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subordinate positions. His chance of error is renewed explanation. When his attention is strongly engagea, at every attempt ; an oblique view of the passage a let it disdain alike to turn aside to the name of Theo slight misapprehension of a phrase, a casual inatten-, bald and of Pope. Let him read on through bright: tion to the parties connected, is sufficient to make ness and obscurity, through integrity and corruption; him not only fail, but fail ridiculously; and when let him preserve his comprehension of the dialogue, he succeeds best, he produces perhaps but one read- and his interest in the fable. And when the pleaing of many probable, and he that suggests another sures of novelty have ceased, let him attempt exactwill always be able to dispute his claims.

ness, and read the commentators. It is an unhappy state, in which danger is hid Particular passages are cleared by notes, but the under pleasure. The allurements of emendation are general effect of the work is weakened. The mindscarcely resistible. Conjecture has all the joy and is refrigerated by interruption ; the thoughts are all the pride of invention, and he that has once diverted from the principal subject; the reader is started a happy change, is too much delighted to weary, he suspects not why; and at last throws consider what objections may rise against it. away the book which he has too diligently studied.

Yet conjectural criticism has been of great use in Parts are not to be examined till the whole has the learned world; nor is it my intention to depre- been surveyed ; there is a kind of intellectual areciate a study, that has exercised so many mighty moteness necessary for the comprehension of any miuds, from the revival of learning to our own age, great work in its full design and in its true proporfrom the Bishop of Aleria to English Bentley. The tions; a close approach shews the smaller niceties, crities on ancient authors have, in the exercise of but the beauty of the whole is discerned no longer. their sagacity, many assistances, which the editor of It is not very grateful to consider how little the Shakspeare is condemned to want. They are em- succession of editors has added to this author's power ployed upon grammatical and settled languages, of pleasing. He was read, admired, studied, and whose construction contribute so much to perspi- imitated, while he was yet deformed with all the cuity, that Homer has fewer passages unintelligible improprieties which ignorance and neglect could acthan Chaucer. The words have not only a known cumulate 'ipon him. ; while the reading was yet not regimen, but invariable quantities, which direct and rectified, nor his allusions understood ; yet then did confine the choice. There are commonly more manu. Dryden pronounce, “that Shakspeare was the man, scripts than one ; and they do not often conspire in who, of all modern and perhaps ancient poets, had the same mistakes Yet Scaliger could confess to the largest and most comprehensive soul. All the Salmasius how little satisfaction his emendations images of nature were still present to him, and he gave him. Illudunt nobis conjecturæ nostra, quarum drew them not laboriously, but luckily: when he de. nos pudet, posteaquam in meliores codices incidimus. scribes any thing, you more than see it, you feel it And Lipsius could complain, that critics were making too. Those, who accuse him to have wanted learn. faults, by trying to remove them, Ut olim vitiis, ita ing, give him the greater commendation; he was nanunc remediis laboratur. And indeed, when mere turally learned ; he needed not the spectacles of conjecture is to be used, the emendations of Scaliger books to read nature ; he looked inwards, and found and Lipsius, notwithstanding their wonderful saga. her there. I cannot say he is every where alike ; city and erudition, are often vague and disputable, were he so, I should do him injury to compare hiin like mine or Theobald's.

with the greatest of mankind. He is many times flat Perhaps I may not be more censured for doing and insipid ; his comic wit degenerating into wrong, than for doing little ; for raising in the pub. clenches, his serious swelling into bombast. But he lic expectations, which at last I have not answered. is always great, when some great occasion is pre The expectation of ignorance is indefinite, and that sented to him ; no man can say, he ever had a fit of knowledge is often tyrannical. It is hard to satisfy subject for his wit, and did not then raise himself as those who know not what to demand, or those who high above the rest of poets, demand by design what they think impossible to be

Quantum lenta solent inter viburna cipressi.'" done. Uhave indeed disappointed no opinion more than my own; yet I have endeavoured to perform It is to be lamented, that such a writer should my task with no slight solicitude. Nyt a single pas. want a commentary ; that his language should be sage in the whole work has appeared to me corrupt, come obsolete, or his sentiments obscure. But it is which I have not attempted to restore ; or obscure, vain to carry wishes beyond the condition of human which I have not endeavoured to illustrate. In many things; that which must happen to all, has happenI have failed like others ; and from many, after all ed to Shakspeare, by accident and time ; and more my efforts, I have retreated, and confessed the re than has been suffered by any other writer since the pulse. I have not passed over, with affected supe- use of types, has been suffered by him through his riority, what is equally difficult to the reader and to own negligence of fame, or perhaps by that superiomyself, but where I could not instruct him, have rity of mind, which despised its own performances, owned my ignorance. I might easily have accumu- when it compared them with its powers, and judged lated a mass of seeming learning upon easy scenes ; those works unworthy to be preserved, which the butitought not to be imputed to negligence, that where critics of following ages were to contend for the fame nothing was necessary, nothing has been done, or that, of restoring and explaining. where others have said enough, I have said no more. Among these candidates of inferior fame, I am

Notes are often necessary, but they are necessary now to stand the judgment of the public: and wish evils. Let him, that is yet unacquainted with the that I could confidently produce my commentary as powers of Shakspeare, and who desires to feel the equal to the encouragement which I have had the highest pleasure that the drama can give, read every honour of receiving. Every work of this kind is by play from the first scene to the last, with utter negli its nature deficient, and I should feel little solicitude gence of all his commentators. When his fancy is about the sentence, were it to be pronounced only once on the wing, let it not stoop at correction or by the skilful and the learned.

ABATE, to depress, sink, sub. , A row, successively. one after Beaver, helinet in general. Breath, breathing, voice. dae. another.

Beck, a salutation made with Breathe, to utter. ABC book, a catechism. Art, practice as distinguished the head.

