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The Rev. Richard Cranmer, to Miss eminently in his father, Dr. Mudge, and in Elizabeth Mary Window, both of Mitcham. his grandfather, the Rev. Zachariah Mudge.

Mr. Alexander Jameson, of London, to The Philosophical Transactions of the Miss Frances Thurtle, of Brompton. Royal Society, the Trigonometrical Sur.

Mr. H. F. Hall, of Finsbury-place, to vey of the Kingdom, with the correct and Miss Maria Treacher, of Paternoster-row. beautiful maps of the several counties al.

At St. Mary-le-Bope church, the Rev. ready published, exhibit some of the laRichard Henry Chapman, to Miss Emily bours of his life that have been most beneAnn Allen.

ficial to the public, whilst the advantages P. Power, Esq. of Gifford's Hall, Suffolk,

derived by the Cadets of the Royal Military to Miss Catherine Power, of Queen-square, Academy at Woolwich, and by those of Bloomsbury.

the East India Company's Establishment at · J. V. Asbury, Esq. to Miss Dorothy Ja- Addiscomb, entitle his memory to the gracomb, of Guildford-street.

titude of his country. General Mudge had George A. Aylwin, esq. of Lower Thames the distinguished honour conferred on him street, to Miss Cooper, of Clapham. of LL.D. from Edinburgh, he was a fellow

Thory Chapman, esq. of Hornsey, to of the Royal Society, Fellow of the SoMiss Susan Johnson, of Leverington, Cam- ciety of Antiquaries, Commissioner of the bridgeshire.

Board of Longitude, Member of the PhiloMr. Charles Crackenthorp, of London, to sophical and Geological Societies, and Miss Jane Churchill, of Deddington, Ox Honorary Member of the Plymouth Infordshire,

stitution. His scientificabilities were held Mr. William Johnson, of Norfleet, Kent, also in the highest estimation by foreignto Miss Weyman, of North End, Fulham. ers, as he was Fellow of the Academy of

Henry Wylde, esq. of Upper Berkeley. Sciences of Copenhagen, and had the very street, Portman-square, to Martha Lucy, marked honour conferred on him of being daughter of the late Rev. Harry Paxton. named Correspondent to the Royal Institu

Henry Rouse, esq. of Montague-street, tion of Paris. The King of Denmark had Russel-square, to Miss Frances Bishop, of also lately presented bim with a magnifiStamford-bill.

cent chronometer, and contemplated hoThe Rev. J. Van Hemerts, to Miss Caro- nouring him with a stronger proof of his line Richardson, of Norwood.

Royal favour. General Mudge has left a J.C. Cox, esq. of Fishpond's Cottage, widow and daughter, two sons in the ennear Bristol, to Miss Charlotte Skey, of gineers, one in the artillery, and another Henrietta-street, Brunswick-square. a Lieutenant in the Navy.

Mr. H. M. Fyffe, of Holborn, to Miss At Stanwell, Mrs. Du Bois, widow of Eliza Stanton, of Islington-green.

William D. B. esq. . DIED.

At Langley, Kent, the Dowager Duchess In Whitehall-place, 65, John Garden, of Northumberland. esq.

In Beaumont-street, Anna Maria, widow · În Great Russel-street, Bloomsbury, the of Felix Laurent, esq. of Taunton. wife of Lieut.-Col. Jackson.

At Chelsea, Mrs. Hogy. In Upper Grosvenor-street, Susan, daugh In Halkin-street, Grosvenor-square, Mr. ter of John Warton, esq. M. P.

Christopher Hall. In Charles-street, Berkely-square, 79, In Great Ormond-street, Mrs. Atkins, Lady Heneage Osborn, widow of Sir G. O. Jate of Holt, Norfolk.

At West Green, Tottenham, 23, Mr. At Harefield-park, Middlesex, Alexander Arthur Babington, of Aldermanbury, son Stewart, esq. of Dr. B.

At Maize-hill, Blackheath, Miss Frances At Walthamstow, 72, John Wansey, esq. Diron.

