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- At Loughborough, 77, Mr. T. Mitchell. . may best contribute to relieve the agricul69, Mr. W. Rose.

tural and commercial distresses of the At Hinckley, Mrs. G. Felton, respected., country. ---Miss Kenlock, suddenly, of Gilmorton, At ihe late Agricultural Meeting, at OsScotland.

westry, the sweepstakes for the heaviest At Edmondthorpe. 25, Mrs. T. Hack. --At crop of potatoes was awarded to a person of Barleston, 95, Mrs. Baker.-At Little Bur: · the name of Evans, who had grown on 128 · ton, Mr. G. Barrs.--At Atterton, 88, Mrs. square yards 1428 pounds of potatoes. Weaver, — At Nosely-hall, Mrs. Selina Married.)--Mr.J. Price, to Miss M. Jones. Browne.

– Mr. W. Morris, to Miss S. Robinson: all STAFFORDSHIRE.

of Shrewsbury.--Mr. J. Hardwick, of NewA late provincial paper states, that the port, to Miss J. Wood, of Cotes. -Mr. W. · increase of distress in the mining county of Perry, of Bicton, to Miss M. Woolridge, of · Staffordshire has increased alarmingly in the Corrah.--Mr. S. Bright. of Acton, to Miss · course of last week, the price of iron has' M. Waters, of Colcbatch.

fallen to 81. per ton; some blast furnaces are Died.]-At Ludlow, the Rev. Geo. Braithalready blown out, and it is said that in waite, master of the Free Grammar-school . a few days there will not be fewer than of that town, deservedly lamented.

fourteen at a stand, and an additional popu- At Ashford - house, 59, Samuel Downes, ·lation of 12,000 persons thrown out of em- esq. much and justly regretted.--At the ployment.

Meretown, Mrs. Atcherly:-At Wombridge, Married.) Mr. J. Paget, near Walsall, to · Mr. Banister.—80, Edward Jenkins, esq. of - Miss H. Page, near Bilston.

Charlton-hill. Died.] At Stafford, 82, T. B. Perkins, esq.

WORCESTERSHIRE. of Rickerscot.

In consequence of the depressed state of At Walsall, 90, Mrs. Tomlinson, greatly the Nail Trade, the masters of the neighbourrespected.

hood of Stourbridge, &c. have been obliged • At Wednesbury, 53, Mr. Joseph Lees. again to lower the wages of their work• At Turnhurst, 10, John Cole, esq.

people; since which thousands of the dis- At Wheaton Aston, 37, Mrs. S. Sayer. tressed work-people of both sexes have

The Rev. Edward Dickenson, B.D. rector of .ceased to work, and have paraded the streets St. Mary and St. Chad, Stafford.

of Stourbridge; their appearance niost deWARWICKSHIRE.

plorable, and calculated to excite the deepest A numerous and respectable meeting of commiseration. . · merchants, manufacturers, and traders, lately Married.] Mr. D. Homfray, of Stourton, took place at Birmingham, on the difficul. to Miss E. Brettell, of Stourbridge.-Mr. ties under which they laboured from the Skeat, of Kidderminster, to Miss E. Hartfailure of trade. They resolved to petition wright, of Kenfare.-Frederiek Dineley, esq, . the House of Commons for relief. In sup- ·to Miss L. Claridge, of Peopleton. porting the petition in the House, Mr. Died.) At Stourbridge Mrs. Chapman. Spooner drew a convincing picture of the At Bromsgrove, 56, Mrs. Austin, much restute of the master manufacturer, and a still spected. – Mrs. Catherine Gwillett, of worse of the operative. .

Churcham. Married.)-Mr. J. Fowler, of High-street At Redmarley-park, 48, J. Territt, esq. to Miss E. Earl, of Bromsgrove-st.- Mr. R.

