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anecdote; his humour never degenerated earl of Bristol to the rectory of Normaninto buffoonery, nor his wit into ill-nature. ton, in Lincolnshire; and in 1810, by the On his retirement from office, he went to King, throngh the Lord Chancellor, to reside at Sunning-bill; and then quitted all that of Waintleet, in the saine county. In his clubs, except the Alfred, of which he 1811, he was collated by the Archbishop was treasurer. Colonel Willis was fond of Canterbury to the vicarage of Walmer, of literature, and the company of literary in Kent. In July, 1815, on the reconimen, but it is not known that he ever mendation of the Earl of Liverpool, he published any thing, except a small vo- was presented to the rectory of St. Anlume, called “ Biographical Anecdotes of drew, Holborn; and in October, 1816, distinguished Persons, whose portraits are he had the honour to be appointed domesat Knowle, the seat of his Grace the Duke tic chaplain to the Right Hon. the Dowa. of Dorset.” It was written while he was ger Baroness of Dorchester. secretary to the duke, as lord-steward of Thus deservedly blest with the love and the household. He has left behind him a esteem, and patronage, of the great and widow, a son, and two daughters, one of good, he was suddenly taken off by an whom was married a few weeks before his apoplectic stroke, June 4, 1819, whilst at death. His son is in holy orders, and has Wytham, in Oxfordshire, leaving his wife been some years : chaplain to one of the and five young cbildren to lament, in comEast-India Company's stations in India. mon with all who knew linn, his sad and

irreparable loss. THE REV. THOS. GEORGE CLARE. N.B.-A subscription is opened among Tuis. gentleman was born Oct. 31, the parishioners of St. Andrew, Holburn, your 1777, at Bilton, in Warwickshire, of highly the purpose of erecting a Tablet in ikein respectable parents'; his father, the Rev. Church, to perpetuate the memory of this good Dr. Clare, having been fellow and tutor and virtuous man.'. of St. John's College, Oxford, and afterwards rector of Sutton, in Nottingham

THE LATE CAPT. NORRIS, shire, and of Yoxhall, in Staffordshire; and

Of the Beaufoy. Pucket. Lis mother, the daughter of Thos. Harris, CAPT. NORRIS was a native of Dover. esq. of Rugby, and grand-daughter of w. where, at the early age of twelve, he en: Bonghton, esq. of Causton-house, in War- tered the packet service as a cabin-boy, wickshire. In 1783, T. G. Clare was ad. in which sitnation lie reniained but a short mitted on the foundation at Rugby-school, period, his genius and capacity elevatiog through which he passed, not only without him progressively, until, at the age of censure, but with applause, for his assidui- twenty-one, he was appointed mate of ty and for the purity of his moral conduct the Lord Duncan packet, then upon the In June 1792 he was elected as a founder's Dover station, and which ostensible post kin to a fellowship in St. John's College; he filled with honour and credit, enhanced and in the following August, to one of the by his being the youngest man that ever exhibitions of Ragby-school, when Dr. filled that situation, and in which he conJames, the bead-master, observed to the tinned six years, when he was appointed trustees assembled to appoint the exhibi. captain of the Beautoy packet, upon the tioners, that as they had chosen a boy Harwich station, in consequence of the whom he could fully recommend as having resignation of his father, who had been an a snow-white character.” At College, be exemplary servant of the post-office fortya fully maintained bis reputation for dili- eight years. Here he fulfilled those inigence and correctness, qualities which uni- portant public duties entrusted to him, formly marked both his literary and moral with that judgment and assiduity for characier. In Easter Term, 1796, he took which he was deservedly esteened by the the degree of B.A.; and in June, 1800, honourable office under which he served ; that of M.A. He was admitted to dea. whilst his nautical attainments, urbanity con's orders, Dec. 21, 1800, and to priest's of manners, and genilemanly and literal orders, Dec. 20, 1801. By bis amiable man, conduct, on all occasions, obtained him ners he had conciliated the affection and the respect and admiration of his felloux esteem of the whole society. In 1803 he captains, as an oroament to the service, was made one of the tutors, and in 1804 a and to those honours he would have most public lecturer of the College; and in Eas. amply attained, had not the mrelenting ter Term, 1805, one of the proctors of the hand of fate arrested his flattering pro. University; iu the conscientious discharge spects, and deprived the world of an ho. of both which offices he united the kind nest and upright man. The detail of this uess of persuasion with the firmness of melancholy catastrophe is as follows: On manly discipline.

