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6. If a load of wood be 9 feet long

7. What is the value ,725 of a 3, feet wide, and 4 feet high, how ma- day? ny square feet does it contain ?

Ans. 17 hours 24 minutes. Ans. 126 feet, which is 2 feet short of

a cord.

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$ 3. Federal Donep. .

FEDERAL MONEY is the coin of the United States, established by Congress, A. D. 1786. Of all coins this is the most simple, and the operations in it, the

most easy

The denominations are in a decimal proportion, as exhibited in the following

10 Mills

10 Cents
make one

10 Dimes

Dollar, marked thus, $ 10 Dollars

Eagle, The expression of any sum in Federal Money is simply the expression of a mixed number in decimal fractions. A dollar is the Unit money ; dollars therefore must occupy the place of units, the less denominations, as dimes, cents, and mills, are decimal parts of a dollar, and may be distinguished from dollars in the same way as any other decimals by a comma or separatrix. All the figures to the left hand of dollars, or beyond units place are eagles. Thus, 17 Eagles, 5 dollars, 3 dimes, 4 cents, and 6 mills are written

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"These denominations, or different pieces of money, being in a tenfold proportion, consequently, any sum in Federal Money does of itself exhibit the particular number of each different piece of money contained in it. Thus, 175,346 (seventeen eagles, five dollars, three dimes, four cents, six mills) contain 175346 mills, 17534 cents, 175345 dimes, 175-34dollars, 11-0346 eagles. Therefore, eagles and dollars reckoned together, express the number of dollars contained in the sum, the same of dimes and cents ; and this indeed is the usual way of account, to reckon the whole sum in dollars, cents, and mills thus,

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THE Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Federal Money is performed in all respects as in Decimal Fractions, to which the Scholar is referred for the use of rules in these operations.

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1. Add 16 Eagles ; 3 Eagles, 7 Dollars, 5 Cents ; 26 Dollars, 6 Dimes, 4 Cents, 3 Mills ; 75 Cents, 8 Mills ; 40 Dollars, 9 Cents together.

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2. If I am indebted 59 dollars, 212 dollars, 98 cts, 113 dolls. 15 cts. 15 dolls. 21 dolls. 50 cts. 200 dolls. 73 dolls. 35 dolls. 17 cts. 75 dolls. 20 dolls. 40 dolls. 33 cts, and 16 dolls. What is the sum which I owe ?

Ans. $ 781 13

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ACCOUNTANTS generally omit the comma and distinguish cents from dollars by setting them apart from the dollars.

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1. FROM Doils. 863,17 take, Dolls. 69,82

8 63, 17


2. FROM Dolls. 681 take, Dolls. 57,63 Remainder, Dolls. 623,37


Remainder, 7 9 3,3 5

1. IF Flour be Dolls. 10,25 per barrel what will 27 barrels cost ?

10,2 5

Point off the decimals in the pro27

duct according to the rule in multi

plication of decimals ; if at any time 7175

there shail be more than three deci20 5 0

mal figures, all beyond mills, or the

third place, will be decimal parts of Dolls. 276,7 5 Answer. a mill.

dok dolla

2. MULTIPLY Dolls. 76,35
by Dolls. 37,46
Preducs, Dolls. 2860,0710

3. MULTIPLY Dolls. 24,675 by Dolls. 13,63 Product. Dolls. 336,320 25



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1. ÍF 2728 bushels of wheat cost Dolls. 2961, how much is it per bushel ?

Bushels. Dolls. D. d.c.m.

When the dividend consists of dol2728)2961(1, 0 3 5 Answer. lars only, if there be a remainder af2728

ter division, cyphers must be annexed

as in division of decimals..




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Case 1.
To reduce Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings, 10 Dollars,

Cents and Mills.

RULE. Set down the pounds and to the right hand write half the greatest even number of the given shillings; then consider how many farthings there are contained in the given pence and farthings, and if the sum exceed 12, increase it by 1, ur if ic exceed 36, increase it by 2, which sum set down to the right hand of half the greatest even number of shillings before written, remembering to increase the second place, or the place next to shillings by 5, if the shillings be an odd number; to the whole sum thus produced, annex a cypher and divide the sum by 3; cut off the three right hand figures in the quotients which will be cents and mills, the rest will be dollars.

EXAMPLES. 1. REDUCE £ 47 7s. 103d. to Dollars, Cents, and Mills.


Half the number of shillings.
The farthings in pience and far-
things increased according to rule.
The Pounds.
Cypher annexed.

In this example to the right band of
pounds (47) I write 3, half the greatest even
number of the given shillings (7,) the far-
things in 10 d.(43) increased by two(45) be-
cause exceeding 36 and the second place in-
creased by 5 because the shillings were an.
odd number, are 95, which sum written to
the right handof the 3,a cypher annexed and
the sum divided by 3, gives the Anszver, 157
dollars, 18 cents, and 3 mills.

DIVIDE by 3) 4 7 3 9 5

Dolls, 1 5 7,9 % 3

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