HEREFORDSHIRE. Tutin, to Miss Maiden.--Mr. J. Mavis, of A meeting lately took place of the free. Smithfield, to Miss M.A. Ryley, of Worcester- men of Hereford, when resolutions were en.street: all of Birmingham.--Edward Studd, tered into expressive of their opinion, that esq. to Miss Mary Spurrier, of Birmingham. the corporation have no right to enact tolls

Died.)--At Birmingham, 37, Mr.J.Jukes, from them, nor to give or sell the freedom deservedly lamented. - In Gough-street, 53, of the city to non-residents and strangers. · Mr.J.Clare.—54, Mr.J. Bragg.-In Church Attempts at separate times bave lately street, Mr. E. Venables, regretted.--Mrs. H. been made to destroy Hereford College by Kempson, justly lamenied.--In St. Paul's, fire ; considerable dainage was done before · square, 30, Mrs. R. Rowe.-In Bromsgrove. its extinction. . street, Willium Price, esq.-In Whiteball Married.]Thomas Dolman, esq. of Eaton

street, Mr. B. Watson, of the firm of Ryan Bishop, to Miss Delahay, of Ross.-Mr. J. · and Watson.-In Warstone-lane, 53. Mr. H. Webh, to Miss Mary Herring, of the Folly, . Dyott.-54, Mr. H. Watson.--28, Mr. M, near Hereford. • Parsons.—29, Mr. J. Redfern.

Died.] At Penblaith, 70, Mrs. Penelope At Charlemont, West Bromwich, 28, Miss · Williams, deservedly esteemed and regretted. · Mary Ann Price, deservedly esteemed and --At Weston under Penyard, at an advanced · regretted.-- At Allum Rock, 70, Mrs. Ward, age, John Swayne, esg. wife of Robert W. esq. late of Birmingham.. GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH.' SHROPSHIRE.

The state of the poll at the late election A meeting was lately held at Bridgnorth, for Bristol, which in the Number for April . when it was resolved to petition parliament - being found incorrect, a respectable cortie to take the state of the country into serious spondent for that city bas furnished us with consideration, and to adopt such measures as the following amended statement. :


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Bright. Davies. Baillie. Died.) At Gloncester, Miss Susannab 'Vt day

846 68 Jones.--78, Mr. Jos. Davis.--24, Mr. J.D.

1418. 1337 42 Spencer, deservedly respected.--75, Mrs. J. 3 sd' 720 628

5 Bowden.-Mr. W. Walker.

At Bristol, 26, Mr. J. Lewis.-In Berkeley 2997 1811 115 square, Miss Madeline Martha Fowler.Baillie was nominated without his consent. Mr. W. Charlton.—75, Mr.J. Bastable.-In Henry. Bright is a Wbig. The poll was kept Somerset-street, Kingsdown, Miss M. Hainsopen the third day to enable Mr. Davis to bury. get up to him..

At Cheltenham, Mrs. Peploe Birch, of George Webb Hall, Esq. of Sneed Park, Garnstone.- Mr. F. Churcbman. Gloucestershire, has been elected Secretary At High Grove, Tetbury, G. M. B. Napier, to the Board of Agriculture, in the room of esq. of East Pennard House.-At Epney, Mr. the late Arthur Young, Esq.

D. Fryer.-At Walton Spa, 50, Miss The following petition from the proprietors Smithsend, esteemed for her general benevoand occupiers of land in the hundred and lence.--At Painswick, 86. Mr.J. Park. neighbourhood of Usk, was lately forwarded

OXFORDSHIRE. to the House of Commons:

Married.]—Mr. H. Holder, to Miss A. « That in consequence of the many heavy Tilsley, both of Oxford. - Thomas Standley, burthens under which your petitioners labour, esq. to Miss Sophia Probatt, of Oxford. --they are utterly unable to bring into market Robert Belcher, esq. of Henley, to Miss the produce of the soil in competition with Mary Sheldrake Kemmens. those of other countries.

Died.]— At Oxford, Mrs. C. Ivory, .re" The result of four years' experience has, specied.–46, Mr. E. Edmunds. in the opinion of your petitioners, fairly

on of your petitioners, fairly At Woodstock, Arthur Molony, esq. proved that the Corp Bill has entirely failed At Bicester, Mary, widow of the Rev. Dr. to afford that necessary support, and to pro Page, head master of Westminster School. duce those beneficial effects to the Agricul At Mixbury, 76, Mr. W. Rogers. - At tural and real interests of the country which Wesson-on-the-Green, Mrs. B. Howse, re· were intended by it.

