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mass boasting

confuta reporters

Renege, to
Repair, to reng


Lop the branches.
Misdoubt, to suspect.

Nonce, on pnrpose, for the turn. whipped for exercise.
Lot, a prize.

Miser, a miserable creature. Nook-shotien, that which Paritor, a apparitor, an officer Lottery, allotment. Misery, avarice. shoots into capes.

of the bishop's court. Lover, a mistress. Misprised, inistaken,

Northern man, vir borealis, a Parle, parley: lown. See Loon. Misprising, despising, or un- clown.

Parlous, perilous. owted, treated with contempt. dervaluing.

Note, notice, information, re. Parlous, keen, shrewd. lowts, clowns. Missives, messengers.


Part, to depart.
Lozel, wortuless, dishonest. Mistaken, misrepresented. Novice, a youth.

Partake, to participate.
Labbar. See Libbard.
Mistempered, angry:

Novum, some game at dice. Partaker, accomplice, confede. Tullapy, sleep in house, i. e., Misthink, to think ill. Nourish, to purse.

Mistress, the jack in bowling:
Nowl, a head.

Parted, shared.
Lanes, lunacy, frenzy.
Mobled or mabled, veiled, Nurture, education.

Parted, endowed with parts. Lurch, to win.

grossly covered.
Nulhook, a thief.

Participate, participant, parti Lure, a thing stuffed to tempt Mode, the form or state of

cipating the hawk.

Obligations, bonds.

Partizan, a pike.
Lash, rank, luscious.
Model, image, representative, Observed, paid respective at.

Parts, party,
Last, inclination, will,

tention to.

Pash, a head. Lastiek, lusty, cheerful, ples Modern, trite, compion, mean. Observing, religiously atten. Pash, to strike with violence. sant.


Pashed, bruised, crushed. Lusty, saucy.

Modesty, moderation. Obsequious, serious, as at fu Pass, to decide, to assure or Luxurious, lascivious. Module, model, pattern.

neral obsequies, careful of. convey. Luxuriously,

waptonly. Moe or mowe, to make mouths. Obsequiously, funerally. Pass, to exceed, to go beyond Luxury, Inst. Moiety, a portion. Obstacle, obstinate.

common bounds. Lym, a species of dog. Mollification, pacification, Occupation, men occupied in Passed, excelling, past all ex


pression or bounds,
Mace, a sceptre.
Mome, a dull stupid blockhead. Occurreuts, incidents.

Passes, what has passed. Mad, wild, inconstant. Momentany, momeutary. Oe, a circle.

Passing, eninept, egregious. Nade, enriched.

Month's mind, a popish auni. Veiliad, a cast or glance of the Passion, :uffering.
Magnificent, glorying Doast-

eye. See Eyliads.

Passionate, a prey to mournful ing , Mood, anger, resentment, man- O'erdied, died too much.

sensations. Magnifico, a chief man or рег.

O'erlooked, slighted.

Passioning, being in a passion. grandee at Venice.

Moody, melancholy. To'er-parted, having too consi. Pessy-measure, a dance. Mailed, wrapped up, covered Moon-call, an inanima, jawa

wable a par.

Pastry, the room where pastry with less mass.

anes\ught, over reached. was made. Main-top, top of the main-mast. Moonish, variable.

ested, wrested beyond Patch, a term of reproach. Dlake, to bar, to shut. Mope, to appear stupis artela

Patched, in a parti-coloured Makest, dost. Moral, secret meaning 01.113

coat. Dlakin, a scullion, a coarse Morisco, Moor or Mot stone- grass

the assailant.

Path, to walk. vench. morris.

cuts ervice.

Pathetical, deeply affecting. Mall, Mrs. alias Mary Frith, or Morris-pike, Moorish darance. his sculinary or servants' | Patient, to make patient, lo Moll Catpurse. Mortal, murderous, fat Swae (ments.

compose. Mallecho, mischief.

Mortal staring, that ? od, frequent, more than Patine, a dish used with the Mammering, hesitating. stares fatally.


chalice, in the administration Mamnets, puppets. Mortified, ascetic, religios. Old age, ages past.

of the Eucharist. Mammock, to cut in pieces. Most, greatest.

Once, sometime.

Pattern, instance, example.
Man. to tame a hawk.
Motion, a kind of

Oneyers, accountants, bankers. Pavin, a dance.
Manacle, a handcuff.
Motion, dixis

Opal, a precious stone of al. Paucas, few.
Manage, conduct, administra- Motion.

most all colours.

Pay, to beat, to hit. tion,

Open, publicly.

Peat, a word of endearment. Mandrake, a root supposed to

Operant, active.

Pedascule, a pedant. have the shape of a man.

Opinion, obstinacy, conceit, Perr, to come out, to appear. Mankind, masculine.

of the lances

Peevish, foolish,
Marches, the borders, limits, Moulin

a supporte

Opposite, adverse, hostile, ad. Peize, to balance, to keep in or confines. Mouse, td ssist, or help. ir to versary.

suspense, 10 weigh down. Marchpane, a species of sweet- pieces. ace, the se Opposition, combat.

Pelting, paltry, petty, inconsi. meat.