Breathed, inured by constant Abjects, servile persons,

fron theory, theory.
Becomed, becoming.

practice. Able, to qualify or upbold. Articulate, enter into articles, Beetle, to hang over the base Breathing, complimentary. Abortive, issuing before its Articulated, exhibited in arti- Being, abode

Breeched, sheathed. time. cles.

Belongings, endowments. Breeching, liable to school boy Absolute, highly accomplished, Artificial, ingenious, artful. Be-mete, be-measure.

punishment. perfect, As, as if.

Be-moiled, be-draggled, be- Bridal, the nuptial feast. Abused, deceived. Aspect, countenance.


Briel, a short account, letter,
Aby, to pay dear for.
Aspersion, sprinkling.

Bending, unequal to the or enumeration.
Abysm, abyss.
Assay, test.


Bring, to attend or accompany Accuse, accusation. Assinego, a he-ass. Benefit, beneficiary.

Brize, the gad, or horse-tly. Achieve, to obtain.

Assurance, conveyance, deed. Bent, the utmost degree of any Broached, spilled, transfixed. Acquittance, requital. Assured, afhanced.


Brock, a badger. Action, direction by mute Astringer, a falconer.

| Benumbed, inflexible, immove- Broke, to deal with a pauder. sigas, charge, or accusation. Ates, instigation from Ate, the able.

Broken, toothless. Action-takins, litigious. mischievous goddess that in Beshrew, ill befall.

Broker, a matchmaker, a pro Additions, utles or descrip- cites bloodshed.

Best, bravest.

curess or pimp. uons.

Atomięs, minute particles dis- Bestowed, left, stowed, or Brooch, an ornamental buckle. Address, to make ready. cernible in a stream of sun- lodged.

Brooched, adorned as with a Addressed, or addrest, ready. shine that breaks into a dark- Bestraught, distraught or dis- brooch Advance, to prefer, to raise to ened room, atoms.


Brotherhoods, confraternities. bonour. Atone, to reconcile.

Beteem, to give, to pour out, or corporat:OL). Adversity, contrariety. Attasked, reprehended, cor- to permit, or suffer.

Brow, heicht. Advertisement, admonition. rected.

Bewray, betray, discover. Brownist, the name of a sect. Advertising, attentive. Attended, waited for.

Bezonian, a term of reproach. Bruit, noise, report. Advice. consideration, discre- Attent, attentive.

Bid, to invite, to pray.

Bruited, reported with cla tion, thought. Attorney, deputation. Biding, place, abiding.

Diour. Advise, to consider, recollect. Attorneyship, the discretional Bigging, a kind of cap. Brush, detrition, decay, Advised, not precipitant, cool, agency of another.

Bilberry, the whortleberry. Backle, to bend, to yield to cautious.

Attornied, supplied by substi. Bilbo, a Spanish blade of pecu- pressure. Afeard, afraid. tution of embassies.

liar excellence.

Bugs, bugbears, terror. Affect, love.

Attributive, that which attri. Bilboes, a species of fetters. Bulk, the body. Affection, affectation, imagi

butes or gives.

Bill, a

weapon carried by Bubbard. See Bombard. pation, disposition, quality. Avaant, contemptuous dismis. watchmen, a label, or adver- Bunting. a bird outwardly Affectioned, affected.


tisement, articles of accusa- like a skylark Affections, passions, inordinate Averring, confirming.


Burgonet, a kind of helmet. desires.

Audacious, spirited, animated. Bird-bolt, & species of arrow. Burst, broken.
Affeered, confirmed.
Audrey, a corruption of Ethel Bisson, blind.

Bury, to conceal, to keep seAffed, betrothed.

Blank, the white mark at

cret. Affined, joined by affinity. Augurs, auguries or prognosti. which an arrow is shot. Bush, the sign of a publicAffront, to meet or face.

Blast, burst.

house, Affy, to betroth in marriage. Aukward, adverse.

Blear, lo deceive.

Busky woody. See Bosky. Ayler baby, diminutive being. Authentic, an epithet applied Blench, to start off.

But, ouly, unless, except. Agnize, acknowledge, confess. to the learned

Blent, blended, mixed.

Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot A-good, in good earnest. Awful, reverend, worshipful. Blind-worm, the slow.worm. at butts with Ajery, the best of an eagle or Awless, not producing awe. Blistered. puffed ou like blis. Buxom, obedient, ander good hawk.


command. Aim, guess, encouragement, Baccare, stand back, give Blood, ancestry, high spirits, / By, according to, by means of. suspicion. place.

true metal, passious, natural By'rlakin, by our ladykin or Alder-liefest, beloved above all Bale, misery,calamity.

Little lady things. Baleful, baneful.


-boltered, daubed with Ale, a merry meeting. Balked, bathed or piled up.


Caddis, a narrow worsted galAllow, to approve.

Balm, the oil of consecration. Blown, puffed or swollen. loon. Allowance, approbation. Band, bond.

Blows, swells,

Cade, a barrel.
Amaze, to perplex or confuse. Bandog, village dog or mastiff. Blunt, stupid, insensible. Cadent, falling,
Ames-ace, the lowest chance Bank, to sail along the banks. Board, to accost, to address. Cage, a prison.
of the dice.
Banning, cursing.

Bobb, to trick, to make a fool Cain-coloured, yellow.
Amort, sank and dispirited. Banquet, a slight refection, a of.

Caiuift, a prisoner, a slave, . An, as if.


Bodged, boggled, made bung- scoundrel.
Anchor, anchoret.
Bans, curses

ling work.

Calculate, to foretell or pro Ancient, an ensign. Bar, barrier.

Bodkin, a small dagger. phesy. Anighe, in the night.

