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but during the height and severity of the stitutional tendencies which relationship disorder--a fact which is inconsistent with might imply, serve to explain the circumthe supposition of inflammatory irritation stance now referred to; for the relationships being the essense of the complaint. The of husband and wife are those which are protracted and perfect intervals of its pa- especially obnoxious to these distressing and roxysm affords also proof positive that much 'melancholy sequences. The laws which re derangement may be present without the gulate and limit the transfer of disordered presence of inflammation; for this last is a states from one to another individual are continuous, and regularly disorganizing pro- still involved in very considerable and percess,-at least, it is not susceptible of those plexing obscurity; and the opinions of those thorough remissions which are exhibited in whom we might expect to be umpires in the hooping-cough. When, however, the disor- great question, are as much “contraria in der terminates fatally, it is admissibly through contraria,” pay, more so, than those enterthe medium, for the most part, of inflam- tained by the “profane vulgar.” The senmation ; but even then the inflammation is timents, indeed, of medical men on these rather consequence than essence-a distinc- contested points actually stand at an antipotion which, in the judgment of the present dean distance. While some contend that writer, is not merely theoretical, but which even plague itself is not communicable as a has considerable and important bearing upon contagion, others have averred that it is practice.

not safe for a person to occupy an apartIs consumption catching ? The reporter ment rendered vacant by death from conhas just had an interview with a young lady sumption, without such a thorough cleansing who refuses to be comforted by the assurance as shall ensure for the new occupant a comthat her present complaint does not display plete freedom from consumptive fomites. A the precise characters of incipient phthi. nun, we are told, died in Italy of consumpsis. She recollects with painful solicitude tion-her successor, notwithstanding that the long and close attention that she gave to precautionary measures were taken, shared her brother, who died last year of true pul- the same fate; another, and another, folmonary decline and that these protracted lowed; and the cell thus continued to be attendances are too often followed by the haunted by the disease, till a discovery was sùperinduction of the disease upon the friend made that a bell-rope, used by the first inmate, or relative, must be admitted as a forcible had been permitted to remain. This of course fact in favour of the notion that some de- was removed ; and now the noviciates congree, at least, of communicable power is tinue to live in the room as in a common possessed by the complaint under notice. It apartment. British, reformed medicine demay, and has been said, that the mental rides these superstitious articles of faith; but anxiety and bodily fatigue which the kind it is difficult to remain at the due point of of attention now supposed involves, are suf. scepticism, and not, while opposing unreaficient of themselves to account for the se. sonable assent and credence, plunge at once cond disorder and death,-- but in that case, into a dissent and disbelief to the full as unthe mortal malady would not necessarily be reasonable and false. D. Uwins, M.D. marked by the same features in both in Bedford Row, June 20th, 1820. stances. Neither will that similarity of con


THERE is little of novelty to be reported

I in the present month. The cold and wet weather, which seems happily to have ended with the 20th of this month, increased the bulk of vegetation, but without proportionally accelerating the fructifying process. With a continuance of the present summer weather, the wheats may be expected to blossom successfully—a circumstance of great consequence towards an abundant crop. Complaints are still made of much of the wheat being too thin upon the land ; but it has occasionally happened, that such crops, thin of straw, have been thickest of grain All the spring crops are of good report, ex. cepting that precarious article, the pea. The Middlesex bay-harvest is at its beight, and the weather at present fine ; and should the season continue warm, grass, in the more backward counties, will be abundant. The turnip culture proceeds successfully, and a

large breadth of Swedes will be sown. The cattle cabbage culture, also, has revived of late years. Hops appear strong and luxuriant. Cattle and milch cows have sold well throughout. The breed of pigs has greatly decreased in England, the county of Essex excepted; imports from Ireland increasing. Good horses command almost any price which can be asked.

Smithfield: Beef 4s. 6d. to 6s.-Mutton 4s. 6d. to 5s.60.-Veal 4s. to 55.83.- Pork 3s. 8d. to 6s.-Lamb 5s. to 75.-Bacon 5s. to 5s. 2d.–Raw fat 3s. 8:£d.

