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Jan. 21. Cocoa, W. I. common £3 10 0 to 4 50 £3 10 0 10 4 5 (per cwt, Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 4 15 0 - 5 18 0 4 0 0 5 8 0 dillo.

- , fine . 6 16 0 8 0 0 7 1 0 - 800 ditto. -, Mocha . 6 10 0 - - 6 15

6 15 0 0 - 7 5 0 per cwt. Cotton, W. 1. common. 0 1

0 1 2

0 1 % per lb, - Demerara . · 0

0 1 5 ditto. Currants . . . . . 5 2 0 5 4 0

5 2 0 - 5 4 0 per cut Figs, Tnrkey .

1 10
1 10

0 2 0 0 1 8 () - 1 100 ditto. Flax, Riga . . 71 0

68 0 Opcr ton. Hemp, Riga Rhine: 47

48 0 0 diito. Hops, new, Pockets 3

3 15 0 4 15 () per cut, - Sussex, do. 3 10

3 16 0 ditto, Iron, British, Bars. 12 10

130 (per tou, , Pigs . 8

9 0 0 ditto. Oil, Lucca . . . 011 0 - 0 12 (

O 11 Oper gallo - , Galipoli . . 74 0 0 – 76 0 0 74 0 0 - 76 0 0 per ton, Rags . 2 2

0 0 0 per cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new 4 13

5 0 0 ditto. Rice, Patoa kind . 0 11 0 - 0 13 0 0 11

( 13 0 ditto. East India . o . 0 13 0

() 10 0 ditto. Silk, China, raw

1 8 11

1 8 11 per lhe Bengal, skein ..

1 0 5 ditto. Spices, Cinnamon . 0 9

( 94 per lh. -, Cloves . , 0 3 6 - 0 0 0

6 - 0 0 0 ditto. Nutmegs 0 4 9 – 0 4 10 0 4 9 – 4 100 ditto. Pepper, black 0 0

0 0 61 - 0 0 67 ditto. -, white 0 0 91-00 10 0 0 7 0 0 9 ditto. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac 0 5 3 - 0 5 8

0 5 9 per gal, - Geneva Hollands 0 2 9 – 0 3 0 0 2 0 - 0 3 2 ditto. , Rum, Jamaica 03

0 0

0 4 0 ditto. Sugar, brown .. . 2 18

2 17

3 0 0 per cwt, Jamaica, fine . 3 15

3 15 () - 4 ( o per cwt, - East India, brown 1 1 0 1 6 0 1 2 0 - 1 6 0 ditto. - lump, fine

4 17 0 5 6 0 ditto. Tallow, town-melted

0 0 0 3 2 0 - 0 0 0 per cwt. , Russia, yellow 2

% 15 0 2 13 6 - 0 0 0 ditto. Tca, Bolea . . 0 1

0 1 10 0 1 1140 2 0 per lb, - Hyson, best . 0 5 8 0 5 10 O 5 10 - ( 6 ( ditto. Wine, Madeira, old . 62 0 0 - 95 00 62 0 0 - 95 0 () per pipe.

Port, old . 45 0 0 - 55 0 0 45 0 0 - 55 0 () ditto. i Sherry . 20 0 0 -- 60 0 0 20 0 0 - 60 0 () per butt Premiums of Insurance.-Guernsey or Jersey, 20s.- Cork or Dublin, 255.- Belfast, 25s. a 30$.-Hambro', 60s.-Madeira, 259,--Jamaica, 30s. a 355.-Greenland, vat and home, 3 g.

Course of Exchange, Jun. 21.-Amsterdam, 11 89.-Hamburgh, 36 1.–Paris, 25 30.-Leghorn, 471.-Lisbon, 52.-Dublin, 111 per cent.

Aç Messrs. Wolfe and Edmonds' Canal Office, Change Alley, Cornhill.-Grand Junction Canal shares sell for 215l. per 1001. share.Birmingham, div. 5351.-Coventry, 999). Leeds and Liverpool, 3001.--Trent and Mersey, 18001.--East India Dock, 1651. per share. ----West India, 1741.-The Strand BRIDGE, 51.- West Middlesex WATERWORKS, 401.-Gas Light COMPANY, 611.

