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which, when inverted with the mouth as the acid soon weakens by attracting open, nothing will drop, and yet the match water from the air, it is better to use a kindles on being thrust in quite to the bot. phial of the acid in the liquid state. A tom. The truth is, these bottles contain a few drops answer the purpose ; and, when little amianthus moistened with sulphuric this is weakened, it is easily renewed, acid, which thus kindles the match; but,


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Feb. 25. Cocoa, W. I. common £3 10 0 to 4

63 10 0 10 4 0 O per cwt. Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 4 0 0 - 5 8 0 5 0 0 5 12 0 ditto -, tine , 7 1 0

6 9 0 – 700 ditio. , Mocha . 6 15 0

5 0 6 6 0 - 6 15 () per cwt, Cotton, W. 1. common. 0 0 8

0011 ) 11 per lb. , Demerara .. 0 1 2 0 1 5 0 1 1 0 1 5 ditto. Currants . . . . . 5 2 0

5 40 5 2 0 - À 4 0 per cwt. Figs, Turkey . 1 8

1 10 0 1 10 0 - 200 ditto. Flax, Riga .

68 0 0 61 0 0 62 0 0 per ton. Hemp, Riga Rhine 47 10 0 48 0 0 47 10 0 - 48 0 0 ditto. Hops, new, Pockets 3 15 0

4 15 0

3 15 0 - 4 10 () per cut. - Sussex, do. 3 5 0 3 16 0 3 10 0 - 400) ditto. Iron, Britishi, Bars. 12 10 - 13 0 0 12 10 0 - 13 0 0 per ton. - , Pigs . 8 10

9 0 0 8 10 ( 90 e ditto. Oil, Lucca . . . . 10

11 0 () 10 0 0 11 OO per gall. - Galipoli . . 74

76 0 0

77 ( 0 per ton. Rags .

0 0 0 2 2 0 - 0 0 0 per cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new 4

5 0 0

5 0 0 ditto. Rice, Patna kind ( 11 ()

0 13

1 2 ( ditto. - East India . 0 9 0 - 0 10 0 0 10

() 1+ 0 ditto. Silk, China, raw . 1 5 0 - 1 8 11

1 8 11 per Ib. - , Bengal, skein . 1 0 0 1 0 5

1 0 5 ditto. Spices, Cinnamon , 0 9 2 - 0 9 4

0 9 3 per Ib. Cloves . . 0

0 3 9 0 0 0 ditt Nutmegs , 0 4 9 0 4 10

4 100 ditto. , Pepper, black 0 0 61- 0 0 6

0 0 6 ditto. , white 0 0 7 0 0 9 0 0 7 0 0 9° ditto. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac o 5 % - 0 5 9 0 3 8 - 0 4 3 per gal. -, Geneva Hollands ( 2 6

0 2 9 0 3 0 ditto. -, Rum, Jamaica 0 0 0

0 3 5 0 1 3 ditto. Sugar, brown . . . 2 17 0

2 16 0 % 19 O per cwt. , Jamaica, fine . 3 15 0

3 15 0) - 4 0 0 per cwt. - , East India, brown 1 2 0

6 0

1 2 () 1 7 0 ditto. , lump, fine . 4 17 0 - 6 () 4 12 0 - 5 5 0 ditto. Tallow, town-melted 3 2 0 0 0 0 3 10 0 - 0 0 0 per cwt.

-, Russia, yellow 2 13 6 - 0 0 0 2 15 6 - 2 190 ditto. Tca, Bolia . . 0 1 115 - () 2 0 0 2 2 - 0 2 3 per lb. ~, Hyson, best . 0 5 10 – () 6 0 0 h 10 - () 6 ( ditto. Wine, Madeira, old 62 0 0 - 95 00 62 0 0 - 95 0 () per pipe. , Port, old . 45 0 0 - 55 0.