At Lisson Grove, North-street, Mary-le- 56, William Davies, esq. of the respectabone, 82, Thomas Patrick, esq. deserv- ble firm of Cadell and Davies, booksellers, in edly lamented.

the Strand, a man of superior intelligence, At Deptford, the wife of John Forsyth, rare probity, and great personal worth; and esq.

as a tradesman, exceeded by none of his In Gloucester-place, New-road, 36, Capt. time for judicious and spirited enterprize, Charles D. Jermy, R.N.

which he conducted with skill and liberaIn Portman-square, John Dennison, esq. lity. His connections were with the first of Ossington-hall, Nottinghamshire, writers of his age, and most of the works

The Rev. John Martin, 80, a very emj- in which he engaged, raised the character nent minister of the Baptist Church, Kep- of our national literature. He was, in a pell-street, Russell-square.

word, in his personal and trading characIn the Strand, Mrs. H. Gubbins.

ter, an honour to the character of the pub• In Holles-street, Major-General Wm. Jishing hookseller, and the premature deMudge, of the Royal Artillery. He was a cay of his health and his loss to society, are native of Plymouth, and combined in him. therefore deplored by an extensive circle velf all the splendid talents that shone so of connections.

In Portland-square, 77, Thomas Mat At Kew, 75, John Haverfield, 'esq... thews, esq. of Bath.

In Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury, James · In the Fleet, Mr. Peter Rigby, another Leaver, esq. late of Halifax, Nova Scotia, victim to the harshness of Chancery law, In Oxford-street, Dowager Lady Bur. after 8 years confinement.

goyne. In Upper Norton-street, S6, Claud Ruse In Manchester-square, the Rev. R. sel, esq.

Verney, of Clayton House, Bucks. in Lincoln's Inn-fields, 58, William At Twickenham, 89, Mr. Thomas, an Dyne, esq.

eminent practical chymist in London for At Blackheath, 58, Peter Lawrie, esq. 58 years. of Emespie, Scotland, deservedly regretted. At Kennington, 74, George Unwin, esg.

General Vicars, formerly of the Life In Finsbury-place, Mrs. Harriet Baker, Guards.


With all the Marriages and Deaths. NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Barnardcastle, 53, Mr. D. Dalkin.-A NUMEROUS and respectable meeting 28, Mr. T. Wood. A was held lately at Newcastle, for par- At Hexbam, 79, the Rev. S. Clarke, deliamentary reform. A petition to the House servedly esteemed. of Commons was agreed upon; and it was At Tynemouth, 21, Mr. R. Moore. soon signed by 3016 persons, and forwarded. At Morpeth, 71, Mr. J. Swan.-45, Mr. G. The petitioners complained in strong and Moore. expressive terms of the present state of the At Walton, 75, John Rochester, esq.much representation.

lamented. At Gainford, 36, Mr. T. Dobson, Married.) Mr. G. H. Harrison, to Miss M. suddenly.–At West Bolden, 35, Capt. Geo. Wardle.—Mr. W. Harvey, to Miss S. Brown. Robinson, respected.–At East Shaftoe, 7),