The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 24th, was 631; 3 per. cent. consols, 684; 4 per cent. Consols, 87 ; 5 per cent, navy; 102.

Gold in bars 31. 17s. 10īd. per oz.-New doubloons 31. 145. 60.-Silver in bars 5s. 22.

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ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS announced between the 20th of Dec. 1819 and the 20th of Jan. 1820: extracted from the London Gazettes,

BANKRUPTCIES. [This Month 195.)
The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.
ADDIS T Powick, Worceftershire, plumber (Cardale
4 and co. iundon
Ayes W Watton, Norfolk, grocer. (Smith and co, L,
Belhain T Stratford, inerchant, [Williamn, L
Bailey J Prome, Selwood, cluthier. (Elis,L.
kipiu T Bridgewater, bop waerchants [Pain, La

Budden T. Rochefer, grocer. [Hayward, i ondon.
Both G Liver001, woollen draper. (Bartye, L.
Blyan R Llangunelo, Radnorshire, farmer.

dith, london
Becks Newcastle upon Tyne, grocer. [ Atkinson and

co. london Budy E Stoke Dumerell, Devouthire, merchant. [Buw.

den, london Bewley X Manchetter, fater. [Milne and co. L. Bane Truro, woollen draper C ardale and co, L.


Baker T York, Inen draper (Jeyes, London,

Mottley T Portrea, dealer. (Dyne and for, L. Browne W E Stock Exchange, Rock broker. (Younger Milligan A Wolverhampton, tea dealer. (Chefter, L. Butler JP Bilston, Stafford thire, crocer. (Smith, L. Maddock ER Quin and ) Uniaike, Liverpool, merchants. Bartlett T E Banbury, mercer. [Meyrick and co, L,

(Lowe ana co. london Board J Highbridge, Somersettire, mopkeeper. (Pear. Morris T Bridol linen draper. (Pearson, L. fon, london

Morris C Carcaton trert, warehouseman. (Partington Bradheld w North Elhams, Norfolk, baker. (Dixon Morgan E Knighton. Radnorshire, wool& a pler. (i ugh, L. and co. london

Nixon WRgeley, Stafford thire, farmer (Stocker and Bars M Albourne, Derbyshire, ma'tfer. (Sweet and co.

co. london Bracewell J Bramley, Yorkmire, inn keeper (Battye, L. Neefrip T Cateaton freet, warehouseman, (Walker Cobhain W jun and I Jones, Ware, bankers, Band

and co. Chethire Tayleibury, grocer. [Gregory, L.

Nightingale J Howden, Yorkshire, corn factor. (Lowndes Cook J Whitechapel road, grocer, (Wright

and co, london Clours J Leeds, cloth manufacturer (Tottie and co, Pee! J Tower Itreet, rack manufacturer, (Gillibrand Couper J Chenes field, allow chandler [Hall and Pickering J Jate of Woburn place, wine merchant. co. london

(Noy and co. Crump T and T Rill, Jun, Kidderminster, carpet mano. Pinnington D Cheltenham, horre dealer. (Williams, L. facturer, [Bigi,L

Parker R Manchetter, innkeeper. (Milne apd cu. L Chapman w Binhopigate trect Without, haberdasher, Phillips M Great Prescott Grect, merchant. (Ponle [Farren

Payne L Nottingham, ney (crivener (Long and co. L. Denman s South Pother ton, Somersethire, miller. (Dyne Puwies 1 D Freeman's court, Corphill, merchants and for, london

(Pearre and co. Dawfou T Manchester, victraller (Hurd and co. L, Peck ) Blackheath hill, carpenter (Sandfort, Deptford Darby EA Fenchurch ftreet, tailor (S'ade and co. L. Payne G Newratc erect, hatter, (Oldham Dick A and Morrison, St. Catherine square, ale mer. Phillip: R Ashburnham, firiner. (Ellis, L, chants. (Hutchifun

Quiros JMde, Size lane, merchant. (Cheter Dodd S Newcale upon Tyne, merchant. (Bell and co, L. Roberts w Chowbent, i ancashire, inpkeeper. (Wheeler, Delamare PH Romford, auctioneer. (Clare and co. L.

