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llin the son of Carbre: He came like a cloud from the hill; he hummed a surety song as he came, like a storm in leafless wood. He entered the hall of the plain. Lamderg, he cried, most dreadful of men! fight, or yield to Ul4in. Lamderg, replied Gealchofla, Lamderg is not here: he fights the hairy Ulfadha; mighty man, he is not here. But Lamderg never yields; he will fight the son of Carbre. Lovely art r thou, O daughter of Tuathal-Teach.var! said Ullin. I carry thee to the 'house of Carbre; the valiant shall have Gealchofla. Three days from the top of Cromleach will I call Lamderg to fight. The fourth, you belong to Ul4in, if Lamderg die, or fly my sword,

\ Al Lad! peace to thy dreams! —

found the horn, Firchiosl — Ullin may hear, and meet me on the top of Cromleach.


Lamderg rushed on like a storm. On his spear he leaped over rivers. Few were his strides up the hill. The rocks fly back from his heels; loud crashing they bound to the plain. His armour, his buckler rung. He hummed a surly song, like the noise of the falling stream. Dark as a cloud he stood above; his arms, like meteors, shone. From the summit of the hill, he rolled a rock. Ullin heard in the hall of Carbre.


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