Mr. G. Gibson, to Miss A. Coiners : all of Mrs. Foster, wife of John F. Esq. Newcastle.-Mr.J.Hodgson, of Newcastle,to CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Miss H. Sunderland, of Morpeth.-- Mr. Allen, Married.] Mr. J. Taylor, to Miss M. jun. of Newcastle, to Miss M. Chapman, of Priestman.-Mr. Z. Holland, to Miss D. Windmill Hills, Gateshead.—Mr. J. Rid. Stanley.-Mr.J. Moore, to Miss A. Thompdell, of Colingwood-street, Newcastle, to son.—Mr. W. Robinson, to Miss M. Hewson. Miss E. Lee, of Manchester.-Mr. R. Mac- - Mr. W. Sewell, to Miss A. Jordan : all of kie, to Miss A. Cairincross, both of Sunder. Carlisle. Peter Dixon, jun. esg. of Carlisle, land.-Mr. 0. Detchon, to Miss M. Barber, 10 Miss S. R. Clarke, of Charlotte-street, both of North Shields.--Mr. T. Barker, of Fitzroy-square, London.-Mr.T. Brockbank, North Shields, to Miss J. Dove, of Darling- of Carlisle, to Miss H. Bowman, of Low ton.-Mr. M. Donald, to Miss Richmond. Close, Penrith, both of the Society of Friends. Mr. J. Armstrong, to Miss E. Charlton : all Died.] At Carlisle, in Caldewgate, 62, of South Shields.-Mr. J. Just, to Miss E. Mrs. J. Hodgson.--In Damside, Mrs. M. Watson, both of Monk wearmouth.--Mr. T. Brown, much respected.–26, Mrs. S. SipWrangham, to Mrs. Hutchinson, both of clair. -62, Mrs. M. Tallentere.-42, Mrs. M. Hexbam.-At Medomsley, William Sedley Pringle.-In Caldewgate, 82, Mrs. A. Elliott. - Burn, M. D. to Miss S. Bower, of Snow's -50, Mr. James Lanesborough. Green.-Mr. W. Jobpson, of Prudhoe, to At Whitehaven, much respected, 66, Mr. Miss Smails, of Crawcrook. Mr. W. Smith, J. Ware, proprietor and editor of ihe Cumof Belford, to Miss Henderson, of Bishop berland Packet. Aukland.-Mr. J. Charlton, to Mrs. Brown, At Cockermouth, 40, Mr. R. Armstrong. of Wyham.

At Wigton, 75, Mr. M. Dand, greatly reDied.) At Newcastle, in Silver-street, 65, spected. Mrs. A. Colverwell.-67, Mr. J. Jackson. At Workington-ball, 55, Mrs. Curwen, wife Mrs. D. Lisle, jun.-Mr. J. Davenport, of the of J. C. Curwen, esq. M.P. highly and deSpital Walls, much respected.–49, Mr. T. servedly esteemed.-at Longtown, Mr. J. Wallace.-72, Mrs. S. Gray.-84, Mrs. E. Sword, much respected.--At the Vicarage, Elder, of the Quayside.

near Keswick, 62, the Rev. I. Denton, LL.B. At Gateshead, 59, Mr. W. Driffield.On and a magistrate of Cumberland.–At Moorthe South shore, 21, Mr. E. Emmerson.-Mr. park, 87, Joseph Liddell, esq. esteemed for his T. Fairbrother, deservedly respected.-24, benevolence.-At Richardby, 72, James GraMiss S. Maughan, esteemed and regretted. ham, esq. much regretted. At Durham, at an advanced age, Mrs.

YORKSHIRE. Raine, widow of Robert R. esq.-Mrs. M. The staple of this county declines more Southron.-Mrs. H. Wheler.

- and more; and distress is every wbere on the At North Shields, 85, Mr. Brown.-64, increase. In Leeds a number of families Mrs. E. Paterson.

bave applied for aid to remove to America, At South Shields, Mr. Lawton.—Mrs. W.. but were refused. The following resolutions Shielde.-50, Mr. Unthank, suddenly. entered into at Wakefield, speak stubborn