the 15th of March last, the Beautoy, In 1807 lie married Harriet, the youn charged with the German mails for Eny. gest daughter of the Rev. Averel Daniell, land, proceeded to sea, from Cuxhaven. rector of Lifford, in the county of Donegal, On the 16th they encountered a most treIreland. In 1809, he was presented by the mendons gale of wind, accompanied witir thunder and lightning, which continued the Weser by a Heligoland-boat. A fawith increased violence on the 17tı; but, vourite dog of Capt. Norris's, and who was firm and undaunted, he continued upon renarkably attached to his master, joinpdeck, where he had been for pine hours, ed overboard, and swam to another incessantly attending the duties of the packet; this he repeated several times," vessel. At this awful crisis, about five in until he was obliged to be confined onthe evening, a tremendous wave ap. board. It would appear as if the animal proached, which he viewed with an auxi. bad a presentiment of what afterwards ous fear, as the harbinger of destruction; occurred, as it was always with difficulty and seeing its course directed to the ves he would at any time leave the vessel. sel, he directed the inan at the helm to But, to return to the subject of this me«« Beware and loff her up;" but, alas! it moir, which is rendered still more dis. was to no avail: human efforts could not tressing, by Capt. N, having left a widow avert the destructive force of the infuri- and four infant children, the oldest under ated elements; it struck the ill-fated ves- six years of age, and who are thus resel, and in a moment reduced her to a duced, by this awful dispensation of Procomplete wreck, carrying with it the bul- vidence, from a state of promised affluwark to which the captain bad clung, and ence, to almost comparative indiger ce ; three men who were with him at the bnt, to soften the sorrows of his afflicted time, and all sonk to rise no more, except- widow and children, apd to smooth the ing one man, who was most miraculously, progress of their advancing years, that by the receding siirge, washed back to munificence and generosity which is so the vessel and saved. The overwhelming truly laudable and conspicuous in Britislı torrent had carried away the mast, and as well as foreign merchants, have in this stauncheous, in fact, not a single vestige instance been most eminently displayed ; remained upou deck; and was it not for the aud a subscription, to shew the respect peculiar excellence of the vessels employ- and high estimation they entertained of ed in this service, this must have founder his merits, has been opened at Lloyds, at ed, from the circumstance of pieces of the Amsterdam, Hamburgh, and Hanover, boat which was upon deck being found which already amounts to 7001. at the bottom of the ballast. It is conjec. To those who have felt his attentions, tured that she was momentarily bottom and witnessed his exertions in the disupwards. Another circumstance which charge of his private as well as profestends to impress this idea is, a valuable sional duties, the expression of that due watch belonging to one of the passengers tribute which they demand is unneces. was lying on the bed in one of the upper sary; but to posterity be it known, that, births forty hours after the accident hap- at the age of thirty-iwo, was prematurely pened; it was found under the ballast, cut off from his admiring friends and rela. without the least injury. Every movable tives, a meritorious officer, who was dison-board exhibited signs of the dreadful tinguished for honour and integrity in all concussion wbich the vessel had received; his concerns, and deservedly valued i'n which, after two days beating about in a private life as a husband, a father, and a most perilous situation, was towed into friend.



With all the Marriages and Deaths.

