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110 Duties toward governors,|| 130 Their temperance. Page 413

praying for them. Page 398131 They pray for the people.

111 Honour and respect to be

Page 414

shewn to magistrates in

Instances of their prayers

words and actions.

for the people.

112 Obedience to magistrates. 132 The support of Christians in
113 Rebellion against magistrates, general, and of the Lord's

the sin and punishment ministers in particular, un-

Page 399 der suderings for religion.

1!4 Disobedience to magistrates

Page 415

a duty, when they abuse 133 Wicked ministers, their sin

their power, by coinınand- and punishment. Page 416

ing things contrary to God's 134 Their covetouisness. Pa. 417

law, instances thereof. 135 Their intemperance.

115 Ministers of Christ their du 136 Their slothsuiness. Page 418

ties, the commission given 137 They deceive the people with

to the apostles.

Page 400 flatteries and false doctrine.

116 Power committed to the a-

Page 419

postles of excommunication. 138 Duties toward the ministry,

117 Persons unjustly excommun- to receive their instructions.

Page 402

Page 421

118 None may intrude into the 139 To esteem and love them.
ministerial office.

140 To pray for them.

119 Teaching truth the duty of 141 To support them. Page 422

ministers. Page 403142 Sins against them, despising

120 The good effects of preaching|| them, not hearkening to

121 Good ministers promised.

their instructions. Page 423

Page 407143 Not supporting them.

122 Faithful ministers, promises

Page 424

to them, and prayers for


Sixth Cominandment.

123 They are holy and un-

blameable in life and con-144 Murder forbidden. Page 424

versation. Page 408145 Cases wherein killing of a
12+ -Their humanity, self- man was not to be punished
denial, and condescension. with death.

Page 410146 Threatening against murder.

125 They seek not applause from

147 Instances of the punishment

126 They seek not riches, they of murder.

are not covetous.

148 Striking, wounding, maiming

127 They speak boldly the truths how to be punished. P. 425

c. religion without fear.

Page 411 Seventh Commandincnt.

!23 Instances of becoming bold-

ness in reproving sinners, 149 Of adultery and fornication).
and declaring the truths of 150 Threatenings, or the evil

consequences of adultery
129 The sufferings of the apos-

and fornication. Page 126
tles, &c. for religion. P.4121151 Examples, exhoriations,

promises, &c. against alul- 175. Lying abhorred by God and
tery and fornication.

good men.

176 Satan and his children are
Eighth Commandment.


177 Threats and prayers against
152 Precepts concerning pro- liars.

Page 440
perty, and the use of riches 178 The words of the wicked in-
in society.

jurious and offensive.
153 Theft, threat against it.

Page 442
Page 430 179 Words of the wicked against

154 Robbery forbidden.


155 Fraud and cheating. 180 Evil speaking.

156 Lands, the larthercos. 181 Talkativeness, rashness with

Page 4311
the tongue.

Page 443

157 Things found, lent, or en-k182 Flattery.

trusted, the law thereof. 183 Tale-bearing: Page 444

158 Oppression forbidden, and du- 184 Whispering.

ties towards the oppressed. 185 Back-biting.

159 Restitution to ilie injured to 186 Slandering.

be inade.

187 Reproach, prayers and com-

160 Oppressors threatened.

plaints against it. Page 445

Page 432 183 Reproacli, God will bring it

161 Prayers for the oppressed.

upon the wickedi.

162 Promises to the oppressed. 189 Reproach, promises against

Page 433! it.

Puge 446

163 Duties of the rich toward the 190 Reviling practised by the

poor, hospitality.

wicked and endured by the

164 Lending without usury.


165 Giving alms. Page 434 191 Pailing, instances thereof.

166 Alms in secret.

192 Evil communications.

167 Alms to be giren to the poor

Page 447
of crery denomination. 193 Unprofitable disputes about

163 Alps to poor


169 Promises to the poor. 194 Cerrsing forbidden and aroid-

Page 435, ed by the righteous.

170 Of being uncharitable to the 195 Cursing practised by the



17! The siringer, widow and fa- 196 The righteous, their care of

thericss, duties toward them their words. Page 443
and threatenings agailist 197 The righteous praise God
those that oppress them.

wiih their mouths.

i'one 437,198 The words of the righteous

170 Promises to the strangers | toward men. s'agi 4.19

the fatherless, and widow.

Tenth Commandment.

Ninth Commandment.

199 Of Coretousness.

173 Ofwitness-bearing. Page 439 200 Threats against coretous per-

174 lying suriidden, irti con- sons, instances thereof pun-


Page 451


201 An insatiable desire of richies.'! CHAP. XVIII.

202 Threats against unjust mea- Sret.

sures of acquiring riches. i Repentance the first doctrine

205 Riches are not a lasting pos- preached at the publishing of

the gospel.

Page 461

204 Riches cannot be carried 2 The duty of repentance en-

lience to the other world.

forced by threatenings.

205 Possessing riches but not us- 3 Repentance enforced by prc-

ing them, the vanity thereof. mises.

Page 452 4 Returning to God, promises

206 Riches are attended with care thereto.

Page 462
and trouble.

5 Remarkable instances of


207 Riches recommend no man itent returning sinners ob-

to the favour of God.

taining mercy.

Page 463

203 The advantages which one 6 Turning to God enjoined by
man hath over another by commands,

enforced by
means of his riches.Page 453 threatenings against those

209 Trusting in riches and abu- who turn not from sin.

sing them, the sin of the wick-

Page 464

ed, ünd avoided by the godly. 7 The cause and means of re-

210 Riches take the heart and pentance and conversion,

thoughts off from God and re-

Page 465


Page 454

8 Jesus Christ giveth repentance.

211 The wicked rich man, his 9 God's law, a mean of convert-


Page 455, ing sinners.

