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Ecclesiastical Esta-


think them too strong for an blishment, know well, that it English taste? If so, I trust you cannot subsist without the state, will find your mistake ; and that and' that the state cannot much the English Catholic will scorn to longer pretend to govern Ireland accept of his emancipation on less like a conquered country, by honourable grounds than his Irish 'means of fortresses, under the brethren are endeavouring to gain name of Barracks, spread over the theirs. — Their 8th, 9th, 10th, and island, and of myriads of soldiers, 11th Resolutions are a noble speciwho would be so much better

men of the manliness of their employed elsewhere, and of an- minds, and entitle them to the nual millions of money, which applause and support of every ho. every day becomes a more scarce nest man in the Empire, but more article. They are deeply con. paticularly the Catholics. - Why vinced, that, by giving to Irish then suppress them, and at a time Catholics the same interest in the too when their enemies are accu. safety of their country with other sing them of sinister motives? subjects, they will not only be a Ardeutly as I wish for the success safe unbought protection to it of your publication, it can only from the public enemy, but also be on the ground that you make an inexhaustible source of strength it as notorious for being the chamto the empire at large, with all its pion of truth and candour, as establishments. In fact, it is well that seats in Parliament are bought known that the proverb of the and sold. We court enquiry into Romans concerning their Marsian soldiers may now be applied to shall never want to disguise our Po

our religion; and I hope that we the Irish :-Nec de Marsis, nec

litics, but that our conduct to our sine Marsis. I have the honor to be, my Lord, tions will be as open as the noon

fellow-subjects on Political quesYour obedient Servant,

day. Trusting you will excuse John MILNER.

these hints, I subscribe myself, &c. Woolverhampton, Dec.

W. E. ANDREWS. 2, 1812.

Norwich, Jan, 21, 1813. To the Editor of the Catholic, Mu

To the Editor of the Anti-Cathogazine.

lic Magazine, by B. J. SIR,

Sir, I admire very much your AFTER congratulating you that

the Catholic Magazine is patience in reviewing and animadnow in such hands, I cannot verting upon a pamphlet, entitled help expressing my surprise, to the "Scorpion,” scribbled by the find the best of the Resolutions popish Baldwin Janson, who is, of the Irish Catholics at their as you are pleased to say, an inlate aggregate meeting, wholly siguificant teacher of languages. left out in your last number, not- Whether you mean to apply that withstanding there was half a epithet insignificant to the propage taken up with a catalogue of fession or the person, I do not books not at all connected with kvow; if to the profession, I Catholic affairs, and one abso- ^ have always thought, that no prolutely against us.

What could fession was insignificant or disbe the meaning of this ? Did graceful, unless disgraced by the professor. If you mean to the tor, for I am anxious to know of person, I have never yet dise' what persuasion you are, whether graced my profession. Within you are a Bramin or a Mufti : for The two and twenty years that I the title of your Magazine has have resided in the City, I have very much puzzled me: if I untaught languages in many noble- derstand language at all, Antimen's and mercantile houses with Catholic and Anti-Christ, or Anticredit and respectability; and Christian, are synonymous ; so that Her Royal Highness, the Duchess I have supposed you to be either of York, whose professor of a Mandarin or a Mussulman ; if languages I have the honour to you had said Anti-Popish Magan. be, is acquainted with my abili- zine, I could have better underties. As for you, Mr. Editor, if stood you; and then you would I were as ready as you to believe have been in unison with half a Town-Talk, I should take you million of sects, all of different for a Grub-street Quildriver; that denominations. The Catholic or you are not a Doctor in Divinity, universal Church was instituted by your language amply testifies. our Saviour Jesus Christ, to last I am well aware, that whatever for ever, and your Anti-Christ I write is Frenchified-English, and Magazine can no more stop its I have been told, Mr. Editor, that progress, than all the innumerayour stile is absolute Irishism; ble storms and persecutions wahence I might suspect you to be ged against her. either an Orange-Man, or a Dui- I have often heard it repeated genanist.