faets ; facts; from which no dissentient has been to Miss Firth, of Sandal Magna.-Mr. J. nor can be offered ; they were created nei. Wride, to Miss Witty, both of Cottingbam.ther by disaffection, nor radicalism, but by George Armytage, esq. of Lightcliffe, to men who were desirous of approving their Mrs. Bates, of Halifax.-Mr. W. Dickenloyalty by discountenancing public assem. son, of Bramley, to Miss Kirk, of Cook ridge. blages, though collected for public good. -Charles Ingleby, of Austwick, to Miss After stating their loyalty and respect for Carr, of Stackhouse. The Rev. Mordaunt the authorities (from whom emanate favour Barnard, of Thornton, to Miss Marja Bolton. or reward) they add, that at the same time Died.) At Hull, 55. Mr. W. Habblewhite. that they are ready to oppose every factious In Humber-street, Mr. J. Grimsby. movement, they are fully sensible that no At Leeds, 59, Mr. J. Lancaster.-Mrs. further preparations for the defence of the Birchall.-Mr. J. Kidson.– Mrs. G. Prince. peaceable inhabitants of this town are neces- - Mrs. J. Wood head.-In Park-place, Mrs. sary, than those which already exist; and Bellbouse.—64, Mr. M. Speight, deservedly they rest with perfect security upon the esta. lamented.–71, Mr.J. Woodhead.-22, Mr. blished Magistrates and Police, together C. Warwick. with the Yeomanry, as amply sufficient to At Huddersfield, 78, Mrs. A. Hunt. preserve the tranquillity and good order which At Wakefield, Mr. R. Brice, suddenly.has bitherto always prevailed in this place. 26, Mrs. C. Sidebottom.-Mrs. Street, sud• That they are fully convinced that a very denly.-31, Mrs. H. Bennett, deservedly regreat portion of the dissatisfaction which gretted. pervades the lower orders of society, bas its At Doncaster, 68, Edward Topham, esq. origin principally in the distress under which a magistrate for the North and East Ridings. they labour, and which renders them an easy -At Summergangs, 50, Mrs. A. Taylor. prey to the base schemes of villanous agita. 53, the Rev. N. Bourne, rector of Fingall. tors, by whom they are lamentably deluded. At Cottingham, Mrs. M. Banks.- At Bemp

That this meeting views, with heartfelt ton, 88, Mrs. J. Walmsley:- At Bingley, sorrow, the hitherto unparalleled distress of Charlotte, wife of the Rev. Dr. Hartley the labouring classes, arising from the stag At Pateley Bridge, Mr. A. Dunn, suddenly. pation of trade, and consequent want of em

--The Rev. W. Neesome.-At West End, ployment.

50, Mr. C. Smith, deservedly respected. That they observe, with the utmost con At Crofton Hall, Miss Ricbmal Mangnall, cern, the lamentable decrease of the woollen for nearly 20 years conductress of that highly manufactory, as demonstrated by the recent respectable ladies' academy. The death of returns made at Pontefract Sessions, amount. this accomplished and excellent woman must ing to no less than 2,672,102 yards in the be deplored, as a loss to society, of one of its last year, and that after a year itself depressed brighest ornaments and most useful members. 240,492 yards below the preceding one; The very extraordinary and commanding which make an aggregate of 2,912,594 powers of her mind, were united to a heart yards; at the same time that other branches full of sensibility, warm feelings, and geof the woollen trade, not subject to the nuine piety. Her works are monuments of stamping act, are equally depressed, and her extensive acquirements, which were made many of them much more so, than the by unwearied perseverance, and improved by branches which are included in this return. an excellent judgment. The celebrity which • That under these circumstances of unpa. they have acquired testifies their merit, and ralleled distress, this meeting earnestly im that merit, which is solid and intrinsic, enplore the attention of his Majesty's Ministers sures their merit with posterity. The great and the Legislature of the Country, to the ohject of her life was the welfare of the calamitous situation of this lately flourish- rising generation, and her efforts to enrich ing district, that they may devise, if possible, their minds and form their dispositions, were some remedy for these alarming evils, in never known to decline; and while she was such manner, and by such means, as they, in to all a strict and impartial monitress, she their wisdom, may deem most practicable. did not fail . to secure their perfect.esteem,

Twenty-two prisoners are under confine. and warm though respectful attachment.ment in York Castle, on charges of High Her charities to the poor were unostentatious Treason, arising out of the recent distur but large, not less that one fifth part of her bances at Huddersfield, Barnsley, Grange income being judiciously distributed for their Moor, &c.'

relief. Her attacbment to her friends was Married.) Mr. R. Blasbel, to Miss M. singularly strong and lasting; and those Thompson.—Mr. J. Clappison, to Miss M. feelings of friendship which were so powerful Ward. -Mr. J. Bowden, to Miss H. Riddell, in herself, ber character and manners were all of Hull.—Mr. T. Horncastle, of Hull, to admirably calculated to inspire in others. Miss S. Hill, of Winnington.-Mr. M. Web- She will be lamented as generally as she ster, to Mrs. H. Marsball.-Mr. B. Thomp was known, and with the deepest grief by son, to Miss M. Liversedge.—Mr. T. Sharpe, those who were most intimately acquainted to Miss Blakey.-Mr. J. Cornforth, to Miss with her. F. Woffindale, all of Leeds.-Mr. F. W...