grettel.–At Bourton-on-the-Water, 61, Mrs. “ Your petitioners are but too well con. Kyte, widow of Thomas K. esq. . vinced, that anless some effectual measures BUCKINGHAM AND BERKSHIRE. be speedily adopted in their favour, by your So great has been the distress among the Honourable House, there will be no possibi- farmers of Buckingbamshire, that no less lity of their being enabled to answer the than six petitions for relief were lately forheavy demands made upon them, and they warded to the House of Commons. musi therefore anticipate the ruin of a great Married.]-Mr. Thomas, of Madras, to additional number of those concerned in Miss Bulley, of Reading.-Charles Bridges, Agriculture, and the exclusion of every pros. esq. of Crookham End-house, to Miss H.S. pect of profitable return for the capital ex- Pain, of Mitcheldever.-The Rev. H. R. -pended, even on lands of superior quality.-- Quartley, of Wolverton, to Miss L. C. Ho

That it is the hunible yet most earnest re- neywood, of Evington. quest of your petitioners, that either pro Died.–At Reading, 53, Mr. John Carter, tecting duties be imposed, sufficient to enable much respected. - In Friar-street, Mr. A. the British farmer to meet on equal terms Round. the importer of Foreign Agricultural pro At Abingdon, 65, Mr. W. Belcher, sen. duce, or other such measures as sball, by the At Eton, 77, Mr. R. Piper. wisdom of your Honourable House, be . At High Wycombe Foreigns, 53, Mrs. deemed expedient. That your petitioners Martha Treacher. beg to state, what they conceive to be an BEDFORDSHIRE AND HERTFORDSHIRE. incontrovertible fact, that legal provisions to On the 23d of April, a man of the name of enable them to cultivate the soil with the Byng, of Stocksley, Bedfordshire, cut the prospect of a reasonable return of profit, throats of two of his children, and after would be conducive to the prosperity of the wards his own in a fit of insanity. manufacturer, the welfare of the labouring . Married.)Thomas Barnard, esq. of Bedclasses, and the consequent reduction of the ford, to Miss A. Fisher, of Cambridge.-Mr. .poor rates.”

T. Smith, of Bedford, to Miss Brown, of Married.)-Mr. Hickman, to Miss E. Cardington.--Mr. Wotton, of King's LangHickman, both of Gloucester.-Mr.J.Reeves, ley, to Anu, daughter of the late Rev. Ť. of Gloucester, to Miss Morse, of Blakeney: Dennis.-The Rev. George Mason, of AnMr. W. D. Wills, of Bristol, to Miss Steven, stye, to Miss M. Baker, of Cawston. of Shacklewell.-Thomas Snepp, esq. of Died.)-At Hertford, 74, Mr. W. DobinCheltenham, to Miss Ą. Wakeman, of Perdes. son, head master of Hale's Free Grammarwell-ḥall. Major Preston, of the 19th Na- school, much respected. tive Infantry, Madras, to Miss Kerstein, of At Totteridge, Edward Garrow, esq. broCheltenham.-Mr. W. Underwood, to Miss ther to Judge G. Pewtriss : both of Monmouth.-Mr. C. Sut At Beaconsfield, Mrs. Ferris, wife of Dr. ton, of Stroud, to Miss E. Hogg, of Pitch F., M. D. deservedly lamented.-75, Ricbard combe.

Emmott, esq. of Goldings.


' At Diss, J. Woodward, esq. a native of Four petitions for the land holders of this Huntingdon, who ipheriting a handsome pacounty, were lately forwarded to the House ,trimony, was sent to Eton school, and from of Commons, stating their depressed situa- thence was admitted a student at Clare-hall, tion, and praying relief.,

where in 1769, he received the degree of BaMarried.] Mr. C. Spawion, to Miss E. chelor of Civil Law. Upon his marriage with Fountain.-Sir G. Marshall, to Miss E. the heiress of Tbos. Manning, esq. of Bungay, Piggott: all of Northampton.-Mr. R. F. he resided at that place, and was appointed . Farside, to Miss M. Cunningham, both of a magistrate and Deputy Lieut. for the counPeterborough.-Mr. T. N. Cave, of Horton, ty. From thence he removed to Diss, in to Miss Sargeant, of Brafield.-Mr. S.West- Norfolk, where the same offices of trust were Jey, tc Miss E. Campion, both of Blisworth. put on him. In the social circle of his

Died.] At Northampton, 72, Mr. Francis friends, and in those of more scientific attainEvans.—76, Mr. T. Allen.-Mrs. Markham, ments, he was uniformly cheerful and inwidow of John M. esq. deservedly regretted. Structive, gifted with a fund of anecdote .-99, Mrs. T. Clarke.-76, Mrs. S. Scriven. which he retailed with the urbanity of the

At Wellingborough, 47, Mrs. Pack, greatly perfect gentleman. Mr. Woodward was no · lamented.

politician; he studiously, und we may add • At Oundle, 73, Mrs. M. Ball, much re- wisely, avoided party disputes, for those -spected.-Ai Grafton Underwood, 67, Mr. J. scientific occupations which engage the mind Jones, justly regretted.

to a happier, if not to a better purpose. -CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTING DON.

