History of the Boyd Family, and Descendants: With Historical Chapter of the "Ancient Family of Boyds," in Scotland, and a Complete Record of Their Descendants in Kent, New Windsor and Middletown, N. Y., Northumberland Co., Pa., and Boston, Mass., from 1740 to 1884

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Boyd's job printing establishment, 1884 - 315 pages

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Page 60 - ... you must be hanged by the neck, but not till you are dead ; for you must be cut down alive ; then your bowels must be taken out, and burnt before your faces ; then your heads must be severed from your bodies, and your 'bodies must be divided, each into four quarters, and these must be at the King's disposal.
Page 61 - Lord Kilmarnock is tall and slender, with an extreme fine person: his behaviour a most just mixture between dignity and submission; if in anything to be reprehended, a little affected, and his hair too exactly dressed for a man in his situation; but when I say this, it is not to find fault with him, but to show how little fault there was to be found.
Page 85 - CLINTON, Esquire, Governor of our said State, General and Commander in Chief, of all the militia, and Admiral of the navy of the same...
Page 85 - Captain — and you are also to observe and follow such Orders and Directions, as you shall from Time to Time receive from...
Page 22 - The poor girl, true to her stern theology, gasped out, "May God save him, if it be God's will!" Her friends crowded round the presiding officer. " She has said it ; indeed, sir, she has said it.
Page 63 - I am informed," continues Mr. Foster, " of the following particular by Mr. Home, that as he was stepping into the scaffold, notwithstanding the great pains he had taken to familiarize the outward apparatus of death to his mind, nature still recurred upon him ; so that being struck with such a variety of dreadful objects at once — the multitude, the block, his coffin, the executioner, the instrument of death — he turned about and said, 'Home, this is terrible.
Page 28 - The view in the neighborhood, too, is considerably beautified by several steep woodv braes. From one of these, near Assloss, the Castle presents a majestic and stern appearance. Though gray and rent with years, it looks as if conscious of its strength, and as if frowning defiance down the valley that stretches before it. From the same eminences we have a glimpse of the town, with its towers and spires, which give to it an air of importance : and the eye, ranging still farther, rest delighted on the...
Page 63 - This expression, so suitable to the awful occasion, must, to all who know the human heart, appear to be nothing else than the language of nature, and was far from being a mark of unmanly fear ; being pronounced with a steady countenance and firmness of voice, indications of a mind unbroken and not disconcerted. His whole behaviour was so humble and resigned, that not only his friends, but every spectator was deeply moved ; even the executioner burst into tears, and was obliged to use artificial...
Page 63 - What remains to be told of this mournful scene we will give in the words of Mr. Jamieson, another Presbyterian minister, who attended him till his last moment : " My lord's hair having been dressed in a bag, it took some time to undo it, and put it up in his cap. The tucking his shirt under the waistcoat, that it might not obstruct the blow, was the occasion of some further small delay. But as soon as these preliminaries were adjusted, his lordship gave the executioner notice what should be the signal,...
Page 61 - ... he had no great reason to be terrified : for that the stroke appeared to be scarce so much as the pain of drawing a tooth, or the first shock of the cold-bath upon a weak and fearful temper.

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