Barbed, caparisoned in a war-| Bold. confident, to embolden. Caliver, a species of musket. Answer, retaliation.

like manner.
Boldness, confidence.

Call, to visit.
Anthropophaginian, cannibal, Barful, full of impediments. Bolted, sifted, refined.

Callet, a lewd woman. Antic, the fool of the old Barm, yeast.

Bolting-hntch, the receptacle Calling, appellation. farces. Barn, or bairn, a child.

in which the meal is bolted. Calm, qualm. Antiquity, old age..

Barnacle, a kind of shell-fish. Bombard, or bumbard, a bar. Canary, a sprightly nimble Antres, caves and dens. Base, dishonoured.


dance. Apparent, seeming, not real, Base, a rustic game, called pri- Bombast, stuffing of clothes. Candle-waisters, those who sit beir apparent, or next clai. Son-base.

Bona-sobas, strumpets.

up all night to drink. mant. Bases, a kind of dress used by Bond, bounden duty.

Canker, the dog rose. Appeal, te accpse.

knights on horseback. Bony, or bonny, handsome, Canstick, candlestick. Appeared, rendered apparent. Basilisks, a species of cannon. goodlooking.

Cantel, or Cantie, a corner or Apply, to attend to, consider. Basta, Spanish, 'tis enough. Book, paper of conditions. piece of any thing. Appointment, preparation. Bastard, raisia wine.

Boot, profit, advantage, some- Cantons, cantos.
Apprehension, opinion.
Bat, a club, or staff.

thing over and above.

Canvas, to sift. Apprehensive, quick to under. Bate, strife, contention. Bore, demeaned.

Canvas-climber, a sailor who stand.

Bate, to Multer as a hawk. Bore, the caliber of a gun, the climbs to adjust the sails. Approbation, entry on proba-Batler, an instrument used by capacity of the barrel. Cap, the top, the principal. tion.

washers of clothes.

Bores, stabs, or wounds. Cap, to salute by taking off the Approof, proof, approbation. Batten, to grow fat.

Bosky, woody.

cap. Approve, to justify, to make Battle, ariny.

Bosom, wish, heart's desire. Carable, perceptible, intelligood, to establish to recom. Bavin, brushwood.

Bots, worms in the stomach of

nie capacions.

quick of apprehension, mend to approbation. Bawcock, a jolly cock.

a horse. Approyed, felt, experienced. Bay, the space between the Bourn, boundary, rivulet. Capitolate, to make head. convicted by proof. main beams of a roof. Bow, yoke.

Cajon, metaphor for a letter. Approvers, persons who try. Bay-window, bow window, one Brace. armour for the arm, Capricious, lascivions. Aqua-vitæ, strong waters.

in a recess.

state of defence.

Captious, capacious, or reci. Arbitrate, to determine.

Beak, the forecastle, or the Brach, a species of hound. pient. Arch, chief.


Braid, crafty or deceitful. Carack, a ship of great bulk, Argentine, silver.

Beard, to oppose in a hostile Brake, a thicket, furze-bush. Carbonadoed, scitched like Argier, Algiers.

manner, to set at defiance. Brave, to make fine or splen- meat for the gridiron. Argosies, ships of great bur. Bearing, carriage, demeanonr. did.

Card. perhaps a sea-chart. then, galleous. Bearing-cloth, a mantle used Bravery, showy dress.

Care, to make provision, bu Argument, sabject for conver. at christenings.

Brawl, a kind of dance,

take care. setion, evidence, proof. Beat, in falconry, to flutter. Breach, of the sea, breaking of Care, inclination. Arm, to take up in the arms. Beating, hammering, dwelling

Careires, the motion of a horse Aroint, avaunt, be gone.

Breast, voice, surface.

Carkavet Decklace or chain.

the sea.




Carl, clown or husbandman cent, quite, fully, perfectly. Consent, to agree.

Crosses, money stamped with a Carlot, peasant.

Clearest, purest, freest from Consent, conspiracy, will, as. cross. Carrer, a critic.


sent, united voice.

Crow, to exult orer. Carpet-consideraticn, on a car-Clear-story, a species of win- Consigned, sealed.

Crow-keeper, a scare-grow. pet, a festivity.

dows in a church.
Consist, to stand upon.

Crown, to conclude.
Carriage, import.
Cleave, to unite with closely. Consort, con pany.

Crowned, dignified, adorned.
Carried, conducted, managed. Clerkly, like a scholar. Consort, to keep company with. Crownet, last purpose.
Carry, to prevail over. Cliff, a key in music.

Constancy, consistency, stabi- Cry, a troop or pack.
Cart, a chariut.
Cling, to shrink or shrivel up. lity.

Cue, in stage cant, the last Case, contemptuously for skin, Clinquant, glittering, shining. Constant, firm, determined. words of the preceding outside garb.

Clip, to embrace, to infold. Constantly, certainly, without speech.
Case, to strip naked.
Closely, secretly, privately. fluctuation.

Cuisses, armour for the thighs. Casques, helmets.

Clout, the white mark at which Contemptible, contemptuous. Collion, a despicable fellow. Cassuck, a horseman's great- archers take aim.

Continent, the thing which Cunning, sagacity, knowledge. coat. Clown, a licensed jester in fa. contains.

Curb, to bend or truckle. Cast, to empty, as a pond, to milies.

Continents, banks of rivers. Curiosity, finical delicacy, dismiss or reject. Clubs, a popular cry on a

Continuate, cninterrupted. scrupulousness or capliousCast, cast up, reckoned.


Contraction, marriage conCastilian, an opprobrious term. Clutched. grasped.


Curious, scrupulous. Castiliano vulgo, a cant term Coach-fellow, one who draws Contrarious, different. Curled, ostentatiously dressed. of contempt.. with a confederate.