London Evison R Liverpool, chemift. (Norris, london

Roberts C Benag'r, Somersethire, innkeeper. Williams, L. Froit A and JR Macclesfield. grocers. (Nurd and co. L. Rred C. Plymouth, merchant, (Follett, L. Friend TEH and w Sunderland, traders. (Blakis. Robinson and T Chelsea, linen drapers. (Willis ton, london

and co. london Ferre G Laurence Puuntney hill, merchant, (Tomlinson Ray J and JRCI re. Suffolk, bankery, (Stevens, L. and co.

Read CR Brabant court, merchant. (Sweet and co. Fofter I liverpool, money forivener (Lowndes. L. Story F Hunworth. Nurfolk, miller. (Bridges, L, Fortter E and A Wylam, Newcattle upon Tyne, mer Smith T Leeds, worked spinner. (Jeyes, L. chants, Hartley, L.

Sidney R Newman ftreet, picture dealer (Cook Fortter M Newcastle upon Tyne, grocer. (Hartley, L. Scott A John Greet, Commercial road, dealer, (Creery Tarrer R Bread Atreet, Cheapfide, warehouseman, (Hurd Surrell RB Kirby Areet, Hatton Garden, printer. and co.

(Noy and co, Fearnall White Cottage, New Cross, Deptford, merchant Sendall J Fulham fields, horse dealer. (M'Duff, L. (Woudward and co, london

Fharrock, PT Preston molic feller. (Blakelock, L, Gates Grimstone, Norfolk, former, (Wright, L.

Shoobridze V Marden. Kent, farmer, (Carter, L. Green B Leeds, ftone marun. leyes, L.

Sinclair J Brighton, bookbinder, Cregion and co, L. Green J Brauncewell, Lincoln hire, merchant. (Hom. Swayne J Briftoi, dealer. Hurd and co, L, phreys. L.

Simplon C Stretford, Lancashire, Dusseryman, (Hord Grafton J Stroud, Gloucestershire, moe maker (Price

and co, london and co. london

Sellers H Barnley, Lancashire, cotton spinger. (Husd Garfide T Stockport, cotton spinner (Lowe and co. L.

and co. london Glover J Liverpool, thue inaker. (Clarke and co. L. Smith TD St. George, Rotherhithe, cork manufacturer. Gerrard D Old Cavendish street, St. Mary le hone. (Nowell

(Edmunds Hooper H Bristol, merchant, (Poole and co, La

Scott j Fore ftreet, corn dealer. [Walls Hunt TF Stable yard, St. Martin's, builder. (Rich. Thackara J Rotherham, millwrighi (Capes, L. arrin

Taylor M Long lant, cotton dealer. (Hayward Heath W Lower itreet, 10ington, butcher. (olderyhaw Thompson C Halifax, watch xlass cutter. (Sabine Horfon C Birmingham, wire worker. (Clarke and co, La

and co, london Hurry E Freeman's court, Cornhill, inerchant. (Pearse Townsend W Sheffield, builder (Capes, L. and co.

Taylor J Hedon, York mire, mariner, (Hindman Harrop J Caterhead, Durham, grocer. (Hartley, L. Truftrum J Great Guildiord &reet, Surrey, carpenter, Jones J Worcester, linen craper. (Palmer, L.