Mouse, at

Or, before.

derable. Martial-band,acareless scrawl. Mouse-hui urbitrate

Orbs, circles made by fairies Pennons, sn.all flags. Martlemas, the latter spring. Mowe. Se

on the ground,

Penthesilia, Amazon.
Match, ay appointment, a casa
Moy pic mal money or a Orchard, a garden,

Perch, a measure of five yards r.

Order, measures. pact.

and a half. Mare, to confound. pression of disdain. Ordinance, rank.

Perdurable. lasting. Mated, azaled, dismay

pige, wonderful. Orgulous, proud, disdainful. Perdy, par Dieu, a French Mezcock, a dastardly creatur r, drain of a dung Osprey, a kind of eagle.

oath. Mealed, sprinkled or minglec

Ostent, show, ostentation. Perfect, certain, well informed. Mean, the tenor in music. kind of dress for the Ostentation, show, appearance.

Perfections, liver, brain, and Mean, the middle. part of the face. Overblow, to drive away, to

heart. Means, interest, pains

keep off.

Perjure, a perjored person Pleasure, the reach.

softened and dispirited. Overture, opening, discovery. Periapis, charms sewed up and Measure, sately sa

amplied, multitudinous. Ounce, a small tiger, or tiger. worn about the neck. Measure, means. ingultiplying, multiplied.


Perspectives, certain optical Measels. lepers, sultitudinous, full of multi- Ouph, fairy, goblin.

glasses. Medal, portrait,


Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird. Pervert, to avert. Meddle, to mix with, ammy.thebalsamic liquor of. Out, be gone:

Pew-fellow, a companion. Medicine, a sbe physicia

undane, worldly.
Out, full, complete.

Pheere. See Feere.
Meed. revard.

Outlook, to face down.

Pheece, to teaze or beat, to Meed,merit, desert,exce

arky, dark

Outvied, a term at the game of comb or curry. Meet, match. rrian, a plague in cattle. gleek.

Pia mater, the membrane co. Meiny, people, domes

se, to admire, to wonder. Outward, not in the secret of vering the substance of the Memories, memorialem

st, a scramble.

tine, to rise in mutiny. Owe, to own, possess, govern.

Pick, to pitch. Memorized, made sable. gines, mutineers.

Oxl-lip, the great cowslip. Picked, nicely dressed, foppish. Memory, memoriz

Pickers, the hands.
Mephistophilas, kme of a Napec

Hin, handkerchief.
Pack, to bargain with.

Picking,piddling, insignificant. Nap! spirit or famil

Dess, threadbare.

Pack, combined, accomplice. Pickt hatch, a place noted for
Mercatante, want.
Native, formed by nature.

Packing, plotting, underhand brothels.
Mere, esset, e, absolute.

re, natural parent.

Piece, a word of contempt for a
Mered, mere

-ord, a watch-word 'or Paddock,


woman. Mermaid, si

Pagan, a loose vicious person. Piel'd, shaven.

Messes. dep about cour.

Pight, pitched, fixed.

Pageant, a dumb show.
Metal, ter

nib, the mouth,
Paid, punished.

Pilcher, a pilche, the scabbard.
Pain, penalty.


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llected ;

are, a wall.


by- ord

Metaphys supernatural.
Mete-sareasuring yard.
Micheruant, lurking thief.
Michiplaying truant, skull

Pilled, pillaged:
Pains, labour, toil.

Pin and web, disorders of the Newed fined. vephew, a grandson or any li- Palabras, words.

eye. peal descendant.

Pale, to empaie, encircle with a Pinuace, small ship of borthep. Nerber-stocks, stockings. crown.

Pix, a small chest in which the ingat. Newness, innovation. Pell, to wrap, to invest.

consecrated host was kept.
Newt, the eft.
Palled, vapid.

Placket, a petticoat.
Next, nearest.

Palmers, holy pilgrims. Plague, to punish.
Nice, silly, trifling.
Palmy, victorious.

Plain song, the chant, in plano
Nick, reckoning or connt. Palter, to juggle, or shuffle. cantu.
Nick, to set a mark of folly on. Paper, to write down, ur ap. Plainly, openly.
Nighted, made dark as night. point by writing.

Plaired, complicated, involved.
Night-rule, frolic of the night. Paper, written securities. Planched, made of brands.
term of contempt.
Nine men's morris, a game. Parcel, reckon up.

Plant, the foot. Minstrelsy, office of minstrel.

Nobility,distinction, eminence. Parcel-gilt, gilt only on certain Platforms, plans, schemes. Misconceived, misconceivers.

obless, nobleress.

Plausive, gracious, pleasing.
Siiscreate, ill-begotten, illeg: oddly, fool, game at cards. Parish-top, a large top formerly popular.
Noise, music.

kept in every village to be Pleached, folded together.

N 11. fist,

Bir to walk with affected
Sling, calling to remem

cance, reminding
neral, a mine.
innow, a small river fish,





Plot, piece or portion.

ries to a theatre,

Hlavined, glutted with prey. Ruddock, che redbreast. Point, a metal hook fastened to property, due performance kaught, reached.

Ruff, the folding of the tops a the hose or breeches.

Property, a thing quite at dis-Raw, ignorant, unripe, unskil. boots, Point, the utmost height. posal.


