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No. 34.

JOINT RESOLUTION relative to the claim of Joseph L. F. Lang


Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That the Board of State Auditors be and they are hereby authorized and required to make a settlement on just and equitable terms, and their decision thereon shall be final, with Joseph L. F. Langley, for any claim he may have against the state for additional pay for services rendered as assistant weighmaster in the warehouse at the depot of the Central Rail Road in the city of Detroit, in the year eighteen hundred and forty-five, and in case they shall award any sum due the said claimant, they are hereby authorized and required to certify the amount found due him to the Auditor General, who is hereby directed and required to draw his warrant on the State Treasurer for the amount so awarded and certified, who is hereby authorized to pay said sum out of any moneys in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated.

Resolved, This joint resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 20, 1848.

No. 35.

JOINT RESOLUTION concerning the Saut de Ste. Marie.


Whereas, At a very great expense the state of Michigan has caused a scientific and geological survey and exploration to be made of that portion of said state which borders upon Lake Superior;

And whereas, Said geographical survey, &c., especially so much of it as was conducted under the immediate supervision of the late Doct. Douglass Houghton, has demonstrated that those hitherto desolate regions contain, nevertheless, an immense and apparently immeasurably amount of mineral wealth, inviting immediate purchase, occupancy and improvement;

And whereas, With the exception of a few small lots of ground at the Saut de Ste. Marie, (which from the first discovery of that great lake by Europeans, have been occupied by certain French settlers


and their descendants, or those who claim through and under them,) that whole country consists exclusively of public domain ;

And whereas, The rich mineral productions alluded to, the vast forests of valuable timber which surround that inland sea, and the exhaustless products of its fisheries, together with the long established fur trade of the boundless interior, which heretofore has passed from the direction of the Lake of the Woods, then the avenue of the great Lake, promise to constitute the elements of a future commerce, not only of inappreciable importance to Michigan, but from its extent and magnitude, of deep interest to the whole Union ;

And whereas, It is the opinion of this legislature, that if reasonable facilities were furnished for rendering these great natural advantages more fully available, the public lands bordering upon Lake Superior, would soon sell and become the residence of a numerous, intelligent and enterprising population ; and that if no unnecessary obstacles were permitted any longer to prevent it, an important commercial city, so necessary, even now, for the transaction and protection of that commerce, would soon grow up at the Saut de Ste. Marie and within the limits of Michigan;

And whereas, During the negotiations which led to the treaty of Greenville, and before as well as after the western ports were delivered over to the United States, the Canadian settlers and occupants of the country, (those of the Saut de Ste Marie inclusive,) were assured by the accredited agents of the general government that their lands would be duly confirmed to them. (See Burnet's notes, &c., also Am. St. Papers, vol. 16, p. 260.);

And whereas, To that end, commissioners of the United States, both before and after the late war with Great Britain, have dưly investigated such of the claims as were exhibited to them by the inhabitants of the Saut de Ste Marie, and confirmed or recommended for confirmation the greater part of them; (see Am. St. Papers, Duff Green's edition, vol. 4, pages 700 and 701 ;) but for the more perfect establishment whereof, Congress have not authorized the granting of patents, wherefore no title nor assurance of title to any lots or real estate could be obtained, nor any investments be safely made in building, nor in any permanent improvement whatsoever ; at the outlet of the Lake on the American shore of the Straits, is the natural and only proper point

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of concentration and deposit for all the commerce of those regions ; yet, for the reasons stated, the growth of the place, as a place of residence and as a commercial city, totally checked and frustrated, the commerce of the country greatly embarrassed, and all motives for purchasing the public lands, wheresoever around that Lake they may be, are greatly lessened, which, in the mean time, much of the indispensable business of the country is slowly forcing its way on to the British shore, where the people and authorities of Canada, more vigilant though less favorably located, and fully appreciating the value of the prize, seem striving, by every practical inducen.ent to secure to themselves, both now and hereafter, the control of this rapidly increasing commerce, and all the advantages and wealth of which it will be productive;