0 4 0 () () - 55 0 () ditto. , Sherry

20 0 () - 60 0 0 20 0 0 - 55 0 (per butt. Premiums of Insurance.Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. 9d.- Cork or Dublin, 15s.-Belfast, 20s.-Hambro', 15s. 9d.-Madeira, 254.–Jamaica, 30s.-Greenlaud, out and home, 8g.

Course of Exchange, Feb. 25.--Amsterdam, 12.-Hamburgh, 36 4.- Paris, 25 50.Leghorn, 47.-Lisbon, 51.-Dublin, 10 per cent.

At Messrs. Wolfe and Edmonds' Canal Office, Change Alley, Cornhill.-Grand Junction CANAL shares sell for 2151. per 1001. share.-Birmingham, div. 5351.-Coventry, 999.Leeds and Liverpool, 3001.---Trent and Mersey, 18001.--East India Dock, 1651. per share.- West India, 1751.---The Strand BRIDGE, 51.--West Middlesex WATER. WORKS, 4:01.--Gas Light COMPANY, 60).

The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 25th, was 68}; S per. cent. consols, 68; 4 per cent. Consols, 87; 5 per cent. navy; 1035.

Gold in bårs 31. 175. 101d. per oz.--New doubloons 31. 14s. 60.--Silver in bars 5s. 2d.

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20th of Jan. and the 20th of Feb. 1820: extracted from the London Gazettes.


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The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses ARMISTEAD W Soyland, York, worted spinner

( Wiglerworth, L. Bunyer Whettone. dealer. (Weftern, L. Briant, W Kennington, wine merchant. [Clarke Buer W Greenwich, butcher [Barker Brown W A Wentworth place, Mile End, brewer,

(Bennett Buck J Arundel ftreet. Strand, Aationer, (Watson Boustead N N Devonshire Areet Queen square (Fimer Brander J and J Barclay, Size lane, merchants. (Hackett Balme J Gomerfal, woolata pler, (Evans, L. Reale R. Aliringhani, flour dealer, (Wright, L, Beckwith C Preston, draper. (Shaw, L. Brooke J Huddersfield, tanner (Clarke, L. Bolingbroke A Great Yarmouth, merchant. (Swain, L. Bennett SA Worship Areet, Shureditch, coach manufac.

turer. Stratton Brown Bridge road, Lambeth, tallow chandler.

(Bowden, L. Bowler w and J Warburton, Cattle Areet, Borough, hat

manufacturers. (Phipps Balley J London Wall, coach maker. (Parnell Beacon H Weft Camel, Somerset, maltter. (Brundrett, L. Collier T Newport, Shropshire, liquor merchant, (Baxter

and cu, london Cowell S Sution at Hore, Dartford millar. (Tiffon

and co, london Clarke je trayton, Warwickshire, dealer. (Adisngton

and co, london Chubb c Porsea, ironmonger (Minchin, L. Crerer W Baldwyn freet, City road, giocer. (Brough Clarke R Newport, Ille of Wight, brewer. [Allan, L, Clarke F Leicefter, boot maker. (Taylor, L. Carnes W Canal road, Bermondsey, rope maker.

(Townfon, london Cartell M Vilvertull, Warwick, meal man. (Collett, L, Chance J Worcester, mialthier. Edinonds, L. Carrington S Athborne, merier. (Barber, L. Chapman R Beccles, Suffolk, iron founder. (Bromley, L. Button S and Dun, Livrpool, inerchants. (Adling on

and co. london Dickins E Eynsford, Kent, draper (Carter, L. Dipper F Worcester, filk niercer (Edmunds, L. Davies w Caerphilley, Glarnorganshire, woolen manufue.

turer. (Blunt, L. Pawfon E Birmingham. victualler. (Egerton, L. Darul A fei). Greenwich, plumber. (Gregfon, L. Devlin M Great Wild street, Lincoln's Inn fields, coal mer

chant. (Richardson Dundas J Carline, cattle dealer. Moussey, L. Dye 5 Norwich, grocer (Guodwin Don G Inton, Kell, butcher. {EgAn, L. Dyball D White Horse Tavern. Fetter lane. (Arundell, L, Indicott J fen). Exeter, builder. Brutton. L. Elliott H Chippe nain. Wits, clothier. (Bourdillon, L. powle R Blandford, draper. (Bingly, L. Fulijames A Greenhiihe, backer. (Yatman, L Yux W Exchange buildings, ftock broker. (Brooks and

co. london Ford G Oxtora ftreet, filversmith. (Tucker Freamer T Worcester, cabinet maker and upholtterer.