Corn Exchange: Wheat 50s. to 825.-. Barley 28s. to 42s.-Oats 19s. to 32s. --The Quartern-loaf in London 1190.-Hay 31. to 51. 55.-Clover do. 61. to 81.- Fine straw 11.7. to 11. 16s.

C oals in the Pool, 29s. 9d. to 42s. 6d. per chaldron. Middlesex, June 23.


4 16



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3 14


June 23. Cocoa, W. I. common 5 0 0 to 600 £500 to 600 per chi, Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 5 6 0 . 5 8

5 15 0 . 5 17 0 ditto. -- , fine 5 12 O .. 5 16 0 6 19 0 .. 7 6 0 ditto. , Mocha •

0 0 0 0 0 0 .. 7 15 0 per cwt. Cotton, W. 1. common.

0 1 1 0

0 1 l per lb. Demerara . .

0 1 3 0

0 1 3} ditto. Currants . .

5 0 0 4 16 0 .. 500 per cwt. Figs, Turkey ..

0 2 16 0 .. 300 ditto. Flax, Riga. .

62 0 0 ... 0 0 0 per ton. Hemp, Riga Rhine . .

0 0 0 .. 0 0 0 ditto. Hops, new, Pockets

10 0 .. 4 60 per cwt. -----, Sussex, do. ..

3 14 0 ditto. Iron, British, Bars . . 10

..11 0 0 per top. - Pigs . . 7

8 0 0

0 . 7 0 0 ditto. Oil, Lucca . 11

000 per gall. -, Galipoli 78

0 0 0 per ton. Rags

2 0 0 .. 0 0 0 per cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new

0 0 0 ditto, Rice, Patna kind . 0 0

0 0 0 ditto. - East India . . 0 10

0 10 0 .. 0 0 0 ditto. Silk, China, raw . 1 31

187 per lb. , Bengal, skein

0 18 0 ..

70 ditto. Spices, Cinnamon .

08 ] 0 8 7 per lb. -, Cloves .

0 3

000 ditto. - Nutmegs.

000 ditto. Pepper, black

0 0 6 ditto. --, ---, white . O

0 0 103 ditto. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac

0 4 0 per gall. -, Geneva Hollands 0

0 2 2 ditto. -- Rum, Jamaica .

0 4 6 ditto. Sugar, brown . .

18 0 .. 3 2 0 per cwt. L ., Jamaica, fine 3 19 0 ..

19 0 .. 4 5 0 per cwt. - , East India, brown

0 19 0 .. 1 2 0 ditto. -, lump, fine . . 0 0

4 11 0 per cwt. Tallow, town-melted .

0 0 0 per cwt. ---, Russia, yellow . 3 2 0 . 0 0 0 2 13 6 .. 2 14

2 0 ditto. Tea, Bobea

2 3 0 per lb. -, Hyson, best . . 0 0 3 5 .. 0 4 0 0 4 6 .. 0 0 0 ditto. Wine, Madeira, old

0 0 44 0 0 .. 46 0 0 per pipe. --, Port, old . . 38 0 0 52 0 0 38 0 0 .. 520 0 ditto.

, Sherry . . 30 0 0 .. 600 0 30 0 0 .. 60 0 0 per butt. Premiums of Insurance...Guernsey or Jersey, 12s. 60.-Cork or Dublin, 10s. 60.-Belfast, 10s. 6d.-Hambro', 10s. 6d.-Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 30s.-Greenland, out and home, 4gs. to 5gs.

Course of Exchange, June 23.-Amsterdam, 12 5.-Hamburgh, 37 2.-Paris, 25 80.Leghorn, 462.-Lisbon, 52.-Dublin, 8 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies. -Birmingham, 5351. -Coventry, 9991.-Derby, 1121..Ellesmere, 751.-Grand Surrey, 551.-Grand Union, 341.

Grand Junction, 2181.Grand Western, 41.-Leeds and Liverpool, 2751.-Leicester, 260.