(Harmer Johnson R appieton, Scuicoates, Yorkthire, plumber. Twiday G Bread Areet hill, oilman. [Jones (Hicks, london

Thompton Hand T MofesParadise tow, Rotherhitha Johnfon w birmingham, tarpaulin maker (Smith, L,

wine merchants. [Hutchison, London Jacobs L Naiau ftreet, Middlesex Hospital, glass dealer Wales J Womack, Norfolk, linen draper. [Reardon (Norton

and color don Krauss j fen Manchester, merchant. (Hall and co, L, Wood J Walsall, factor [Turner and co, L, King T Painswick, Glouceiterhire, cluthier. (Thump Whitfield W Y Commercial road, wine meri hant. (Ja. fon, london

comb and co Lakeman DH liverpool, merchant (Taylor, L.

Wheeler y sen. Blandford Forum, butcher. [Wilson Lant D Blackman Areet, Newiugton, merchant. ( Williams

and co. Jonson Lace S Liverpool, brazier. (Wheeler

Wyna w tean,&reet, Suho, watch maker. [P'almer Livesey J Farnworth and Prestole mills, Lancashire, paper maker. (Med.'owcroft, L.

Watters $ Eaftlane, Bermondsey, anchorsmith. (Hutch Myers Rand Holines, Newcaftle upon Tyne, linen

inson drapers. (Hartley, London

Whitley J Dubb, Yorkshire, worfed fpinner. (Few Malcom R Amhourne, Derbythire, tea dealer. (Chener, L.

and so Moore W Houghton), Cumberlaud, butter inerchant. Worrall W Liverpool, merchant. (Blackftock and co, (Birkett, London

Young J Layltall Areet, milkman, (Hall and so,

Adams S Waifall
Cottreux Mincing lane

Hilbers HG St Mary Axe
Ameil G Carthaton

Corney J and REA India Chambers Hughes T Ludgate it reet
Aufell J Palace wharf, Lambeth

Calverley R Kegworth, Leicetcr hire Irwin R Staplet n, Cumberland
Braband E Manchetter
Daw fon / New Windsor

Jeffery J Tonbridge
Baylitte G Wakefield
Day R Doncaster

Jones J and J Leomintter
Berkenthaw G Howden, Yorkshire Daniels w bithop's Szortford

Kornet H Thavies jon
Buck C Southwark
Durrant J East Dereham, Norfolk

langiton Rren. Man efter
Buckland T Langley, Bucks
Danfon and walmsley, Liverpool

Lock wood J Stroud, Kent Blackburn Wand PC Rousseau, City Devey Wrand J Coal Exchange

Lukyn W St. Paul's Church yard road

Devey W and E Christchurch, Surrey Lamb Wand T late of Leeds
Brown ) Springfield, Chelmsford
Evans G High ftreet, Southwark

Lainb J Great James ftreet, Bedford
Blackburn Plyinouth
Fair C Liverpool

Barnard S Southwark
Gipin W Villier's street, Strand

Lever ) Athby de la Bouch
Barnes J St Briavels
Greenway J rlyn onth Dock

Munt J and T Adams, Leadenhall Buchanan Smith and Ashley, Liver. Goodwin W (ambridge

ftreet poul

Gregory JD Crown ftreet, Finlbury Millar R Taunton Balfour J Balinghall street


Mailinfon J Birdsedge, Yorkshire Bird HM and B Savage, Jeffery's Gibbin Rjun. Bishopwearmouth

Nutt 1 Mancheter square Good w Broad pole, Beaminster

Nackbar J jun. New Brentford Brown S and T H Scott, St Mary hill Gilbert Hand w saunders, Bridham, Neaie w Sweeling's alley Beattie G Salford

Devon thire

O'Neil E Liverpool Besford E Brookes's mews, Hanover Harmerton C Wansford, Northamp. Pim TB Ezweek, Devon square


Phillips T Bread street hill Corran R P and J Brown, Liverpool Hilditch TShrewsbury

Peech W Chetterteld Cordingly J and F Brown, Lawrence Hall E Holbrook, Derbyshire

