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to prejudices which they had engrafted in TAE CORPS OF TOE NATIONAL ARMY TO THE the minds of the people. Education, REMAINDER OF THE SPANISH MILITARY. political liberty, and the lights of rea- “ Companions ! the Spanish military hayo sou and philosophy will in due time always been celebrated for their valpur, cause men to leave to God the things fidelity, and constancy under hardships, which are God's.

in short, for all the virtues which characThe principles on which this glorious

terize warriors and heroes. The last war

stirred up against the nation by him who revolution have been undertaken, are set forth in the two following documents. their immortal reputation, and, by their

endeavoured to enslave it, has crowned The address of Don Quiroga, one of achievements, decided the destinies of Euthe Patriot chiefs, to the Spanish troops rope. Spain acquired a noble pride on in Andalusia,

seeing the manful spirit of her children. “ Soldiers ! placed at your head by the So many virtues filled her with the sweetest choice of the officers of the army, I shall hopes; and already sure of throwing off speak to you with that frankness which the yoke of foreigners, she was anxious to ought to exist between companions in arms. secure her future happiness and splendour,

“ Our Spain is on the verge of destruc- by means of a constitution which is the mo. tion, your ruin would be completed by that del of equity, justice, and wisdom. Whilst of the country; you were destined to death, ye were shedding your blood in front of more for the purpose of releasing the go- the enemies' hosts, the fathers, of bein vernment from the dread inspired by your country were raising the sanctuary of the courage, than to make a conquest of the laws, and building their labours on your colonies-a thing which is now become im. immortal sacrifices. Ye swore to guard possible. In the mean time, your families and defend the code they sanctioned in face remained in the most merciless slavery, of the universe. Our country heard and under a tyrannical and arbitrary govern- accepted your vows and oaths, and the peoment which disposes at will of the proper- ple thought themselves arrived at the pin. ties, the existence, and the liberties of the nacle of happiness and glory, on seeing, unhappy Spaniards.

amidst the general approbation and ap. " Soldiers, this government was about to plause, the sweet fruits of all their hard. destroy the nation, and ends by destroying ships. itself.' It was not possible any longer to "We will not now remind you of the endure its sway. On the one hand, violence fatal day on which we saw that monument and weakness, and on the other, only indig- cast down, apparently so lasting. We will nation and contempt were provoked, wbilst not now remind you of that weakness and to render the nation happy the goveroment want of courage, so unworthy of us, which ought to inspire confidence, love, and res. we evinced on that occasion. We, who pect.

had hitherto been the children of our couni “ Soldiers, let us employ for our welfare try, then converted ourselves into the pro, and that of our countrymen, the arms which perty of one single man. Those who had have secured the independence of the na- fought for freedom, then became the instru, tion against the power of Bonaparte ; the ments of oppression. The people, who no enterprize is easy and glorious.- Does there longer beheld us as their supporters, tremexista Spanish soldier wbo will oppose bled at the aspect of the warrior, and our view No! in the very ranks of those viewed him as their scourge. Alas! how whom the government may assemble, you great was our ignominy !-How great was will find brothers who will join us; and if the stain for those who had become the some base born miscreants should dare to envy of the European military! A wrongly turn their arms against you, let them pe understood love of order caused us then to rish as the satellites of tyranny should do, forget oaths so solemn, and stifle feelings unworthy of the name of Spaniards ! we ought openly to have evinced. The

“Soldiers, I depend upon you; you are nation interiorly complained of us; wept the worthy children of the country, justify over our fatal weakness; and this, in fact, yourselves as such, Union and discipline was the crigin of the evils with which we this is what I recommend to you. I shall are now upbraided. have the satisfaction of recompensing those ' “ And what! will you any longer endure who may distinguish themselves: but if any a stigma sp justly merited ? Do not six one forgets bis duty, I shall prove that aụ. years of humiliation and bitterness suffice ? thority has not been confided to me in vain, Are ye not daily seeing the fatal conand that the energy of a government, which sequences of this too extreme fidelity and seeks good, is always superior to that of obedience ?--How shall it dare to manifest despots.