And whereas, In the opinion of this legislature, good faith toward the ancient settlers of the Saut de Ste Marie, (whose claims there in the aggregate comprise but a few hundred acres of land only,) true economy in the management and disposition of the public domain, but especially a just and fair policy in regard to this state, whose interest and prosperity, present and prospective, in this regard, are so deeply implicated, all indicate the expediency of the early and efficient action of Congress in the premises; therefore,

Be it resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Instruction State of Michigan, That this legislature hereby respectfully presents

to the consideration of Congress the propriety of adopting immediate
measures for quieting the titles of the settlers at the Saut de Ste Marie
of the state of Michigan, especially of those whose claims have here-
tofore been fovorably reported upon by commissioners of the United
States, and for causing patents to issue therefor; and with respect to
so much of this ancient settlement as may not, in the opinion of Con-
gress, be comprised within the limits of any such just and equitable
claim, and as may not have been otherwise appropriated ; and with
respect, also, to so much of the public domain as may be in the vicini-
ty of the settlement, or along the straits of the Saut de Ste Marie, it is
repectfully requested that the same be brought into market or other-
wise disposed of at the earliest practicable time, in order that this por-
tion at least of the public domain may be possessed by individual pro-
prietors, and settled ; in order that the wants of commerce in this re-

gard at least, may be no longer withholden ; in order that citizens of
this state may be enabled with safety to construct for themselves the
residences for their protection and comfort, and such stores, ware-
houses and other structures as the business of those regions so loudly
demands; and finally in order that the general prosperity be no long-
er interrupted by a condition of things which withholds and inhibits
the settlement and growth of one of the most important military and
commercial points in the whole northwest.
And be it further resolved, That the Governor be requested to trans-

. mit a copy of this preamble and resolution to the Hon. the President ted to transof the Senate of the United States ; one copy thereof to the Hon. the preamble & Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, and that those officers be respectfully requested to lay the same before the Houses over which they respectively preside ; and that in like manner he be requested to transmit one copy to each of the Senators and Representatives in Congress from this state, who are respectfully requested, by all proper and appropriate means, to aid in the accomplishment of the objects herein indicated.

mit copy of


No. 36.

JOINT RESOLUTION relative to costs before the Board of State


Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That in the investigation of claims heretofore referred or hereafter to be referred to ihe Board of State Auditors, all proper and reasonable costs incurred on the part of the State for fees to witnesses in procuring their attendance before the Board, or in taking their depositions, shall be audited and allowed by said Board, who shall certify to the Auditor General the amount allowed, if any, in the examination of each claim, specifying in said certificate the persons to whom such allowances are made, and the sum allowed to each person, for which the Auditor General shall draw his warrant upon the treasury.

Resolved, That the above resolution shall take effect from its passage.

Approved March 27, 1848.

No. 37. JOINT RESOLUTION proposing an Amendment to the Constitu

tion relative to certain Public Officers. Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That the following amendment be, and the same is hereby proposed to be made to the constitution of this state, to wit: The legislature of this state for the year eighteen hundred and fifty shall provide by law for the election by the people of the following officers, viz: Judges of the supreme court, who shall be inelligible to any other than a judicial office during the term for which they are elected, and for one year thereafter, Auditor Genernal, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Prosecuting Attorneys; and the said judges are prohibited from receiving any fees of office or other compensation than their salaries for any civil duties performed by them; And it is further hereby resolved, That the above proposed amendment to the constitution be referred to the next legislature, and to that end the Secretary of State is hereby required to cause the same to be published for three months previous to the next general election for members of the legislature.

Approved March 27, 1848.

No. 38. JOINT RESOLUTION relative to the claim of the Attorney Gen


Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That the Board of State Auditors be and they are hereby authorized to examine and settle the claim of the Attorney General under the third section of the act entitled "an act to amend the revi. sed statutes of eighteen hundred and forty six," approved March 17, 1847 ; that said board shall certify to the Auditor General the amount, if any, found justly due upon such examination, and that the Auditor Gereral shall draw his warrant upon the treasury in favor of the Attorney General, for the amount so certified to bim: Provided, That the allowance to the Attorney General, including the salary allowed him by law, shall not exceed the rate of eight hundred dullars per ako num.

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