John Chippenham, Mr. R. Tanner.-Ať WarDonald, esq.-Mr. Payne, of St. Marga: minster, 69, Mr. R. Townsend.-Al Quidrei's Bank.

hampton, Mrs. Masters.--At Woolley, Al Margate, Mrs. Peale.Mr. Holtum. Mrs. Baskerville, widow of Jolin B. esq. - On the Parade, Miss Silver.

deservedly lamented.—At Bishopstrow, At Folkestone, 71, Mrs. R. Barber. 55, the Rev. William Williams, rector, 29, Mr. J. Bennett, regretted.-79, Mrs. a man of considerable philosophical reMaycock.-86, Mrs. Beverley.-54, Mr. search. T. Edgar.

SOMERSETSHIRE. At Faversham, 87, Julius Shepherd, esq. Married.] Mr. Enever, of MorfordSUSSEX.

street, to Miss Matthews, both of Bath. Married.) Mr. H. Robins, to Miss Bar J.G. 'Hitchcock, esq. of Eastcott-house, rell: both of Chichester.-Mr. W. Brown, to Miss E. Holt, of Grosvenor-place, Bath, of Chichester, to Miss Newland, of Salta - G. Houlton, esq. of Grittleton-house, hill.-- George Taylor, esq. to Miss Sarah to Miss A. E. Cruickshauk, of Bath, The Philcox, of Burwash.-Mr. Chas. Rey. Rev. J. J. Coles, of Thornbury, to Miss S. nolds, to Miss M. Kerwood: both of Young, of Devonshire-place, Bath.-Tho. Bosham.

Balne, esq. of Buckland, to Miss M. Died.] At Chichester, Thomas Surridge, Adams, of Frome. - The Rev. H. Davies, esq. vice-admiral of the red, greatly re, of Taunton, to Miss E. P. Edwards, of

Exeter. At Brighton, Mrs. Diplock.-62, the Died.] At Bath, Miss A. Hyde.-In Rev. Frederick Hamilton, an independent Duke-street, the Rev. W. Munton, rector minister, deservedly esteemed.

of Priston and Dunkerton, deservedly la. At Arundel, 87, Mr. London.

mented. In Russell-street, 21, Miss Je. HAMPSHIRE.

mima Burroughs, of Burfield-lall, Wy. A landsome building at Newport, called mondham.-In Montpelier, Mr. Steventhe Isle of Wight Institution, has just been son.-62, the Rev. Jas, Drought, D.D. completed, and the Philosophical Society At Ashwick, Mr. E. Hippesley.-At of that place have removed thither, and Norton St. Philips, 80, Mr. T. Holdway. have commenced their winter course of

DORSETSHIRE. Lectures. Several of its enlightened mem- A Society for the Suppression of Men. bers bave taken different districts of the dicity, by affording relief to the distressed, island, for the purpose of more thoroughly and the detection and reformation of idle investigating its geology and botany du. vagrants and impostors, has been lately ring the last summer, and some very in- established at Dorchester. teresting papers are expected in the Married.] Wm. Templer, esg. of Wey. course of the session.

month, to Miss A. M. Prior, of Chichester. Married.] Mr. Austin, to Miss Mat. -G. Balstone, esq. of Barrack-honse, thews: both of Southampton.

Bridport, to Mrs. Gunimer, of East Oakes, esq. to Miss M. A. Porteus, of Cottage. Southampton.-Mr. R. Smith, R.N. to Died.] At Weymonth, 82, Mr. H.Maider. Miss A. Langdon, of Portsea.-Mr. Skel, At Stinsford, the Rev. W. Floyer.




have determined to offer premiums to the At the sessions at Exeter, Mr. Tacker, cottagers, to encourage them in rearing a bookseller of that city, was tried for re- poultry, the breeding of bees, &c. tailing the parodies on which Hone had Married.) Mr: E. Candy, to Miss C. been acquitted in London. He made a Hanson, of Swansea.-The Rev. D. L. spirited defence, and appealed to the pro. Jones, to Miss E. Jones: the Rev. Mr. tection of Fox's bill, but in vain ; and was Davies, to Mrs. Williams: all of Carmarsentenced to a long imprisonment in Exe- then.-Mr. 0. Evans, of Carniarthen, to ter gaol, with other penalties.