in the Protestant prayers, I beAs you are an anonymous wri- lieve in the Holy Catholic Church,ter, Mr. Editor, you may be which sometimes prompted me to either the man of the moon, a enquire' of an acquaintance of man of straw, or the snake in the congregation if they were the grass, which, according to my Catholics : po, God forbid, was opinion, is the most likely, by the generally the reply. When urging similarity-of stile in both; how- upon what they had just repeated ever, Mr. Editor, you have done in their prayers, they said, that me a favour, in having taken no- part of the Liturgy still wanted retice of that paltry production, formation. O Reformation! O entitled the “Scorpion.” The rem- Reformers ! where will you end ? nant of it had been lying dor- I am extremely astonished, Mr. mant, or mouldering on the shelf Editor, that you did not impuga for more than four years, but with the beginning of the Scorsince the extensive circulation of pion, which is only a continuation your so well-digested Anti-Catho- of the answer to an Anabaptist lic Magazine, customers are flock- letter; you cannot have done it ing in to buy it; I even begin to intentionally, for besides it being anticipate another edition. It is un chef d auvre of eloquence said, that authors, like gamesters, and liberality of sentiment, à la play into one another's hands; and Protestantisme, well adapted for indeed, Mr. Editor, if you bave an Anti-Christ Magazine; it would done it to favour ine, you have be all of a piece if you had insertsụcceeded.

ed it; I have kept its original as Excuse my curiosity, Mr. Edi- a relic of Anti-Catholicism; if


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you have not seen it, I will give embrace such an one, and cali it you, for I am certain it will him brother, friend, and husband. make you smile; the title is - “ I cannot forbear saying, I am tlas:

much grieved for you. The devil Letter from Anabaptist has not more trusty friends on

Preacher to a Lady of his earth than those you seem to love ;
Congregation, who married a nor of all the sects that have ex-
Ronian Catholic, B.J. isted since man was formed, has

he been supplied with more asso“I

HAVE very recently receiv- ciates in Hell. Consider, I be

ed the surprising intelligence, seech you, what you are doing ; that you are about to form a con- commit your case to Gud in nectiou both unsuitable and crimi- prayer ; will endeavour to bear nal: the inconveniences and evils you on my mind at the throne of that most arise from such an im- grace, and trust the Lord will yet prudent step, if persisted in, will interpose to keep you from evil, be exclusively your own.

But the that it may not grieve you. I am, criminality of such proceedings your affectionate but afflicted will equally affect myself, and Pastor, W. 3." each of the members of that I see, Mr. Editor, by your placChristian Church, where you have cards stuck on the walls, that

you for several years been considered intend to give a pointed and well a worthy inember. As your pas. digested paragraph on the Veto. tor, it becomes me to warn, re. If you would follow my advice, buke, exhort, &c. May the Lord Mr. Editor, you would drop that bless you with wisdon and faith- idea; it must be a madnian of the fulness in so doing.

first water who first suggested it; If I am rightly informed, your to erect a King's or Queeu's head intended is unsuitable; being an on the shoulders of the 252ud old man, insolvent, and a Roman Pope, Pius VII. is the antipode of Catholic. Why you should fancy reason; whenever this shall take an old man, so as to be willing to place, the world will be at its pay his debts, and thereby in- end, because. Popedom is of a poverish yourself

, I cannot con- divine institution, and the gates ceive, such conduct is truly mys- of Hell (Anti-Catholics) cannot terious; but what is worst of all, overturn it. is that he is Roman Catholick For brevity's sake I must con. The Apostle's injunction is, be clude, and declare, Mr. Editor, pot unequally yoked together, that your censures or invectives believers with unbelievers! You either upon the Scorpion, or upon bave made a public profession of my person, have not in the least being allied to the Lord Jesus; offended me, after I had perused it and as far as I can learn, are now with attention. I have sold all, and about to join yourself in the I dare say I could dispose of more, closest connection with one of the if you would have the kindness post avowed enemies of Jesus to send me them.-One good turn Christ. You well know that per- deserves another, sons of his sentiments have mur. I remain sincerely, Mr. Editor, dered millions of the saints of God. Your humble Servant, B.J. Yet you can, it seeins, cordially 18, Pavement, Moorfields.

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Art. I. Nightingale's Portraiture the Protestants are merely obliged. of Catholicism.

to attend the places of worship to which they respectively be

long. By this impartial and equi. (Continued from p. 41.)

table line of conduct, proper disMR.

'R. NIGHtingale having dese cipline, and a strict attention to

cribed at some length the their professional duties, they nature, character, and formation have founded one of the most of monastic institutions, suggests respectable literary, establisha several means for rendering the ments of the present day.