Peel J Harding and Willock, Tani. lane Hawe J Plymouth dock

worth Chapman D Faversham Huxhain G Blackhall, Devon

Rumford RW Bartholomew lane Cheney H High HOIDONO

Hockey D and ws Hall, Brook Atreet, Radcritte ) Swanfea Cute J Plynouih

Ho born

Richards | Durhain Cars Wleek

Halmshaw J and J Swallow, Heck. Richardson W J Nicholas lane Cameron J Manchester

miod wit Yorkshirt

Ruddall W Lkerpool


Roore J Liverpool
Roos E Camomile Atreet
Button R Rampton Wick
Seadford Shrewsbury
Sheppard' J Gajasborough, and

Sheppard, Boston
Singer E Corfey, Wilts
Spence J Providence row, Hackney
Sundius C Devonshire square

Summer T Prefon, Lancabire
Stukes Liverpool
Tootal JB Minories
Tatton ÅR Newington
Tomlinson W Nottingham
Taylor J East Smithfield
Webb Manchelter
Warren C Crescent, Minories
White W Chalford, Gloucekershire

Woods W Houghton Areet, Clare

market Whittingham J Liverpool Walters T and W Perkins, Porti.

Wind anley T and wc Crole, Livec.

Wild J Rochdale



Meteorological Results, from Observations made in London, for the Month of Dec. 1819.

Maxi Days
Siui. | Days

Varii- Days
mum. of the Wind. mum. of the Wind. tion in of the Range. Meau


24 hours Mth.

meter 56

| 39°


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| 154 & 20 *



Barometer .. 29.97

| 3

S.w. / 29.08 23 w. | 0.61 4&17 0.89 29:52 Thermometer

w. 1710 | 11 | N | 1999 Thermomet. ? 2010

13, 11, s.W.& hygrometer

17 & 30 w.

Prevailing winds,-W.
Number of days on which rain has fallen; 9; snow, 4.

Cirrus. Cirro-stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cumulus. Cumulo-stratus, Niinbuś.

56 0 0 The first four days were mild, with the 311. The frost set in again on the 25th,

1 wind ar S.W.; on the su:it shifted to the and continued very sharp, with fine wea. N.E. and blew fresh from this quarter, ther, to the end of the month. In the attended with a gradual diminution of night of the 29th, the thermometer fell ta' teinperature till the 8th; throughout this 220 and in that of the 31st to 19". da y'it blew a gale from the east, and ex. A very large faint halo appeared sound tremely cold, accompanied with a very the moon in the evening of the 27th; and sliarp frost; and so great was the evaporaon the following day it snowed from 2 to tion caused by the wind, that the ground, 4} P.M. A few thick fogs occurred now and by the evening, had become quite bleach then; but, generally speaking, they have ed. In the evening of the 9th, much fine been but trifling this month. The follow snow fell. The frost lasted till the 16th ; ing were fine bright days, namely, the 1sr, but, after the 11th, the wind being chiefiy 3d, 8th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 24th, 25th, 26th, westerly, a slight thaw generally occurred 27th, 29th, 31st. during the day. On the 17thi ihe tempe- The barometer for the most part way: rature increased rapidly, the thermometer, very steady, but the maxiniuin is rather which at eight A.M.stood at 39%, by 11P.M. low, and the range very small, to what had risen to 5020; and, except, on the 21st, they usually are at this season of the year; did not descend below this point till the the latter has been decreasing ever since 2311. During this interval of six days, the August, weather was cloudy, and much rain fell: The sulijoined Table contains the means and, owing to the very moist state of the temperatures of the last six months, from atmosphere, the temperature felt rather July to December, together with the mean oppressive. On the 23d, between noon, of the whole six months, and the annual and 5 P.M. the thermometer fell from 51° mean for the last five years respectively. to 381°; and, in the course of the night, to

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t he long continuance of frost, which from the alternations between frost and