the sentiments by which it was distinguishi" Soldiers, victory awaits ,our banners, ed, if they are stifled by your bayonets? and in ber train the glory and rewards Can ye delight in oppressing that people which the country will lavishly bestow. of whom ye ought to form part? Can ye

" ANTONIO QUIROGA, feast on the inconstant favours of a court, “ General in Chief of the National Army. . purchased with the tears of those whose “ Head Quarters, at San Fernando, Jan. sweat is consecrated to your very subsist5, 1820.

ence: Will ye be insensible to the voice of MONTHLY MAG, No.338.

2 N


the public, who at one time admired you as Corps proceeded to the Palace, and heroes, but who are now astonished on see- were present at the taking of the oath ing you so lost to yourselves?

by the King before the Provisional ** No-Do-such a situation is not one

Junta. The King, afterwards, presented

Tunta The Ring afterwa that becomes the valiant Spanish military. Bi

himself in the balcony, and repeated the We, tired of enslaving ourown nation, have

oath before the assembled people. The raised the cry of freedom, and now invite you to follow so noble an example, and ac- Deputation then returned to the Courtknowledge your error by sacrifices to restore house, where General Ballasteros, and it. Ye, who are our brethren, ought, like all the Corporate Bodies of Madrid, us, to be converted into children of our took the same oath. country, and shed your blood on its behalf, Yesterday, all the carrison in orand should this be necessary. Can any one parade, swore to maintain the Constibesitate between being its children or its

tution. oppressors ? Between being the shield of the

More luminous State Papers never land on which we were born, or continuing

were written ; but till their publication, to enslave it by base meanness? What alternative is left ?

Europe, by means of the Royal and Companions! We are not so devoid of enslaved presses, were made to believe principle as to suppose you do not feel as that these rebels, as they were called, ourselves. Your sentiments are ourswe were intent only on massacre and know it. If hitherto they have not been plunder, few in number, flying before evinced to the world, this has been prevent the slaves of Ferdinand, &c. &c. till at ed by unfortunate circumstances, and by length the Proclamation of the constiperfidious and stupid men, who prefer their own interest to the most sacred calls of

tution in inany parts of Spain on the virtue and nature; who exercise over you

same day, and the following intelligence an influence as lamented as it is fatal to our

dispelled all doubt:country; and intimidate you by language

Madrid, March 8. opposed to reason and the acquirements of The most flattering accounts arrive the age. Do not listen to them, Break here from all quarters, as to the results through a prejudice so degrading to brave of the revolution, before its grand commen. Do not consent any longer to be pletion in the capital. . . governed with such arbitrariness and des The Inauisition has been abolished by potism. Do not consent to let the blood of brave men be disposed of so capriciously.

an express order of Ferdinand, and all Do not consent any longer to soil your

the prisoners and exiles for political names with the ignominy of oppressing

opinions have been recalled. others. Unite with us, and ye will again

When the King resolved to 'adopt become men and true children of glory. the constitution, the Duke of Ipfantado, Join the cause of our country, which will President of the Council of Castile, and lead you with benedictions, when it sees one of those who most contributed to the constitution re-established-this is the establish the despotism, exclaimedobject of all our wishes. Our country's Sire, Your Majesty has saved your. dignity is cast down—it is for us to restore

self by taking thu oath to adopt the

self K. it. Its honor is obscured in the eyes of

constiiution, but as for us, we are all Europe-let us bring it back to its ancient splendour. Let us, in short, secure to it

it lost !'-alluding to the penalties ill

108 civil liberty, and our country will be in- curred by those who advise the overdebted to us for the greatest of all earthly throw of the constitution, and who by benefits.

its 172d. article are properly declared 6As Chief and Organ of the Army, guilty of high treason. (Signed) “ANTONIO QUIROGA.