Ruffile, to riot, to create dis oi nt-de-vice, with the utmost Propose, to image, to imagine. Rawly, young and helpless. turbance. possible exactness. Proposing, conversing. Rayed, bewrayed.

Ruffling, rustling. Points, tags

to the laces. Propriety, regular and proper Razed, slashed, raised. Ruin, displeasure producing Poize, weight or moment.

Rear-mouse, a bat.

ruin. Polled, bared, cleared. Prorogve, lengthen or proloug. Reason, discourse.

Rule, a method of life. Pomander, a ball made of per. Provand, provender.

Reason, to talk, to argue for. Ruth, pity, compassion. fumes.

Provencial, Provençal, from Rebeck, an old musical instruPomewater, a species of apple. Provence..


Sacred, accursed.
Poor john, hake dried, salted. Provincial, belonging to one's Receiving,ready apprehension. Sacrificial, worshipping
Popinjay, a parrot.

Receipt, receptacle.

Sad, grave or serious. Popularity, plebeian inter- Provost, sheriff or gaoler. Recheate, a sound by which the Sadly, seriously. l'rune, io plume.

dogs are called back.

Sadness, seriousness. Port, external pomp, figure. Puck, or hobgoblin in fairy Reck, to care for, to mind, 10 Safe, lo render

sate. Port, a gate. mythology

attend to.

Sage or swagg, to sink down. Portable, bearable. Pugging, thievish.

Reckless, careless, heedless. Sali, tears. Portance, carriage, behaviour. Pun, to pound.

Recollected, studied or ofteu Sanded, of a sandy colour. Possess, to inform, to make to purchase, stolen goods.


Satisfy, rest with satisfaction. understand. Purchased, acquired by unjust Record, to sing:

Savage, silvan, uacultivated, Possessed, acquainted with, methods.

Recorder, a kind of flute or wild. fully informed. Purlieu, border, enclosure. flageolet.

Savageness, wildness. Possessed, afflicted with nad Pursuivants, heralds.

Recure, to recover.

Saucy, lascivious. Put to kņow, compelled to ac-Red-latiice, che sign of an ale- Saw, anciently, not a proverb, Potch, to push violently. knowledge.


but the whole tenor of any Potents, potentates. Putter-on, one who instigates. Reduce, to bring back.

discourse. Pouncet-box, a small box for Putter-out, one who places out Reechy, discoloured by smoke, Say, silk. perfumes mouey at interest.

smoky, greasy.

Say, a sample, a taste or relish. Power, forces, an army. Putting-on, spur, incitement. Refell, to refule.

Scaffoldage, the gallery part os Practice, unlawful or insidious Puttock, a degenerate species Refer, to reserve to.

the theatre. stratagem.

of hawk.
Regard, look.

Scald, a word of contempt, Practise, to employ unwarrantable arts.

Regiment government, autho- poor, filthy.

rity Practisants, confederates in Quaint, razint, languish.

Scale, disperse, put to fight. stratagems. Quaint-mazesical, graceful.

Regreet, exchange of saluta- Scaled, over-reached. Prank, to adorn, to dress osten- the figure of eigme running lion.

Scaling, weighing tatiously, to plume. Quaked, thrown into

Reguerdon, recompense, re- Scall, an old word of reproach. Precedent, original draft. tion.

Scamble, lo scramble: Precept, a justice's warrant. Qualify, to lessen, mode

pearly related, or Scan, to examine nicely. Precisian, a great pretender to Quality, confederates.


Scant, to be deficient in, to con sanctity.

Quality, profession, condition bered, remembering. tract. Prefer, to recommend, to ad- of life.


abrance, admonition. Scantling, measure, proportion. vance. Quarrel, a quarreller, the cause

urse, pity, tenderness of Scapes of wit, sallies, irrego Pregnancy, readiness. of a quarrel.

larities. Pregnant, ready, plain, evi- Quarry, game after it is killed.

Ronolion, removal or remote. Scared, frightened.
dent, apposite.
Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a

French crown.

Scarfed, decorated with flags. Pregnant eneiny, the enemy of

Quarter, the allotted posts, sta- izmoved, remote, sequestered. Scath, destruction, harm.
ander, to describe.

Scath, to do an injury,
Premised, sent before the time.
Quạt, 4 pimple.

treter, a confession, an ac. Scathful, mischievous,destruc Prenoininate, already named.

tive. Pre-ordinance, ordinance al. Queasy, squeamish, delicate, be cut.

Reipse, in renounce.

Scone, a petty fortification.
Repcion, ima vate.

Sounce, the head.
Presence, the presence-cham- Quell, to murder, to destroy.
Quench, to grow cool.
Repriness, intia.

Scotched, cut slightly. ber, a public room.


ficrimens, fencers.
Presence,dignity of mien, form, Quern, a hand-mill.
Quest, inquest or jury, search, Repucinsin armoun.

Scrip, a writing, a list.
Requiem awless,

Scroyles, scabby fellows.
Question, conversation.

of a person uence of.

Sculls, great numbers of fishes Questrist, one who goes in Resolve, to be or the soul swimming together. search of another.

ed, satisfied. ised.

Souched, whipt, carted
Quests, reports.

Resolve, to dissoluly persuad. Seal, to strengthen or COD
Prevent, to anticipate.
Quick, lively, sprightly, living. Respect, considera

plete, Prick, the point on the dial. Quicken, to animate.


