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Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Vol. Xix. (phy-pro).

Total number of Articles, 427.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES. J. Clerk Maxwell, late Pro-
fessor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge.

PHYSIOGNOMY. Alexander Macalister,m.d., F.R.S.,
Professor of Auatomy, Cambridge.

PHYSIOLOGU8. Prof. J. P. N. Land, University Of

PHYSIOLOGY. Michael Foster. M.D., F.R.S., Profes-
sor of Physiology, University of Cambridge; J. G.
M'kendrick, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Physiology.
University of Glasgow : and S. Howard Vines, M.A.,
F.R.S., Fellow of Christ's College. Cambridge.

PIANOFORTE. A. J. Hipkins.

PIETISM. Rev. J. F. Smith.

PIGEON. Prof. Alfred Newton. F.R.S.

PIGMENTS. James Paton, Curator, Corporation Gal-
leries of Art, Glasgow.

PILGRIMAGE. Rev. R. F. Littledale, D.C.L.

PIN. James Paton.

PINDAR. R. C. Jebb, LL.D., Professor of Greek, Uni-
versity of Glasgow.
PINE. C. Pierpoint Johnson.

PIPPI. W. M. Rossetti, Author of "Fine Art. chiefly

PIQUET. Henry Jones ("cavendish " ).
PIRACY. J. CLAUDE Webstkr, Barrister-at-Law.
PISA. Prof. PA.syuALE VillaRi.

PISANUS. Prof. Moritz Cantor, University of Heidel-

PISCICULTURE. G. Brown Goode, U.S., National Mu-
seum, Washington.
PITT. Lord Macaulay.
PIU8 II. Uichard Garnett, LL.D.
PIUS IX. J. Bass Mi Llinger, M.A.
PLAGUE. J. F. Payne. M.D.

PLAIN SONG. \V. S. Rockstro, Author of "The Chor-
isters of S. Mary's."

PLANARIANS. Prof. Ll'DWIG Von Grafk, Ph.D., School
of Forestry, Aschaffenburg.

PLANTAGE.NET. James Gairdner, Public Record Office,

PLANTIN. P. A. Tiele, Librarian of the University of

PLATE. Prof. J. H. Middleton.

PLATINUM . W. Dittmar, F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry,

Anderson's College, Glasgow.
PLATO. Lewis Campbell, LL.D., Professor of Greek,

University of St. Andrews.
PLAUTUS. W. Y. SELLAR, LL.D., Professor of Humanity,

University of Edinburgh.
PI.ESIOSAURIANS. K.T. Newton, Palaeontologist to the

Geological Survey of the United Kingdom.
PLEURISY. J. O. Affleck. M.D.
PLINY. F. A. Palky, M.A., LL.D.

PLUOKER. Geo. Chrystal. M.A.. Professor of Mathe-
matics, University of Edinburgh.

PLYMOUTH BRKTI1RK.N. Prof. T. M . Lindsay. D.D.
PNEUMATIC DESPATCH. J. A. Ewing, Professor

of Engineering, University College. Dundee.
PNEUMATICS. Prof. Cargill G. Knott, D.Sc. Imperial

University, Tokio, Japan.
PNEUMONIA. J.o.affleck, M.D.

POE. Prof. W. Minto, Author of "Characteristics of

English Poets."
POETRY. Theodore Watts.

POGGIO. J. Addington Symonds, M.A., Authc »f

•' Renaissance in Italy."
POISONS. Thomas Stevenson, M.D., Lecturer on Uhem-

istry. Guy's Hospital. London.

POKER. Henry Jones.

POLAND. W. R. Morfill, M.A., and P. A. Kbopotkine.
POLARITY. A. CRUM Brown. M.D., LL.D.. Professor of

Chemistry, University of Edinburgh.
POLAR REGIONS. Clements R. Markham.c.b. Author

of "Threshold of the Unknown Region."
POLICE. J. E. Davis, Legal Adviser to Metropolitan

Police Commissioners, London.
POLITICAL ECONOMY. J. K. Ingram. LL.D., Librarian,

Trinity College, Dublin.
POLO, MARCO. Col. Henry Ylle,c.b.
POLYCARP. Adolf Harnaok, Professor of Church His-
tory, University of Giesseu.
POLY'NESIA. Rev. S. J. Whitmee.
POLYZOA. Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S.
POMPEII. E. II. Bunbi Kv. M.A.. Author of " History of

Ancient Geography."
POMPEY. Rev. W. J. Brodribb, M.A.
PONTOON. Lieut.-General J. T. Walker. R.E., C.B.,

F.R.S., Surveyor-General of India.
POOR LAWS. J.e.davis.
POPE, ALEXANDER. Prof. W. Minto.
POPEDOM. J. Bass Mcllinger. M. A.
POPULATION. Wynnard Hooper, M.A.
PORTUGAL. H. Morse Stephens and H. B. Briuus.
POST OFFICE. Edw Ard Edw Ards and W. B. Cooley.
I'OTASSICM. Prof. \V. Dittmar.

POTATO. M. T. Masters, M.D., F.R.S. and W. G. Smith,
Author of '• Diseases of Field and Garden Crops."


POULTRY. W. B. Tegktmeiek, F.Z.S., Author of " Man-
ual of Domestic Economy."

PRECEDENCE. F. Drummond.

PREDESTINATION. Rev. Marcus Dods, D.D.

PRESBYTERIANISM. Osmund Airy and Rev. Prof. C.
A. Briggs, D.D.

PRESCRIPTION. J. Williams and II. Goudy.


PRESS LAWS. James Williams, M.A.,D.C.L.


PRICE, RICHARD. Rev.Tnos. Fowler. M.A., President
of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

PRIEST. Prof. W. Robertson Smith. LL.D.

PRIESTLEY. J. Allanso.n Picton.m.p.

PROMOGENITURE. Charles I Elton. Q.C.. M.I'.

PRISON DISCIPLINE. Major Arthur Griffiths, In-
spector of Prisons, Home Department, London.

PROBABILITY. Morgan W. Croftcn, B.A., F.R.S., Fel-
low of the Royal University of Ireland.

PROCOPIUS. James Bryce. D.C.L., M.P., Regius Pro-
fessor of Civil Law, University of Oxford.

PROJECTION. Olats Hf.nrici. LL.D.. F.R.S., Professor
of Mechanics, City of London Institute.

PROMETHEUS. Andrew Lang, M.A.

PROPAGANDA. Most Rev. Archbishop D. Jacobini.

PROPERTIUS. Pro!. J. Percival Postgate.

l'ROPHET. Prof'. W. R. Smith.and A. Harnack.

PROTOPLASM Patrick Geddes. F.R.S.E.

PROTOZOA. Prof. E. Ray Lankester.

PROUDHON. Thomas Kirkup. M.A.


P.iUL Meyer. Director of the Ecole Nationale des

C^artes, Paris.
PROVENCE. H. B. Briggs.

^ROVERBS. BOOK OF. Rev. A. H. Davidson, I).D., LL.D.,
Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis, New
College. Edinburgh.

PROVINCE. J. G. Frazer. M.A.

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