The King having on the 5th, written “ Head-quarters of San Fernando,

to the different councils, established by 9th Jan. 1820.”

the decree of the preceding evening, Madrid, March 8. .

to present to him without delay their For three evenings past this capital

advice on the measures proper to be has presented the scene of a general

adopted, all these bodies concluded illumination. On the 8th, at noon, General Ballas

for a prompt convocation of the Cortes.

The Council of State was assembled on teros repaired to the Court-house; the

the 6th. and the same wish was expeople called for the re-establishment

pressed by it. of the Municipal Corporation, as it

On the 7tb. in the existed in 1814, under the Cortes. The

morning, a Gazette Extraordinary was

published, to announce the following General immediately returned to the

decree:Palace, and after having taken the

“ My Royal Counciland Council of State King's orders, returned and installed having deliberated on the advantage which that Corporation.

the assembling of the Cortes might produce A Deputation of this new Municipal for the welfare of the monarchy; partici.


pating in their opinion, and finding it con- the prisons of the Inquisition. In the formable to the fundamental laws, the

evening, the King's Palace and the maintenance of which I have sworn, I or whole city were illuminated. His der that the Cortes shall be immediately

Y Majesty walked out on the Prado, and assembled. For this purpose, the council will adopt the measures which it may judge

" was welcomed with enthusiasın. best suited for realizing my intention, and The stone on which is engraven the in order that the legitimate representatives constitution, which was removed in of my people may be heard, after they have 1814, was re-erected in its former posibeen furnished with the necessary powers tion. Joy was general. conformable to these measures. Every Saragossa declared for the constituthing which the general welfare requires tion on the 5th instant. Intelligence being thus granted, they will find me ready from Bayonne states, that Oviedo, the to do what the interest of the state and the capital of Austurias, and Santander, happiness of the people, who have given followed the example of Galicia : the me so many proofs of their loyalty, may require. The Council will give me its opinion

whole kingdom of Murcia has adopted on the doubts which might impede the at

the constitutional system. It appears tainment of this object, in order that neither

that General Freyre could not restrain difficulty and delay may arise in the execu his troops, whose disaffectivo involved tion of the decree.”

him in great difficulties. The same day, at 10 in the evening,

On the 7th inst, the Grand Inquisitor the principal authorities received the received in council a notice, in the following communication, which ap. King's hand-writing, siguifying to him peared in an Extraordinary Gaxetie, that his functions had ceased, and that published at 8 in the morning :

the Inquisition no longer existed, conMadrid, March 8.

formable to the fundamental laws of

the nation. " The King addressed to all the Secretaries of State the following decree:

What is better than all, thousands of " To prevent the delay which might be State Prisoners, who have been cruelly occasioned by the doubts which the Council immured for years in loathsome may experience relative to the execution dungeons, have been restored to their of iny decree of yesterday's date, for the liberty and families. immediate convocation of the Cortes, and The Madrid Gazette extraordinary of the according to the general wish of the peo- 9th inst. contains the following document: ple, I have determined to take the oath to “ Having decided, by a Decree dated the the Constitution promulgated by the Cortes 7th, to swear to maintain the Constitution in the year 1812.”

published at Cadiz by the General and ExThe determination of the King to traordinary Cortes, in the year 1812, I took swear to maintain the constitution, the provisional oath before a Junta ,nominapromulgated by the Cortes in 1812, wasted ad interim, and composed of persons who accelerated by the unexpected defec- enjoy theconfidence of the people, until in the tion of Count de l'Abisbal, who on the presence of the Cortes, which I purpose to

convene, conformably to the aforesaid Con4th. inst. left Madrid at the head of

stitution, I can solemnly ratify my oath in the Imperial Regiment Alexander,

the form it prescribes. charged to escort a convoy destined

The individuals appointed to compose for General Freyre, who was opposed this Junta, areto the insurgents of Andalusia. On Cardinal de Bourbon, Archbishop of Toquitting the King, he kissed his Majes- ledo, President. ty's hand, and protested that he would Lieut.-General Don Francis Ballasteros, shed the last drop of his blood in bis

Vice President. : Sovereign's cause. But on arriving at

The Bishop of Valladolid de Mechoacan.