0. Seam, lard, Pricks, prickles, skewers. Quiduits, subtilties.

Respective, respecta Sear, to stigmatize, to close. Pride, haughty power. Quillets, law chicane.

spectful, formal. office. See Sere. Prig, to filch.

Respective, cool, constempt, Season, to temper, to infix, to Prime, youth, the vigour of Quintain, a post set up for va.

rious exercises.
Respectively, respectfu

Quips, reproaches and scoffs.

Retailed, handed down. Seasoned, established or settled Prime, prompt.

Retire, to draw back.

tby time.
Primer, more urgent, more Quire, to play in concert.
Quit, quitted

Reverb, to reverberate. M Limi, throne.
Quit, to requite or answer.
Revolts, revolters.

in thd, fixed, firmly placed. Primero, a game at cards. Principality, the first or princi- Quittance, return of obliga- Rib, to enclose.

Rid, to destroy.

MLime, a cutting in gardening,

MI Lime, ly, with too great confi cipal of women.

Rift, split.

MiLimeace. Principals, rafters of a build. Quiver, nimble, active.

Riggish, wanton.

wit, to close up. ing.

Right, just, even.

Lim g, blinding.
Priucox, a coxcomb, or spoiled
Rabato, an ornament for the Right drawn, drawn in Mu

Lirytmeg. specious, hypocrit.

cause. neck.

ord Probal, probable.

St, seemly,
Process, summons
Rabbit-sucker, a sucking rab- Rigol, a circle.

Ringed, environed, encirdu Seised, practised.
Procure, to bring.

the bank or shore Prodigious, portentoas, omi- Race, original disposition, io- Ripe,come to the height.

Semt, inherent generoborn qualities,

Rivality, equal rank. Proface, much good may it do flavour.

Rivals, partners.

Senioryn resemblance, you. Rack, wreck.

Rive, to burst, to fire. Profane, love of talk, gross of Rack, to exaggerate.

Road, the haven where language.

ride at anchor,

feeling, sh or sounding.

Rogues, vagrants. Profession, end and purpose of Rack, the fleeting away of the

Sensible, ha ural affection. coming

Romage, rummage. Progress, a royal journey of Racking: in rapid motion.

Ronyon, a scurvy womad. to

Sequestration, asation. state.

Rood, the cross.
Project, to shape or form,
Ragged, rugged.
Rook, to squat down.

bail racion Prompture, suggestion, temp-Rake, to cover.

Ropery, roguery. tation

Rank, rate or pace.
great Rope-cricks, abusive language.

Serpigo, a kind of sheriff's
Prone, sometimes humble.
Rank, grown up to a

Round, a diadem.

Round, rough, unceremonious. Set, seated. Prone, forward.

height and strength. Proof, confirmed state of man- Rapt, rapturously affected.

Rounded, whispered.

Rounding, whispering. Propagate, to advance or im- Rarely, curiously, happily: prove.

Rascally, applied to lean deer. Roundel. a country dance. Propagation, getting.

Rash, heady, Proper, well looking, band

Ronse, a draught of joliity. quick, violent. some.

Rash remonstrance, premature Royal, due to a king. Proper-false, proper or fair, discovery.

ready established.

Prest, ready.
Pretence, design, intention.
Pretend, to intend, design.
Pretended, purposed, intended.

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Quote, to observe.



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Sennet, a ships Sense, reaity.

Rack, to harass by exactions.

Septentrion, passion.

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Serjeant, a


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Royalty, nobleness, supreme Share, modesty.

Royalize, to make royal. and false or deceitful.

Rated, chided.
Properties, taken possession of. Ravin, to devour eagerly

excellence. Properties, incidental necessa- / Ravin, ravenous.

scal wings.

Roynish, mangy or scabby.

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Shards, the wings of a beetle. Spleen, humour, caprice, spirit, Subtilty, deception.

peace officer, Shards, brokeu pots or tiles. resentment.

Subtle, smooth, level. Theme, a subject. Sharked, picked up as a shark Spleen, violent hurry, tumul. Success, succession,

Theorick, theory. collects his prey. tuous speed.

Successive, belonging to the Thewes, muscular strengti, Sheen, shining, splendour, Spleens, inclination to spiteful succession.

Thick, in quick succession. lastre


Successively, by order of suc- Thick-pleached, thickly inter Sbeer, pellucid, transparent. Spot, stain or disgrace.


woven. Shen!, scolded, rebuked, Spotted, wicked.

Sudden, violent.

Thill, the shafts of a cart. ashamed, disgraced. Sprag, or spackt, apt to learn. Sufficiency, abilities.

Thirdborough. See Thar. Shent, to reprove harshly. Spread, to stand separately. Suggest, to teinpt, to prompt, borough. Sheriff's-post, a large post set Sprighted, haunted.

to instigate.

Thought, melancholy. up at the door of that officer Sprights, spirits

Suggestion, hint.

Thrasonical, boastful, brag for affixing proclamations. Springhalt, a disease incident Suggestions, temptations.

ging Shive, a slice.

to horses.
Suited, dressed.

Thread fibre or part
Shot, shooter.

Springing, blooming, in the Sullen, obstinately trouble. Thread, to pass through. Shovel-board, a game. spring of life.