Contrive, to spend and wear Currents, occurrences. Catalan, some kind of sharper. Coasting, conciliatory, invit

Cursed, under the infuence of Catling, a small lute-string 105.

Control, to confute.

a malediction. made of catgut. Cobloaf, a crusty, uneven loaf. Conveni, to serve or agree.


petulant, crabted, Cavaleroes, airy, gay fellows. Cock, cock-boat.

Convented, cited, summoned. shrewdish, or mischievous, Caviare, a delicacy made of Cockle, a weed.

Conversation, familiar inter- severe, harsh, vehemently the roe of sturgeon.

Cockled, inshelled like a course, conduct, behaviour. angry. Cautelous, insidious, cautious. cockle.

Converse, interchange. Curstness, ill-humour. Cease, decease, die, to stop. Cock-shut-time, twilight: Conversion, change of condi. Curtail, a cur of little value. Censure, judgment, opinion. Codling, anciently an imma- tion.

Curtal, a docked horse.
Censure, to judge.

ture apple.
Convertite, convert.

Curtle-ax, or cutlace, a broad Censured, sentenced, esti- Coffin, the cavity of a raised Couvey, to perform slight of sword. mated.

hand, to manage artfully. Custard coffin, the crust of a Centuries, companies of an Cog, to falsify, to lie, defraud. Conveyance, theft, fraud. custard or pie. hundred men each.

Cognizance, badge or token. Convince, to overpower, sub Customer, a common woman. Ceremonies, honorary orna- Coigne, corner,

due, convict.

Cut, a horse. ments, tokens of respect. Coil, bustle, stir.

Couvicted, overpowered, bar. Cyprus, a transparent stuff. Ceremonious, superstitious. Cold, naked.

fled. Certes, certainly, in truth. Collect, to assemble by obser- Convive, to feast.

Daff or doff, to do off, to put Cess, measure.

Cope, to encounter, to engage.

aside. Chace, a term at tennis. Collection, corollary, conse- Cope, covering.

Dally, to play or trifle. Chair, throne.


Copped, rising to a cop, or Damn, condemn. Chamber, ancient name for Collied, black, smutted with head.

Danger, reach or control. London.

Copy, theme.

Dank, wet, rotten. Chamber, a species of great Collier, formerly a term of the Coragio, an exclamation of en- Danskers, natives of Denmark. gun. highest reproach.


Dore, to challenge or incite. Chamberers, men of intrigue. Colour, pretence:

Corinthian, a wencher

Dark-house, a house made Champian, an open country. Colourable, specious.

Corky, úry, withered, husky. gloomy by discontent. Chance, fortune. Colours, appearances, deceits. Corners, hy-places.

Darkling, in the dark. Changeling, a child changed. Coli, to fool, to trick.

Corollary, surplus.

Darraign, to arrange, put in Channel, a kennel. Co-mari, a joint bargain. Coronel, a crown.

order. Character, description, aand. Combinate, betrothed. Corrigible, corrected.

Daub, to disguise.
Combine, to bind.
Costard, the head.

Daubery, falsehood and impo Character, to write, to infix Combined, bound by agree. Coster-duonger, meanly, mer- sition. strongly. ment.


Day bed, a couch, Charactery, the matter with Comforting, aiding.

Cole, to overtake.

Day-light, bruad-day. which letters are made. Commence, to give a begin. Coted, quoted, observed, or Day woman, dairy maid. Chares, task-work.


Dear, best, important, dire. Charge, to put to expense. Commended, committed. Cotsale, Cotswood in Glouces. Dearn. lonely solitary. Charge, commission, employ. Commission, authority, power. tershire.

Death tokens, spots appearing ment. Commodity, interest, profit. Covered, hollow.

on those infected by the Charge house, the free-school. Commonly, a comedy. Count, to make account, to plague. Charlest, most cautious. Compact, made up of

reckon upon.

Deloshed, debauched.
Chariness, cantion.
Companion, fellow.

Count Confect, a specious Decay, misfortunes.
Charitable, dear, endearingi. Company, companion.

nobleman. Charles's wain, the constella. Comparative, a dealer in com.

Deceivable, deceptions.

Countenance, false appearance, Deck, to cover, a pack. tion called the Bear. parisons. hypocrisy.

Decline, to run through from Charneco, a sort of sweet wine. Compare, comparison.

Counterfeit, a likeness, a por- first to last.
Charter, a privilege.
Compassed, round.


Declined. The fallen. Chaudron, entrails.

Compassionate, plaintive. Counterpoints, counterpanes. Deem, opinion, surmise. Cheater, escheator, an officer Competitors, confederates or County, count, earl.

Defeat, destruction. in the exchequer, gamester. associates.

Cower, to sink by bending the Defeatures, features, changing Check, command, control. Complements, accomplisb


features for the worse. Check, to object to, to rebuke. ments.

Cowl-staff, a staff for carrying Defence, art of fencing. Checks, probably for ethics. Complexion, humour.

a large tub.

Defend, to forbid. Cheer, countenance.

Comply, to compliment. Coy, to soothe or stroke. Defensible, furnishing the Cherry-pit, a play with cherry. Compose, to come to a compo. Coyed, condescended vowi). means of defence. stones. sition. lingly.

Defiance, refusal. Cheveril, soft or kid leather. Composition, contract or bar. Coystril, a coward cock, a Deformed, deformning. Chew, to ruminate, consider. gain, consistency,

mean or drunken fellow. Deftly, dexterously, with Chewet, poisy chattering bird.


Cozier, a tailor or botcher. adroitness. Chide, to resound, to echo, to Composture, Crab, a wild apple.

Defy, to refuse, to disdain scold to be clamorous.

Crack, dissolution.

Degrees, steps:
Chiding, souud.

