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Justice Park. There were seven prisoners;

YORKSIIRE. one was condemned. .

At the late York Assizes there were ninetyAt Carlisle, Mr. Curwen, Sir James five prisoners for trial ; five for murder, and Grabam, and a Mr. James, on independent the majority for capital offences. At the principles, started for the representation of conclusion, four were condemned. the city. Sir James met with a friendly re. It was expected that there would baye ception by the multitude, who freely can- been no opposition for the representation of vassed his late parliamentary history. Mr. York in Parliament, against Mr. Dundas Curwen avowed the same manly, undisguised and Mr. Wyvill, son of the veteran patrot ; principles, and his speeches were warmly re- but Lord Howden suddenly presented himself ceived. Mr. James promised patriotic efforts. and the usual exertions commenced. The At the final close of the poll, the numbers following is the state at the close of the poll: stood

Dundas . . . . . 1647
Sir James Graham, . . 245

Wyvill . . . . . 1527
J. C. Curwen, Esq ., 239

Howden ... 1201
W. James, Esq . . 146

There was a severe struggle for the repre.
Married, -Mr. A, Foster to Miss J. sentation of Beverley, between Mr. Wharton,
Fearon, both of Carlisle. Mr. T. Scarrow, of the old member, Mr. Fox, of Bramham Park,
Carlisle, to Miss M. Pears, of Brampton. and General Burton. Mr. Wharton delivered
Mr. G. Benson, to Miss D. Slater, both of an excellent speech, expressive of his senti-
Whitehaven. Mr. T. Harker, to Miss menis, and animadversive of the late mea-
Steele: Mr. J. Carlisle, to Mrs. E Makin- sures of government. The numbers were, at
son, all of Workington. Mr. N. Routledge, the conclusion
to Miss S. Graham, born of Penritt. Mr.

Mr. Fox ...... 1037 W. Todd, to Miss M. Wallace: Mr. J.

Mr. Wharton ...... 638 Chapham, to Miss J. Clark : Mr. J. - Mr. Burton

71 Clodsdalé, to Miss M. Robinson: Mr. J. The election for Boroughbridge was sinGradwell, to Miss Robinson: all of Kendal. gular and produced a double return. Two The Rev. J. Gregson, of Wigton, to Miss M. elections were going on at the same time.-A. Messenger, of Overton. Mr. J. Nicholson, Mr. Scott, in the Newcastle interest, bolding of Clea Green, to Miss Farlam. Mr. W. one; apd Mr. Daraborough, in the Lawson Meals, to Miss Evering, both of Embleton. interest, another. At the close of the poll, Mr. B, White, of Embleton, to Miss Jennings, 'the numbers, as announced from the Lawson of Jenkin. Mr. Tomlinson, to Miss Rook, side of the hustings, stood as follows: both of Stanger. Mr. Willock, of Sedgwick, Mr. Spooner ....... 37 to Miss Moor, of Bridge End.

Mr. Lawson Died. -At Carlisle, in Scotch-street, 74,

Captain Mundy ...... 28 Mr. G. Robinson, much respected. Mr. J.

Colonel Dawkins ...... 28 Losh, of the firm of Messrs. Losh and Co. of Married.)-Mr. Waterland, to Miss Hick. Dentonbolme. 74, Mr. G. Robinson, much- Mr. J. Pickard, to Miss A. Arrow. Mr. respected. 37, Mr. E. Robinson. In Ricker- M. Simpson, to Miss E. Thompson Mr. R.