Three-man-beetle, an imple Shoughs, shocks, a species of Sprightly, ghostly.

Summer-swelling, that which ment used for driving piies. dog.

Spurs, the longest and largest swells or expands in summer. Three-pile, rich velvet Shouldered, rudely thrust into. roots of trees.

Summoners, summoning offi- Thrift, a state of prosperity. Shrewd, having the qualities Square, to quarrel.

Throes, emits as in parturition. of a shrew.

Square, regular, equitable, just, Sumpter, a horse that carries Thrum, the extremity of a Shrift, confession.

necessaries on a journey.

weaver's warp. Shrive, to confess, to call to Square, compass, comprehen- Superfluous, over-clothed. Thrun med, made of coarse confession.

sion, or complement.

Superstitious, serving with woollen cloth.
Shut-up, to conclude.
Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow. superstitious attention.

Tib, a strumpet.
Side-sleeves, long sleeves. Squash, an immature peascod. Supposed, counterfeited, ima- Tickle, ticklish.
Siege, stool, seat, rank.
Squiny, to look asquint.

Tickle-brain, some strong liSight, the perforated part of a Sqaire, a square or rule.

Sure, safe, out of danger, quor. helmet. Staggers, delirious. perturba


Tight, handy, adroit. Sightless, unsightly.


Sur-reined, over-worked, or Tightly cleverly, adroitly. Sign. to shew, to denote. Stale, a bait or decoy to catch ridden.

Tilly-valley, an interjection of Silly, simple or rustic.

Suspire, to breathe.

contempt. Silly.sooth, plain, simple truth. Stale, a pretence.

Swaggerer, a roaring, fighting Tilth, tillage.
Sincere, bonest.
Stale, to allure.


Timeless, untimely. Sidew, strength,

Stand, to withstand, to resist. Swart or swarth, black, or dark Tinct, tincture. Siugle, weak, debile, small, Standing bowls, bowls elevated


Tire, head dress. Foid of duplícity or guile. on feet

Swarth or swath, as much Tire, to fasten, to fix the talona Sink-a-pace, cinque-pace, a Stannyal, the common stone

grass or corn as a mower

on. dance. hawk.

cuts down at one stroke of Tire, to be idly employed on. Sir, the designation of a parson, Star, a scar of that

bis scythe.

Tired, adorned with ribands. Sir-reverence, a corruption of Stark, stiff,

Swashing, nrisy, bullying,

Tod, to yield or produce a tod seve-reverence. Starkly, stiffiy.

Swath, the dress of a new-boro or twenty-eight pounds. Sith, since. Starred, destined.


Tokened, spotted as in Sithence, thence.

State, a chair with a canopy Sway, the whole weight, mo- plague. Sizes, allowances of victuals. over it,


Toll, to enter on the tr
Skains-mates, loose compa-
State, standing.

Sweeting, a species of apple. Tolling, taking toll.
State, official state, dignity.
Swift, ready,

Tomboy, a mascul
Skirr, to sconr, to ride hastily. States, persons of high rank: Swinge-bucklers, rakes, rioters. girl.
Slack, to neglect.

Station, the act of standing. Swoop, the descent of a bird of Topless, that
Slave, to treat as a slave. Statist, statesman.


thing above Sleave, the ravelled knotty part! Statue, a portrait.

Topple, to of the silk,

Staves, the wood of the lances, Table, the palm of the hand Touch, ге Sledded, riding in a sled or Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.


ing: sledge. Stead, to assist, or help. Table, a picture.


- more pront Slights, arts, subtle practices. Sticking-place, the stop in a Tables, table-books, memoran-To

more time Slips, a contrivance of leather, machine.


so careful. [you, sir, to start two dogs at the same Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, Tabourine, a small drum. time.

Tag, the lowest of the populaer

pr't! And now, I pray Sliver, to cut a piece or slice. Stigmatical, marked or stigma- Taint, to throw a slur upon inind,) your reason Slops, loose breeches, or trow- tized.

Take, to strike with a die sers, tawdry dress.

Stigmatic, one on whom nature to blast. Slough, the skin which the ser- has set a mark of deformity.

Take-in, to conquer, to

Know thus far forth. pent angually throws off. Still, constant or continual.

better of. Slover, more serious. Stilly, gently, lowly.

Take-up, to contro

ange, bountiful fortune, Slubber, to do any thing care Stint, to stop, to retard.

hath mine enemies lessly, imperfectly, obscure. Stith, an anvil.

Take-up, to ley Smilingly, with signs of plea- Stoccata, a thrust or stab with Tall, stout, boh

Snore: and by my prescience co old stre.

a rapier.

Tallow-ker a doth depend upon Suirched soiled or obscured. Stock, a term in fencing.

or cow. Smoothed, to stroke, to caress, Stock, stocking.


icious star; whose influences the pas. to fondle.

Stomach, passion, pride, stub-Tame Sneap, to check or rebuke, a born resolution, constancy,

court not, but omit, my fortyn of endeara ent. rebuke. resolution.

Ar after droop:—Here cease to transfer, to exSpeaping, nipping.

Stoop, a measure somewhat art inclin'd to sleep; 'tis Sneck-up, a cant-phrase,

more than half a gallon. hang yoursell."

