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PRESCRIPTION WRITING. Fifth Revised Edition. With especial Reference to the Physiological Action of Drugs, and a complete article on Prescription Writing.. Based on the Last Revision of the U. S. Pharmacopæia, and including many unofficinal remedies. By SAMUEL O. L. POTTER, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P. (Lond.,) late A. A. Surg. U. S. Army; Prof. of Practice, Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. Improved and Enlarged, with Index.

GYNÆCOLOGY. A Compend of Diseases of Women. By Henry MORRIS, M.D., Demonstrator of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.


including Treatment and Surgery. By L. WEBSTER Fox, M.D., Chief Clinical Assistant Ophthalmological Dept., Jefferson Medical College, etc., and Geo. M. Gould, M.D. 71 Illustrations, 39

Formulæ. Second Enlarged and improved Edition. Index. No. 9. SURGERY, Minor Surgery and Bandaging. Illus

trated. Fourth Edition. Including Fractures, Wounds, Dislocations, Sprains, Amputations and other operations; Inflammation, Suppuration, Ulcers, Syphilis, Tumors, Shock, etc. Diseases of the Spine, Ear, Bladder, Testicles, Anus, and other Surgical Diseases. By Orville Horwitz, A.M., M.D., Demonstrator of Surgery, Jefferson Medical College. Revised

and Enlarged. 84 Formulæ and 136 Illustrations. No. 10. CHEMISTRY. Inorganic and Organic. For Medical

and Dental Students. Including Urinary Analysis and Medical Chemistry. By Henry LEFFMANN, M.D., Prof. of Chemistry in Penn'a College of Dental Surgery, Phila. Third Edition, Revised and Rewritten, with Index. No. II.

PHARMACY. Based upon “ Remington's Text-book of Pharmacy.” By F. E. STEWART, M.D., PH.G., Quiz-Master

at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Third Edition, Revised. No. 12. VETERINARY ANATOMY AND PHYSIOL

OGY. 29 Illustrations. By Wm. R. BALLOU, M.D., Prof. of

Equine Anatomy at N. Y. College of Veterinary Surgeons. No. 13. DENTAL PATHOLOGY AND DENTAL MEDI.

CINE. Containing all the most noteworthy points of interest to the Dental student. By Geo. W. WARREN, D.D.S., Clinical

Chief, Penn’a College of Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.' Illus. No. 14. DISEASES OF CHILDREN. By Dr. Marcus P.

Hatfield, Prof. of Diseases of Children, Chicago Medical
College. Colored Plate.
Bound in Cloth, $1. Interleaved, for the Addition of Notes, $1.25.

10 These books are constantly revised to keep up with the latest teachings and discoveries, so that they contain all the new methods and principles. No series of books are so complete in detail, concise in language, or so well printed and bound. Each one forms a complete set of notes upon the subject under consideration.

Illustrated Descriptive Circular Free.

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It contains Tables of the Arteries, Bacilli, Ganglia, Leucomaines, Micrococci, Muscles, Nerves, Plexuses, Ptomaines, etc., etc., that will be found of great

use to the student.

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Small octavo, 520 pages, Half-Dark Leather,

$3.25 With Thumb Index, Half Morocco, marbled edges, 4.25

From J. M. DACOSTA, M. D., Professor of Practice and Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

I find it an excellent work, doing credit to the learning and discrimination the author.

Sample Pages free.



PEUTICS. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged. A Hand. book; including the Physiological Action of Drugs, Special Therapeutics of Diseases, Official and Extemporaneous Pharmacy, etc. By S. 0. L. POTTER, M.A., M.D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine in Cooper Medical College, San Francisco; Late A. A. Surgeon, U. S. Army, etc. A new Edition in larger type. Octavo. Cloth, $4.00; Leather, $5.00. DR. POTTER has become well known as an able compiler, by his Compends of Anatomy, and of Materia Medica, both of which have reached four editions. In this book, more elaborate in its design, he has shown his literary abilities to much better advantage, and all who examine or use it will agree that he has produced a work containing more correct information in a practical, concise form than any other publication of the kind. The plan of the work is new, and its contents have been combined and arranged in such a way that it offers a compact statement of the subject in hand.

PART I.—MATERIA MEDICA and THERAPEUTICS, the drugs being arranged in alphabetical order, with the synonym of each first; then the description of the plant, its preparations, physiological action, and lastly its Therapeutics. This part is preceded by a section on the classification of medicines as follows: Agents acting on the Nervous System, Organs of Sense, Respiration, Circu. lation, Digestive System, on Metabolism (including Restoratives, Alteratives, Astringents, Antipyretics, Antiphlogistics and Antiperiodics, etc.). Agents acting upon Excretion, the Generative System, the Cutaneous Surfaces, Microbes and Ferments, and upon each other.

Part II.—PHARMACY AND PRESCRIPTION WRITING. Written for the use of physicians who put up their own prescriptions. It includes—Weights and Measures, English and the Metric Systems. Specific Gravity and Volume. Prescriptions. Their principles and combinations; proper methods of writing them; abbreviations used, etc. Stock solutions and preparations, such as a doctor should have to compound his own prescriptions. Incompatibility, Pharmaceutical and Therapeutical. Liquid, Solid and Gaseous Extemporaneous Prescriptions.

Part III.—SPECIAL THERAPEUTICS, an alphabetical List of Diseases—a real INDEX OF DISEASES-giving the drugs that have been found serviceable in each disease, and the authority recommending the use of each; a very im. portant feature, as it gives an authoritative character to the book that is unusual in works on Therapeutics, and displays an immense amount of research on the part of the author.”600 prescriptions are given in this part, many being over the names of eminent men.

THE APPENDIX contains lists of Latin words, phrases and abbreviations, with their English equivalents, used in medicine, Genitive Case Endings, etc. 36 Formula for Hypodermic Injections; a comparison of 10 Formula of Chlorodyne; Formulæ of prominent patent medicines; Poisons and their Antidotes; Differential Diagnosis ; Notes on Temperature in Disease; Obstetrical Memoranda; Clinical Examination of Urine; Medical Ethics; Table of Specific Gra vities and Volumes; Table showing the number of drops in a fluidrachm of various liquids and the weight of one fluidrachm in grains, and a table for converting apothecaries' weights and measures into grams.

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--- 267 Illustrations and three Colored Plates. Prepared under the direction of Dr. R. Liebreich. 8vo. Cloth, $4.50; Leather, $5.50. The first chapter is an explanation of the best means for examining the eyes, externally and internally, with a view to diagnosis, the various ophthalmoscopes, general considerations on the treatment of ophthalmia, etc. Each dis

hen taken up in its proper order; the anatomy of the part being pre

followed by the diagnosis, causes, progress, prognosis, etiology and 'le arrangement of the work will thus be seen to be systematic, self to all physicians and students for the logical and concise the facts are given. This English edition makes the eighth

ich Meyer's book has been translated. PON, SON & co., Publishers and Booksellers,



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