gate, 44, Mrs. E. Gilkerson. At an advanced Hall, to Miss R. Skinner: all of Hull. The · age, Mr. J. Lowes. 87, Mrs. E. Hodgson. Rev. J. Milner, vicar of Appleby, to Miss At Penrith, 40, Mrs. J. Ramsay. 39, Mrs. Crompton, of Hull. Mr. S. Salmon, to Miss. M. Lancaster. 82, Mrs. Colker. At White- S. Goodyear, both of Leeds. Captain H. C. haven, Mr. J. Mounsey, much respected. Russell, of the artillery, to Miss M. A. 87, Mr. W. Atkinson. In Scotch-street, 94, Thorp, of Leeds. Mr. R. Bingant, to Miss Mrs. M. Smith. In Irisb-street, 91, Mrs. F. E. Smith, both of Doncaster. Mr. P. Tigar, Downing. 40, Mr. E. Crossfield, one of the of Beverley, to Miss M. Hardwicke, of AlSociety of Friends. In George-street, 47, lerston. Mr. J. Baker, of Idle, to Mrs. E. Miss A. Parker. In Queen-street, 42, Phillips, of Bradford. Mr. W. 0. Padley, Lieut. Page, R. N. 61. Mr. T. Stevenson. to Miss Savage, of Selby. Geo. Broadrick, At Workington, 64, Mr. J. Piggs.. 44, Mrs. Esq. of Finningley Park, to Miss S, Scott, of F. Mc Grace. At Kendal, 72, Mrs. Walker. Sbincliffe Hall. Mr. J. Wigual, to Miss J. 77, Mr. W. Atkin. 71, Mr. W. Geldard. Williamson, both of Heighley. John Rhodes At Maryport, 61, Mr. A. Wise. At an ad- Ralph, Esq. of Wheatley, to Miss A. Ramsvanced age, Mrs. Clark. Mrs. T. Ashbridge. den, of Halifax. Mr. J. King, of Hemslet, to Mrs. P. Collins, suddenly. At Cockermouth, Mrs. Waddington, of Hunslet-lane. Mr. R. Mrs. C. Romney. 72, Mr. R. Clarkson. Morley, of Hunslet, to Miss A, Harrison, of · 62, Mrs. A. Ferguson. 21, Mr. T. Gorton. Leeds. Mr. W. Foster, to Miss J. Reyner, Lieut.-Col. John Brown, Esq. of the East both of Roystone. Mr. B. Fothergill, to India Company's Service. At Brampton, Miss M. Roger, both of Beeston. 78, Mrs. E. Armstrong. At Barmsion, 73, Died.]-Åt York, 66, Mr. Brown. 77, Robert Colling, Esq. much-respected, one Mr. J. Yeoman. At Hull, Mr. M. M. of the most noted stock-breeders in the North Owston. In Syke's-street, Mrs. Barnard. of England. At Harrington, 66, Mrs. A. 59, Mr. W. Shaw. In Story-street, Mrs. A. Crossthwaite. At Eaglesfield, 88, Mrs. M. Stephenson. 62, Mr. D, Stowe. 48, Mrs.

Bowman. At Winster, Miss Rigg. At Todd. At Leeds, in St. James's-street, at * Newton, 80, Mr. S. Jackson. At Ambleside," an advanced age, Mr. L. Newsome. : In St.

71, Mr. E. Partridge.' At Shap, Mrs. Hen- Peter's-square, Mrs. S. Green. 70, Mr. H. derson, wife of Jobn Henderson, Esq.




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Pickering. Mrs. Wilkinson. In Park-row, all of Liverpool. Mr. T. Morton, of Stock-
Mrs. E. Sigston. 87, Mr. A. Atkinson. In port, to Miss M. Wagstaff, of Heaton
Woodhouse-lane, 54, Mr. P. Land. 28, Mrs. Norris. Mr. E. Perveval, of Rochdale, to
Granger, esteemed. At Sheffield, Mr. B. Miss Orme, of Macclesfield. Captain
Wood. 33, Mr. Hadfield, of the firm of Hansbrow, of the 3d Lancashire militia, to
Messrs. Hadfield and Co. suddenly. At Miss Wilkinson, of Preston. Mr. Lowe, to
Wakefield, Catherine, widow of Benjamin Miss Clarke, both of Warrington. Thomas
Wainwright, M. D. Mrs. C. Smith. Mrs. Lyon, Esq. of Warrington, to Miss Eliza
Fletcher. 32, Miss H. Hatton. 70. Mrs. S. Clayton, of Lostock hall. Mr. W. Miller,
Hartley. 65, Mrs. E. Booth, of Westgate. Miss M. Butcher, both of Toxteth Park.
common. At Huddersfield, 47, Mr. W. Ed. Mr. T. Dickenson, of Formby, to Miss
wards, 79. Mr. Eyre. 65, Mr. S, Fox. At Stockforth, of Barton. Mr. J. Clousdale to
Beverley, Lieut.-Gen. Cheney. At Ponte Miss E. Brathay.
fract, 64, William Perfect, Esq. At Bo. Died.]—At Manchester, in Kennedy-street,
roughbridge, Miss A. F. Sedgwick. At Miss H. Ratcliffe. 82, Mr. W. Shuttleworth,
Ripon, Mr. T. Scruton respected. At Mal- deservedly regretted. 54, Mrs. E. Horsefield.
ton, 46, Mr. Ashton. At Pocklington, Mrs. 53, Mrs. B Knowles. At Salford, in the
Bell. At Tanfield, 94, the Rev. J. Baines, Crescent, Mr. J. Hall, justly respected. In
deservedly lamented. At Wooodlesford, 83, Regent-road, Miss E. Brownbill. At Liver-
William Wilks, Esq. At Croom, Mrs. M. pool, 69, Mr. E. Charles. In Seymour-st.
Swale, mucb-respected. At Acomb, 70, 64, Miss Thomas. In Grenville-street, 89,
Mrs. Taylor. · At Bubwith, 66, Mrs. Chapé Mrs. Reed, In Eccles-street, 73, Mr. W.
lin, much-esteemed. At Knowles, 55, Mrs. Sharrock, 43, Mrs. M. Mullior. In
M. Waterhouse, At South Dalton, 75, Mrs. Slater-street, 33, Mrs. Singleton. Mr.
L. Leake.