Stover, a kind of thatch.
Sauff, hasty anger.
Stoup, a kind of flagon.

ver, to stroll.
Souls, dislikes.
Strachy, probably some Luder

averse, a term in military Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach. domestic office.

Come away, servant, come

exercise. Solely, alone.

Straight, immediately.
Solicit, courtship.
Strain, descent, lineage
Approach, my Ariel ; con Traversed, across:

Tray-trip, some kind of game

neSolicit, to excite. Strain, difficulty, don

Treachers, treacherous per Soliciting, information. Strait, narrow, avari Solidares, an unknown coin. Straited, put to diff ties. Sometimes, formerly.

Trenched, cut, carved. Strange, odd, diff knt from

Ari. All hail, gre

Trick, trick of the times. Sooth, truth

Strange, alien,
To answer thy be tire.

Trick, peculiarity of voice, Sootb, sweetness stranger, a stranger.

face, &c. Sorriest, worthless, vile, Strangely, wouderfully.

To dive wax. Sorry, sorrowful or dismal.

raldry. Sort, to choose out.

behaviour Sort, a company, a pack, ranks Stranger, an alien.

Ariel, and all his ure.

230 degrees of men.
Strangle, to suppress.

Sort, to happen, to agree. Stratagem, great or dreadful
Sort, the lot,

event. Sort and suit, figure and rank. Strict, hard.

o regard with affec-Trojan, cant word for a thief

Troll, to dismiss trippingly Sot, a fool.

Strive, to contend.

from the tongue. Soul-feariag, soul-appalling, Stuck, a thrust in fencing. See

ing, watching with ten

Trol my-dames, a game Sound, to declare or publish. Stoccata, Stock.

Tent, to fake up residence. Trossers, trowsers.
Sound, soundly.

Stuff, baggage.
Tercel, t.

Trow, to believe.
Soul, to pull by the ears. Stuff, substance or essence. Termagant, the god of the Truth, honesty.
Sowter, perhaps the name of a Stuffed, plenty, more than Saracers.

Tucket, or tucket sonuance a bound

Termagant, furichus

flourish. Spanned, measured.

Subscribe, to agree to.

Tested, brought to the test. Turlygood, or turlupin, a speSpecialty, particular rights. Subscribe, to yield, to surren-Testern, to gratify with a tes- cies of gipsy. Sped, the fate decided

ter, or sixpence,

Turn, to become acescent. Speed, event.

Subscription, obedience. Tetchy, touchy, pevish, fret- Turquoise, 2 precious stone Sperr, to shut up, defend by Submerged, whelmed under


Twangling an expression of bars, &c.

Tharborough, thiydborough, a contempt.

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Twigging, wickered. | Unbarbed, satrimmed. on- Untruth,dis.oyalıy, treachery. Whittle, a species of knife. Tyed, limited, circumscribed. shaven.

Unvalued, invaluable.

Whooping, measure or reckon Type, distinguishing mark, Unbated, not blunted.

ing. show or emblem.

l'nbolt, to open, explain. Urchins, hedge-hogs, or per Wide, remotely fmm, wide of Tything, division of a place, a Unbolted, coarse

haps fairies.

the mark.
Unbookish, ignorant.
Usance, usury.

Wilderness, wildness.
Unbreathed, unexercised, un. Use, practice long countenanc- Will, wilfulness.
Vail, to condescena to look, to' practised.

ed by custom.

Wimple, a hood or veil. let down, to bow, to sink. Uncape, to dig out, a term in Use, to make a practice of. Winter-ground, to protect & Vailing, lowering.

U'se, interest,

gainst the inclemency of
Vain, vanity.
Uncharged, unattacked.
Used, behaved.

winter. Pain, light of tongue, not vera- Unclew, to draw out, exhaust. Usurping, false.

Wis, to know. cious. Uncoined, real, unrefined, un- Utis, a merry festival.

Wish, to recommend. Valance, fringed with a beard. adorned.

Utter, to vend by retail.

Wit, to know. Validity, value.

Unconfirmed, unpractised in Utterance, a phrase in combat, Witch, to charm, to bewitch. Vanity, illusion.

the ways of the world.

Wits, senses,
Vantage, convenience, oppor Under generation, the anti-

Wittol, knowing, conscious or tunity, advantage.

Waft, to beckon.

Witty, judicious, cunning.
Vantbrace, armour for the arm. Undergo, to be subject to. Wage, to fight, to combat, to Wee, to be sorry.
Varlet, a servant or footman to Under-skinker, a tapster, an prescribe to.

Woman, to affect suddenly and a warrior.

Wages, is equal to.

deeply. Vast, waste, dreary.

Undortaker, one who takes Waist, the part between the Woman-tired, ben-pecked. Vaunt, the avant, what went be- upon himself the quarrel of quarterdeck and the fore. Wondered, able to perform fore. another. castle.

wonders, Vaward, the fore part. Underwrite, to subscribe, to Waist, the middle.

Wood, crazy, frantic.
Velure, velvet.

Walk, a district in a forest. Woodman, an attendant on the

Venew, a bout, a term in fenc- Under-wrought, ander-work. Wannion, veugeance.

ed, undetermined.