Cardale and co, L.
Farrington I Liverpool, inerchant. (Mafon, L.

ullarton J Manchester, fadler Wright. La
Tarmer J Skinner ftreet, victuallcr (Dacie
Ford E Lime Atreet, wo merchant. Young
God roy 5 Leman ftreet, hardwareman, (Hutchinson
Greenbidwell, Exeter, wine inerchant. (Young, L.
Giles D Syford Berks, mealman (Nelfun, L.
Greenland E Old Kent road, Surrey, carpenter.

(Giynes, london Gallant w Leaderhall Market, finmonger, (Jack on Green T Liverpool, aucti neer, (Blackfock and co, L. Gribbell N and M Hel zer, Eaft Stonehouse, builders,

Young, london Gundry T and J Gundry, Goldfithney, Cornwall, mer

chants. (Fuliett, io dou) Gibson Whitehaven, Cuniberland, butcher. (Arm.

Atrong, undon Gregfon i Ormikirk, Lancaker, vintner (Black

tock, london Gee N Lenton Nottinghamshire, lace manufacturer.

1 Taylor, london Geddes Gst oinness, Orkneyshire, merchant. [Croft, L. Hasildon W Milton. (Gwynn, L. Harper J Edgware road, cowketper. (Mertineau

and co. Hill J BriAol, Atraw hat manufacturer, Dix. L. Hayward P Delanore, Romford, auctioneer. (Clare

and co, luncion Haffnei M Canon Breet, St. George's, carpenter. [West Hughes ) and J Clarke's Liverpoo', process (Clarke, L. Hannah's fiverpool, bujicer i Wilson Hayton JW Greenfiel. Fiint, and N D Leasinby, Lon

don, wire manufacturers, [Edmonds, L. Harris W Strand, itoc inaker, (Hall Hobby B Redbridge, Hampmirc, cual and inber merchant.

(Brem.idet, loncun Holroyd J Horton Yurk, calico manufacturer. (Net

tic'old, london Hutchintos E Nuttigham, cor fetioner. (Taylor, L. Henley W Holywealitreet, Bik Mircer, (Jacob Jones w Eat Cheap, wiste merchant, [Richarafon, L.

Johnfon ! Llandaff, thopkeeper (Pearson, L.
Junton R Francis ftreet, Tottenham Court road, watch

maker, (Brook Jardine J c Sheffield, draper. (Cupes, L. Jones w. jun. Burfcough, Lancaster, innkeeper. [Galkell.

Wigan Kennard C Hafting3, tailor Bartlett, L, King F Ricbara Atreet, Commercial road, victualler.

(Glynes Knight Fore ftreet, cheesemonger. (Oriel Ledwick N R College hill, merchant, (Knaggs, L. Lank wurthy E Cannon Areet. packer (Games Lynch M Church itreet, Spitalhelds, filk manufacturer

[Webster Levyfun M Calcutta, merchant, [Poole, L, Lawton T and 5 Roe. Staylsy Bridge, Lancaster, machino

makers. (Milne, L. Liptham T St, James's ftreet, Weftminster, confectioner,

(Pither Le Chevalier T Wooton under Edge, Gloucester, brewer.

Price, L. Lecand B L Great Prescot Etreet, Goodman's fields, carver

and gilder, (Sheffield Miliard, Gloucetter, linen draper. (Beckett, L, Malks W St Michael, Woreefer, carver and gilder. (Jones

and co. london Maund J New Areet, Covent garden, mercer. (Knicht Morning w Heybridge, Efiex, brewer, Barns, L. Merriman w' H New Bond ftrett, maer mariner.