R. Handley. In Castle-street, 35, Mr.

H. Wheeler. In Park-lane, 69, Mrs. D. It appears that by the charge of Cavalry Bushell. Mrs. A. Dawson, late of Christianordered on the 16th August, by Mr. HULTON, street. In Rose-place, 61, Mr. F. Davies. the Magistrate, and which he avowed at the In Bold-street, 73, Mrs. A. Robinson. 94, laie York Assizes, EIGHT MEN, TWO WOMEN Mr. Shearer. In Great Nelson-street, North, and a CHILD were KILLED, and about 48, Edward Houghton, esq. At West Derby, five hundred WOUNDED, four hundred and 61, Mr. E. Heighington. At Kersley, 87, fifty of whom have been visited and relieved Mr.J. Jackson, George Burgess, esq. payby the committee of the public subscriptions. master, 2nd Lancashire Militia. At Oldham,

After the greatest exertions by the par- Mr. Robert Lees, father of John Lees, who tisans of all the candidates for the represen- died in consequence of the wounds he received tation of Liverpool, the close of the poll on the 16th of August, the inquest on the body exbibited the following numbers

was adjourned, but never resumed. Aç Wed. Sat. Last Day. Everton, Mr. H. Barrowclough, late of Canning 161 767

1635 Manchester. At Woolton, 79 Mr. J. Swift. Gascoyne 149 708 1532

Crompton 54 296

345 At Chester election four candidates offered Leyland 27 99 . 124 themselves, Lord Belgrave, General Gros

Preston has shewn a considerable portion venor, the late members, Sir John Gray of freedom in the choice of its representa, Egerton, and Mr. Townshend. For some tives. A struggle was almost unknown in elections this city has been noted for the that town; the manufacturing interest had severe struggles of the independent party predominated over every attempt at libertv: to obtain the ascendancy: the Grosvenor but the late election manifested but little interest, notwithstanding the noble parliaof the usual subjection. A considerable mentary conduct, and patriotism of the head, number of the electors invited Mr. Williams, the Earl Grosvenor, lost considerably in the and Mr. H. Hunt offered himself. A contest public opinion in the late election. The ensued almost unparalleled in electioneering General was in imminent personal danger; anpals; at the close of each day there was his carriage was thrown over the Dee bridge, little numerical difference in the state of and himself escaped with difficulty, covered the poll. But at the final close, owing partly with wounds and bruises. to Mr. Hunt's absence at York, the numbers The severest contest ever remembered, were as ander

took place in this city. At the close of Horrocks - - 1902, the poll the numbers wereHornby




. 1127

680 Married.] Mr. A. Brooks, of Salford, to Townshend

604 Miss A. Booth, of Liverpool. Mr. J. Wal- Married.] Mr. Heaton, of Northwich, to worth of Salford, to Miss P. Mostyn, of Miss C. Dod, of Tarvin. Thomas Daulby, Kixton. John Mc Cammon, Esq. 10 Miss e q. of Cawhouse, to Miss L. Youds of M. A. Roper: Mr. A. Loonie, to Miss E. Massey. Perrington: Mr. L. Rigby, tó Miss Jones, Died.) At Chester, Mr. S. Jones. 48, of Lime-st. Mr. T. Wright, to Miss J. Collins : Miss E. Broster. Mr. Noden. At MacclesMONTHųY MAG. No. 338.