I seems to make up for its absence in thaw, and an extraordinary call will be so many seasons past, has equally im- experienced throughout the spring for the nedod ile business of the field and the ample stocks of fodder and hay. Cattle markets. The chief operations in ihe and sleep abroad are kept at considerable country have been contined to thie barn, expense, and under no expectation of to carting, and to attendance upon live thrift. Prices stationary, including wool. stock. The general demand of fodder Poor's-rates on the advance in the northern for cattle, and the necessity of tinding em. counties. A sentiment of dissatisfaction bloyment for the labourers, rather than universal in the country, at a late ministeäný encouragement from the markets, rial assertion of the flourishing state of onr have kept the flails and threshjog-machines agriculture. The agricultural associations going. 'It is a subject of universal obser- are still puisning their object, of inducing vation, how different the appearance of the the Legislature to raise the price of corn to wheat' crop at present, and at the sanie the level of taxation; an object unattain. period of last season. In the backward able, for the simple reason, that taxation districts, the wheat has scarcely made its has long exceeded the natioual ability. appearance above-ground, and all the late. The organization of these societies may sown is extremely backward. The late nevertheless prove ultimately beneficial to warm seasons wonderfully increased the the country, since, with the gradual inse breed of all the feathered tribe, and of crease of light and intelligence, their vermin of all descriptions; and the wheats, vieirs may receive a more patriotic dia whilst uncovered by snow, were greatly rection. infested by vast flocks of crows; whilst Smithfield : Beef 4s. to 58. 60.-Mut. the stack-yards have been equally an. ton 4s. 6d, to 5s. 60.-Veal 4s. 6d. to 6s. troyed by unconimon multitudes of starv. 911. Pork is. to 75.-Fat 3s. ilu. ing small birds. One of the great advan- Corn Exchange : Wheat 50s. to 755.tages of frost, a coat of snow, both as 'a Barley 26s, to 40s.-Oats 135. to 30s.defence and manure to the young wheats, The Quartern-loat in London, 11d, and 9d. has been most ample; and, if any distant -Hay (new) 21. 10s. to 31. Ss.-Old 18s. conclusions are allowable, they must be in to 365.-Clover do. (new) 41. to 51. 55.favour of a crop, more especially upon Old 51. to 71.-Straw 11. 73. to 11. 16s. Land in a clean and husbandlike state. The Coals in the Pool, 415. to 45$. per turnip crop, however, will receive injury chaldron. in the same proportion, more especially Middlesex ; Jan. 21.


Containing Official Papers and Authentic Documents.


pose a reduction, but this advice the 27 the growing greatness of this Emperor has always rejected, saying,

Power, and of the danger to be ap- that in case any thing serious should prehended from it, most people are happen from France, he conceives himaware: but few are really well inform, self to be the only Power who can resist. ed of the magnitude of the impending If these are really his sentiments, they danger: but of this we can speak on the afford some excuse for kecping so enormost authentic information. It is gene- mous an army ou foot in time of peace; rally conceived that Alexander has a but most people will rather conclude force of 500,000 men in pay; the real that he meaus to take advantage, and truth is, that his forces of all arms are make farther inroads on his neighbours. full 800,000 men, and those not the pas. The steady encroaching system of the sive sober men they were formerly, when Russian cabinet has been apparent, and they stood like stocks, to be thrown has been acted on, for more than a cena down by the enemy's cannon, but active tury; and, during the reigns of Cathesoldiers, trained and disciplined by rinc and Alexander, Russia has acquired French, Swiss, or German officers, the Courland, and almost the whole of Pomost celebrated in their different lines, land, to the west; Moldavia, to the soutb; whom Alexander has obliged, by giving the whole of Finland, to the north; and, them an asylum, or tempted by pecu. by the late peace withi Persia, the whole uiary advantages, to assist him. The navigation of the Caspian Sea, and, a enormous expense of maintaining this large tract of land adjoining. In short, army has induced the ministers to pro- with such a force, and the resources

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which the various parts of his dominions nor since, until the last year, when it was must afford, what is it lie cannot effect? suspended by the late treaty; a more satis. And to all this, he has Prussia under factory provision to both parties, as was his control, and is allied by marriage presumed, having been made for them. with the Netherlands and Wurtemberg.

