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moral character; and, finally, by whispers, and foon reached the ears recapitulating the proofs and in- of Mr. Sycamore, who was not av stances of his distraction, which he all pleased with the information. particularized with the most mali- From his knowledge of Anthony's cious exaggerations.

disposition, he suspected the truth In spite of all his arts, he found of the report; and unwilling to see it impracticable to surmount her ob. such a prize ravished, as it were, jections to the purposed, alliance, from his grasp, he, with the advice and therefore changed his battery. and aslistance of his myrmidons, Instead of transferring her to the resolved to set the captive at liberty, arms of his friend, be resolved to in full hope of turning the advent detain her in his own power: by a ture to his own advantage; for he legal claim, which would invest him argued in this manner : “ If. The is with the uncontrouled management in fact compos montis, her gratitude of her affairs. This was a charge will operate in my behalf, and even of lunacy, in consequence of which prudence will advise her to embrace he hoped to obtain a commiflion, the proffered asylum from the vil: to secure a jury to his wish, and be Jany of her uncle. If she is really appointed sole committee of her disordered, it will be no great diffiperson, as well as steward on her culty to deceive her into a marriage, estate, of which he would then be and then I become her trustee of heir apparent. As the first steps course." . towards the execution of this honest The plan was well conceived ; fcheme, he had subjected Aurelia to but Sycamore had not discretion the superintendency and direction enough to keep his own counsel, of an old duenna, who had been from weakness and vanity, he formerly the procuress of his plea. blabbed the design, which in a little fures; and hired a new set of ser. time was communicated to Anthony vants, who were given to under- Darnel, and he took his precautions ftand, at their first admission, that accordingly. Being infirm in his the young lady was disordered in own person, and consequently unfit her brain.

for opposing the violence of some An impression of this nature is desperadoes, whom he knew to be easily preferved among servants, the satellites of Sycamore, he prewhen the master of the family thinks pared a private retreat for his ward his interest is concerned in support. at the house of an old gentleman, ing the impofture. The melancholy the companion of his youth, whom produced from her confinement, and he had imposed upon with the ficthe vivacity of her resentment un- tion of her being disordered in her der ill-usage, were, by the address understanding, and amused wită a of Anthony, and the prepoffeffion of story of a dangerous design upon his domesticks, perverted into the her person. Thus cautioned and effects of insanity; and the same in- instructed, the gentleman had gone terpretation was ftrained upon her with his own coach and servants to most indifferent words and actions. receive Aurelia and her governante The tydings of miss Darnel's disor- at a third house, to which she had der were carefully circulated in been privately removed from her

uncle's uncle's habitation, and in this jour. The reader has already been inney it was, that she had been fo ac- formed in what manner the endea. cidentally protected from the vio- vours of Tom and his uncle miscarlence of the robbers by the interpo. ried. Miss Darnel's new keeper sition and prowess of our adven- having, in the course of his journey, turer.

halted for refreshment at the Black As he did not wear his helmet in Lyon, of which being landlord, he that exploit, me recognized his fea- believed the good woman and her tures as he passed the coach, and, family were intirely devoted to his ftruck with the apparition, shrieked will and pleasure, Aurelia found an aloud. She had been assured by opportunity of speaking in private ber guardian, that his design was to to Dolly, who had a very prepor convey ber to her own house; but selling appearance. She conveyed perceiving, in the sequel, that the a purse of money into the hands carriage struck off upon a different of this young woman, telling her, road, and finding herself in the while the tears trickled down her hands of strangers, she began to checks, that she was a young lady dread a much more disagreeable of fortune, in danger, as the apprefate, and conceive doubts and ideas hended, of assassination. This hint, that filled her tender heart with which the communicated in a whis. borror and affiliation. When the per, while the governante stood at expoftulated with the duenna, she the other end of the room, was fufwas treated like a changeling, ad- ficient to interest the compassionate monished to be quiet, and reminded Dolly in her behalf. As soon as that she was under the direction of the coach departed, the made her those who would manage her with a mother acquainted with the transtender regard to her own welfare, action; and as they naturally conand the honour of her family. cluded that the young lady expected When the addressed herself to the their assistance, they resolved to apold gentleman, who was not much prove themselves worthy of her consubject to the emotions of humanity, fidence. and besides firmly persuaded that Dolly having inlisted in their deshe was deprived of her reason, he sign a trusty countryman, one of made no answer; but laid his finger her own professed admirers, they fet on his mouth, by way of enjoining out together for the house of the Glence.