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field, 52, Miss Coates. At Nantwhich, 77, lamented. At Sutting Bonington, 60, Mrs
Mr. R. Fox. At Knutsford, Mr. R. Moore. Clarke, At Farnsfield, 23, Mr. G. Komp,
At Congleton, Mr. F. Bostock. At Runcorn, deservedly regretted. At Brooksby-ball,
Mr. J. Smith. At Malpas, 66, Thomas Miss M. A. Clarke. At Rothley, 69, Mr. W.
Poyser, esq. At Dunham, Mr. S. Stringer. Hud.
At Stapleford-hall, Miss M. Palin.


At the Leicester assizes there were 34
· Married] Mr. T. Cooper, of Derby, to prisoners for trial; 4 for two separate
Miss M. Wright, of Osmaston A, N. E. charges of arson, 1 for horse stealing, and
Mosley, esq. of Park-bill, to Miss M. Stables, the others for minor offences.
of Hemsworth. Mr. J. W. Spencer, of At the assizes on the 25th of March, SIR
Ilkiston, to Miss S. Birch, of Idirk Hallam. FRANCIS BURDETT, one of the most univer-
Mr. G. Smith, of Newhouse, to Miss M. Sally popular men that ever lived in this
Smith, of Linton.

nation, was brought to trial, by an ex officio Died.) At Derby, 35, Mrs. F. Moss. In information, before a Leicestersbire Special Roten-row, 64, Mrs. M. Leeke. 61, Mrs. Jury, (of which a Mr. Farnham, of Quorndon, Birchall. Mrs. G. Daniels. 62, Saral, was foreman,) for expressing his opinions widow of Dr. Wright, deservedly regretted. on the dispersion of the people at Manchester, 74, Mrs. Clarke suddenly. At Hathersage, in a letter to the Electors of Westminster. 81, Mr. T. Furniss. At Topton, Mr. J. Sir Francis, in his defence, made a speech Allen Fidler, much respected. At Staveley, which will live in the annals of England. Mrs. W. Swift, justly regretted. At Ash- The Judge, Sir W. D. Best, in his charge borne-hall, Martha Maria, wife of Richard told the jury, that “the Government rested Arkwright, esq. At Duffield, 73, Thomas not on the army, but on the affections of the Saxton, esq. most and justly lamented. At people ; and that more poisonous ingredients Sawley, 51, Mr. L. Taylor.

never were condensed in one paper.” The NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

jury consulted but two minutes, and found Lord Rancliffe having resigned, the repre- a verdict_" guilty of libel ;" to which, by sentation of Nottingham was warmly con- suggestion of the judge, the foreman aftertested by Mr. Birch, Mr. Denman, Mr. Wards agreed might be added « in LeicesterSmith, and Mr. Rolleston. At the close of shire ;' and again, on the same suggestion, a most vigorous poll the numbers stood he consented, that the whole might be onFirst Fifth

Last. tered as a general verdict of “GUILTY." Birch 61

189! If the precise and very circumstantial reDenman 68 835

1891 ports, which bave appeared in respectable Smith. 95 849

1858 newspapers, of what passed at the time Rolleston 95 845 1858, when the verdict of this Special Jury was

This poll proves the firmness and consis- recorded, be correct, then, according to tency of the voters. There was no splitting our notion of the duties of a jury, and the of votes, and no compromising, in which necessary forms of a judicial decision, there interest governed principles, as in London, arose an imperfecticn which seems likely to and many other places. .

render this verdict of no effect. It seems, Married.] Mr. L. Bradley, to Miss Earn that as soon as the foreman could ascertain sbaw. Mr. Şaxty, to Mrs Williamson : all the several opinions of eleven men, he turned of Nottingham. Mr. W. T. Heath, of about and pronounced a verdict “ guilty of Nottingham, to Miss M. Heath, of Russell libel,-ierms to which it would be difficult place, London. Mr. W. Richardson, of to affix any legal interpretation. But on Wilford, to Miss S. Barton, of Nottingham. its being remarked, on the apparent preRichard Hannonpen, esq. of East Retford, to sumption, that the functions of the jury had Miss F. M. Fitszwilliam, of Clixty. Mr.J. terminated, that this verdict decided nothing Bloer, to Miss Challard, of Mansfield. Mr. as to the question of locality, the foreman, D. Ordish, of Burton, to Miss E. Cawkwell, by the same newspaper reports, admitted of Newark. Mr. T. Bedford, of West without apparent consultation, the addition Redford, Mrs. E. Dixon, of Bassingham. of the words“ in Leicestershire ;” and Mr. W. Shipston, of Gamston, to Miss A. then on the judge surmising whether it might Unwin, of Newark.