[Korsey and co london M'Lean J Lamb freet, Spitalfields, potatoe merchant

Ba'no Martin P Little Harrowden, Northampton, baker,

(Bridges, london Millard I Minories, bellows maker. Cocheyne Medcroft J Lambs Conduit treet. Jeweller. [Boxer Nightingale ) Houden, York mire, COTA factor.

(Lowndes, london Norris L Ramsgate, grocer. [Bowden, L, Napier T Hurit Mill, Wilts, mealman. [Netther sole, L, Noriter C Grimsbury, Northampton, tanner. (Clarke, L. Norris W Romfey, Southampton, tiinber merchant,

[Gilbank, london Oafler R Horsforth, York, dry falcer. (Treutle and co. Le O'Neill) Newcait le street, Strand, wine merchant.

(Tomlinton Owens J Kington, Hereford hire, ironmonger, [Pligh, L. Powles M Ross, Herstord fhire, meaiman, Bridges

and co. Panting F Charlotte street, Saint Pancrass, cabinet

maker Piercey H BrighthelmRone, suffex, grocer. (Michell, k. l'each D Camberwell, merchant, Bovill, L. Pearson J Beelton Royces, Yorkfhire, clothier. (MA

kinton.londur Polter y Albourn, Derbyshire, dealer (Black, L. Patrick L Liverpool, giin maker. (Toling. L. Palmore J warp ford court, Throgmorton street, thip

owner, (Biackford Peregrine H C Hakin, Pembrokeshire, Thopkeeper.

(Chilton, london Phillips L and High Holborn, glass dealer (Cuppage Perry T fen, Bodicote, Oxford, wur feryman. (Lowndes. L. Patrick TC Auttin Friars, infurance broker. (Wiltshire Rutledge FW Lucas ftreet. Commercial road, corn dealer

[Abbot Read C Brabant court, merchant, (Sweet and co. Roscue W J Clarke, and WS Roscoe, Liverpool, bankers,

[Staniftreet Rutherford J Newcalle upon Tyne, woollen draper.

Bell L, Raine T Bear Greet, Leicetter felds, whole fale perfumet.

( Wall Richardson J Liverpool, merchant. [Taylor, L. Richmond 1 Nottingham, grocery (Jennings, L, Robeits J Leeds, woolfapier (Lambert, L, Rabbeth w Red Lion, pallage, Red Lion Square, potatoe

merchant. (Price and co. Riley J Leicester, grocer. (James, L. Rittons Carlife, tallow chandler. Drake, L, Smith T T Ramsden, Cray, Eflex, butcher [Milne

and co. london Swan w New road, Commercial road, maltter. (Butler Shuttle worth l' Ipswich, linea draper [Shaw, L, Simpson A St. S within's lane, merchant. [Patterson, L. Spencer s Cumming street, Pentonville, bricklayer. [Knight

and co, london Serjeant I Great Warner Atreet, Clerkenwell, brewer.

(Rufell and son Spence T Maryland point, Efex, dealer. [Weft. I. Stevenson J Broad ftreet, Bloomsbury, corn chandler

(Palsgrave Skinner j Sharp's buildings, Rosemary lane, flopfeller,

[Mills Stevens J Cherryinton, Cambridge, gardener. (Smith, L, Steward Kington upon Hull, wine merchant. [Wat.

kins, london Shuttleworth J and T Stevens, Torkington, dealers'

[Wiglesworth, london Saville smith. Stayley, Chefter, cotton Spinner. [Brun

drett, london Shaw ) Mickiehurit, Chefter, clothier, [Battye, L, Tsaid ws Button, Sunbury, and T Adkin, Colchester,

millers. (Wiglesworth and co, L,. Thompson) Manchetter, bookseller, [Hutchinson and

co. london Taylor T Preito, grocer, [Norris, L,


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Thomas B B Plymouth Dock, beer brewer, (Darke, L. Wire 1 Colchetes, grocery focbes. Liste
Tyler Petworth, Sufle fpirir merchant, (wi Walton & Wood ftreet. Curapride, hufieri Hayward
liams, london