Their numerous monks in Catholic coun. course of education is not limited tries sources of national useful to the study of Greek and Latin ness," and proceeds to exemplify literature, philosophy, and difs his opinions and observations by ferent branches of the mathema. the example of the congregation tics; it comprehends also the of St. Sulpice in America. Our liberal and ornamental arts ; such author's description is curious as drawing, music, botany, datuand interesting :

ral history, and the living lanA few gentlemen of the con


Besides these advan, gregation of St. Sulpicius, who iages, that may be considered as were fortunate enough to escape purely local and academical, the the horrors of the French revolu. benefits of this college are extion, and save a little remnant of tended to the whole country, their property, took refuge in The inhabitants of Baltimore and the United States, and established its vicinity are particularly benethemselves at Baltimore, where, fited by the residence of these conformably to their profession, worthy ecclesiastics; for notwiththey engaged themselves in com- standing their principal occupa. municațing religious and literary tion consists in the discharge of information. In the beginning, their professional duties, they do their labours were confined to not neglect the cultivation of those the'instruction of young men des- arts which are subservient to the tined for the Church ; but the comforts of life. They have a candidates for priesthood being large portion of land sufficient few in that country, they aftera to furnish their numerous comwards admitted respectable per. munity with abundance of fruit sons of every description to the and vegetables of every kind; participation of the advantages and they have naturalized many afforded by their institution. exotics; indeed, a great number Such as profess the Catholic com- of the productions of the West munion are regularly instructed India Islands, and that without in the doctrines and practices any shelter or artificial heat. In peculiar to their Church; whilst their green and hot houses they


raise such plants as cannot thrive in representing the character and in the open air, for the purpose conduct of the pope and his whole of botanical improvement, and court. He once more appealed the benefit of the curious. They to a general council, and hesitates have also erected an elegant little not to call the supreme pontiff, church, in the most antient style whose authority he had lately of architecture. Thus they con-' declared as inferior only to that tribute to diffuse a taste for the of the Lord Jesus Christ, a ty. fine arts in that country ; at the rant, a heretic, an apostate, and same time that the labouring and Antichrist himself. He even sumindustrious parts of the commu- mons the pope and his cardinals nity are benefited by finding em- to repent of their sins, and re. ployment under them."

nounce their errors, or he would Section VII. contains a "sketch otherwise deliver over both them of the Origin of the Reformation and their bull, with all their de, in Germany,” which Mr. Nigh- cretals, to Satan, that by the destingale deems " the most difficult, truction of the flesh, their souls because the most delicate point of may be liberated in the coming the whole Catholic History." of our Lord. Accordingly, not After a cursory detail of the prin- being in a capacity to carry his cipal events of the German Refor- threat into execution in any

other mation, to the time when Leo I. way, « On the 10th of Dec, issued his celebrated Bull against 1520, he caused a kind of funeral Luther, the spirit and conduct of pile to be erected without the that psuedo reformer are describ: walls of Wittemberg, surrounded ed by Mr. N. in the following by scaffolds, as for a public

spectacle; and when the places “ The bull of Leo X. instead of thus prepared were filled by the allaying the tumults, called forth members of the university, and all the zeal and energy of Luther, the inhabitants of the city, Luther and his powerful and numerous

made bis

appearance many friends. To such a pitch of ex. attendants, bringing with him asperation did this measure raise several volumes, containing the the intrepid and daring innovator, decrees of Gratian, the decretale that he threw off, in the most of the popes, the constitutions unequivocal manner, all forms of called the Extravagants, the writ. respect, and even decency, to, ings of Eccius, and of Emser, wards the Pope, the Councils, another of his antagonists, and, and the Catholic Church. Re, finally, a copy of the bull of Leo fusing to appear to the Pope's X, The pile being then set on citation, he boldly exclaimed, fire, he, with his own hands, “ I defer my appearing there committed the books to the flames, until I am followed by five thou. 'exclaiming at the same time, sand horse and twenty thousand Because ye have troubled the holy foot: then will I make myself of the Lord, ye shall be burnt with believed."* No epithet of a rude eternal fire."† That there might and offensive nature was spared

+ Luther Op. vol. ii. p. 320. Palla. * Adver. execr. Antichrist. Bull. T.

vic. Conc, di Trento, cap. xxii. p. 126,. 2: P: 91. ap. Bossuet Yar. i. p. 24,

in Roscoe Leo X, iv, p. 31.



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