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Os Cur my son came .down; the mighty in battle descended. His armour rattled as thunder; and the lightning of his eyes was terrible. There, was the clashing of swords; there, was the voice of steel. They struck and they thrust; they digged for death with their swords. But death was distant far, and delayed to come. The fun began to decline; and the cow-herd thought of home. Then Ofcur's keen steel found the heart of Ullin. He fell like a mountain-oak covered over with glistering frost: He

shone Jike a rock on the plain.

Here the daughter of beauty lieth; and here the bravest of men. Here one day ended the fair and the valiant. Here rest the pursuer and the pursued.

Son of Alpin! the woes of the aged are many: their tears are for the past. This raised my sorrow, warriour; memory

mory awaked my grief. Ofeur my son was brave; but Ofcur is now no more. Thou haft heard my grief, o fon of Alpin; forgive the tears of the aged.


TX/HY opened thou afresh the sprihg.of my grief, 0 son of Alpin, inquiring how Oscur fell? My eyes are blindwith tears; but memory beams on my heart. How can I relate the mournful death of the head of the people! Prince of the warriours^Ofcur my ion,.shall I fee thee. no more!

He fell as.the moon m a1 storm; as the fun from; the midst ofi his. course,. when clouds rife from the waste of the waves, when the blackness of the storm. inwraps the rocks of Ardannider.. I, like an ancient oak on Mor.ven,. I moulder alone in my place. The blast hath lopped my branches away ;.. and I tremble. at the wings.of the north- Prince of. the warriors, Ofcur my son' stiall I fee thee no more!.

Derm Id


Derm Id and Oscur were one: They reaped the battle together. Their friendship was strong as their steel; and death walked between them to the field. They came on the foe like two rocks falling from the brows of Ardven. Their swords were stained with the blood of the valiant: warriours fainted at their names. Who was a match for Oscur,: but Dermid? and who for Dermid, but, Oscur?

They killed mighty Dargo in the field; Dargo before invincible. His. daughter was fair as the morn; mild as the beam of night. Her eyes, like two stars in a shower: her breath, the gale of spring: her breasts, as the newfallen snow floating on the moving heath. The warriours saw her, and loved ; their souls were fixed on the maid. Each loved her, as his fame; each must possess her or die. But her foul was fixed


on Oscur; my son was the youth of her love. She forgot the blood of her father; and loved the hand that flew him.

SoNofOscian, said Dermid, Hove; O Oscur, I love this maid. But her foul cleaveth unto thee; and nothing can heal Dermid. Here, pierce this bosom, Oscur; relieve me, my friend, with thy sword.

My sword, son of Moray, shall never be stained with the blood of Dermid.

Who then is worthy to flay me, O Oscur son of Oscian? Let not my life pass away unknown. Let none but Oscur flay me. Send me with honour to the grave, and let my death be renowned.

E Dermid,

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