SUFFOLK. : Two of Sir W. Browne's prizes, which The Grand Jury of Suffolk, bave lately • were not disposed of in former years, have forwarded a petition to the House of Combeen adjudged as follows :—for the Latin mons, praying amelioration of the condition Ode, to Mr. H. Thompson, scholar of St. of the farmer, and also five thousand one hunJohn's College ; for the Greek and Latin dred occupiers and owners of land have petiEpigrams, to Mr. R. Okes, scholar of King's tioned similarly: both petitions state the College.

leading evil to be importation of foreign corn. . Married.) Mr. Beechens, to Miss S. Smith. Married.] Mr. R. Lease, to Miss E. Gray

Mr. D. Collin, to Miss Kimpton: all of ston, both of Bury.-.William Malton, esq. Cambridge.-Mr. J. Wentworth, of Cam- of Kęppell-street, Russel-square, to Miss S. bridge, to Miss M. Furbank, of Lyme. Le Grice, of Bury.--Robert Fiske, of BecCharles Beales, Esq of Newnham, to Miss cles, to Miss M. A. White, of Kessingland. C. L. Paske, of Needham Market..

--Jobn Firman Josselyn, esq. to Miss E. Died.) At Cambridge, 35, Mr. J. K. Sal. Stoddart, of Broxted-House.--Mr. J. Shears, toe.—70, Mr. J. Kaye.-Mrs. Thackery, to Miss F. Clarke, both of Brandon. , wife of Frederick T. esq. M.D.

Died.] At Bury, 61, Mr. Pirt. At Nassington, 22, Mr. J. Thompson. At Ipswich, Mrs, Moore.-25, Mrs. M. C. NORFOLK.

Norbrook. The landholders of this country have peti. At Bungay, 70. Mrs. Ebbage. tioned the House of Commons for relief. At Sudbury, 52, Mr. W. Sirutt, much re

Married.) Mr. G. Beasley, to Miss Wil. -spected. liams, both of Norwich.-Mr. B. Lacey, of At Southwold, 27, Mrs, A. Wayth.-25, - Norwich, to Miss S. Newhouse, of Catton. Mr. J. Meadows. Mr. W. M. Beverley, of Norwich, to Miss B. At Norton, 42, Mr. J. Pratt, much respectTemple, of North Basham.-Mr. S. Tuck, ed. — At Barningham-ball, 77, Mr. D. to Miss M. Wright, both of Yarmouth.-Mr. Wright.-At Wickambrook, 69, Mr. J. PeaW. Dakin, of Yarmouth, to Miss S. Howard, cock.-At Debenham, Mrs. E. Smith. At of East Dereham.-Mr. Robinson Crusoe, to Fleming's-hall, 78, Mrs. Williams, deservedly Miss Curtis, of Lynn.—Mr. Rivett, to Miss lamented. Marriott, both of Lynn.—Mr. R. Cann, to

ESSEX. Miss H. Shearman, both of Harleston.

In consequence of the distressed state of · Died.] At Norwich, in Surrey-street, 42, agriculture, Lord Petre, with a liberality : Mrs. E. Howell.-In St. Gregory's, 83, Mr. which has always characterised his noble

W. Shreeve, regretted.-33, Mrs. S. Green- family, has directed a circular letter to his field.-In Surrey-road, 42, Mrs. L. Bacey. tenants in Essex, expressive of his intention ---72, Mr. Wright.-88, Mr. W. Calthorpe. to allow thèm 10 per cent. on their half

-In Bethel-street, 69, Mrs. A. Mayes.-In year's rent, at the ensuing audit. Little Orford-street, Miss E. Southgate, Married ] Mr. J. Sädd, of Maldon, to highly and justly esteemed.