Loughbro', 24001.-Oxford, 6401.-Trent and Mersey, 19001.-Worcester, 251.-East India Docks, 1631.- London, 801.-West India, 1721.-Southwark BRIDGE, 251.-Strand, 51. 105.-Royal Exchange ASSURANCE, 2291.-Albion, 401.-Globe, 1181. GAS LIGHT COMPANY, 611.-City Ditto, 931. 10s.--At the Office of Wolfe and Edmonds'.

The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 23d was 689; 3 per cent. consols, 694 ; 5 per cent. pavy 1054.

Gold in bars 31. 175. 101d. per oz.--New doubloons, 31. 14s. Od. Silver in bars 5s. Ou,


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ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th of May and

the 20th of June, 1820: extracted from the London Gazette.

BANKRUPTCIES. [This Month 131.) Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses. A CKROYD, M. Leeds, earthenware manufac

Ainley, J. Blackmoor Foot, Yorkshire, clothier.

(Willas, L. Aine! Ainsworth, T. and R Bolton, J. Thornley, War:

turer. (Wilson, L. Ainley, R. Doncaster, haberdasher. (Watkins and

Co, L.

rington, and P. Cort, Turton, Lancashire,

whitsters. (Medowcrofts, L. Ansell, w. Cambridge, upholsterer. (Smith, L.


Archer, T. Hertford, bntcher. (Stocker and Co. L. Henderson, J. Rotherham, grocer. (Taylor, L. Austin, R. T. Rotherbithe, merchant. (Cuppage Henshaw, F. E. Derby, currier. (Foster and Co. L. and Co. L.

Henzelt, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen draper. Ashby, W. M. Albury, Surrey, paper manufacturer. (Bell and Co. L. (Stevens and Co. L.

Hitchon, J. H. Kidderminster, factor. (Seuda. Askey, W. Oxford-street, tailor. (Roberts.

more, L. Bage, T. South Shields, joiner. (Smith, 4. Holden, J. Blackburn, druggist. (Wigglesworth, L. Bailey, J. Watling-street, merchant. (Maugham. Honyman, J. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk manuBaker E. Pope's Head-alley, Cornhill, broker. facturer. (James. (Templar.

Huggert, T. Bermondsey-street, grocer. (Denton. Ball, E. R. Albury, Sussex, paper manufacturer. Hughes, B. Bristol, victualler.°(Poole and Co. L. (Stevens and Co. L.

Izod, J. Holborn-bridge, hardwareinan. (Long and Balters, J. Southa in pton, grocer. (Willis and Co.L. Co. L. Barter, H. Bishops Waltham, grocer. (Parting.

Jackson, J. Liverpool, sail maker. (Lowe and Co, L. ton, L.

James, W. jun. Bromyard, Hereford, auctioneer Bell, J.'R. and W. Wilkinson, Old Broad-street, (Williains and Co. L. mercbants. (Bovill and Co.

Jarman, T. Bristol, money scrivener. (Nether. Bentley, R. Liverpool, grocer. (Chester, L.

sole and Co. L. Bibby, R. Liverpool, merchant (Chester, L. King, C. M. Upper East Smithfield, wine and Bleasdale, T. Chorley, ironmonger. (Alexander spirit merchant. (Younger and Co. L.

Lancelitt, W. Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, druggist. Bonllen, P. Norton Falgate, hosier. (Hindman. (Thomas. Bradley, d. Manchester, cotton manufacturer. Langhorne, H. and W. Brailsford, Bucklersbury, (Hurd and Co. L.

inerchants. (Lane and Co. Bramall, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, worsted spin. Lindop, R. W. Badnall, Staffordshire, dealer. ner. (Widesworth and Co. L.