Weite WPTooley Areet, hat manufacturer (caspentor
Tipping T Warrington, Lancafter, miller, [Marog, L. Wrathellcc Lancafer, dealer in cixas. [Bell and co, L.
Todd A Catherine Atreet, Tower, merchant. [Clarke Wait Rullell place, Fitzroy Square, surgeon, (Phillips
Turner N J Tower ftreet, merchant. [Doughty

Winterbottom J Manchester, druggift, (Milne, L, Taylor J Moreton in Marsh, Gloucelter, wine merchant, Windealt R Bridgetown, Devon, woollen manufacturer (Mafon, london

[ Darke, london Wilroi w Rotherhithe, corn factor, (Towers

Wornell w Downton Wilts, linen draper, Lenkins, L,
Watfon J and J Friday ftreet, warehousemen (Wilde Writon R Birmingham. merchant (clark, L.
wood J Nottingham, hofier, i (Baxter and co.

Waiker jun, Albridge, Sommerfer, brewer i Pain L
Worthington J Warton, Lancashire, coal merchant, Wellern) Tercerden, Kent, printer Dyne L
(Norris, london

Wilfom R Vauxhall linen draper (Phillips L
Waters J Eait lane, Bermondsey, victualler, [Hutch Wiliams B Birmingham, chemist (Egerton L

Wilkinson c Wormwoud ireet tea dealer (Wild
Warrel w Liverpool, merchant, [Blackftock and co, L, Williams crowland, Lincolu. grucer [Bromridge, L
Whitley J Bingley, Yorkshire, worited fpinner, Few
and co.

Aircnck E Abiogton
Farmer, J Ashbourue

Ritchie, J, J Moffatt, and RP Mecklena
Anderfon M Southampton
Felton, R Lawrence Pointney.lane

burg, Liverpool
Asm.tags J Wakefield
Fielder, R renterden, Kent

Read, E, and t Baker, Great Rusoestimet
Adcock E Birmingham

Gammon, W, N Benjamin, and J Berthon, Ritchie, W Finsbury-square
Allard W Birmingham


Renton, W Hoxton-fiel de
Acland T fen. Greenwich
George, J North Audley-street

Randall, W Leeds
Amos J and c Surherland St Helen's George, J and C B George, Bedford-street, Rimmer, J Liverpool


Ranyard, J Stickney
Auftin j alderfgate street,
Gardner, J Newcastle-under-Lyne

Read, A Lower Grisvenor-street
Ballmer J city chambers Bishopsgate Grice, W Foresham, Chester

Rumford, RW Bartholomew-lane
Gibbons, B juu. and T Stokes, Sta

ford Robinson, C Spalding
Brown H charles Atreet, Wenminster Goring, T Staines

Roberts, & Coburg-road, Kent-road
Brown W Eatt Retfurd'

Holmes, T, J Harris, and JD English, Rivers, H Ivybridge, Devonshire
Barlow JH Vere Atreet, Oxford


Rains, JS Wapping-wall
Arect .

Harris, R Wood street, Spitalfielde Robinson, T and Ss, Freeman's court
Bird HM and B Savage Jeffery's
Howitt, J St. Martin's-larie


Hagdom, JPH Old Broad-street Ruffy, SD Paternoster-row, Spitalfiabile
Bayley Pitrea Eflex
Hoyland, J Knottingley, York

Reay, J Mark-lage
Brammer c Woodhouse York
Harris, J Hasselor

Randall, R Coleman-street
Boot K Artillery place
Hayes, M Liverpool

Sharpe, C Poultry
Brice w Brittol

Haddingham, M hing-street, West Sunith. Swan, R Gainsborough
Brook Thank A and A Moody Ber. tield

Smart, J Kingspate-street
Hill, W Birmingham

Stalker, D, AD Welch, a d w Milburn,
Bishop D Great Surry Atreet
Heath, H Isling'on