M.P. “ for his generous, manly, and NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM

statesmanlike conduct in Parliament dur. THE medical officers of the Newcastle ing tlie present session, in repelling the

L Infirmary have lately commenced the calunpies levelled at the reformers in formation of a surgical library in that these places and neighbourhood, and for most excellent institution. It is support. detending their character, couduct, and ed by subscriptions and donations, and is views, from the aspersions cast upon open to the public on the same terms as them." to the founders themselves. Mr. Charnley, C. J. Brandling, esq. las proposed to a respectable bookseller, has presented a l'aise at Newcastle a troop of dismounted valuable donation of 130 volumes,-a fact cavalry. The corporation have voted 100 which deserves to be recorded, as honour- guiueas. able to himself and his liberal professiop. A theological library has been instituted · Much distress has lately prevailed upon at Newcastle, which admits all writings ; the Wear, in consequence of the uvul but whimsically excludes all those which sual severity of the winter.

" advocate Unitarianism.” At a late meeting of die general com Married.) Mr. J. Bankler, of the Manor mittee of the Political Protestants of "Chase, to Mrs. M. Henderson, of the Newcastle and Gateshead, a vote of thanks Quayside: Mr. J. Battensby, to Miss E. was passed to John George Lambton, esq. Chappell: Mr. Dickman, to Miss Cust:


Mr. J. Daylisli, to Miss C. Wilson : Mr. Brampton.-Mr. J. Snowball, of East A. Hall, to Miss Frushard: all of New Wharuley, to Miss Hutchinson, of Warkcastle. Mr. W. Errington, to Miss J. slaugh.-Mr. J. Crossthwaite, of EgreCarr, both of Gatesheai.-Mr. T. Kirby mont, to Miss A. Mawson, of Cleator-hall. Fife, of Gateshead, to Mrs. J. Anderson, Died.] At Carlisle, 64, Mr. G. Winskill. of Newcastle.The Rev. James Baker, --83, Mrs. J. Gillespie. – 87, Mrs. M. to Miss C. Haggilt: Lient. T. H. Kirkley, Hill.-52, Mr. J. Henry. -39, Mr, T. to Mrs. Jane Hill: Mr. Bennett, to Miss Stubbs, much respected. -- 47, Mr. H, Bird: Mr. J. Charlton, to Miss A. Allen: Robley. all of Durham.-Nr. J. Mould, to Miss At Whitehaven, in Mount Pleasant, 72, E. G. Bennett, both of North Shields.- Mrs. A. Ford. In Senhouse-street, 76, Mr. R. Thompson, of South Shields, to Mrs. M. Fothergill.-In Duke-street, 45, Miss Dodds, of Bill-quay.-Mr. J. Ran. Mr. G. Kirby. son, to Miss S. Purvis, both of Chester-le At Penrith, 73, Mr. J. Miller.- 81, street.-Mr. J. Shipley, to Miss M. Stew. Mrs. M. Harrison. art, both of Shadforth-Mr. J. Thubron, At Harker, 80, Mrs. E. Goldsmith, to Miss M. Goundry, both of West Auck- much respected.-át Moorhouse, 93, Mrs. land.-Mr. J. Keeman, to Miss J. Swin. M. Knubley, deservedly regretted, burn, both of Norton.—Mr. Hodgson, to

YORKSHIRE. Miss Pearson, of Higli Bradley.

The York Whig Club lately held a meet. Died.) At Newcastle, 71, Thos. Heath, ing, when the following excellent resoluesq. much respected.--In Albion place, tions were unanimously agreed to, in 37, Miss Gray.--In Pilgrim-street, 83, Mr. which we heartily concur, and recomJ. Armstrong.—29, Mr. R. Thirlaway, re. mend to liberal politicians of all ranks. gretted.--26, Mr. S. Jobling.—26, Miss J. “That the duration of Parliament, anthoTalentyre.-73, Mr. R. Davison.–66, Mr. rised by law, ought not to exceed three T. Ayre.-73, Mrs. M. Robson, regretted. years.--That all boronghs in which the -Mrs. M. Dixon, deservedly respected. number of electors is so few as to lay

At Gatesheaii, in Pipewellgate, 103, them open to the influence of bribery, and Mr. John Anderson.