Don Manuel Abud y Queiro. Ocana, only 10 leagues from Madrid,

Don Manuel Lardizabel. he proclaimed the constitution, and

Don Matteo Valdemoros. was joined by a regiment of cavalry in

Don Vicente Sancho. that town. General Ballasteros has Count de Taboada. been named by the King Governor of Don Francis Crespo de Tejada. the capital. It is said that his Majesty Don Bernardo Tarrien. And dispatched a courier to Valladolid, to Don Ignacio Pezuela. . which place the General had been

All measures which emanate from the Gobanished, to require his services. He vernment until the Constitutional installaentered upon his functions on the 8th,

tion of the Cortes shall be submitted to this

Junta, and promulgated with its concurwhen all those who were in confine

rence. ment for political offences were libe- . “ The authorities in all parts of our king, rated, as were also those confined in dom, where these presents shall be commu


· In Burton-Creseent, Mr.James White,for between Great Britain und Ireland, printed many years one of the LondonAgents of the in Dublin, 1798. Mr. Cooke, while in different Provincial N-wspapers. He was Ireland, married a daughter of Colonel the author of a very witty and ingenious Ham Gorges with whom he had a good work, called “ Falstaff's Letters," pub. fortune. He is supposed to bave been the lished soon after the detection of the Shak- author of many anonymous pieces, written sperean Forgery.

in defence of the Irish administration. He At the Hotwells, aged 56, Mrs. Price, was after the Union for many years under widow of the late Meredith Price, esg. of Secretary of State for the foreign depart. Lincoln's lon Fields,

ment, and much in the confidence of Lord At Knightsbridge, 83, Michael Under. Castlereagh, but from this post he has wood, M.D. Licentiate in Midwifery of the lately retired. Since which he went on Royal College of Physicians in London, a private mission to the continent, said to and the Senior Physician to the British have been io her Royal Highness the Lying-in Hospital.

Princess of Wales, now Queen of Great At her house, in Southampton-street, Britain. Camberwell, 87, Mrs. Sarah Brayfielil, At Stoke Newington, 42, Edmund Aikir, widow, leaving an only son to deplore esq. an ingenious architeci, son of Dr. Jobn the loss of an affectionate parent. She was Aikin, of that place. hospitable and charitable, and sincerely At Dulwich, 67, John Bowles, esg. He regretted by all who knew her. She was was the son of a print seller in St. Paul's a lineal descendant on the paternal side; Church Yard, and educated for the bar, from the celebrated bresbyter the Rev. to which he was called; but the bar not Luke Milbourn.

proving to him a very lucrative employ, At Blackheath, 46, universally respected. he next began to write on the side of and lamented, Robert Scott, esq. of Shen- government. His first work was in 1791, cliff Hall, in the County of Durham.