(Williams and Co. L. Bragg, J. Whitehaven, thread inanufacturer. (Fal. Littler, W.L. Eccleshall, schoolinaster. (Ches. con, L.

ter, L. Brunn, s. Charing-cross, sword cutler. Taylor. Lowes, J. Commercial-bnildings, Mincing-lane, Bulpin, R. Bridgewater, draper. (Berkeley, L. wine merchant. (Watkins and Co. Butts, T.C. Nag's Head-court, Gracecburch-street, Macknair, J. jun. and J. Atkinson, Cornhill, mer. wholesale perfumer. (James.

cbants. (Latimer. Butt, T. Southainpton, shoemaker. (Slade and Co. L. Marfleet, T. Broad-street, Ratcliff, oilınan.(Heard,L. Caig, P. Liverpool, tailor. (Wheeler, L.

Marlton, J. Strand, engineer. (Bоwyer, L. Cadogan, J. Water-street, St. Clement's, carpenter. Maitland, A. and J. Adderley, Brentford, iron(Platt.

inongers. (Fenton, L. Chalker, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, scrivener. Mars, J. Snow's-fields, Bermondsey, leather dresser. (Warner.

(Tadhunter. Chester, J. Doncaster, grocer. (Lever, L. Marìin, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Adlington and Chaplin, D.Haverhill, Suffolk, maltster. (Taylor, L. Co.L. Clively, C. Lamb's Conduit-street, linen draper. Mason, G. Chard, clothier. (Santer, L. (Jones.

Miles, W. Oxford-street, linen dra per. (Knight Cooper, J. Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, coal and Co. L. dealer. (Bartlett

Middleburst, J. Blackburn, grocer. (Blakelock, L. Cryer, T. Siston, Gloucestershire, dealer. (Gregory Morris, T. jun. Wing, Rutlandshire, baker. (Long and Co. L.

and Co. L. Davis, T. jun. Little Baddow, Essex, pig dealer. Moses, L. Great Prescott-street, merchant. (Poole.

Nathan, M. and A. Abrain, Old-street, tallow Davison, T. Hinckley, mercer. (Sculthorpe.

chandlers. (Rogers. Dickinson, J. Church-passage, Guildhall,' ware. Needham, C. jan. Live: pool, merchant. (Ellis, L. houseman. (Lake.

Newton, M. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cooper. (Lead- . Dorrington, W. Town Malling, Kent, collar maker. better, L. (Drace and Co. L.

Park, T. King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, wool. Downing, F. Huddersfield, grocer. (Jacomb and stapler. (Adlington and Co. L. Co. L.

Pilling, J. Rochdale, woollen manufacturer. (Long. Edleston, J. Blackburn, shopkeeper. (Clarke and dill and Co. L. ' Co. L.

Prentice, A. and T. Shelley, Manchester, muslin Edwards, C. Gough-square, furrier. (Tucker.

manufacturers. (Edinunds, L. Edwards, R. and J. Hales' Owen, Worcestershire, Pretty, T. Tipton, Staffordshire, iron manufacironinongers. (Constable and Co. L.

turer. (Egerton and Co. L. Ellett, J. Crispin-street, Spitalfields, coach

Robertson, A. Grosvenor-place, builder. (Boxer. maker. (Fowell and Co.

Runcorn, R. Manchester, plumber. (Taylor. Froggott, J. Leicester, brandy merchant. (Jeyes, L. Sadler, S. Birmingham, pump maker. ' (Egerton Frost, G. Wigan, shopkeeper. (Ellis, L.

and Co. L. Garlick, M. Halifax, bookseller.. (Beckett, L. Savery, F. Bristol, insurance broker. · (Alexander Garrad, A. Downham Market, Norfolk, tanner. and Co. L. (Tooke and Co. L.

Scott, J. Huddersfield, woolstapler. (Fisher and Gibbins, J. jun. Fint, Gloucestershire, master Co. L. mariner. (Bоwyer, L.

Searle, J. Lower Grosvenor-street, shopkeeper. Gill, T. Little 'lower-street, hydrometer maker. (Parken. (Noy and Co.