Miss H. Hodges, of Chelmsford./Mr.J.C.C. At Lynn, 75, Mrs. Tooke. Mr. Betts. Corthy, of Manningtree, to Miss Ponder, of .72, Mr. Smith.-68, Mrs. Dennis.

Stoke by Nayland. The Rev.J.C. Driffield, At Fakenham, Mr. J. Bruton, respected. - Cof Tolleshunt Darcy, to Miss M. White, of The Rev. S. Westby, master of the Grammar the Fryars, Maldon.-John Arnold WallinSchool at Diss, and vicar of Renninghall. ger, esq. of Hare-hall, to Miss H. J. Devon• At East Harling, 73, Mrs. A. Peake.—79, sher, of Killspanick, county of Cork.--The Mr. T. Peake.-93, Mr. J. Boyce.--At Ash- Rev. T. C.Glyn, of Fairsted, to Miss Hambill, 48,Mr. H.BiMing.–65,Mr. R. Mallows.'' mond, of St. Alban's Court.-William Knight,

to Catherine Sanders, both of Witham, and street, 100, Mrs. Lefedre.-At an advanced of the Society of Friends.

age, Mrs. Pilcher. Died.] At Colchester, in Wyre-street, 22, At Chatham, Mrs. Wibley:-Mr. Dynes. · Miss A. Candler.

-30, Mr. G. King. At Billericay, Mr.J. Vanderzee.

At Folkestone, 74, Mrs. A. Baker.--51, At Romford, at an advanced age, Mrs. Mrs. E. Bailey. Mosberry.

At Sandwich, 64, Mr. J. Wilkins. At Bocking, 78, Mrs. S. Andrews.

At Sittingbourne, 76, Mr. G. Anderson. • At Rochford, Mr. J. Waters.

At Barbam, 83, Mr. H. Ruck.-At AlAt Great Wykering, John Roberts, esq.- dington, 59, Mr. Webb.--At. Tenterden, 54, Mrs. Swain, reservedly regretted.–At Box- the wife of Capt. Mills.--At Stone-house, 61, let-hail, John Josselyn, esq. generally esteem- William Hammond, esq.--At Chalk, 75, Mr. ed.–At Springfield, Mr. H. Springfield. Aldersley.-At Gillingham, Mr. Read. KENT.

SUSSEX. A numerous and respectable meeting of A petition was lately forwarded to the the owners and occupiers of land in Kent, House of Commons from a body of agricul. was held, at Maidstone, when the following turists of this county:. The petitioners stated, petition to the House of Commons was una- that the taxes imposed by government-thu nimously agreed to:

extent of the poor rates and the extraor“That your petitioners are persuaded it is dinary reduction in the price of corn, occascarcely necessary to resort 10 argument to sioned the distress of which they complained, convince your Honourable House of the dis- and they prayed for relief and assistance tress which pervades the general body of from the House. agriculturists throughout the empire. Several Married.)-Mr. Baker, of Worthing, to farmers have already left their farms from Miss E. Gore, of Exeter. ·an inability to continue them, and many, Died.]—Ai Chichester, 40, Mr.T. Rawlins.

others must inevitably be compelled to do so, "~77, Mrs. Price.
* unless some relief is speedily afforded them. At Brighton, 99, Mr. Austen.

Thus prevented from giving employment to At Lewes, 46, Mrs. M. Stuard, regretted.
their accustomed number of labourers, pau- At Preston, 82, Mrs. Henty. The Rev,
perism has increased, and, as a natural con- Mr. Hervey, rector of Walburton.
sequence, the Poor's Rates to an alarming

HAMPSHIRE. · and most enormous extent; whilst the re- A Packet, has lately been established to sources of the agriculturist, upon whom the sail from Southampton to Bordeaux, via Plyburthen of discharging them principally falls, mouth, fitted in an elegant manner, with are most materially diminished.

entirely separate bed-rooms, and every do“ Your petitioners presume not to suggest sirable convenience. what measures may be best calculated to Married.]—The Rev. Henry Austen, to afford the desired relief, but they respect- Mrs. George Dickens, both of Southampton. fully, yet earnestly pray, the immediate at. -M. M. Septier, of Havre de Grace, to Miss tention of your Honourable House to this S. March, of Southampton.-Mr. J. Huniby, momentous subject, involving not alone their of Romsey, to Miss A. Harvey, of Alresford. individual interests, but, as intimately con --Henry P. Delme, esq. of Cam’s-ball, to nected with them, those of a most important Miss Mary Gage. and numerous class of the community. Add Died. -At Southampton, Mr. Gage, sudthey rely with perfect confidence upon the denly.–81, Mr. D. Bernard.–74, Mrs. E. united wisdom of parliament, to devise such Galliene.—78, Mrs. M. Cole. means as shall rescue from its presenı de At Winchester, Mrs. Camus. pressed state this main spring of national At Portsmouth, Caroline, daughter of.Dr. Prosperity.