Ward, posture of defence. Woolward, a phrase approVengeance, mischief. Undeserving, undeserved. Ward, guardianship.

priated to pilgrims and Vent, ruinour, matter for dis. Unearned, not deserved. Warden, a species of pears.

tentiaries. course.

Uneath, scarcely, not easily. Warder, gnard, sentinel. Wurds, dispute. contention. Ventages, the holes of a flgte. Unexpressive, inexpressible. Warn, to summon.

Work, a term of fortification. Penys, hits in fencing. Unhappy, mischievously wag. Wassels, meetings of rustic Workings, labours of thought, Verbal, verbose, full of talk, gish, unlucky.


World, to go to the, to be mar. Verify, to bear true witness. Unhidden, open, clear, Watch, a watch-light.

ried. Very, immediate.

Unhoused, free from domestic Water-work, watercolours. Worm, a serpent. Via,a cant phrase of exultation.

Wax, to grow.

Worship, dignity, authority, Vice, the fool of the old mo- Unhouseled, not having re

Waxed, increase.

Worth, wealth or fortune, the ralities.

ceived the sacrament,

Wealth, advantage, happiness. value, full qnota or propor. Vice. to ad rise.

Unimproved. cot guided by Wear, the fashion.
Vice, grasp.

knowledge, or experience.
Wee, little.

Worts, cabbage.
Vie. to contend in rivalry. Union, a species of pearl.

Weeds, clothing.

Wot, to know. Vied. bragged.

Unkind, contrary to kind, or Wern, to think, to imagine. Wond, twisted about. Viewless, unseen, invisible.

W reak, resentment. nature,

Weet, to know. Villain, a worthless fellow, a Unmastered, licentious.

Weigh, 10 value or esteem, to Wreak, to revenge. servant. Unowed, that which has no


Wrest, an instrument for tun Virxinalling, playing on the owner.

Welkin, the colour of the sky, ing the harp
Unpregnant, not quickened.


Wrested, obtained by violence. Virtue, the most efficacious. Unproper, compion.

Well-found, of acknowledged Writ, writing, composition. part, valon Unqualitied, unmanned, dis- excellence.

Writhled, wrinkled. armed of his faculties. Well-liking, plump, embon- Wronks, persons who wrong.


Wrongs, injurious practices. breeding

good- Unquestionable. unwilling to
be conversed with.

Wen, swollen excrescence. Wroth, misfortune.
Vixen, or fixen, a female fox. Unready, undressed.

Wend, to go.

Wrought. worked, agitated.
Unrespective, inattentive to Whelked,varied with protuber. Wrung, pressed, strained.
Votarist, supplicant.

Unrest, disquiet.
Whe'r, whether.

Yarely, readily, nimbly.

Yearns, grieves or exes. | Unrougn, smooth-faced, on- Where, whereas. hearded.

Whiffler, an officer who walks Yeasty, or yesty, foaming or Valgarly, publicly. Unsisted, untried.

first in processions.

frothy. Unsisting, always open, never Whiles, until.

Yeild, to inform of, condescend Whip, the crack, the best.

to. vedbeni dusky yellow-colour. Un's mirched, clean. not defled. Whipstock, a carter's whip.

Yeild, to reward. Bi. Umbered, discoloured by the

Unsquared, unadapted to their whirring, whirring away. Yell owness, jealousy, Pria gleam of fire.

White, the white mark in ar- Yeoman, a bailif's follower. Un rig, uccustomed, unseemly, in- Unteanporno in corticempering, white

death the chilometri Unstanched


Zapy, a barino i merry an deceie, per

1, without extreme
not softening.

bleaching-time, drew.
Untraced, singular, not in com-

spring. unction:

navoidable. Uday cided, us

Whitsters, bleachers of linen.
Untrimmed, andressed.


virginal, a spinnet.

virt110118, salntiferous. Virtuons, belonging

Vizaments, advisements. Voluntary, voluntarily. Vouchsafed, vonchsafing. Vox, tone or voice. Vulgar, common,


mon use.

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TEERI was po e lition of this play previous to the first folio of besides divers smaller pieces, they happened apou the largest the Author's works, in 1623.- li was one of the very latest of block of Ambergris that had ever been seen or heard of in his productions : Mr. Malone supposes it to have been written ope lump. It weighed fourscore pounds, and is said, itsell in the year 111;- but it was most probably produced in the alone, besides the others, to have been then worth niue or ten latter part of 1019, or the beginning of 1613, as we find from thousand pounds. And now being rich, they grew so rioty Mr. Vertue's MSS. that it " was acted by John Heming and and ambitious, that these three forlord men, above three the rest of the hing's company, before Prince Charles, the thousand miles from their native country, and with ittle Lady Elizabeth, and the Prince Palatine Elector, in the be- probability of ever seeing it again, fell out for the superiority ginning of the year 1613." - The Prince Palatine was married and rule ; and their competition and quarrel grew so high, to the Lady Elizabeth in February 1613, and this exquisite that Chard and Waters, being of the greater spirit, had ap. poem, which relates the loves of a young prince and princess, pointed to decide the matter in the field. But Carter wisely and introduces a pageant of spirits to crown them with stopped their arms,

choosing rather to bear with such trouble Honour, riches, marriage-blessing,

some rivals, than, by being rid of them, to live alone." Long continuance, and increasing,