Seward, A. Salisbury, grocer. (Brundrett and Co. L. Gilson, Í. Nottingham, laceman.(Long and Co. L. Shaw, J. Wem, victnaller. (Griffiths, L. Gledston, G. South Blyth, Northumberland, ship Shaw, W. Brough, Westinoreland, cattle dealer. owner. (Mitchell and Co. L.

Silbeck, J. Leeds, linen draper. (Stockler and Co. L. Green, E. Leeds, earthenware manufacturer. (Wil. Skrine, C. Bath, grocer. '(Williains, L. son, L.

Smith, G. Leicester-square, tailor. (Popkin. Hackett, R. Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit mer. Smith, J. Coln, St. Aldwyn's, Gloncestershire, chant. (Worsley.

tallow chandler. (Frowd and Co. L. Haigh, J. Ley Moor, Yorkshire, cloth merchant. Snowdon, B. Harrow, grocer. (Tucker, L. (Walker, L.

Stock, G. Newfoundland-street, Bristol, cabinet Hanne, J. Bath, cabinet maker. (Smith, L.

maker. (Adlington and Cn. L. Hardwick, W. Poynings, Sussex, farmer. (Sow. Sugden, J. and J. W. Mitchell, Dorking, carriers. ton, L.

(West, L. Hargreaves, S. Liverpool, woollen draper. (Ad. Sugden, R. Halifax, bookseller. (Reckett, L. lington and Co. L.

lvester, W. New Woodstock,mercer.(Chilton, L. Hatfield, w.sen. Huntingdon, ironmonger. (Egan Triphook, T. St. James's-street, bookseller. (Poole. and Co. L.

Trudgett, W. Bury St. Edmund's, miller. (Sandy's Hays, P. Little Thames-street, biscuit baker. (Pope. and Co. L.


Davlarichardson and Co.


Needham, C. jan. Live: pool,.m

Tupling, B. Strand, silversmith. (Richardson. Wilby, D. Ossett, Yorkshire, mercbant. (Lake, L.
Vaughan, w. Pall Mall, tailor. Slade and Co. Wilby, B. Dewsbury, clothier. (Lee, L.
Wade, J. Keynsham, Somorsetshire, and J. Wade, Willey, T. Strand, boot maker. (Wright.
Leeds, woolstaplers. (Stephen, L.

Wilkinson, W. Old Broad-street, ship broker. Watson, K. Leyland, Lancashire, farmer. (Milne (Lomb and Co. and Co. L.

Wills, G. Hatton-garden, broker. (Ricbing. Welsford, F. W. Size-lane. merchant. (Pollock Withers, W. Cheltenham, coal merchant. (Wil: and Co.

liams and Co. L. West, W. Bredenbury, Herefordshire, dealer. Wood, G. Gloucester, marble inason. (Dawson (Williams and Co. L.

and Co. L. Whitehead, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, clothier. Worth, T. Talbot-court, Gracechurch-street, ha. (Lever, L.

berdasher. (Thomas.

DIVIDENDS. Abram, R Liverpool.

Hodgson, R Fleet-street. Adkins, J Workworth, Oxfordshire.

Hollands, J Romney-terrace. Aldebert, JCC Becher, and J Harbreaves, Copthall. Holman, W Totness. buildings.

Hornsby, T Cornhill. Amsdell, W Plaistow.

Huible, M Liverpool. Anderson, M Southampton.

Humphries, J Biriningham. Anshell, G Carshalton.

Hunt, H J Éxning, Suffolk. Aubert, N A Lloyd's-coffee-house.

Janecy, J Liverpool. Aves, W Watton, Norfolk.

Johnson, RS Great Yarmouth. Baldwin, WH Liverpool.

Jordan, R and R Smith, Stratford, and J Luleb Ball, J Watling-street.

field, Leadenhall-street. Ball, T Key ford, Somersetshire.

Josling, N Bexley-heath. Bamford, W Houndsditch.

Kendrick, J Chaddesley, Shropshire. Barrett, W Old Broad-street.

Lancaster, TJ Cateaton-street. ' Bell, R and R Hedley, Newcastle-upon Tyne.