Bezer Mand S Blundell Holborn Harvey, T Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Shellev, GM St. Mary, Whitechapel bridge

Hale, L London Tavern. Bishopsgate. Sewell, J and D M Vurdo, Hounslow Bralr RM Fencourt Fenchurch freet


Smith, w Newcastle-upon-Type
Blackley E Wood ftreet Cheapfide
Hawkins, T Penny fields

Smith, W Liverpool
Botton W Bury street
Hanlı, M Mitre-court, Fleet-street

Spring, JO Coningsby, Lincoln
Burn T Southend Ellex

Jenkins, T Judd street, Brunswick-square

Je soare Smith, E Tothill strrei, Westminster
Bailey CRH Swallow field wilts

Jewell, W Heurietta-street. Covent-varden Sewell, 5 Aldersgale-street
Blundell M Bands Holborn bridge Kensington, JP, E Kensington, 1 Ken-

ton. Ken. Simpson, G Copthall-court
Blake T Cowes Isle of Wight

sington, W Styall, and D Adams,

*Şiftkin, H Bush-iane Baltimer J city chambers Bishopsgate


Sause, 'J Liverpool
Kirkham, J Acre Farm, Stafford

S'ater, J Samlesbury
Bols T Liverpool
Knight, J Gough-square

Sperrin, T Thornburs, Gloucester,
cox 1 and J Morgan Gutter lane Kirkman, J Wellington Brewery,

Simpson, R Crown-court, Threadneedle collins w j Oxford lined drapers


chapman j Margate
Lloyd, jun. Findon, Sussex

St. Barbe, J Austin-friars
cheppett E Walcott Somerset
Leeds, w York

Stockham, W Bristol
cruse T chatham
Lomas, J White Horse Inn, Fetter-lane

Slipper, J Crostwick, Norfolk
cuthbert and clarke colchefer ftreet Lee, J 'King-street, Cheapside

Spooner, R Cornhill
Savage Gardens
Lockwood, G Whitby, York

Spring, T Great Grimsby
chinie RA Berwick upon Tweed Marsden, WN Marchester

Thwaites, Bond-court, Walbrook
clarke J Hammersmith
Milne, G Broa 1-street

Turner, W Llangallon, and A Combet,
chapman D Faversham
Mansford, F Lincoln

cooke B Patricroft Lancatter
Morris, T and W Constable, Blackwall

Tartleton, J Liverpool
chippin T H Whetitone
Marshall, King's Head-court, Newgate-

Tinson, W Christchurch, Southampton, conftant HHG weliclure square

innholder, (Dean L

Devy WF and J Albion coal wharf Martin, MD Burlington Arcade

Taylor, w Natwich, Cheshire
Mackenzie, C Caroline-street, Bedford. w

Venus, J Loxer Shadwell
Downer H Fleet ftreet


Woods, W Hon hton-street
Deacon, B Red-lion-square
Martin, c Great Yarmouth

Watkins, W Worcester
Durham, J Lower Shadwell street Mercer J Heath-street, Commercial-road

W' hiily, J Bingly, Yorkshire, worstede
Dunderdale, H London
Neilson, W Liverpool

spinner, (Few & Co. L'
Dunn, T Durham
Neate, W Sweeting'y-alley, Corphill

Watkin, Wand R Careless, Aldermanbury
Dixon, I Wellington
Ord, R Deptford

Woodruffe, J Cominercial-road
Daly, J Woolwich
Pardon, G Pymouth

W'illet, T Acton, Cheshire
Dawson, G and W Longden, Silver-street Pownall T and I P, Manchester

Watson, MA Fareham
Phillips, H Carey street

Watt, J Preston
Eddison, T Rom ford
Postgate, R Great Driffield

Williams, S Brighthelmstone
Edmonds, R and T C Barrett, Strood Palmer, J Wellingborough

White, W Chalford, Gloncestershire
Perks, J Bristol

Wheeler, J Stratford-on-Avon
Ettershank, G Dorking
Peil, w Great Eastcheap

Wotherspoon, M Live pool
Elliott, J Hayes, Middlesex
Randall, J Pancras-street, Tottenham