Considerations on the Rights of Judge At the great age of 92, The Right and Jury in Trials for Libel.” Then, Honourable Asheton Curzon, Viscount “ Letter to Mr. Fox on bis Late Motion Curzon. His lordship was a junior of the in the House of Commons, Respecting Scarsdale family, born in 1729, and edu- Libel, 1791 " "A Second Letter’s on cated at Oxford, where he took the degree the same subject. 6 Brief Deductions from of L.L.D. in 1754. He was long a meniber the First Principles, Applying to Matters of the House of Commons, and sat for the of Libel. 1753.” In all these he took the borough of Clitheroe, as his son did after opposed to liberty. In 1753, he published him ; of which borough he had half the the “ Rcal Grounds of the Present War property. In 1794, he was called up to with France ;” and “ A Short Answer in the House of Peers, by the title of Baron the Declarations of the Persons Calling Curzon of Pen, in the Coulty of Bucks, Themselves Friends of the Liberty of the and in 1802, was created Viscount Curzon. Press.” “ Dialogue on the Rights of BriHe has been three times married, first, to tons," 1793. 6 Reflections Submitted to Esther, the daughter of W. Harmer, esq. the Consideration of the Combined by whom he had a son, who married the Powers,'' 1794. " Further Reflections," present baroness Howe, and whose son 1795. “ Thoughts on a Premature Peace.” will succeed to the two peerages of Curzon 6 Thoughts on the Origin and Formation and Howe. In 1766, he married Dorothy, of Literary Instructions.”. But the work sister of the first Earl Grosvenor, by whom which made most noise, and was most he has issue. His third wife was the sister applauded by ministerial adherents, was a of Sir W. Meredith, who died without issue “Protest against Paine's Rigbts of Man," in 1904. He is succeeded in his title of which, by the tools of the minister, was held Curzon, by his grandson, George Augustus. forth as superior to Mr. Burke's celebra

Iu Park-lane, E. Cooke, esq. late under ted Reflections, &c. Two Letters addressed Sec.of State. He was educated at Eton, and to a “ British Merchant, 1796.” “A third at King's College, Cambridge. About the Letter, 1798.” Soon after, this literary hero year 1778, he aceepted the situation of made an attack op Mr. Erskine's View of private secretary to the late Sir Richard the causes and consequences of the war, Haron, chief secretary of Ireland. Dur. under the tile of “French Aggression ing the duke of Rutland's administration proved." In 1795, he sent forth “Retroshe was appointed to the lucrative office of pect of a Collection of Tracts, published chief clerk of the Irish House of Commons, at various periods of the War.” “ Reflec. and a keeper of the Irish parliamentary tions on the state of Society, at the close of records. În 1789, he became secretary to the Eighteenth Century.” “ A Supplement, the military department in Ireland, and 1801." In short, John was the literary was removed from that office by Lord Fitz drudge os administra:ion,and was rewarded william. Earl Camden nomipated him by the appointment of a Commissioner of secretary to the civil department, which Bankrupts, and of one of the Commishe held until the Union. On this occasion sioners for the sale of Dutch prizes, of he commenced author, and published which he knew how to make a very lucra. “Arguments for and against an Union tive employment. On the death of the late Duke of Bedford, he thought proper Manners.”_" Thoughts on the General to attack the moral character of that dis- Election, 1802.”_" The salutary effects of tinguished nobleman, in which he was Vigour exemplified in the Nottingham well exposed by Mr. Eden. His other Act.” With various other pamphlets, all works are :-“Reflections on the state of breathing the same pure spirit of toryism, Morals at the beginning of the 15th Cen- and perhaps it may be said of John Bowles, tury.”_"Reflections on the conclusion of that he never wrote a line in favor of the theWar.”—“Reflections on Moderu Female liberties of his country.


With all the Marriages and Deaths.

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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. . and Mr. Wharton, of the treasury, supported MEETING of the county of Northums by the late Fane, now Stewart, interest, took

berland was lately held at Morpeth, fo place. Mr. Powlett was unopposed. The the purpose of addressing his Maje:ty on the numbers at the close of the poll stood as demise of the late King. The Duke of follows :Northumberland moved the address, which Lambton

1731 was seconded, in an eloquent speech, by Earl Powlett

1136 Grey, and carried unanimously. Other coun


874 ties and towns have done the same. The Murried.)-Mr. W. G. Thompson, to Miss Gazette has been filled with them.