Comptible, submissive. Crack, a boy or child, a boy. Delay, to lei slip
Chiding, noisy.
Con, to kuow.


Demerits, merits
Child, a female infant.
Conceit, fanciful conception, Cranks, windings.

Demise, to grant.
Childing, unseasonably preg- thought.

Crants, chants.

Demurely, solemnly, nant.

Concent, connected harmony Crare, a small trading vessel. Denay, denial. Chopin, a high shoe or clog. in general,

Craven, a degenerate, dispirit- Denied, disbelieved, or con Choukh. a bird of the daw kind. Conclusion, determ ation, re

ed cock.

teinn Christom, the white cloth put solution.

Craven, mean, cowardly, to Denier, the twelfth part of a on a new baptized child. Conclusions, experiments. make cowardly

French sou. Chissals, eyes.

Concupy, concupisceace. pounded, or made Denotenients, indications or Chuck, chicken, a term of en. Condition, tempes, character,

discoveries dearment.

qualities, vocations or iucli Credent, creditable, credible. Deny, to refuse. Chuff, rich, avaricious.


Credit, account, information, Depart, to part. Cicatrice, the scar of a wound. Condolement, sorrow.


Departing, separation. Circumstance, detail of an ar- Conduct, conductor.

Credit, a great light set upon a Depend, to be in service. gument, a circumlocution. Coney-catched, deceived, beacon,

Deprive, to disinherit.
Cital, recital.

Cressive, increasing.

Deracinate, to force up by the Cite, to incite, to shew, to Coney-catcher, a cheat, or Crest, the top, the height.

roots. prove.


Cretless. those who have no Derogate, degraded, blasted Civil, grave or solemn. Confession, profession.

right to arms.

Descant, a term in music. Civil, human creature, any Conjeci, conjecture.

Crisp curling winding, curl. Desert, merit. thing human. Conjecture, suspicion.

Deserved, deserving. Clack-dish. a beggar's-dish. Confound, to destroy, to ex. Critic, cynic.

Desigu, to mark oui.
Olaw to flatter.

pend, to consume.
Critical, censorious.

Despatched, hereft
Clear, pure, blameless, inno Confounded, worn or wasted Crone, an old worn-out woman. Desperate, bold, adventurou




Detected, charged, or guilty. Element, initiation, previous Faith, fidelity.

Foeman, an enemy in war. Determined, ended.


Faithfui, not an infidel. Foin, to thrust in fencing. Dibble, an instrument used by Embossed, inclosed, swollen, Faithfully, fervently.

Foizon, plenty. gardeners. puffy.

Faitors, traitors, rascals. Folly, depravity of mind. D.c3, dit or do it. Embowelled, exhausted. Fall, to let fall, to drop.

Fond, foolish, prized by folly Dickon, faguiliarly for Richard. Embraced, indulged in. Fall, an ebb.

Fonder, more weak or foolish. Die, gaming. Eminence, high honours. False, to make false.

Fond!y, foolishly. Diet, regimen.

Enipery, dominion, sovereign Falsely, dishonestly, treach or Fool's zanies, baubles with the Diet, to oblige to fast. command.

head of a fool. Diffused, extravagant, irregu- Ea ulation, rivalry, envy, fac- Falsing, falsifying.

Foot-cloth, a housing covering lar.

tious contention.
Familiar, a demon.

the body of the horse, and af Digress, to deviate from the Emulous, jealous of higher au- Fancy, love.

most reaching to the ground. right.


Fancy free, exempt from the For, for that, since, because. Digression, trangression. Encave, to hide.

power of love.

Forbid, under interdiction, Dint, impression. Enfeoff, to invest with posses- Fang, to seize or gripe.

Force, power. Direction, judgment, skill.


Fanged, possessed of fangs. Force, to enforce, to urge. Disable, to undervalue. Engine, instrument of war, Fans, ancient.

Force, to stuff.
Disappointed, unprepared. military machine, the rack. Fantastical, creatures of fancy. Forced, false.
Disclose, to batch.
Engross, to fatten, to pamper. Fap, drunk.

Fordid, destroyed.
Discontencing, discontented. Engrossments, accumulations. Far, extensively,

Fordo, to undo, to destroy. Discontents, malcontents. Enkindle, to stimulate.

Farced, stuffed.

Foredone, overcome.
Discourse, reason.
Enmew, to coop up.

Fashions, farcens or farcy. Forfended, prohibited, forbid-
Disdained, disdainful.
Ensconce, to protect as with a Fast, determined, fixed.

den. Disease,aneasiness,discontent. fort.

Fat, dull

Foreign, employed in foreign Diseases, sayings. Enseamed, greasy.

Fate, an action predetermined embassies. Disgrace, hardship, injury. Enshield, shielded.

by fate.

Forepast, already had. Dislimns, unpaints, obliterates. Entertain, to retain in service. Favour, countenance, features, Fore slow, to be dilatory, to Dispark, to destroy a park. Entertainment, the pay of an indulgence, pardon, appear

loiter, Dispooge, to discharge as a army, admission to office.



, to prevent by antici Sponge.

Entreatments, the objects of Fear, the object of fear, danger. pation. Dispose, to make terms, to set- entreaty.

Fear, to intimidate.

Forgetive, inventive, imagina ule matters. Envy, haired or malice. Feared, frightened.

tive, Disposition, frame.

Ephesian, a cant term for a Fearful, timorous, formidable. Forked, horned.
Disputable, disputatious.

Feat, ready, dexterous.

Formal, not out of form, regu-
Dispute, to talk over.
Equipage, stolen goods. Feat, an exploit.

lar, sensible,in form, in shape. Dissemble, to gloss over. Erewhile. just now.

Feated, formed, made neat. Former, foremost. Disserbling, putting dissimi- Erring, wandering.