all boroughs which, from their constituie At Durham,79, Mr. J. Short.-In Fram- tion, have become individual property, welgate, 64, Mr. W. Clybum, much re- ought to be disfranchised. That, in lieu spected.

of the boroughs so disiranchised, the At North Shields, 80, Mrs. E. Mills.- right of representation ought to be given 29, Mrs. M. Richardson.-In Northumber- to the more populous towns of the United land-street, 70, Mr. T. Stamp.-74, Mrs. Kingdom, and to the inhabitants of the J. Chater. 15, Mrs. M. Brown.—75, Mr. kingdom at large being occupiers of a T. Pollock, deservedly respected.- 66, separate dwelling house, or directly liable Mrs. E. Cass.

to taxation; provided such persons are At Sunderland, 67, Mr. F. Whitehead. not receiving parish relief, and have other- Mr. J. Hollan, deservedly respected. wise no vote for any city, town, or coun81, Mr. W. Lilburn.-107, Mrs. C. Clark ty.--That, for the more equal representa

At Barnardcastle, 73, Mr. G. Blake. tion of the people at large thus entitled to lock, much respected.- 81, Mr. J. Friar. vote, tie kingdom onght to be divided

At Alnwick, 67, Miss M. Kiug.-88, into elective districts. That, in county Mrs. E. Falder.

and district elections, the votes ought to At the Shielfield, Jane, wife of G. A. be taken in each parisi), or in united paLambert, esq. deservedly regretted.-At rishes; and all on the same day. That, in Butterlaw, 82, Mrs. Bell.-- At Brizlee, parochial elections, the ballot ought to be 36, Miss Hudson.-At Walworth-castle, at used.” an advanced age, John Harrison, esq.

The woollen trade of this county is reCUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND, presented as in a depressed state; vast

Married.) Mr. R. Sager, to Misy M. Por. numbers of clothiers and cloth-dressers are ter: Mr. J. Storey, to Miss A. Nicholson: unemployed. The applications for paroMr. W. Nixon, to Miss M. Jackson : Mr. chial relief at Leeds lately were unexW. Peal, to Miss M. Scott: Mr. R. Hind, ampled. to Miss M. Barker: Mr. C. Woodell, to Married.) Mr. M. Hick, to Miss M. Miss J. Stubbs : Mr. J. Turner, to Miss Bussy: Mr. R. Hick, to Miss M. Groves : M. Tinnion: Mr. M. Noble, to Miss M. all of York,-Mr. W. Strickland, jun. of Bailey: all of Carlislc.-Mr. J. M'Vay, York, to Miss A. Bean, of Ulleskelf.--Mr. to Miss A. Brockbauk : Mr. G. Ferguson, C. Goodrick, of York, to Miss Whip, of to Miss J. Pearson: Mr. D. Magee, to Elton..--- Mr. M. H. Stevenson, to Miss Miss S. Nicliolson : Mr. J. Newby, jan. Vessey : Mr. Tather, to Mrs. Beach: Mr. to Miss F. Clarke : all of Whitehaven. T. H. Settle, to Miss H. Leonard : all of Mr. J. Airey, to Mrs. M. Stephensou: Mr. Holl.--Mr. J. Appleyard, of Holl, to Miss J. Tin ton, to Miss M. Cragy: all of Ken- M. Haworth, late of London. -- Mr. M. dal.-Mr. E. Denham, to Miss Burgess : Wilson, of Hull, to Miss F. Spencer, of Mr. E. Durgue, to Miss Milburn; all of Burton Pedsea. - Mr. J. Anderson, of MONTHLY MAG, No. 336.


Hull, Hull, to Miss H. Walker, of Mirfield. Miss Ogden, of Salford. --Mr. J. Longs.