Langley, E and W Belch, High-street, Southwark. Becket, J and R Roberts, Silver-street, Wood-street. Lankester, R Blackman-street. Bennett, A Worship-street.

Leach, H and J Ambrose, Bristol. Bensly, C Strand.

Le Mesurier, P and H Austin-friars. Bentley, R White Horse.yard, Drury-lane.

Lincoln, R St. James's-street. Berg, A E St. Paul's Church-yard.

Lubbock, J W Potter, Heig hain, Norfolk. Blackborn, J Witham, Essex.

Lucas, H Liverpool. Bolingbroke, H Great Yarmouth.

Mackenzie, C Caroline-street, Bedford-square. Bolton, W Bury-street, Westminster.

Martin, G Gloucester Boyle, W Hull.

Marshall, J King's Head-court, Newgate-street. Bradley, R Warrington.

Miller, R Old Fish-street. Briant, W Kennington.

Montgomery, J Liverpool. Buckley, J Lawrence-lane.

Murray, J Bishopsgate-street. Budden, F Rochester.

Nash, T Chesham, Bucks. Burford, W Gillingham.

Noble, G Campbell, D B Harper, and A Baillie, Old Jewry. Noble, M Lancaster. Carpenter, J and J P Wellington, Soinersetshire. Norris, P Liverpool. Champness, S Fulham.

Nuttall, J Manchester. Cliffe, C Commercial-road.

Oakden, T Manchester. Collins, J Gosport.

Oakley, W and Co. Church-street, Southwark. Cobham, W jún. and T Jones, Ware.

Paterson, M Halifax. Cole, R King-street, Holborn.

Pearson, G Macclesfield, and

Milk-street. Cooke, W Birmingham.

Peacock, R Charing, Kent. Coulthred, J High Melton, Yorkshire.

Perris, W Bath. Coute, C T Sutton, Cambridgeshire.

Philip, D Fenchurch-street. Corthorne, C March, Cambridgeshire.

Powell, G Little Trinity-lane, Queenbithe. Cox, W H Bread-street.

Prebble, J jun. Bow. Crombie, R Chelsea.

Preece, J Peterborough-court, Fleet-street. Crump and Hill, Kidderminster.

Price, D Watford. Cummings, J Osborn-street, Whitechapel.

Price, G Threadneedle street. Dalzell, A Great Alie-street.

Pugh, G Red Lion-street, Holborn. Dampier, E Primrose-street.

Rabbeth, W Red Lion-passage, Red Lion square. Davidson, J East India-chambers.

Read, A Lower Grosvenor-street. Deakin, T and D Dyer, Birminghain.

Ready, S Southampton Decks, J and W Harper, Norwich.

Richards, J White hurch, Shropshire. De Quiros, J M Size-lane.

Richards, H Beaconsfield. Duffill, J Bromsgrove.

Ridge, G Reading. England, T Smithfield.

Roberts, W jun. Deal. Evans, H Cheapside.

Robertson, J and J Stein, Lawrence Pountney-bill. Fenner, R Paternoster-row.

Roberts, S Sheffield. Fletcher, S Doncaster.

Rowland, R Strand. Flaction, F Berwick-street.

Satterthwaite, T Liverpool. Ford, G Oxford.street.

Schlesinger, M B Church-row, Clement's-lane. Fourdrinier, H Cannon-street.

Sinnott, W Bowling-green-lane, Clerkenwell. Furley, S and R Dodd, Milton, Kent.

Shelley, G M Whitechapel. Garratt, D Portsea.

Slocombe, J Bristol. Gates, J Grimston, Norfolk.

Smith, W Newcastle-o pon-Tyne. Gibbons, TJ and B.

Smith, J S Brighton. Glenny, J Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell.

Southey, R and F Fish-street-bill. Gooch,'J Q Warnford-court, Throginorton-street. Spence, W Bishopwearmouth. Grant, J Coleman-street.

Stevens, J Cheltenham. Green, J Brauncewell, Lincolnshire.

