History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France: From the Year 1807 to the Year 1814, Volume 4

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Page 284 - So slight in person, and of such surpassing and delicate beauty that the Spaniards often thought him a girl disguised in men's clothing, he was yet so vigorous, so active, so brave, that the most daring and experienced veterans watched his looks on the field of battle, and implicitly following where he led, would like children obey his slightest sign in the most difficult situations.
Page 438 - Wellington's caution, springing from that source, has led friends and foes alike into wrong conclusions as to his system of war. The French call it want of enterprise, timidity; the English have denominated it the Fabian system. These are mere phrases. His system was the same as that of all great generals. He held his army in hand, keeping it with unmitigated labour always in a fit state to march or to...
Page 189 - We overlooked the enemy at stone's throw, and from the summit of a tremendous precipice. The river separated us, but the French were ewedged in a narrow road with inaccessible rocks on one side and the river on the other. Confusion impossible to describe followed, the wounded were thrown down in the rush and trampled upon, the cavalry drew their swords and endeavoured to charge up the pass of Echallar, but the infantry beat them back, and several, horses and all, were precipitated into the river...
Page 459 - Lisbonne pour faire une expédition de 25 mille hommes, partie Anglais, partie Espagnols, sur un point quelconque des côtes de France pendant que la lutte sera engagée dans le Nord. Pour empêcher l'exécution de ce plan, il faut être toujours en mesure de se porter en avant, et menacer de marcher sur Lisbonne ou de conquérir le Portugal.
Page 438 - Napoleon must be admitted, and being later in the field of glory it is to be presumed that he learned something of the art from that greatest of all masters ; yet something besides the difference of genius must be allowed for the difference of situation ; Napoleon was never even in his first campaign of Italy so harassed by the French as Wellington was by the English Spanish and Portuguese governments.
Page 333 - ... by our being in this position, it will do ten times more to procure peace than ten armies on the side of Flanders.
Page 192 - ... named Blood with a party to watch in front while he examined his maps. The French who were close at hand sent a detachment to cut the party off"; and such was the nature of the ground that their troops, rushing on at speed, would infallibly have fallen unawares upon lord Wellington, if Blood a young intelligent man, seeing the danger, had not with surprising activity, leaping rather than running down the precipitous rocks he was posted on, given the general notice, and as it was the French arrived...
Page 210 - Sebastian, the direst, the most revolting cruelty was added to the catalogue of crimes. One atrocity, of which a girl of seventeen was the victim, staggers the mind by its enormous, incredible, indescribable barbarity.
Page 171 - Maya with the left wings of the seventy-first and ninety-second regiments, brought their right wings and the Portuguese guns into action and thus maintained the fight; but so dreadful was the slaughter, especially of the ninety-second, that it is said the advancing enemy was actually stopped by the heaped mass of dead and dying...
Page 216 - ... impressed upon the troops that such conduct is as much opposed to military honour and discipline as it is to morality ; let a select permanent body of men receiving higher pay form a part of the army, and be charged to follow storming columns to aid in preserving order, and with power to inflict instantaneous punishment, death if it be necessary. Finally, as reward for extraordinary...

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