LANCASHIRE. Oates, of Leeds, to Miss M. A. Foster, of At Oldham, the following petition, which Lincoln.-Mr. R. Chambers, of Pontefract, is indicative of the general feelings of both


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parties in this distracted county, describes “That the soldiery, throughout the outrage, recent occurrences, it was immediately and refused to acknowledge any subjection to the spontaneously signed and forwarded to the civil power, and were at last only induced House of Commons :

to return to their barracks, covered with “That your petitioners appear to your Ho- blood, by the command of their officers. nourable House for the redress of a series of. “ That your petitioners bave ascertained military outrages, to which, for some time that upwards of eighteen persons have been past, they have been incessantly exposed, wounded, some so dangerously, that death is from the soldiery now quartered amongst expected speedily to ensue. them. .

“ Your petitioners therefore most earnestly “That on Monday, the 24th of April, the pray your Honourable House, to institute an day appointed for the celebration of the investigation into this most appalling inKing's birth day, a party of soldiers, appa- stance of military ferocity, they being fully rently inflamed with intoxication, without convinced that no personal safety can be provocation attacked several of the towns-hereafter enjoyed in this town, unless signal men of your petitioners, whilst sitting with and exemplary punishment be inflicted on them at a public-house in the Market-place, the perpetrators of this dreadful outrage." and with threats, force, and blows, com At the late Lancaster Quarter Sessions, pelled them to leave the house.

on Thursday week; Paul Caldwell, deputy “ That on the day following, about six constable ; Richard Smith, brazier; Edo'clock in the evening, another party of ward Cooper, attorney; and Joseph Sheldersoldiers, who were quartered at the Bull's mine, maltster, all of Warrington, were tried, Head, a public-house in George-street, in for an assault upon Sir C. Wolseley, in that this town, commenced a desperate and san town on the 25th of October last. Witnesses guinary affray with some of the inhabitants proved the fact, but after a summing up of then present, by thrusting the hat of a young the chairman, they were acquitted. mán into the fire, wberein one of the mili Mr. Cowdroy, editor of the Manchester tary held it until it was entirely consumed; Gazette, and Mr. Evans, proprietor of the at which wanton act of mischief some sur Manchester Observer, have been held to bail, prise having been expressed, another soldier on a charge of libelling the Military. seized the fire-shovel, and with his utmost At the late Manchestar Sessions, there violence struek a young man, named Jona. were 307 prisoners for trial, besides 72 who tban Buckley, over his left eye, thereby in- had been bailed. The total number of priflicting a deep wound, by which he is now soners in the New Bailey was 753. disabled from following bis ordinary occu- Married.--Mr. H. Hallam, to Miss S. M. pation.

Lowe,--Mr.S. Porter, to Miss Cairns.-Ulr. “ That immediately following this most 'R. Horsefield, to Miss Johnson.—Mr. E. savage assuult, the rest of the soldiery pre. Wright, 10 Miss Duffield.-Mr. S. Smith, to sent began with every weapon they could Miss H. Butterworth.-- Mr. E. Payne, to find or make, to beat the remainder of the Miss M. Smith.--Mr. T. D. Thorp, to Miss townsmen; the furniture of the house was M. Dorker: all of Manchester.-Mr.T.Gal. pulled to pieces to provide instruments of ley, of Salford, to Miss M. Smith, of Manoffence, and one lad, your petitioners have chester.John Baron, esq. of Manchester, ascertained, has received two wounds on his to Mrs. Moulson, of Chester.-Mr.C. Coates, face from the blows of a large kitchen poker, of Manchester, to Miss Wood, of Flixton.then heated red with the fire, from which it Mr.C. Hamilton, to Miss E. Webster.c-Mr. had been just drawn for that horrible purpose. J. Boscow, to Miss Marten.--Mr. T. Seed,