Feature, beauty in general, Forspent, wasted, exhausted. lar things together. Escuted, paid

cast and make of the face. Forspoke,contradicted, spoken Distaste, to corrupt, to change Esil, a river so called, or vine Federary, a confederate. against. to a worse state.


Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow. Forthcoming, in custody. Distemper, intoxication. Esperance, the motto of the Feeder, an eater, a servant.

Forwearied, worn out. Distemperature, perturbation. Percy family.

Feere, or Pheere, a companion, Foul, homely, not fair. Distempered, ruffled, ait of hu. Espials, spies.

a husband.

Fox, a cant word for a sword. Door. Essential, existent, real. Feet, footing.

Forship, pean, cunning, Distractions, detachments, se- Estimate, price:

Fell, skin.

Frampold, peevish, fretful, or parate bodies. Estimation, conjecture.

Fell-feats, savage practices. cross.
Distraught, distracted.
Fierne, eternal.
Fellow, companion.

Frank, a sty. Diverted, turned out of the Even, calm, equable, tempe. Fence, the art of, or skill in Franklin, a little gentleman, or course of nature. rate, equal, fellow. defence.

freeholder. Dividable, divided. Even, to act up to.

Feodary, an accomplice, a con- Free, artless, free from art, geDivision, the pauses or parts of Examined,questioned,doubted. federate.

nerous. musical composition. Excrement, the beard. Fester, to corrupt.

Fret, the stop of a musical in Dirulged, spokea of. Excrements, the hair, nails, Festiuately, hastily.

strument, which regulates Doctrine, skil.

feathers of birds, &c.

Festival terms, splendid phra- the vibration of the string. Doff, see Daff. Execute, to employ, put to use. seology:

Friend, a lover, a term appli- • Dole, lot, allowance, Execution, employment or ex- Fet, fetched.

cable to both sexes, a para Dolphin, the Dauphin of ercise.

Few, in short, in few words.
Executors, executioners. Fico, a fig.

Friend, friendship.
Exempt, exc!a:led.

Fielded, in the field of battle. Frippery, a shop, where old Done, expended, consw'hed.

Exercise, exhortation, lecture, Fierce, proud, hasty, vehe- clothes were sold. Dotazt, dotard.

or confession,

ment, rapid.

Frize, a cloth made in Wales. Donble, full of duplicity. Exhale, hale or log out.

Fig, to insult.

From, in opposition to.
Doubt, to fear.
Exhibition, allowance.

Fights, clothes hung round a Fronted, opposed.
Dout, to do out, extinguish. Exigent, end.

ship to conceal the men from Frontier, forehead. Dowle, a feather. Exorcist, a person who can

the enemy

Frontlet, a forehead cloth. Doyd-gyved, hanging down raise spirits.

File, a list

Frush, to break or bruise. like what confines the fetters Expect, expectation.

Filed, defiled.

Frustrate, frustrated. round the ancles

Expedient expeditious. Filed, gone an equal pace with. Fulfilling, filling till there bo Drab, whoring. Expiate, fully completed. Fills, the shafts.

Do room for more. Draught, the jakes.

Expostulate, inquire ordiscuss. Filths, common sewers. Full, complete. Drava, embowelle" xente- Exposture, exposure.

Fine, the conclusion.

Fullams, loaded dice. rated. Express, to reveal.

Fine, full of finesse, artful. Fullest, most complete and its Dread, epithet ings. Expulsed, expelled.

Fine, to make showy, specious.

fect. Drew, assemb.

Exsufilicate,cuntemptible, abo Fineless, boundless, endless. Fumiter, funitory
Dribbling, a ter

Firago for Virago

Furnished, dressed.
Drive, to is with
Extend, to seize.

Fire-drake, will o'-the-wisp, or
Drollery, a show formed by Extent, in law, violence in ge- a fire-work.

Gabardine, a loose felt cloak. puppets.


Fire new, bren-new, new from Gad, a pointed instrument. Drugs, drudges. extern, utward.

the forge.

Gain-giving, misgiving.
Dramble, to act zily and stu.
Ex tirped, rooted out.

Firk, to chastise.

Gainsay, to unsay, deny, con pidly.

Ex tracting, that which draws First, noblest, most eminent. tradict. Dry, thirsty;

way from every thing but Fit, a division of a song. Gait, way or steps. Duedame, du ad me, bring its own object.

Fitchew, a polecat.

Galliard, an ancient dance. him to me Eravagant. wandering. Fitly, exactly.

Galliasses, a species of galleys, Padgeon, tb handle of a dag. Extremes.extravagance of con- Fives, a distemper in horses. Gallowglasses, heavy armed ger.

Auct, extremities.

Flap-dragon, a small inflamma- foot Due, to ende, deck, grace. Byases, young nestlings. ble substance, which topers Gallow, to scare or frighten. Dull,melaholy gentle,sooth El yas musket, infant lilliputian. swallow in a glass of wine. Gallymawfry, a medley. ing. Eye, a small shade of colour. Flap jacks, pan-cakes.

Game, sport, jest, Dall, to under calloas, insen. Fyliads, glances, looks. See Flask, a soldier's powder-horn. Gamester, a frolicsome per. sible.

Flatness, lowness, depth.

son, a wanton.
Dallara person stupidly un-
Eyde, eyes.

Flaw, a sudden violent gust of Gaping, shouting or roaring. concrned.


Garboils, commotion, stir. Dampa mournful elegy. Face, to carry a foolish appear Flayed, stripped.

Garish, gaudy, show y. Dap.o do up, to lift up.


Flecked, spotted, dappled, Garner, to treasure up.
Faced, turned up with facings. streaked.

Gasted, frightened.
Eart, sour, sharp, harsh.
Facinoruns, wicked.
Fleet, to float.