Mr. S. Baines, to Miss S. Sanderson : den, of Ardwick, to Miss S. Broome, of · Mr. S. Rawlings, to Miss C. Parfitt: Mr. Chorlton-row.--Mr. W. Mayers, to Miss

W. Kirk, to Miss M. Sellers : Mr. J. B. Lathern, both of Wigan." Wood, to Miss M.Milns : Mr.J. Kirkbride, Died.) At Manchester, Mr. W. Lawson, to Miss M. Manby : Thomas Motley, èsq. greatly respected.-76, Mrs. E. Bristow. to Miss Caroline Osburn: all of Leeds.- In Deansgate, 81, Mrs. Haigh, regretMr. T. B. Golden, to Miss Stephenson, ted. --Mrs. Wheeler, wife of Mr. J. W. both of Huddersfield.---Mr. J. Wilkinson, proprietor of the Manchester Chronicle, of Wakefield, to Miss M. Smallpage, of regretted. Rochdale.

At Liverpool, in Water-street, 58, Mrs. Died.] At York, Mrs. Hudson, much Main.--In'Tolbock-street, 29, Mr. W. · respected.-63, Mr. Aikinsc1.--38, Mr. Smith.--I Chesterfiell-street, 26, Miss

Casar Peacock, editor of the York Cou- Hall.-19, Mrs. C. Balmer.-89, Mr. S. rant, much respected.--75, Mrs. Sutclitie, Brabner,--In Pitt-street, Mrs. Clague.much esteemed.

In Upper Pitt-street, Mr. A. Hackney. At Hull, 103, Mr. T. Hind.-In Grim Ai Warrington, 69, Mr. T. Lyon.-63, stone-street, 38, Mr. T. Moss.- In Bend. Mrs. Lyon. street, 71, Mrs. D. Barker.-60, Mr. M. At Medlock Cottage, Miss C. Mitchell, Workington.—52, Mr. T. Steemsoll.---52, -At Pendleton, 30, Mr. R. Fair.-At Mr. W. Walker.

Muffield, 59, the Rev. J. Markland, M.A. At Leeds, in York-street, 50, Mrs. N. -\t Blackley, Mrs. J. Edwards.--In Marshall.-88, Mrs. Metcalf.—70, Mrs., 61, John Pemberton, esq. Cooper, generally respected. · Ai Huddersfield, 76, Mrs. M. William.

CHESHIRE. son, one of the Society of Friends.-34, The quarter sessions were lately held at Mr. M. Brown.

Chester, a Lancashire magistrate, Trafford At Beverley, 79, Mrs. M. Newlove.- Trafford, esq. chairman. Six' persons, 29, Mrs. A. Atkinson, deservedly la. named Joseph Swann, Robert Swindells, mented.

Joseph Burienshaw, John Stubbs, John At Pontefract, Mr. B. Hopp.

Richards, and Joseph Sutton, were conAt Knaresborough, 64, Mrs. T. Mat. victed of a conspiracy to excite sedition son, deservedly regretted.

by the speeches which they made at a LANCASHIRE.

meeting at Macclesfield, on the 31st of Party spirit has continued to distract July last.-Swann was sentenced to tho Manchester since our last : discontent and years' imprisonment, for the conspiracy, poverty united together; the one has been two years more for the first libel, and six dumb, or nearly so, and the language of months more for the second; Swindells, the other has been effective. The bo. Burtenshaw, Stubbs, and Richards, two roughreeves and constables have had a years' imprisonment; Sutton, one year. public meeting for its relief.

We put it as a qnestion, whether, in the Ten persons have recently been incar- high state of excitement which exists in cerated in Lancaster gaol for alleged re these counties, it would not be just as hubellicus intentions : they are said to be mane to try all party questions in the mepoor, and wretched, and helpless indivi. tropolis, or in distant counties ? duals.

Married.] The Rev. R. Carr, of Chester, · The promotion of the reverend chairman to Miss Armstrong, of Market Drayton.of the Salford sessions to the valuable Mr. C. Billington, of Chester, to Miss F. living of Rochdale, is among the remark Billington, of Dutton.--Mr. J. Arnold, to able occurrences of the month.