“ That whilst the party who had commenced to Miss S. Ashton, of Duke-street : all of Lithe affray were thus engaged, another bodyverpool.--Mr. W. Claxton, of Liverpool, to came down from the barracks, two of whom Miss K. daughter of the late Col. Rann.-bore their muskets, and began to ill-treat Mr. J. Lancaster, of Preston, to Miss M. and assault every passenger; not one being Atkinson, of Whitehaven.-Mr. L. Wilding, allowed to pass without either being cut by to Mrs. Handling, of Bury. their sabres or their bayonets, or beaten with Dicd.)-At Manchester, Mr. G. Bullivant. their bludgeons. In one instance, an old man -- Mr. J. Cawkwell, deservedly respected. pamed Armstrong, returning from bis labour, 49, Mrs. Cottam.- Esther, wife of Mr. Milpe, had one of his ears cut off ; and such was coroner of the Manchester district. Mr. C. the malignant fury by which the soldiery Sandiford. were actuated, that they were observed by At Salford, 77, Mrs. Mary Constantine. the neighbouring inbabitants, who dared not, 39, Mr. W. Bowker. for their lives, to venture forth to rescue the · At Liverpool, in Seel-street, Mr. J. Beech. unhappy sufferers, to cease their violence, In St.James's-street, 57, Mrs. M. Parker.-In only when their victims seemed bereft of Roscommon-street, Everton, 69, William sense and life.

Brade, esq.-In Sweeting-street, Mr.J. Hyde.
“That the deputy constable of the town and - In St. Anne's-street, Mrs. W. Robinson.
some assistants, in vain endeavoured to quell 34, Mr. J. Spender.-In Mill-place, Mr. G.
the tumult, from which they were driven by Bruceton.-In Beau-street, Mrs. Clowes.
the military, after enduring severe personal At Warrington, 66, And, widow of Nathan

Crompton, esq.

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At Shuttleworth-hall, 76, James Haworth, your wisdom, suggest such plans as may eso, one of the Society of Friends --At Stay give employment and food to a most wretched ley-Bridge, 58, Mr. A. Lawion.-At Ather and starving population. In the humble opiton-hall, 68, Mr. Edw. Standish, of Standish. nion of your petitioners, notbing could be -At Walton, Mr. W. Vose.

more productive or beneficial than the sale CHESHIRE.

or general inclosure of waste land, of which A rule has been applied for in the Court there are millions of acres, the cultivation of of King's Bench against the Mayor and which would certainly be the means of emTown Clerk of Chester, for refusing to admit ploying an overplus population of mechanics, to their freedom certain friends of Sir John labourers, &c. wbo are now with their nuEgerton, but refused.

merous families, pining in this · Land of The sentence of death passed on Bruce, Plenty! or supported in our groaning workfor having been concerned with M‘Innis in houses, unpitied, friendless, and forgotten, the shooting of Birch, of which he appeared without even the most distant hope of any to be innocent, has been commuted to trans- amelioration of their unparalleled sufferings, portition for life.

except from the wisdom, patriotism, and. Married.)-Thomas Fluit, jun. esq. to virtue of your Honorable House." Miss Eliza Wrench.--Mr. C. Haddock, to Married.] Mr. J. Burnham, to Miss H. Miss Berrington.-Mr. J. Downie, to Miss Selby.--Mr. Jackson, to Miss M. Johnson: M. Francis : all of Chester.---The Rev. W. all of Nottingham.-Mr. W. Jamson, of Marshall, of Macclesfield, to Miss E. Mars Nottingbam, to Miss A. Crossland, of Newden, of Standishgate, Wigan.

stead Abbey.-Mr. J. Brown, of Newark, to Died.)-At Chester, 55, George Barnard, Miss Cliff, of Flintham.-Mr. Parker, of esq. of Gorstage.--In Duke-street, Mr. T. Farnden, to Miss M. Watson, of Newark.Evans.-77. Mrs. E. Jones.- 82, John Hall The Rev.John Thompson, to Miss Farnsworth, wood, esq. senior alderman of the Corpora both of Eastwood.-John Tylston Pares, esq. tion.-Ac Parkgate, 84, Mr. R. Price.-93,

84 Mr. B. Price, -93. of the New-works, to Miss Mary Burnaby, Mrs. A. Wilkinton.

of Baggrave Hall.-Mr. J. Greasely Lovatt, At Macclesfield, 22, Mr. T. Barlow. of Wilford, to Miss E. Pearson, of Barton. At Stockport, Mrs. S. Johnson.