Other differences had arisen in this long It is the general opinion that he means

interval, affecting their highest interests,

which were likewise provided for by this to attack Turkey; but this is not neces

last treaty. The treaty itself was formed sary. The passage of the Dardanelles

on great consideration, and a thorouglı by his fleet, and the possession of any one knowledge of all circumstances, the subpart in the Levant, will make him como ject-matter of every article having been pleto master of the Mediterranean. for years under discussion, and repeated From the Treaty of Westphalia to the references having been made by the ini. present time, it has been the great aim nister of Spain to bis government, on the of statesmen to kecp up a balance of points respecting which the greatest differpower: but the agerandisement of Russia ence of opinion prevailed. It was formed and the acquisitions she has been permit

by a minister duly authorised for the ported to make unmolested, have destroy.

pose, who had represented his government

in the United States, and been employed ed that system.- Lelter from the Buliic.

in this long protracted negociation several

years, and wlio, it is not denied, kept GREAT BRITAIN.

strictly within the letter of his instructions. An irreparable national loss has been

The faith of Spain was therefore pledge sustained in the sudden decease of the

ed, under circumstances of peculiar force Duke of KENT, a prince, of whose vir

and solemnity, for its ratification. On the

part of the United States, this treaty was tues, public and private, it is scarcely

evidently acceded to in a spirit of concilia. possible to speak in terms of adequate

tion and concession. The indemnity for praise. The period of the month at injuries and losses so long before sustained, which this lamented event took place, and now again acknowledged and providdeprives us of the opportunity of exhi ed for, was to be paid by them, without biting the features of his character, and becoming a charge on the treasury of the actions of his life, with the display Spain. . For territory ceded by Spain, they call for; but, in our next Number, other territory of great value, to which we purpose to devote a considerable our claim was believed to be well founded, space to the subject.

was ceded by the United States, and in a UNITED STATES.

quarter more interesting to her. This ces. The following was the Speech of the

sion was nevertheless received as the means President, on opening the Congress.

of indemnifying our citizens in a consider

able sum,--the presumed amount of their Fellow-Citizens of the Senate, and of

losses. the House of Representatives,

Other considerations, of great

weight, urged the cession of this territory The public buildings being advanced to

by Spain. It was surrounded by the tera a stage to afford accommodation for Con

ritories of the United States on every side, gress, I offer you my sincere congratula.

except on that of the ocean. Spain had tions on the recommencement of your du

lost hier authority over it, and, falling into ties in the Capitol.

the hands of adventurers connected with Having informed Congress, on the 27th

the savages, it was made the means of unof February last, that a Treaty of Amity,

ceasing annoyance and injury to our union, Settlement, and Limits, had been conchi

in many of its most essential interests. ded in this city, between the United Siates

By this cession, thien, Spain ceded a terand Spain, and ratitied by the competent

ritory, in reality of no value to her, and authorities of the former, full confidence

obtained concessions of the highest imporwas entertained that it would have been

tance, by the settlement of long-standing ratified by his Catholic Majesty with

differences with the United States, affectequal promptitude, and a like earnest de.

ing their respective claims and limits, and sire to terminate, on the conditions of that

likewise relieved lierself from the obliga. treaty, the differences which had so long existed between tire two countries. Every

tion of a treaty relating to it, which she

had failed to fulfil, and also from the review which the subject admitted of, was

sponsibility incident to the inost flagrant thought to have satisfied this conclasion.

and pernicious abuses of lier rights, whers Great losses had been sustained by citizens

she could not support ber authority. of the United States froni Spavisli cruisers,

: It being known that the treaty was form. more than twenty years before, which had

ed under these circumstances, not a not been redressed. These losses had been

doubt was entertained that his Catholic acknowledged and provided for by a treaty, as far back as the year 1802, which, al

Majesty would have ratified it without dethongh concluded at Madrid, was not say.

Jay. I regret to have to state, that this reathen ratified by the government of Spain, sonable expecto

sonable expectation has been disappointed; MONTHLY MAG. No. 336.



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