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statutes at Large,


2,6th to the 30th Year of King George II.


DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's Inn, Esq;

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statutes? at ^arge,


26th to the 30th Year of King George II.

To which is prefixed,

A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES during that Period.


By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's-Inn, Efq; Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.



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Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print, from the Twenty Sixth to the Twenty Ninth Year of King George II. inclusive.

Anno 26 Georgii II.

Cap, 1. T? OR continuing and grantSs ing to his Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty three; and for enlarging the time limited by an act of the last session of parliament, for subscribing annuities, after the rate of three pounds per centum per ammm, into the joint stock of annuities therein mentioned.

Cap. 2f To amend an act made in the eighth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the First, intituled, An acl for the better re~ covery of the penalties insisted upon persons ivho destroy the game, by enlarging the time within which suits and actions are to be brought by force of the said act.

Cap. 3. For continuing the duties upon salt, and upon red and white herrings, for the purposes therein mentioned.

Cap. 4. For granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty three.

Cap. 5. For punilhing mutiny and desertion; and for the better payment of the army and their quarters.

Cap. 6. To oblige ships more effectually to perform their quarentine; and for the better preventing the plague being brought from foreign

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parts into Great Britain or Ireland^ or the isles of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, or Man. Cap. 7. For the more easy and speedy recovery of small debts within the borough of Boston, and Skirbeck Quarter, and the parishes ot Boston and Skirbeck, in the county of Lin* coin.

Cap. 8. For opening the port of Exeter for the importation of wool, and woollen yarn, from Ireland.

Cap. 9. To explain, amend, and render more effectual, an act made in the twenty third year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An acl for the encouragement of the British white herring fishery, and for regulating the said fishery according to the calendar now in use, and for other purposes therein mentioned.

Cap. 10. For enlarging the time, and continuing the duties granted by several acts of parliament for repairs of the piers of Bridlingtony alias Burlington, in the county of York; and for making the said acts more effectual.

Cap. 11. For permitting the exportation of wool, and woollen or bay yarn, from any port in Ireland, to any port in Great Britain.

Cap. 12. To prevent wines imported into any of the out-ports of this kingdom, being afterwards brought into the port of London, or parts adjacent, without paying the London duty.

a Cap. 13,

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