Died.] At Nottingham, in Canal-street, At Northwich, 44, Henry Widdowson, esq. 35, Mr. W. Richardson, deservedly respected. -83, Mrs. Widdowson.

-24, Miss F. M. Braithwaite.—75, Mrs. M. At Hoole-lodge, the Rev. James Hamil- Gibson, much respected.-25, Mr. J. Shorton, A.M.-At Tarporley, Mr. J. Neward. rock. At Seacombe, 24, Mr. J. Mundell, jun.

At Mansfield, 32, Mr. W. J. Pigot.-50, . DERBYSHIRE.

Mr. T. Watson. Married.)-Mr. Barker, of Derby, to Miss At Worksop, 53, Mr. P. Sissons. M.Jacques, of Sheepshead.-Robert Langdon, At Winthorpe, 27, Miss Holt.-At Cow. of Derby, to Mary Marsh, of Ratcliffe, both of tham, at an advanced age, Mr. R. Kerchevall. the Society of Friends.-Mr. Britt, of Chester. -At Hoverington, 70, Mr. E, Gadsby:-- At field, to Miss Darning, of Sheffield.-'Thomas Ollarton, 76, Mrs. Linch. Wragg, esg. of Belper, to' Miss G. Paddon,

LINCOLNSHIRE. of Bryanstone.-Mr. Hampshire, of Quorn Married.] Mr. T. Hunston Edman, of don, to Miss R. Harrison, of Etwall. Boston, to Misz L. Bennett, of Hallaton.

Died.)-At Derby, 59, Sarah, wife of At Stamford, Ambrose Johnson, esq. of the Thomas Haden, esq.

Manor-house, Thurlby, to Miss C. Moore, of At Belper, 90, Mrs. Johnson.--Mrs. J. Mar- Wisbech.-The Rev. J. Johnson, of Crowle, shall.--At Whitemoor, 77, M.J. Wildsmith. to Miss Brewster of Howden. At Breason, Mr. W. Fowle, late of Notting- Died.) At Grantham, 79, the Rev. Charles ham. At Belper-lawn, 92, Mrs. H. Aston. Gery, rector of Toynton St. Peter's, and NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

· Toynton All Saints. The following irresistible conclusion of a Sir John Trollope, bart. D.C.L. of Casepetition, was lately forwarded by the inha- wick. bitants of Nottingham to the House of Com.

LEICESTER AND RUTLAND.. mons :-“We, therefore, humbly pray you not. A numerously signed petition was lately to doom us to “ beg bitter bread through forwarded to the House of Commons from realms our valour saved," but take into con- Leicester to obtain a repeal of the Wool Act. sideration the fallen and deplorable state of Married.) Mr. J. Dickenson, to Miss M. our country, the abject misery of an indus. Clarke.—Mr. T. Hardy, to Mrs. Griffin : all trious and brave people, who are, at this of Leicester.- Mr. J. Hooke, of Leicester, to moment, suffering every privation possible Miss Farmer, of Birmingham.-vír. T. Ranfor human nature to bear, principally from don, of Loughborough, to Miss 31anning, of the deadly effects of the late Corn Laws; Leicester. which will, if continued, bring destruction Died.) At Leicester, 51, Mr. Threlfall. on all classes, and may endanger the com- Mrs.Knight.--42, Mr.W.Haddon-Mrs. Say. monweal. We, therefore, pray your Hon well, widow of Mr. Alderman S. In Rutnorable House, io repeal laws so replete with land-street, Mrs. S. Worth.--In Belgrave evil, and save, O save our country! or, in gate, at an advanced age, Mrs. Powers.

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