D, Seagar : Mr. J. Robson, to Miss J. James : On the 24th of February, Mr. Justice Bay. all of Newcastle. Mr. T. Wilkinson, ley opened the first Spring Assize for the to Miss E. Hall : both of Durham. Mr. R. county of Northumberland. There were nine Dodds, of Cullercoats, to Mrs. B. Taylor, of prisoners, and three received sentence of North Shields. Mr. W. Coates to Miss M. death.

Walton, both of Sunderland. Mr. R. Pilter, At the Newcastle Assizes there were four- of Monk wearmouth, to Miss E. Gaines, of teen prisoners; three were sentenced to be Sunderland. Mr. J. Gardener, of New Lambtransported for seven years.

ton, to Miss M. Mowbray, of Wapping, The following singular advertisement, London. Mr.G. D. Armstrong, of Skelton, headed Advertisement Extraordinary, lately to Miss Thompson, of Catterlain. At Jarrow, appeared in a Newcastle paper :-Laiely Mr. Waldeck, to Mrs. Fisher. Mr. J. Matpublished, and may be had at the depository, thewson, of Chatershaugh, to Miss M. Byerin Mosley-street, (gratis) “a list of twelve ley, of Bearl. members,” intended for the new committee Died.] -At Newcastle, in Deanstreet, 65, of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Mr. J. Robson. In Galloway-gate, 49, Mrs. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, containing six clergy. H. Arundale, deservedly regretted. In Midmen, of true, genuine, and oxthodox princi. dle-street, Mr. W. Hind, much-respected. ples, established according to “ The Con- In Darn Crook, 60, Mrs. J. Forsyth. In fession of Faith," " Wesley's Primitive Phy- Prince's-street, 85, Mrs. Henderson. 70, Mrs. sic,” and “The Cloud of Witnesses," made A. Cleugh, in Percy-street. 75, Mrs. E. Hall. before “ The Assembly of Divines" brought In Cumberland-row, $3, Mrs. R. Crawford. forth at the last monthly meeting of the said 74, Mrs. Hewitt, respected. At Gateshead, society, by the various very active saints, Miss Richardson. 78, Mr. W. Paton. At who are desirous of getting their evangelical Sunderland, 81, Mrs. L. Sanderson, widow of friends into power, in order to destroy all the the Rev. W. Sanderson, of Morpeth. At immoral and abominable works now on the Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Marshall, much-re. shelves of the society, written by Gibbon, gretted. Miss J. Arthur. At Stockton, 36, Hume, Byron, Voltaire, Rousseau, &c. Mrs. M. Gibson. At Alnwick, 61, Mrs. M.

“ N. B. Resolved unanimously, by the Snowdon. At Harbottle, 82, Mrs. B. Burns. members of the proposed committee, at a late At Little Lumley, 82, Mr. . J. Snerraton. meeting, as a pledge of their good and serious At Bels ay Barn, 40, Mrs. M. Hindmarsh. intentions, (provided they get into power,) At Mount Moor, 94, Mr. Stobart. At My"That the present licentious periodical pub- domsley, Mrs. J. Surtees, much-respected. lications ordered for the society shall be su. At Edmondbyers, 73, Mr. T. Barker. perseded by the Methodist Magazine, the CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Arminian Magazine, the Evangelical Ma- Mr. Brougham, one of the most enlightgazine, the Gospel Magazine, the Congrega ened political characters of his age, has again tional Magazine, the Theological Maga. tried the independent interest of Cumberland zine, the Christian Remembrancer, the Chris. · against the leviathan of the north, but on tian Instructor, the Christian Guardian, the the seventh day the numbers were · Christian Observer, and the Christian Maga Lord Lowther

1530 · zine.” This originated from a majority of Col. Lowther

1512 the members of the public library refusing to Mr. Brougham

1394 incorporate “ Don Juan" in their library. when the latter resigned.

A warm contest for the representation of The new commission for holding assize for the county of Durham, between Mr. Lambton, · Cumberland, was opened lately. by Mr.


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