not be better to enter a general verdict of Died] At Nottingham, 40, Mrs. Hutchin- “ guilty,” it seems the same organ of the son, deservedly regretted. In Castlegate. jury rejoined “ YES,” which monosyllable, 3, Mr. J. Wyer, much respected. In Mill. on the former verdict being considered as street,57, Miss A. Dickason. 37, Mrs. M. withdrawn, seems to constitute, in truth, the Stone. In Hounsgate, 64, Mrs. C. Jepson final verdict of the Jury. It will not be con49, Joseph Russell, esg. of Jamaica, 54, tended, that it was sufficient to record the Mr. C. Greaves,' in Long-row, 36. At word “Guilty ;” because it had been spoken Newark, Mr. W. Beedhan). 23, Mr. T. by the judge, or that any word or words can Ward. 25, Mr. J. Cartledge. 21, Miss be recorded as a verdict, which were not really Aikin. At an advanced age, Mr. M. Rol. delivered as the verdict by the jury. These land. 50, Mr. F. Augans. 83, Mrs. M. observations result from our profound respect Marsball. At Carlton, 70, Mr. R. Aslin for every thing that appertain to trial by At Pleasley, William Pearse, esq.deservedly jury ; and in truth, we consider this point so


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deeply important, in a legal and constitu- markable for the vigorous efforts of the tional sense, that rather than forego the right electors to become free from predominating of having any words recorded as the verdict influence, and of their success in their efforts. of a jury, other than those which they them. At the close of the poll, the numbers stood : selves, have deliberately pronounced, we would

Kinnersley . . . . 491 consent as of minor importance, to the burn

Wilmot . . . . . 377 ing of Magna Charta, and the repealing of

Brown .i . . . 340 the Bill of Rights! At the same time we Mr. Brown intends to appeal against the may he misled by erroneous reports in regard return to the House of Commons. to the fact ; but if our view of the case be At a late meeting of occupiers of land in correct, then without compromising the re- the south part of the county of Stafford, held spect wbich is due to the learned judge, or lately, at Litchfield, to take into considerato the gentlemen of the jury, who, we are tion the depressed state of the agricultural persuaded, acted according to the best of interest and to adopt such measures as may their judgment, it seems to us, that the ver- then be deemed expedient for the alleviation dict, so recorded, cannot and will not be thereof :: - maintained. At the same time we under.

Edward Blount, Esq. in the chair : stand Sir Francis and his coun sel have, It was unanimously resolved, other legal aud technical objections, which T hat it is an acknowledged fact that will be prged at the proper time and place, agriculture is the chief source of the wealth in regard to the evidence of locality, aud of nations, whence it necessarily follows, to some reserved points of informality in that agricultural prosperity, is essential the proceedings. Mr. Serjeant Vaaghan, to the welfare of the country at large.-recorder of Leicester, conducted the case for That a nation is only rich and happy, where the crown.

the demand for labour is equal to the supply, Married.] The Rev. Mr. Roberts, to Miss and that a populous country must be in a Wilson, of High-street, both of Leicester, declining state, when the supply of labour Mr. Thomas Wood, jun. of Leicester, to greatly exceeds the demand. That in the Miss S. Gibson, of Claybrooke hall. Mr. opinion of this Afeeting, the depressed state J Rossell, to Miss M Turner, both of Lough of agriculture is the chief cause of the natiborough. Augustus Hubbard La Fargue, onal distress. That this meeting conceive it to psq. of Padley-hall, to Miss M. M. Watts. be a self-evident truth, that the internal trade Mr. F. Purser, to Miss Smith of Melton Mow. of the country, and the manufactures for bray. Mr. Ellis, of Thurlastone, to Miss C. home consumption, which constitute the Chandler, of Huncote Lodge. Mr. W. Gun- great mass of our commerce, are dependent son, of Birstall, to Miss M. A. Moore, of New on the state of agriculture. If the latter bold hall. Mr. Warı, of Hawson, to Miss J. flourish, the former will prosper; which Atkin, of Halstead. M-W. Mann, of Wy- prosperity, by creating a demand for agrimondham, to Miss S. Henton, of Saxby. cultural products, induces that state of