Lind, M.D. justly respected.-Roger CallaMarried.)-Mr. T. Ancle, to Miss C. way, esq. town-clerk, much respected. CoHailes.- Mr. W. Harlow, to Miss Small: all lonel Worsley, of the 34th reg. of Canterbury.-G. Ely, esq. of Rochester, At Portsea, 70, the widow of Jacob Leri, to Miss M. Thomson, of Chatham Dock- esq. greatly respected for her benevolence to yard.-- Mr. Seaton, to Miss Igglesden, both all classes.-Mr. Leggatt.—Mr. Kingsford, of Chatham.-M.: W. Bagburst, to Miss H. generally esteemed. Palmer.-Mr. J. Holloway, to Miss S. Rea- At Ringwood, 82, Mr. H. Gossa, -69, vell.---Mr. J. Lawrence, to Miss M. Taught: Thos. Lee, esq.- At Whiteparish, Mr. Chanall of Folkestone.--Mr. R. Mercer, to Miss dler.--At Petersfield, Mr. J. A. Minchin.E. Randall, of Maidstone.—Mr. P. Bryan, At Owlesbury, 73, Mrs. Winkworth.–At of Gravesend, to Miss Wilson, of Piccadilly, Romsey, Mrs. Godfrey.- Mr. J. Skeats.London.--At Tenterden, Mr. W. Hixon, to At Bishop's Sutton, 75, Mrs. A. Bulbeck.--Miss M. Gilbert.-At Lydd, Mr. J. Mittell, At Bevis Mount, Henry Hulion, esq. barrister. to Miss M. Cornelius.—Mr. J. Horne, of

WILTSHIRE. Hythe, to Miss M‘Diarmid, of Shorne Cliffe. A petition signed by six thousand persons

Died. 1-A1 Canterbury, 71, Mr.J.Higgins, including eleven magistrates, was lately pre---At St. Stephen's, Miss F. Plumptre.--23, sented to the House of Commons; it comMr. G. Steddy, much respected.-In Kingplained of the excessive introduction of ma


nufacturing machinery, hy which numbers waters have been analyzed, and found to be of manufucturers were deprived of work, impregnated like those of Tunbridge Wells. and driven to the parish.

Amongst other benefits which proinise to Married. 1-Mr. J. Rogers, of Salisbury, attend the contemplated improvements on to Miss E. Munday, of Cadland's-farm.-Mr. Dartmoor, is a recent discovery, that its peat A. Adye, of Bradford, to Miss M. Rich, of may be converted into gas, wbich produces a London, Mr. S. Taylor, of West Laving- light not to be excelled in brilliancy. ton, to Miss M. A. Wright, of Earl Stoke. Married.]-Mr.J.Snell, to Miss G. Darke, Mr. Matthews, to Miss Knight, of Langley both of Exeter.—Lieut. Parry, R. N. to Miss Burrell.

Williams, of Clowance-street. — Mr. W. Died.)–At Salisbury, 63, Thomas Lake, Johns, to Miss Ridiscombe : all of Plymouth. esq. deservedly lamented.

-Mr. J. I. Bolter, of Plymouth, tu Miss At Chippenbam, 70, Mr. Harry Russ, fa Glassin, of Stoke. ther of the Corporation, and deservedly' re Died.) At Exeter, at an advancei age, gretted.

Mrs. Paget.—Thomas Hadson, esq. formerly At Fairwood, near Westhury, 46, of an of Mark-lane, London. He had many years apoplectic seizure, Lucy, third daughter of retired from business, having acquired a large the late Joseph Mortimer, esq. of Trow- property. bridge. In her life were exemplified the At Plymouth, on Windmill-bill, 36, Mr. virtues of a pious Christian, and of a sincere Courtis.-In Baker's-place, 81, Mrs.O'Brien. friend; her charities were extensive, liberal, -In Mount-street, 86, Mrs. Blaney.-In and always well directed; her patience under Queen-street, 39, Mrs. Bowden.-In Tavislong continued and severe bodily affliction, tock-street, 23, Mr. J. Northcott. extreme, and her last hours were marked by At Tiverton, Mr. W. Dicken, generally a calm resignation to the will of her Creator. regretted. SOMERSETSHIRE.