gentleman in which the fair prisoner This mysterious behaviour aggra- was confined, and waited for her in vated the fears of the poor hapless secret at the end of a pleasant park, young lady; and her terrors waxed in which they naturally concluded so strong, that when she saw Tom she might be indulged with the priClarke, whose face the knew, she vilege of taking the air. The event. called aloud for assistance, and even justified their conception : on the pronounced the name of his patron very first day of their watch they Sir Launcelot Greaves, which she saw her approach, accompanied by imagined might stimulate him the her duenna. Dolly and her attenmore to attempt something for her dant immediately tied their horses deliverance.

to a stake, and retired into a thicket,

which Aurelia did not fail to enter, good-natured Dolly endeavoured to Dolly forthwith appeared, and, tak- alleviate her distress with diverting ing her by the hand, led her to the discourse; and, among other less inhorses, one of which me mounted teresting stories, entertained her in the utmost hurry and trepidation, with the adventures of Sir Launcelot while the countryman bound the and captain Crowe, which she had duenna with a cord, prepared for seen and heard recited while they the purpose, gagged her mouth, remained at the Black Lyon : nor and tied her to a tree, where he left did she fail to introduce Mr. Tho. her to her own meditations. Then mas Clarke, in her narrative, with he mounted before Dolly, and thro' such a favourable representation of unfrequented paths conducted his his person and character, as plainly charge to an ino on the post-road, discovered that her own heart had where a chaife was ready for their received a rude shock from the irxeception.

resistible force of his qualifications. As he refused to proceed farther, The history of Sir Launcelot left his absence from his own home Greaves was a theme which effecfhould create suspicion, Aurelia re. tually fixed the attention of Aurelia, warded him liberally; but would distracted as her ideas must have not part with her faithful Dolly, been by the circumstances of her who, indeed, had no inclination to present situation. The particulars be discharged: such an affection and of his conduct, fince the corresponattachment had me already acquired. dence between her and him had for the amiable fugitive, though the ceased, the heard with equal con. knew neither her story, nor her cern and astonishment; for, how far true name. Aurelia thought pro- foever The deemed herself detached per to conceal both, and assumed from all possibility of future conthe fi&titious appellation of Mea- nexion with that young gentleman, dows, until the should be better ac- she was not made of such indifferent quainted with the difpofition and stuff, as to learn without emotion discretion of her new attendant. the calamitous disorder of an accomThe first resolution the could take plished youth, whose extraordinary in the present Autter of her spirits, virtues she could not but revere. was to make the best of her way to As they had deviated from the London, where she thought the post-road, taken precautions to con. might find an asylum in the house ceal their route, and made fuch of a female relation, married to an progress, that they were now within eminent physician, known by the one day's journey of London, the name of Kawdle. In the execution careful and affe&ionate Dolly seeing of this haity resolve, she travelled her dear lady quite exhausted with at a violent rate, from stage to stage, fatigue, ufed all her natural rhetoin a carriage drawn by four horses, rick, which was very powerful, without halting for necessary re- mingled with tears that flowed from freshment or repose, until she judged the heart, in persuading Aurelia to herself out of danger of being over- enjoy some repose; and so far the taken. As she appeared overwhelm- succeeded in the attempt, that for ed with grief and confternation, the one night the toil of travelling was

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