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Page 588 - ... notice of such cancellation. If this policy shall be canceled as hereinbefore provided, or become void or cease, the premium having been actually paid, the unearned portion shall be returned on surrender of this policy or last renewal, this company retaining the customary short rate; except...
Page 6 - THIS INDENTURE, made this day of , in the year One thousand, nine hundred and , between of , the party of the first part...
Page 287 - To make all contracts and do all other acts in relation to the property and concerns of the city, necessary to the exercise of its corporate or administrative powers.
Page 293 - The jury are instructed that if they believe from the evidence in the case that...
Page 490 - ... shall not prevent any other railroad company from the use and occupancy of said canyon, pass, or defile, for the purposes of its road, in common with the road first located, or the crossing of other railroads at grade.
Page 253 - Indeed, the rule to be derived from the comparison of a vast number of judicial utterances upon this subject, seems to be, that, even in the absence of constitutional obstacles to retroaction, a construction giving to a statute a prospective operation is always to be preferred, unless a purpose to give it a retrospective force is expressed by clear and positive command, or to be inferred by necessary, unequivocal and unavoidable implication from the words of the statute taken by themselves and in...
Page 574 - ... and recorded in a book kept for that purpose in the office of the city...
Page 293 - You are instructed, that the law is, if a person is assaulted in such a way as to induce in him a reasonable belief that he is in actual danger of losing his life or of suffering great bodily harm, he will be justified in defending himself, although the danger be not real, but only apparent.
Page 365 - The meaning of the doctrine of cy pres, as received by us, is, that when a definite function or duty is to be performed, and it cannot be done in exact conformity with the scheme of the person or persons who have provided for it, it must be performed with as close approximation to that scheme as reasonably practicable ; and so, of course, it must be enforced.
Page 307 - If an injury has resulted in consequence of a certain wrongful act or omission, but only through or by means of some intervening cause, from which last cause the injury followed as a direct and immediate consequence, the law will refer the damage to the last or proximate cause, and refuse to trace it to that which was more remote.

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