CORNWALL, Married. Mr. W.Lancashire, of Charles Married. Mr. R.0.James, of Falmouth, street, to Mrs. R. Stark, of Norfolk-street. to Miss Penrose, of Truro.—Mr.J. Mitchell. M. Luvarre, to Miss Burgess.-Mr. Turner, to Miss E. Hodge, both of Truro.-Edward jun. to Miss Patty: all of Batt.-George Coode, jun. esq. of St. Austell, to Miss M. Bowles, esq. of Mount Prospect, county of Clements, of Wadebridge. Cork, to Miss C. J. Hall, of Bath.—Mr. W. Died.1At Falmouth, Mr. R. Carne.Tagg, of Bath, to Miss H. Widdeson, of James Vivian Vivian, esg. Widcombe. - Mr. Terry, of Milsom-street, At Penzance, 72, Mr. R. Mitchel. Bath, to Miss M. Dutton, of London.—Mr. At Truro, 60, Mr. A. Hodge, respected. Phillips, of Caroline-buildings, Bath, to Miss At Liskeard, William Rawle, esg. Tanner, of Tiverton.—Charles Ring, esq. of At Wadebridge, 81, Mrs. Hawkins. Wincanton, to Miss A. Gatehouse, of North

WALES. Cheriton.

For the loss of the ferry of Bangor, by the Died. At Bath, in Peter-street, Mr. S. erection of the new bridge, Miss Williams, Holder.-In Chapel-row, Queen-square, 75, the proprietoress, has been awarded the sum Mr. Potter.-In Stall-street, Mrs. M. Grif- of 26,3941. fith, deservedly regretted.—Mr. J. Walter. Murried.]—Jobn Lloyd Morgan), M.D. of 22, Miss L. Cruikshanks.—27, Mr. J. Crut. Haverfordwest, to Miss Margaret Spear, of well, much and justly respected.-In Bath- Mill Bank, near Manchester.-Mr. B.George, street, Miss Procior, of Windsor, regretted of Pembroke, to Miss Palmer, of Llandygenerally.-Mrs. Phipps, widow of G. gwinnet.—Sir William Henry Clerke, bart. of Cork.

52d reg. to Miss Mary Elizabeth Kenrick, of At Bridgwater, 57, Mrs. Sarah Evered, Metryn, Flintshire.-Owen Evan Lewis, esq. justly esteemed and regretted for her general of Glanyrhyd, Carmarthenshire, to Miss pbilanthropy.

Eliza Nenle, of Willow Yards, Ayrshire. At Hinton Blewett, Francis Bowsher Dicd.] At Swansea, Mrs. Hicks, wife of Wright, esq.-At Stratton-on-the-Foss, 77, Capt. H. Mr.A.Pitt.-At Lambridge, Margaret, widow At Neath, Mrs. O'Donel, of Sea Mount, of the Rev. Jas. Douglas, F.M.S. F.Á.S. county of Mayo. DORSETSHIRE.

At Carmarthen, 64, Mrs. Peter, wife of Married.—Shadrach Linthorne, esq. to the Rev. D. P. tutor of the Presbyterian Miss Susan Collens, both of Poole. The College, in that place. Rev. Thomas Dade, rector of Broadway and

SCOTLAND. Brincombe, to Miss Jane Lloyd, of Bowds The merchants of Edinburgh lately forwell.

warded a similar petition to that from the Died.] At Weymouth, 78, Mrs.E. Frowd, merchants of London, to the House of Comof Briston Deverill.

mons, praying for relief to commerce. At Parkstone, 87, the Rev. Thomas Smith, : Married.] At Edinburgh, Lord John rector of Hutton Axbridge.

Campbell, to Miss Glassell, of Long Niddrie. DEVONSHIRE.

-J. c. Lockhart, esq. to Sophia Charlotte, A chalybeate spring has been discovered daughter of Sir Walter Scott, bart.--At near Plymouth, oozing through a rock. The Mguswald Mains, Mr. James Hogg, the


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