Gaudy, a festival day.
Esings, lambs just dropt. Fact, gnilt.

Fleeting, inconstant.

Gawds, baubles, toys.
Ez, to plongh
Factions, active.

Fleshment, first act of military Gaze, attention.
Esy, slight, inconsiderable. Faculties, medicinal virtues, service.

Gear, a general word for thing che, to eke out.

office, exercise of power. Flewed, having the flews or or matters. Zestacy, alienation of mind, Fadge, to suit or fit.

chaps of a hound.

Geck, a fool. madness.

Fading, the barthen of a sorg. Flickering, fluttering like the General, generality. Effects, affects, or affections, Fain, fond.

motion of a flanie.

General, compendious. actions, deeds effected. Fair, beauty, complexion, fair-Flight,

a sort of shooting. Generation, children. Eftest, destest, readiest.

Flourish, ornament,

Generosity, high birth.
Egypt, a gypsy.
Fair betrothed, fairly contract. Flote, wave.

Generous, most noble. Fid, old time. or persons. ed, nonourably affianced. Flush, matnre, ripe.

Gentility, urbanity.


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of a poem:


Gentle, scole, high-minded, be- Haught, haughty,

Inclining, compliant.

Know of, to consider. longing to gentry.

Haughty, high, elevated. Inclip, to embrace.
Gentry, complaisance
Haunt, company.

Include, to shut up, conclude. Labras, lips.
German, akin.
Hay, a term in the fencing. Inclusive, enclosed.

Laced mutton, a woman of the Germins, seeds begun tosprout. school.

Incony, or kony, fine, delicate. towa. Gest, a stage or journey. Head, the source, the fountain. Tocorrect, ill-regulated. Lackeying, nioving like a Gib, a cat. Head, body of forces. Increase, produce.

lackey or page. Gifts, endowments.

Hear., the most valuable or Indent, to bargain and article. Lag, the meanest persons. Giglot, a wanton wench.

precious part.

Index, something preparatory, Lances, lance-men. Gilder, a coin valued at 1s. 6d. Heat, heated.

Indifferent, sometimes for díf- Land-damn, to destroy in some or >. Heat, violence of resentment. ferent, impartial.

way. Gilt, gilling, golden money. Heavy, slow.

Indite, to convict.

Lands, landing-places. Ginmal, a ring or engine. Hlebenon, benbane.

Induction, entrance, beginning, Lapsed, time suffered to slip. Gins, a gang. Hefted, heaved.


Large, licentious. Gird, a sarcasm or gibe, emo- Hefts, heavings.

Indurance, delay, procrastina- Lass-lorn, forsaken of his mistion. Hell, an obscure dungeon in a tion.

tress. Gleek, to joke or scoff, to be- prisun.

Infinite, extent or power. Latch, to lay hold of. guile.

Helmed, steered through. Ingaged, sometimes for unen- Latched or letched,licked over Glimmering, faintly illuminat Hence, henceforth.


Late, lately. ed by the stars.

Henchman, a page of honour. lograft, rooted, settled, Lated, belated, benighted. Glaze, to expound, to comment Hent, seized, or taken posses. Luhabitable, not habitable. Latten, thin as a lath. upon.

sion of.
Inherit, to possess.

Lavoltas, a kind of dances. Glut, to englut or swallow up. Hereby, as it may happen. lohibit, to forbid.

Laund, lawn.
Gnarled, knotted.
Hermits, beadsmen.
Inhooped, enclosed, confined.

Lay, a wager. Good-deed, indeed, in very Hest, behest, command. Inkhorn-mate, a book-mate, Leaguer, the camp. deed.

High-fantastical, fantastical to Inkle, a kind of tape, crewell, Leasing, lying.
Good-den, good evening.

the height.
or worsted.

Leather-coats, a species of Good-life, of a moral or jovial High-repented, repented to the Inland, civilized, pot rustic. apple. turn.


Insane, that which makes in Leave, to part with, to give Good-jer, gougere, morbus galo Hight, called.


away. licus. Hilding, a paltry cowardly fel- Insconce, to fortify.

Leechi, a physician. Gorbellied, fat and corpulent, low.

Insculped, engraven.,

Leer, feature, complexion, Gossips, tattling women who "int,suggestion,circumstance. Inseparate, inseparable. Leet, court leet, or court of the attend lyings-in. Hiren, a harlot. Instance, example, Proof.

manor. Gossomer, the white cobweb- His, often used for its. Iostances, motives.

Legerity, lightness,nimbleness. like exhalations that fly about Hit, to agree.

Insuit, solicitation.

Leges, alleges.
in hot sunny weather.
Hoist, hoisted.
Intend, to pretend.

Leiger, resident.
Government, evenness of ten- Hold, to esteem,

Intending, regarding.

Leman, lover, mistress. per, decency of manners. Holla, a term of the manege. Intendment, intention or dis-Lenten, short and spare, Gourds, a species of dice. Holy, faithful.


L'envoy, moral, or conclusion Gouts, drops.

Home, completely, in full ex. lutenible, incapable of retainGrace, acceptableness, favoar.

Let, to hinder. tent.

ing. Grace, to bless, to make happy. Honest, chaste.

Intention, eagerness of desire. Let be, to desist. lovely Honesty. liberality.


with full attention. Lethe, death. Grained, furr Honey stalks, clover flowers.

Interessed, interested. Lewd, ignorant, idle, wicked. grain of wood, dyed in grain Honour, acquired reputation. Intergatories, interrogatories. Lewdly, wickedly. or indented. iloop, a measure.

Intermission. pause, interven- Libbard, or lubbar, a leopard. Gramercy, grand mercy, great Hope, to expect.

ing time.

Liberal, licentious or gross in thanks. Horologe, clock. Intrenchant, that which cannot

language. Grange, the farm-house of a Hox, to ham.string.

be cut.