Miss P. Alcock, of Macclesfield.- Mr. J. Married.] Mr. A. Darlington, to Mrs. Slater, to Miss Wright, both of Knutsford. S. Darlington.-Mr. T. Gouiden, to Miss The Rev. E. Royds, rector of Brereton, to M. Rothwell.—Mr. J. Vickers, tó Miss M. Miss M. Molyneux, of Newsham-house. Barclay.-Mr. E. Richardson, to Miss J. Died.] Ai Chester, Edward Main. Jack.-Mr.W.Lomas, to Miss E. Turner : waring, esg. suddenly.-In Queen-street, all of Manchester.—Mr. J. Blackburn, of 95, William Bowey, esq.--At an advanced Manchester, to Miss E. Holt, of Burton- age, Mr. T. Simkins. – Mrs. T. Whitile, upon-Trent.--Mr. W. Seville, to Miss F. deservedly respected.-Mr. Strettel. Bethell, both of Salford.—Mr. D. Alex. Mrs. Linney.-In St. Martin's in the ander, to Miss E. Harrison.--Mr. J. Cun. Fields, Mr. Hitchins, jun.-Mr. W. C. Liffe. io Miss J. Berry.--Mr. W. Gregory, Jones. to Miss M. Holliwell.--Mr. T. Green, to At Stockport, 74, Mr. J. Adcroft.-55, Miss M. Parr.- Mr. M. Edwards, to Miss Mr.J. Bowers. Bushell.--Mr. W. S. Scalpton, to Miss E. At Bolesworth-castle, 66, T. Tarleton, Evans : all of Liverpool.- Mr. R. Uns- esq.--At Dunham, at an advanced age, worth, of Wigan, to Miss C. Withnall, of Mr. Richardson.--Edward Downes, esq. Salford.—Mr. G. Hall, of Surangeways, to 51, of Sprigley, a magistrate for this


county, and deservedly lamented.-At Westminster.-Mr. Drake, of Oakliam, to Sutton, Mr. S. Okell.

Miss E. Cole.--Mr. B. Rippin, to Miss DERBYSHIRE.

Adcock, both of Melton.-Mr. S. HeaMarried.] Isaac Webster, esq. of Derby, wood, of Ravenstone, to Miss Rowley, of to Miss Maria Parker, of Litileover.---J. Hinckley.--Mr. W. Chapman, to Miss R. Howard Galton, esq. of Duddeston, to Moore, both of Quorndon. Miss Isabella Struit, of Derby.-Mr. Died.) At Leicester, in Woodboy-street, Wade, of Mickleover, to Miss Hayward, 75, Mr. Lamb. of Derby.-Mr. R. Ordish, of Ingleby, to At Loughborough, 74, Mrs. A. Smith. Miss E. Webster, of Derby.—Mr. G. 68, Mrs. M. James.-69, Mrs. J. Gut. Broomhead, of Chesterfield, to Miss M. teridge. Ordyno.-At Wirksworth, Mr. B. Wigley, At Mountsorrel, 53, Mr. J. Adderley, to Miss E. Singleton.---Mr. W. Salt, of deservedly regretted. Doveridge, to Miss Miuers, of Eaton. At Ulverscroft, Mr. J. Swain. At Bar. Mr. J. Yates, of Strines, to Miss S. Haughi- row, 57, Mr.T. Tomalin.-At Newton Un. ton, of Newton.

thank, Mr. T. Hunt.-At Hoton, Mr. R. Died.) At Derby, 62, Mrs. M. Thorpe. Bentley.-At Seaford Miss Roberts. At Belper, 65, Mr. J. Pym.