Miss S. Wilson, of Kempsey.--Mr. T. Married.) Mr. J. Davey, jun. to Miss Beercraft, of Kidwell, to Miss E. A. Roe, M. Buxton : Mr. R. Raddon, to Miss M. of Kilymaenllwyd.-- The Rev. E. Davies, Nosworthy : all of Exeter.-W. B. Moore, of Llanrwst, to Miss M. Lloyd, of Cefn esq. of Exeter, to Miss L. Lempriere, of Marlock, Denbighshire. Shal.--The Rev. S. Kilpin, of Exeter, 10 Died.) At Swansea, Mr. Jones, Mr. D. Miss Hodge, of Axminster. – Mr. R. Ren. Powell." dall, to Miss Moyes: Lieut. J. H. Challis, At Carmarthen, Mrs. Vaughan, wife of of the 3d Vet. Batt. to Mrs. S. Janies : all Capt. Henry V. R.N. of Plymouth.-Wm. Hern, juli. es. to Al Haveifordwest, Mrs. Lemons, laMiss Decordeox, both of Ashburton. mented.--Miss H. Bowen.

Died.] At Exeier, Mrs. R. Hemer.–At At Welshpool, 88, Mrs. E. Morris.-At an advanced age, Mrs. G. Walker.--On Llanerchydd Cottage, Capt. G. D, HarriSouthernhay, 78, Mr. Chave.-68, Wm. 801, R.N. Kennaway, esq.-At an advanced age,

SCOTLAND. M. Striton, esq.

Married.] Wm.Ciørdon, esq. of Evie, to At Plymonth, in Southside street, Mrs. Miss C. Murray, of Edinburgh.-W. Paul, J. Smith.--In Frankfort-street, W. Sture, esq. of Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, cianghter esq.--In Kerr-street, Mrs. Brown.

of ihe late Adm. Deans, of Huntington. At Barnstaple, 83, Mr. J. Day.

Died.] At Edinburgh, Christina, daugh. At Bystock, E. Divett, esg.-At Hux. ter of the late Dr. Jolin Rutherford. ham, 87, Mr. M. Trood. --At Drascombe, At Glasgow, Miss J. Patorin. 73, Mrs. Knapman.

At Aberdeen, 68, P. Gordon, esq. of CORNWALL.

Abergeldie. Married.] At Penzance, Mr. R. Bram

IRELAND. well, to Miss Vivian, of Camborne.--Mr. Married.] At Dublin, C. Drury, esq. of J. Śniith, to Miss A. Tapson: Mr. J. the 3d Dragoon Guards, to Elizabetli, Bolt, to Miss Werring : all of Launceston. daughter of Lieut.-Col. Hart.--Wm. W.

Died.] At Penzance, Theodosia Mary, Becher, esq. M.P. for Mallow, to Miss wife of $. Crawley, esq. M.P. for Honiton. O'Neil, of Covent Garden Theatre. At Truro, Miss J. Mudge.

Died.] At Dublin, Professor Von FeiAt St. Ives, Mr. R. Morton.

nagle. At Pleasant View, Mrs. Tandy, At Mevheniot, 84, Mr. Williams.

widow of the celebrated Napper T. esq. WALES.

At Kinsale, the Baroness Kinsale. The Agricultural Society recently esta. At Newpark, Waterford, Ellen, wife of blished liy Sir C. Morgan, at Tredegar, Sir J. Newport, bart. M.P.

THE MAP OF VENEZUELA. We have presented to our Readers a full and accurate Map of the countries included in this new Republic; and, as a subject of Geographical Description, we have nothing to add to the very interesting details given in our SUPPLEMENTARY NUMBER, published this day.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. In answer to many inquiries after our promised GENERAL Index, we beg leave to explain, that we have resulred to include within it our first FIFTY VOLUMES, which will be completed in annther year ; and, for the accommodation of new subscribers, and as a treasure of information and amusement, we propose, at the sume time, to publish a selection of the most valuable papers which have appeared in the entire series, in five octuvo volumes, or one for every TEN volumes of the Magazine ; and, if life and hculth permit the sume editor to continue his lubours, he will present his i eaders, at the end of criry ten volumes, with a volume of Selections. Ly this means, new subsc, ibers will not be discouraged by the átent and expense of the previous séries, while á valuable addition will be made, by these occasivnal volumes, to the stock of current literature. .

The Sketches of France, in our next.- Several pieces of Poctry are deforred, on uccount of the length of the Atheniud.--Other communiculions on preserving Seed, in our next.-EPSI, Lon depends on merit, from 101. /0 1001.

In our last we admitted, by error, thut Napoleon wus the author of the MANUSCRIPT DE ST. HELENA. We now learn, on the most UNQUESTIONABLE authority, that that work uas spurious, and the joint production of MADAME VE STAEL and De Caze.

ERRATA.-Page 35, cul. 1, for “ Mr. Hagham" read “ Higham."-P. 37, col. 2, for "se, vieeableread “ seasonable."

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