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State of Nero-York, ss :

of the Independence of the United States of America, VAN WINKLE & WILEY, of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit:

" The Triangle. Part I. In Five Series of Numbers. By The Investigator."

IN CONFORMITY to the act of Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An act for the " encouragement of learoing, by securing the copies of maps, charts, aod books, to the " authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned;" and also to an act, entitled, " Ap act, supplementary to an act, entitled, an act for the encourage* ment of learning, by securing the copies of maps, cbarts, and books, to the authors and “ proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the “ benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching, historical and other “prints."

THERON UDD, Clerk of the Southern District of New-York.



Page. Dedication,

3 No. I. The doctrine of Original Sin, as forming the first

point of the Triangle, No. II. The doctrine of Inability, as forming the second point of the Triangle,

10 No. III. The doctrine of Atonement, as forming the third point of the Triangle,

12 No. IV. Some consequences that may be expected to flow

from the inculcation of this scheme of doctrine, 14 No. v. Remarks on several of the arguments, or rather

means made use of to maintain and propagate
this scheme,

21 No. VI. The doctrine of Original Sin, as viewed by the Investigator,

24 No. VII. The doctrine of Natural and Moral Inability, as viewed by the Investigator,

29 No. VIII. The doctrine of the Atone s viewed by the Investigator,

34 No. IX. Remarks

< Go

uthor of Sin," to be damned in she essence of Sin




Address to the inhabitants of the city of New York,
No. 1. Documents for what is falsely called New Divi-

nity, or “Hopkinsianism;" or a general view
of the character and writings of some of the

most distinguished divines in New England, - 5 No. II. The question, “Ought a Christian to be willing

to be damned ?" examined in reference to the
odium cast upon those supposed to maintain
the affirmative--and placed upon its proper

22 No. III. " A Contrast” of Antinomian and Hopkinsian

Calvinism-illustrated by an allegorical dream, 31 No. IV. An appeal to Christians, grounded upon fact, re

specting the tendency of what is usually called
the “New England strain of doctrine," as
connected with the great subject of Revivals of

43 No. v. Metaphysics ;-nature and object, as a science

connexion with, and dependence upon, the
principles and doctrines of revealed truth--false
tenets in religion the result of false metaphysics
-the irrational and miserable slang that is
levelled against it--some specimens of triangu-
lar metaphysics,

64 No. VI. Remarks on the Pastoral letter of the Synod of

Philadelphia, dated Lancaster, September 20th,

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Dedication, to the learned, and long-lived, John Doe and

Richard Roe, Esquires.


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Page. No. I. . On the many advantages of the city of New York,

commercial, political, civil, religious, and local,
for intellectual and moral improvement--to-
gether with incentives to activity, and perse-
verance in cultivating these advantages,

9 No, JI. The importance of encouraging a spirit of Free

inquiry, in order to the acquisition of religious
knowledge—the advance that has been made in
this respect, chiefly in this country, upon the
Reformation of the sixteenth century--some of
the methods used to discourage and check a
spirit of Free inquiry, by many of the advo-

cates of the Triangular scheme,
No. III. An examination of several passages in Dr. J. B.

Romeyn's Sermons, tending to prove the as-
sertion, that instructions grounded upon this
scheme are “ incorrect in their nature,”

49 No. IV. A Letter, addressed to two distinguished members

of the Jersey Presbytery--the Rev. Dr.
and the Rev. Dr.

68 No. y. A few remarks on the proceedings of the Young

Men's Missionary Society of New York, in re-
lation to the rejection of Mr. C-

as their

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Preface to the Fourth Series of Numbers,
No. 1. The influence of Sectarianism--the design of

God in permitting divisions in the Church of
Christ-connected with an allegorical vision,
intended to point out the union, and justify the

claims, of TOLERATION and TRUTH,
No. u. Articles of Faith, agreed upon at Marpurge, Oc-

tober 3d, 1529, by the first class of Reformers,
in which no corner of the Triangle is seen,



Page. No. III. Extract from a work, (printed 1514, and dedi

cated to Sir Edward Coke,) entitled “a full
declaration of the Faith and ceremonies of the
Psaltzgraves Churches;" some remarks on this
Hopkinsian document,

30 No. IV. Preface.- A Good Presbyterian,

51 No. V. Depravity of the understanding considered, 68 No. VI. A glance at “ Dr. M.Leod's Sermons on the nature of true godliness,"






No. 1. Depravity of the understanding considered, and

concluded from the Fourth Series,
No. II. The Good Presbyterian, concluded from the

Fourth Series,
No. III. An extract of a Letter from the celebrated Gil-

bert Tennant, to his brother, William Tenant,

during his ministry in Philadelphia,
No. IV. Thoughts on Theological Truth ;--being an ab-

stract of the sentiments of the Investigator, re-
specting the principal doctrines of evangelical



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