White, MA Great (oggeshall, Essex '
Evans, G jun. High-street

Willis, J Wardour-street court-road

Williams, RHF and P Wilson, Liverpool

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CINCE the breakipg-up of the long crne from a frost of considerable duration w frost, ploughing and field-culture ge- attended with a sufficient cover of snow, nerally has proceeded with all possible The young clovers, and all crops of that diligence, and in proportion to the facili- description, it is apprehended, have suffer. ties offered by the soil. The late and pre ell greatly from the rigor of the frost, sent renewal of the rigors of winter have which has been so severe as to ruin great occasioned some impediment, and also breadths of Swedish turnips; as to the some degree of injury to incipient vegeta- common turnips, they are in many parts tion. The wheats, however, and all arable totally destroyed. Considerable quantilands, will receive a full portion, this sea. ties of tije potatoes in store have been sop, of the benefits which never fail to ac- frosted, whilst the apples lave never been


known to keej, better and never was there be at all come at Bat all these difficulties a more plentiful season of that most 18eful and losses, in a long frost, seem insufficient fruit. The low meadows have been gene. to prevail on the inmindful farmer to take rally flooded from the sudden thaw; and the easy and comparatively unexpensiveme. the wheat*, 80 situated, are supposed to thod of storing part of his turnips, certainly bave received heavy damage. Cattle, and one of the best and most profitable of his

all stock, have done well at the homestall; economical precautions. The heavy heart : all such as have been expos d abroad will with which the farmer proceeds in his la

take a long time, and expensive keep, to bours, is reiterated through most of the rerecover their lost condition and aptitude ports. From the aspect of thingy, he can for thrift. Money is said to be scarce in discover no hope of remuneration. This, the country, although its abundance is indeed, may come to be a sonrce of bitter boasted in the metropolis. Prices, whether regret to those who have sided with the for corn or flesh meat, have suffered little measures, which, during the last five-andvariation. Wool a dull trade, with the ex. twenty years, have brought such bitter ception of a few places, where the move. distress upon the country; it may, in good ment is not very noticeable. Nothing hope, work a favourable change in their doing in hops: the stock on hand great. sentiments, and rekindle their patriotism ; Horses of all descriptions fetch less money. convincing them, that all remedies short Universal complaints of distress in the of removing the whole burden of unnecese country. In the North, it is reported, that sary and corrupt taxation, are mere plausi. the labourer can scarcely, by his earnings, ble and contemptible inanities. “keep life and soul together, and the Smithfield : Beef 4s. 8d. to 68. 60.- Mut. poor's rates are fearfully advancing. Ten ton to 58. to 78.-Veal 53. to 75.-Pork 58. and twelve shillings per week, said to be to 78.- Bacon 58.–Bath do. 68. to 6s. 81. the maximum obtained in the best coun. Fat 3s. 110. ties for those labourers who can find em. Corn Exchange : Wheat 50s. to 765.ployment. Heavy losses expected to be Barley 26s. to 458.-Oats 19s. to 328. sustained by the destruction of the turnip The Quartern-loat in London, 11d. and 9d. crop, of which, a month hence, there will — Hay (new) 31. 10s. to 5l. 55.-Clover do. be full experience. Indeed, much hay and 51. to 71. 108.-Straw 11. 45. to 21. 28. corn has already been expended upon Coals in the Pool, 368. to 478. 6s. cattle and sheep, aud much expence incur- per chaldron. red by the necessity of picking np the tur. Middlesex ; Feb. 18. vips from the frozen sort, where they could


Meteorological Results, from Obserrations made in London, for the Year 1819.


| Varia-
Mean. inuun. Date. Wind. mum. Date. Wind Range. tion in Date.

124 hours

Jan. 1 N.w.
Barometer .. | 29.67 | 30:29 and 2 and E. 28.84 Feb.21 w.

Sep.21 N.E.