212 The use of riches in the hand 10 The ministry a mean of con-

of a wise and good man toward verting sinners.


11 Repentance promised.

213 God maketh rich. Page 456|| 12 Necessaries to repentance.-

214 Riches promised to the righ- Self examination. Puge 466


13 -Consideration.

215 Instances of good men that||14 Inconsideration of the wicked.

were rich.

15 The case of those who with.

216 Instances of riches not re-

stand the means of repen.

garded by good men.


Page 467

217 Those things that are neces- 16 Sorrow for sin.

sary to the support of life 17 Mourning for sin. Page 468

promised to the righteous.-18 Repioofs and threats for not

Food promised. Page 457 n.ourning for sin.

218 Famine. deliverance from it, 19 Feaviness for sin.

promised. Page 45920 Grief for sin.

219 Not carthly but spiritual rich-||21 Not grieving for sin.

es, or the interests of the soul 22 Weeping for sin. Page 469

the chief objects of a wise | 23 Tears for sin.,

man's desires and pursuits. 24 The heart affected for having

Page 460


220 Raiment promised.

125 A broken, contrite heart.

221 Supports of lile miraculously.

Page 470

supplied. Page 461||26 Shame the portion of sinners.
27 Shame enjoined as a mark of 5 Uses to be made of the deco


trine of a future judgment,

28 Avoiding sin, is avoiding and its consequences for en-


couraging stedfasthies and

29 Reproofs for not being asham-


Page 482
ed of sin.

6 The dissolution of the heavens
30 Abhorring and loathing one's and the earth. Page 483
self for sin.

7 The happiness of the righte-

31 & 32 Confession and acknow- ous in heaven is inconceive-

ledgment of sin, promises to it.

ably great.

33 Exhortations to confession. 8 Christians are heirs, they

34 Instances of consessing peni- have an inheritance, a king-

tents obtaining mercy.

dom, &c.

Page 484

35 Confessions made in scripture 9 The righteous have rest.

expressions. Page 471| 10 The righteous enjoy mansions,

36 Amendment. Page 472 a new heaven, an heavenly

37 Fruitfulness in religion.

temple, light, &c.

Page 47311 They are present with Christ.


Page 485


12 Christians are in a state of
1 Of death and the shortness of

human life.

13 They are free from pain and
2 The term and boundary of hu-


Page 474 14 Eternal life is from God.

3 The term of life is in God's 15 Life is promised. Page 486


16 To righteousness.

4 Death prevailing over all man- 17 To the spiritually-minded.

kind of every character, rank, 18 To seeking God.

and station. Page 475|19 To godliness.
5 Preparative duties for death. 20 To fearing God.
6 No preparative duties are to be 21 To loving Cod.
performed after death.

22 To mortification, dying unto

7 The death of the righteous sin.

Page 487


Page 476|23 To suffering for Christ's sake.

8 The death of the wicked.

24 To perseverance.

Page 477||25 To those that overcome.
9 The dead leave all their pos-|| 26 To repentance.

sessions behind them. 27 To the wise.-Future punish-

10 Of the resurrection of the dead. ments.-Sinners that sha!!

Page 478 not enter into the kingdom of



Page 488


28 The greatest punishments and
1 of a future judgment, and sufferings in this life, set
its consequences.

forth in the language expres-

2 God is judge.

Page 480

sive of future punishments.

3 The persons and things that

Page 489

shall be judged.

29 The punishment of the wick-

4 Of the time when the day of ed in a future state. Page 490

judgnient shall be. Page 481

man life.





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THAT there is a God, asserted, and proved by his works. Exod. iii. 14. The Lord said to Moses, I AM that I am.

Ps. ix. 16. The Lord is known by the judgments he executeth.

xix. 1. Tke heavens declare the glory of God, and the earth sheweth his handy-work.

Ver. 2. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. Job xii. 7, 8, 9.

lviii. 11. Verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth. c. 3. The Lord he is God, he made us. 2 Cor. i. 21. He that anointed us is God. Heb. iii. 4. He that built all things is God. Rom. i. 20, II. God is perfect. Matt. V. 48. Your Father in heaven is perfect. 1 John i. 5. God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

III. God is one. Deut. vi. 4. Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.

1 Cor. viï. 4. There is none other God, but one. Mark xii. 29.
Ver. 6. To us there is but one God. Gal. iii. 20. God is one.
Eph. iv. 6. One God and Father of all. Matt. xxiii. 9. John viii. 41.
I Tim. ii. 5. There is one God and one Mediator.
Jam. ii. 19. Thou believest there is one God, thou doest well.

IV. He is God and Lord, alone. 2 Kings xix. 15. Thou art God alone. Ps. lxxxvi. 10. Isa. xxxvii. 16, 20.

Neh. ix. 6. Thou art Lord alone. Ps. xxxii. 18. Whose name alone is Jehovah.

V. None else. Deut. iv. 35. The Lord he is God, there is none else. Isa. x]v. 5, 6, 14, 18, 22.xlvi. 9.

VI. None besides him. 2 Sam. vii. 22. Neither is there any God besides thee.

xxii. 32. Who is God save the Lord ? 2 Kings v. 15.

Isa. xliv. 6, 8. Beside me there is no God, I know not any. Ch. xlv. 5, 14, 21.

Hos. xiii. 4. Thou shalt know no God but me. Exod. xx. 3.

VII. None with him. Deut. xxxii. 39. I am God, there is no God with me.

VIII. None before him. Isa xliii. 10. Before me there was no God - formed.


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