Liberty, libertinism. monastery ; a lone house. Hull, to drive to and fro upon Intrinse, intrinsicate.

License, an appearance oflicenGratillity, gratuity.

the water, without sails or Invention, imagination. Gratulate, gratifying, accept- rudder.

Inwardness, intimacy. confi. Lie, to reside, to be imprisoned. able. Humorous, chargeable, hu- dence

Liefe st, dearest.
Grave, to entomb.

mid, moist.
Iron, clad in armour.

Lieger, an ambassador ar a fo"Graves, or greaves, armour for Hungry, steril, unprolific. Irregulous, lawless, licentious.

rei gn court. the legs.

Hunt-counter, base tyke,worth issues, consequences, conclu- Lifter, a thief. Greasily, grossly.

less dog.


Light o love, a dance tune. Greek, a bawd, or pander. Hunts-up, the name of a tune, Iteration, citation, recitation. Lighti, commonly, in ordiGreen, unripe,not fully formed. a morning song.

nary tourse. Greenly, awkwardly, unskil Hurly, noise.

Jack, a term of contempt. Lightniss, levity. fully.

Hurtling, merry with impetuo Jack-a-lent, a puppet thrown at Like, compare. Greets, pleases sity.

in Lent

Likelihood, similitude. Grief, pain, grievances. Husbandry, thrift, frugality. Jack guardant, a jack in office. Likeness, specious or seeming Griefs, grievances, wrongs. Huswife, a jilt.

Jaded, treated with contempt, Grievances, sorrows, sorrowful


Liking condition of body: affections.

Ice-brook, a brook of icy quali- Jar, the noise made by the pen- Limbe: Ok, a vessel used in disGrieve, lo lament for.

ties in Spain.

dulum of a clock. Grise, a step. l' fecks, in faith. Jauncing, jaunting

Limbo, la place supposed to be Grossly, palpably. !gnomy, ignominy.

Jesses. straps of leather by in the neighbourhood of hell. Groundlings, the frequenters Ill-inhabited, ill-lodged. which the hawk is held on the Lime. leird lime. of the pit in the playhouse. Il nurtured, ill-educated.

Lime, rez cement, Growing, accruing.

Ipages, children, representa Jest, to play a part in a mask. Limeses fotangled oz caught, as Guard, defence

Jet, to strut.

wile, artd-lime.
Guard, to fringe or lace. Imaginary, produced by the Jovial, belonging to Jove. Lim to fointed time.
Guarded, ornamented.
power of imagination. Journal, daily.

Liny a pointed, regular, Guards, badges of dignity.

Imbare, to lay open or display Jump, to agree with, to put orderly
Guerdon, reward.

to view.
into agitation.

Limits,estimates, calculations. Guerdoped, rewarded. Immanity, barbarity, savage Jump, hazard, to venture at

Line, genealogy
Guiled, treacherous.

Jump, just.

Lined, delineated.
Guinea-hen, a prostitute. Immediacy.close connexion. Justicer, justice, judge.

Link, a torch of pitch, Gules, red, a term in heraldry. Imp, to supply.

Jut, to encroach.

Linstock, the staff to which the Gulf, the swallow, the throat. Гmp, progeny.

Jutty, to project.

match is fixed when ordiGun-stones, cannon-balls. Impair, unsuitable.

Juvenal, a young man.

Dance is fired, Gurzel, a fish resembling a Impartial, sometimes used for

List, the bound or limit. Piper.

Kam, awry, crooked.

Lither, flexible, yielding. Gast, taste, rashness.

Impawned,wagered and staked. Keech, a solid lump or mass. Little, miniature. Gyve, to catch, to shackle. Impeach, to bring into question. Keel, to cool.

Livelihood, appearance of life. Gyves, shackles.

Impeachment, reproach or im- Keep, to restrain, to dwell, to Livery,alaw phrase belonging
putation, hindrance.

to the feudal tenures. Hack, to become cheap and vul- Imperious, imperial.

Keisar, Cæsar.

living, estate property: gar.

Imperseverant, perseverant. Kernes, light-armed Irish foot. Living, speaking, manifest, ac.
Haggard, a species of hawk. İmpeticos, to impetticoat or key, the key for tuning. a tun tual.
Haggard, wild.

ing hammer.

Loach, a small fish.
Hair, complexion or character. Importance, importunacy. Kicksy-wicksy, a wife.

Lob, looby, a term of contempt. Hlappily, accidentally, forlu- importance, thething imported. Kiln hole, a place into which Lockram, some kind of cheap pately. Importing, implying, denoting. coals are put under a stove.

linen. Happy, accomplished Impose, injunction, command. Kind, nature, species.

Lode-star, the leading or gaidllardiment, bravery, stoutness. Impositions, commands. Kindless, conatural

ing star. larlocks, wild mustard. Impossible, incredible, or in- Kindly, naturally.

Lodged, laid by the wind. Harlot, a cheat.

Kindly, kindred.

Loffe, to laugh.
Harp, to touch on a passion, Impress, to compel to serve. Kinged, ruled hy.

Loggats, a game played wild Harrow, to conquer, to sub- Impress, a device or motso.

Kinsinan, near relative.

pins of wood. due.

Impugn, oppose, controvert. Kirtle, part of a woman's dress. Longing, longed for. Harry, to use roughly, harass. Incapable, uvintelligent, Knave, servant.

Longly, longingly. Having, estate or fortune, pro-Incarnardine, to stain of a red Knife, a sword or dagger, Lool, to bring a vessel close to motion, allowance of expense. colour,

Knots, figures planted in box. the wind. Haviour, behaviour.

Incensed, incited, suggested. Know, to acknowledge. Loon or lown, a base fellow


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