Died. At Leicester, in the Humberstone- things which constitutes national wealth,
gate, 73, Mr. Cotchett, regretted. In North and which diffuses happiness through the
street, Mr:A. Smith. Mr. J. Hurst, deservedly land. Such was the state of the country
respected. 21, Mrs. J. Capern. 77, Mrs. Ander- for several years previous to 1814. Two
son. At Loughborough, 29, Mr. W. Humber. hundred millions created and returned an-
AMarket Harborough, 71, Mr. Hazeldine, nually from the land, gave to trade, pur-
22, Mr. Mee, 37, Mrs. A. Goddard. At Castle chasers; to manufacturers, orders; to com-
Donington, Mrs. Watson. At Uppingham, merce, a ready vent; it went forth with our
Mrs. T. Hopkins. At Ashby de la Zouch, 82, fleets and armies, and enabled us to bear
Mrs. Lakin. At Melton Mowbray, 25, Miss the pressure of the most extended warfare.

F. Harrison. At Oak ham, 72, Miss Handley. That this meeting is a rare that many per.
one of the Society of Friends,68, Mrs. Gibson. sons engaged in trade and manufactures are
At Blackfordly, 82, Mrs. A. Joyce. At New taught by experience, that their interests
Parks, Mr R Clarke. At Belgrave, 74, Mrs and ours are inseparable ; these we solicit
Waite. At Great Wigston, 38, the Rev W to join us in pursuing such measures, as
Harrison. At Burton Overy, 69, Mr M Exon. will best afford relief to them and to us ;
At Barwell, 67, Mr. M. Frith, much re- the labouring classes have purchased their

experience, and are generally convinced
: At Gazepore, in the East Indies, in June that their advantage consists in procuring
last, aged 18, Ensign E. W. Chamberlin, of, profitable employment ; and that a fair and
the 24th Infantry, only son of Lieut. Col. effectual protection to the farmer, will re-
Chamberlin, of the 8th R. V. B. and grand. lieve them from the distress under which
son of the late Joseph Chamberlin, Esq. they now so severely suffer-Tbat this meet-
of Bulgrave Gate, Leicester; a youth of ing is convinced, that the depressed state of
considerable promise, and highly respected agriculture, and of the trade and manufac.
by his corps.

tures so largely dependent on it, arises from STAFFORDSHIRE.

the situation in which the nation is placed in At Newcastle under Line, three candidates regard to the debt and revenue thereof. started for the representation.--The old Where a revenue of sixty millions is to be members, and Mr. Brown on the independent raised upon a territory so circumscribed, interest. This election is described as re- the greatest proportion of which is derived


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from its agriculture, upon which also the much respected. At Foles hill, 87, the maintenance of the poor and various other Rev. J. Howlet, vicar of All Stretton. buribens are almost exclusively placed ;

IROPSHIRE. it is impossible that a country so circum F or the election to represent Bishop's stanced can compete with the agriculturists Castle, there were four candidates, Mr Dougof other countries, who are comparatively las Kinpaird, Mr. Knight, Mr. Holme and free from such taxation and incumbrances.- Mr. Rogers. Though the election lasted no That we have reason to believe tbat grain more than four days, the contest was most and other agricultural products can be im severe, and a good deal of party invective ported from Russia, from Poland, from the took place. Mr. Kinnaird complained of North of Germany, from the Netherlands, calumny and misrepresentation inserted in and often times from France, at half the price the newspapers. at which it can be grown with profit here. A Mr. Kinnaird announced his intention to free importation, therefore, would reduce the oppose their return produce of land and the value of labour to O n the 13th ult. a crop of oats, growing less than half their actual value; in fact, it upon an enclosure, on Barn White Moor, would bring them down to the standard near Barnley, the property of Mr. W. Shaw, of the poorest nations of the continent, and measuring 50 statute acres, and purchased all property would be depreciated in pro. by that gentleman from the commissioners portion.-But a low rate of value is totally under the enclosure act, in a state of cominconsistent with a high rate of taxation. mon, only three years ago, produced, by pub. To raise as large a revenue with half the lic auction in 43 lots, the sum of 4531.15d. 6d. means, as with the whole, would be impos- averaging near 101. per acre, at the present sible, and national bankruptcy, or some market price of oats, and last year, about subterfuge tantamount thereto would be the seven acres of the same allotment, tried by consequence. That it appears to this meet- ' way of experiment, fetched upon an average ing that a parliamentary enquiry is neces- the same price, and one lot, little more than sary to be immediately made into the cause three roods, sold to three of this gentleman's of the depressed state of the agriculture labourers for £9, produced to them, from the of the united kingdom.