1:45 / 0.91 Feb.22

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365 The mean height of the barometer is about 0.05 of an in'ch higher than that of 1818: but the mean temperature and evaporation are somewhat lower; the former is 14 and the latter 1°,


Resull sf or the Month of Jan. 1820.

Maxi. Days
Mini. Days

Varia- Days
mum. of the Wind. mum. of the Wind. Range. tion in of the

24 hours Mth.



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Barometer .. 29.66 30:47 9 N.E. 2866 19 | w. 1.81 0.82
Thermometer 3274 5110 27

11° 15 N.E. | 4010 1849
Thermomet. ?

w. o , 9, W.
5.93 2000 19

W. .. 1 & 30 &S.w. 2010 203 19

Prevailing wind,-W.
Number of days on wbich rain lias tallen, 7; snow, 11.

Cirrus. Cirro-stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cumulus. Cumulo-stratus. Nimbus.


With the exception of a few slight thaws, higher than it has been for these five years,
namely, on the 2d, 6th, 17th, 19th, and and exceeds that of the last month by half
qist, the frost continued unusually severe, an inch. The minimum however is equally
accompanied with cloudy and foggy wea. as low.
ther, and frequent falls of snow, from the The above papers also stated, that, in
1st to the 231; it then broke up, and the accounts which had been received from
remaining eight days were mild and cloudy, Christiana in Norway, it was mentioned
with light showers of rain. About two that the barometer, on the 7th just, rose
inches of snow fell between the 8th and there to the extraordinary height of 29
1-2th, and nearly three inches, accompa- inches 16 lines (about 30•33 inches), which
nied with a gale of wind from the east, in had not taken place there for many years;
the evening of the 20th ; this last was the that the sea was eight feet lower on that
keaviest fall we had in the course of the day than it had been for the last twenty

years, and that Professor Hanstein, wlio A large, faint, but well-defined halo, ap- measured its height, made also some expe. peared round the moon in tiie evening of riments as to the intensity of the magnetic, the 23d. A few of the coldest days, with but found the needle in such agitation, the minimum temperature of each annex. that he could obtain no fixed result from ed, are as follow, viz. the 1st, 19°; 4th, his experiments.

A, E. 171°; 5th, 25°; 7th, 241°; 8th and 9th, 21°; St. John's square, Feb. 18th, 1820. 12th, 1710; 13th, 221; 15th, 11°; 16th, 23°; 17th, 25°; 21s1, 23°; and the 22d. The thermometer at Sidmouth, situated 1919. The average for the month has not north-east at Wallis's Royal Marine Li. beeu so low since January 1815, which brary, during the month of January, avewas 325.6.

rage 36", was never below 16°, and seveFrom accounts in the daily papers, it ral days between 409 and 50.' appears that the thermometer was between A self-registering thermometer, exposed 8° and 10° lower in the country on the to the open air in Barton-street, Westminmorning of the 15th. For instance, at ster, denoted the lowest degrees in the Barton-street and Elthan, in Kent, it was present winter as under: down to 4o; at Tottenham and Stratford Dec. 11, 1819....139 Highbury.... 11 by Bow, 1o; and at Blackheath, below Jan. 1, 1820......16 sero.

5 ..........16 With respect to the barometer, the mer- - 13 cury was very unsteady, and the fluctua 15 ........ y Eltham 49; Strat. tions were very great ; the mean yariation ford 19; Tottenham 19; Blackheath in twenty-four hours for the month amounts below zero. to 0:27 of an inch. The maximum is


Containing Official Papers and Authentic Documents.


Cadiz, and destined to reinforce the LESH and blood, though besot- bloody general who has desolated T ted with the superstitions of the Venezuela and Grenada, unwilling to lowest priestcraft, haye beon unable embark on such a service, and leave to bear longer the government of the their country in bondage, openly revoltbeloved Ferdinand! The army, from cd, and, seizing their generals, have 10 to 15,000 strong, assembled near taken positions in Andalusia which him MONTHLY MAG. No. 337.

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