Srith's Virginia, p. 120.-11 Shak speare in composing his play

had any recollection of the above event, The 'Tempest could was not improbably composed on the occasion of their royal not have been written till after the year 1618, when the story cuptials; as we know that

it made a part of the splendid fes- was brought to England by Captain Matthew Somers. This tivities in celebration of them. Mr. Malone imagines in this gentleman was nephew of Sir George Somers; he accompanied play a reference to the shipwreck of Sir George Somers on the his uncle both in his first and second visit to the Bermudas, Island of Bermuda. I cannot follow him in tracing the re- and, after his death on the Island, returned to England with bemblance. It is difficult to perceive the connexion between the body. a tempest in the Mediterranean and a hurricane in the At- Collins the poet informed Thomas Warton, that the subject of lasticor between the wreck of an English ship, with her this play was taken from a novel called Aurelio and Isabella; cres of adventurous navigators, on the coast of Bermuda, and but this information has proved to be incorrect.-The memory the loss of an Italian vessel, conveying the king of Naples and of Collins became confused in his last melancholy illness, the Duke of Milan from a royal marriage in Tunis, on an and he probably gave the name of one novel for another.imaginary island, near the coast of Africa.-The only cir- A circumstance which he added, may perhaps lead to the cumstance I can discover in the accounts of Sir George discovery of the real tale :-the principal character of the Somers's shipwreck, which Shakspeare appears to have had romance, answering

to Shakspeare's Prospero, was a chemical in his mind in writing this play, is the only circumstance that necromancer, who had bound a spirit, like Ariel, to perform bone of the cominentators have noticed, though it is related his services.-Mr. Boswell relates, that a friend of his had in a volume to which they have all referred, viz. Srith's met with an Italian novel which corresponded with Collins's History of Virginia.- The assumption of royal authority by description. Stephano, and the scenes between that character and Caliban Malone, Steevens, and Blackstone have discovered, in the foland Irinculo, may have been suggested by the event related lowing words from the Induction to Ben Jonson's Bartholomeu to the following passage.- When Sir George

Somers left the Fair If there be never a servant-monster in the fair, who Island of Bermuda in the year 1609, "Christopher Carter, can help it?". an allusion to the character of Caliban and Edward Waters, and Edward Chard remained behind. Sir another proof of that malignity against our Author which George's vessel being once out of sight, these three lords, they have chosen to itupute to the great contemporary and and sole inhabitants of all these islands, began to erect their personal friend of Shakspeare. --This subject is fully dis little commonwealth, with equal power and brotherly regency, cussed in the Life prefixed to Tarness's edition, and soul building a house, preparing the ground, planting their corn, and such seeds and fruits as they had, and providing other

mentioned here, to shew on how slight authority this absurd Decessaries and conveniences Then making search among

falsehood has been propagated ; and as another instance to the crannies and corners of those craggy rocks, what the ocean, from the world's creation, had thrown up among them,

prove, that to the theories of a commentator, as to the dreams of jealousy, “trifles light as air, are confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ.'

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Gonzalo, and others. Alon. Good Boatswain, have care. master ? Play the men.


u mar our la. Boats. When the sea is.


hearts ; yaie, sare : take in the top-sail; Tend to ALONSO, King of Naples.

the master's whistle.-Blow till thou burst thy wind, SEBASTIAN, his brother.

if room enough!
PROSPERO, the rightful Duke of Milan.
Antonio, his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan.

FERDINAND, son to the King of Naples.
Gonzalo, an honest old counsellor of Naples.

the CALIBAN, a savage and deformed slave.

Boats. I pray now, keep below. TRINCULO, a jester.

Ant. Where is the master, Boatswairortunes STEPHANO, a drunken butler.

Boats. Do you not hear him? Yruse more Master of a ship, Boatswain, and Mariners.

bour; Keep your cabins : you do as a good

assist the storm. MIRANDA, daughter to Prospero. ARIEL, an airy spirit.

Henco! What care

come Iris, CERES, JUNO, Nymphs, Reapers, spirits.

these roarers for the name are:

king? To cabin : siOther spirits attending on Prospero. SCENE. The Sea, with a Ship; afterwards as Boats. None that great member whom thou hast aboard. uninhabited Island. are a counsellor; ibest ple more love than myself.

You ments to silence, arve into you can command these ele

we will not hand a louds d work the peace of the present, ACT I.

If you cannot, give is quarope more ; use your authority. nd make you



have lived so long, SCENE I.-On a Ship at Sea.--A Storm with ance ofrmid qurselt ready in your cabin for the misThunder and Lightning.

the hour, if it so hap-Cheerly, good Enter a Ship-master and a Boatswain.


[Erit. Master. Boatswain,–


I have great comfort from this fellow : ineBoats. Here, master : What cheer ?

thinks he hath no drowning mark upon him ; his Mast. Good : Speak to the mariners: fall to't yarely, or we run ourselves aground : bestir, bestir. [Exit: face Plexion perfect gallows. Stand fast, good

to his han ging! make the rope of his destiny

our cable, for our own doth little advantage ! If he Enter Mariners.

be not born to buhanged, our case is miserable. Boats. Heigh, my hearts; cheerly, cheerly, my


lence : trouble us not.

Gon. Good; yet rem Enter

*s-ri. Te out of our way, I say.

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