At Catthorpe, the Rev. S. P. Harper, At Handley, at an advanced age, Mrs. rector. Woodroofe.--At Calke Abbey, Henrietta

STAFFORDSHIRE. Charlotte, daughter of the late Sir Henry A deputation from the independent Crewe, bart.

electors of Newcastle lately presented to NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

Sir Jolin Fenton Boughey, Bart, a piece Great distress, and its consequence, of plate, in testimony of their approbation crime, have prevailed for some time at of his services while representative of that Nottingham. The frequency of robberies borough in Parliament. has created much apprehension and unea. Married.) Mr. J. C. Newton, to Miss H. siness among the respectable people of that Devey, both of Wolverhampton.--Mr. J. towy,

Carver, of Walsall, to Miss E. Rooke, of Married.] Mr. J. Cross, to Miss A. Birmingham.-Mr. W. Blood, of the Petty. Milner.-Mr. J. Inger, to Miss M. Lamb. Craft Cottage, to Miss Ashby, of Tam-Mr. W. Bradbury, to Miss M. Coul. worth.-Mr. Riley, to Miss Fisher, both ston.-Mr. T. Miller, to Miss D. Barwickof Uttoxeter.-T. Brandon, esq. of Chea. -Mr. G. Berkins, to Miss A. Hickling. dle, to Miss Ford, late of Durham-place, Mr. Robley, to Miss E. Howard: all of Lambeth.~Mr. W. Goodwin, of the Toft, Nottingham. -Mr. J. Lamb, of Notting- to Miss M. Hart, of Blythebury.--Mr. ham, to Miss J. Wilson, of Coddington. Follows, of Weston), to Mrs. Foster, of Mrs. Andrews, of Mansfield, to the Rev. Alkmanion. J. Shaw, of Clitheroe.—Mr. T. Withers, Died.] At Lichfield, in Bacon.street, of Newark, to Miss M. Gilbert, of Littlé 56, Mr. J. Mosedale. Carlton.-Sir Richard Sution, bart. of At Leek, 39, Mr. S. B. Fynney. Norwood-park, to Miss M. E. Burton, of At Tamworth, in George-street, Mrs. Burton-hall. -Mr. R. Sutton, of Keg. Hunter. worth, to Miss B. Cresswell, of Rudding. At Oaken, Mrs. Thwaites, formerly of ton.

Stafford. - At Brook house, Capt. T. Died.] At Nottingham, 90, Mrs. Mar. Pickering.--At Haywood, Mrs. Beech.-tin.-On Malin-bill, 58, Mr. W. Canner, At Great Haywood, 21, Miss M. Cox.-deservedly respected.-In Smithy-l'ow, at At Packington, 92, T. Lecott, esq. an advanced age, Mr. J. Brazier, sud


On the 4th ult. a meeting of the mer. Ai Newark, Mr. Bickett.-Mr. G. Hay, chants, manufacturers, and traders of Birwood.-Mr. E, Peart.

mingham, was held, ou the distresses of At Mansfield, 33, Mr. Brown.

the commercial and manufacturing inteAt New Radford, 74, Mr. E. Holden. rests; the high bailiff in the chair. Mr. At Lenton, 75, Mr. Surplice.--At Broom- Lloyd proposed the first resolution, and field, Mrs. T. Creswick, deservedly re. drew an affecting picture of the misery gretted. -At Colston Bassett, Mrs. T. ainong the working classes. Mr. R. Crabtree.

Spooner, in seconding it, remarked, that LEICESTER AND RUTLANI). Parliament bad adjourned, without investiMarricd.] Mr. Thacker, to Miss Walton. gating the causes of the commercial dis-Mr.Ward, of Leicester, to Miss Bunney, tresses of the country: individual beneof Aylestone.-Mr. T. Bailey, to Miss E. volence could be of little service, where Bott, both of Market Bosworth.--Mr. distress was so universal. Mr. Jobu TurJ. Cheatle, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, to Miss ner contended that there existed a debased Whyman, of Aston.--Mr. Cox, of Market spirit amongworkmen, which induced them Harborough, to Miss Gill, of Little Bow. to desire to become parish paupers. After den.-- John Jackson, esq. of Oailby, to some further observations, the proposed Miss A, M. Gesset, of Great George-street, resolutions were carried, and petition,

N %


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