sale of the corn, and straw immediately afterMarried.] Mr. J. Waight, to Miss M. A. wards, 181. ; it is stated, that the above enChamber. Mr. J. Blakemore, to Miss L. R closure was purchased by Mr. Shaw, after Clarke, of Litchfield.

having been put up for public sale for little Died.] At Litchfield, 64, Mr. Harris. At more than 111. per acre, and this improveWolverhampton, 21, Mr. T. Bevan. At ment cost him about the same sum per acrer Cannock, Jane, wife of the Rev. C. Dawes. being 221, for the fee simple in the land, ifthe At Cosely, 78. Mr. W. King. At Bilston, &c. It is calculated that the crops, or the 49, Mr. R. R. Price, deservedly respected next six or eight years, with fav ourable WARWICKSHIRE.

seasons will if possible be better than that The election for Coventry was a severe of the present year, without additional til. struggle betwen the partizans of the con- lage or lime, &c. Near an 100 acres more tending candidates; considerable ebullition of the same description of land, in the imof anger took place, and the city was several mediate neighbourhood, bas within the same times thrown into confusion, none of the short space of time been brought into culticandidates lent their assistance to promote vation by this gentleman, and which is prinit. Mr. Cobbett's high expectations, which he cipally laid down for pasturage, and would had been led into, were not realized; though be equally productive for grain. he had the majority of the popular feeling. Married.) Mr. Bottomley, to Miss Robin

The following is the state of the poll at son, both of Ludlow. Mr. Winnal, to Miss the close.

Dawes, both of Muxton. Mr. T. Sillitoe, of Ellice

1525 Edgmond, to Miss M. Asterley. Mr. G. Moore

1467 'Edwards, of Harley, to Miss S. Jones, of , Cobbett

518 Halton. Married) Mr. J. Stevens, to Miss E Greig. Died) .At Shrewsbury, on Claremont hill. Mr. J. Smith, to Miss Riading, of Prospect Mrs.M.Credie. 85, Mr Tomkies, respected, row, all of Birmingham. Mr. J. Winbrock 84, Mr. Woodburn At Berwick Grove, 27, of Warwick, to Miss J. Horton, of Ivetsy Miss Price, deservedly lamented. 77, Mr J, Bank. The Rev. H. Holden, M. A. to Miss Tipton At Ludlow, Mr P Bates At Bishop's Ann Richards, of Camp bill, near Birming- Castle, Mrs J Drew At Newport, 33, Mr. bam. Capt. Langhorn, R. N. to Miss Amelia Hooper, much respected At Colebrookdale, Shuckburgh, of Shukburgh park.

Mr. J. Boycott At Rytin, 26, Miss M CorDied.) At Birmingham, 54, Mr. R Simister, field. At Lindridge, Mr W Bodenham. At deservedly regretted. In Great Charles street, Great Ness, 50, Robert Edwards, esq. At 91, Mr. Charles Shaw. In Thomas street, Bridgenorth, Mr. E. Williams. 31. Mr. Charles Oliver. In Bull street, 85,

WORCESTERSHIRE. Mr. J. Edwards. In Church street, 69, At the late Worcester Assizes, twentyMr. W. Burt. At Sutton Coldfield, 82, Mrs seven prisoners received sentence of death, Aris. At Coventry, Mr. T. Goodall. At and four were left for execution. Droitwich, Mr. Kynnaston, deservedly la Died.] At Worcester, 68, Mr J Harris. mented. At Colshill, Charles Palmer, esq At the Grove, Mrs Tymbs, wife of Mr T..


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