Stunt, T Allen-street, Goswell-street. Grimsby, JB Hull.

Stevenson, L Beverley. Groning, R Broad-street.

Summers, W Newcastle upon Tyne. Handisty, G and Ý Cowin, Bedford-court, Covent. Swan, W New-street, Cominercial road. garden.

Tomlinson, J Harwarden, Flintshire. Harvey, J P Ipswich.

Tyler, J Petworth, Sussex. Haslain, TS J and R Bolton.

Vaughan, W Pall Mall. Helicar, T and J Bristol.

Vernon, T Towcester. Henry, J Liverpool.

'Waddington, H Bridge-street, Blackfriars,


Crump and Chelsea treet.

Walcot, T Portsea.

Wilkinson, J Appledore, Kent. Walker, J Harp-alley.

W heelwright, C A Cullum-street. Wallace, W Workington.

Womack, J W Norwich. Wardale, Gand F Allhallow's-wharf.

Woodhouse, J and M Mincing-lane. West, RE St. Margaret's-hill.

Woodroch, J Gun-street. White and Lubbren, Winchester-street.

Woolrich,'s w Stafford. White, J Finch.lane.

Wright, W and J Aldermanbury, Wickwar, H and J Colthropt-mills, Berks.

Wylie, H and W J Richardson, Abchurch-lane. Willan, Jjun. Kenswick, Worcestershire.

Younger, J Croscent, Minories. Wilkins, S Berinondsey.


Results from Observations made in London for the Month of May, 1820.

Greatest Dave
Days of

Days of

| Varia-



Wind. Range. tion in

of the mum.


24 hours.


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Cirrus, Cirro-stratus. Cirro-cumulus. 9 24

12 During the first fifteen days, the weather was mostly fine, warm, and dry; the fall of rain amounting only to two tepths of an inch. But during the last sixteen days, (with the exception of the 21st, 220, 230, and 24th, which were chiefly clear and very warm,) it was cloudy and cold, with frequent and heavy falls of rain, accompanied at intervals with gales of wind from the W. and S.W. On the 16th, 18th, 25th, and 27th, there fell half an inch of rain on each day. Much rain also fell on the 29th, in short heavy showers; one of which, about 11 a.m. was accompanied with distant thunder. A shower of hail fell in the afternoon.

A bright solar balo appeared in the even

Cumulus. Cumulo-stratus. Nimbus. . 2817

13 ing of the 17th, and a very large faint lunar halo on that of the 21st.'

A moderate degree of temperature for the most part prevailed; the thermometer gene. rally standing between 60° and 650 in the day, and between 40° and 45° in the night. At all times, however, it was rather fluctuating. On the 3d, 4th, and 5th, it was below temperate (55°), and in the nights of the 4th and 5th, fell to 334° and 361°. On the 22d, 23d, and 24th, it exceeded 70°; but on the 25th, a reduction of 14° took place, and it continued very low during the remainder of the period.

A. E. St. John's-Square, 21st June, 1820.


THE return of the QUEEN from Italy

l on the 6th of the month, has ex. cited greater interest through the nation than any event for many years.

On the afternoon of her arrival, the following message was delivered to both Houses of Parliament:

« GEORGE Rex, “ The King thinks it necessary, in consequence of the arrival of the Queen, to communicate to the House of Lords, certain papers respecting the conduct of her Majesty since her departure from this country, which he recommends to the particular and earnest attention of the House. The King felt an anxious desire to prevent all disclosures and discussions which must necessarily prove

painful to his feelings ; but the step adopted by the Queen leaves him no alternative. The King has the fullest confidence that the House of Lords will adopt that course of proceeding which becomes the justice of the case, and is due to the honour and dignity of the Crown."

On the Thursday following the committee was nominated in the House of Lords, but her Majesty transmitted the following communication :

“ The Queen thinks it necessary to inform the House of Commons, that she has been induced to return to England in consequence of the measures pursued against her honour and her peace for some time by secret agents abroad, and lately sanctioned by the conduct


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