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months, to members of the legislature, twenty-eight dollars and thir

Bagg & Har. teen cents ; to Bagg & Harmon, for stationery furnished Secretary of mon Senate, sixteen dollars and fifteen cents; for twenty-six copies of Daily Free Press, fifty-two dollars; for printing divisions and certificates of pay, twenty-four dollars and fifty cents ; for advertising reports of judiciary committee relative to constitutional power of districting the state, seven dollars; for printing, by order of Adjutant General, one hundred and forty-three dollars and thirty cents ; for stationery delivered President of the Senate, fourteen dollars and twenty-nine cenis ; and for stationery delivered Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk of the Senate, twenty-one dollars and fourteen cents; for stationery furnished Senate, two dollars ; to the several persons employed as assistants in enrolling for the Senate, three dollars per day for time necessarily employed, to be paid on certificate of the chairman of the Senate commit

PM Michig'n tee on enrollment; to the Post Master at Michigan, such sum as may be due him for postage of members and officers of the Senate and House of Representatives under joint resolution approved January 14th, 1848, to be paid by the State Treasurer, on presentation of his account verified by affidavit ; to Bagg & Harmon, for stationery fur- Pag & Harnished Geo. W. Jewett, sixty-three cents ; to Hibbard and Küapp, eight dollars, for charges paid by them upon the transportation of state Knapp paper upon the rail road, and from Jackson to Michigan; to Robert R Perry Perry, for repairing table, one dollar ; J. P. Weller and Son, for eight J P Weller bunches quills, one dollar.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved April 3, 1948.

Hibbard and

and son.

No. 212.
AN ACT to lay out a certain state road from Marshall to Eaton


Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the State of Michigan, That Isaac E. Crary, John R. Palmer and Samuel Weeks, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and open a state road from Marshall in the county of Calhoun, to Eaton Rapids, in the county of Eaton.

Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the said commissioners appointed by this act, to cause so much of said road to be recorded in the of. fice of each township clerk, as may be laid through his respective township : Provided, The state shall not be liable for damages or expenses in laying out said road.

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.
Approved April 3, 1848.

No. 213. AN ACT to authorize Sarah Mariah Parsons, Louisa W. Shafer,

Sarah Wait and Charles D. Wait to convey certain lands. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, Sarah Mariah Parsons, Louisa W. Shafer, Sarah Wait and Charles D. Wait, be and they are hereby authorized to sell and convey by deed or deeds, village lots number three, four, five, six, seven, eight, in block number fifty, on the north-west division of Lapeer county site, together with the dwelling house thereon; and such deed shall vest in the purchaser or purchasers of the same or any part thereof, a valid, full and perfect title in the law to the lot or lots mentioned in said deed or deeds: Provided, The judge of probate for the county of Lapeer shall endorse his approval upon any deed or deeds which may be given under the provisions of this act: And provided further, That the proceeds of any such sale or sales shall be faithfully invested by the person hereby authorized to make such sale or sales in a manner to accumulate for the benefit of the children to whom such real estate was bequeathed during their minority ; the manner and mode of such investment shall also be submitted to and receive the approval of said judge of probate.

Sec. 2. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.
Approved April 3, 1848.

No. 214.
AN ACT to incorporate the Lake Superior Mining Company of Ea-

gle River.

real estate.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- Lake Supe'r iives of the State of Michigan, That Chauncey Bush, James A.

incorporated strong, John H. Kenzie and Russell Bishop, and others who shall become associated with them, are hereby constituted a body corporate, by the name of the Lake Superior Mining Company of Eagle River, for the purpose of mining, smelting and manufacturing ores, minerals and metals in the upper peninsula of the state of Michigan : Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to confer on said company any powers of banking or brokerage, exchange, dealing in money, purchasing any stock of any bank, or any stock whatever, or for any other purposes than those herein particularly specified.

Sec. 2, The said company shall have corporate succession, and its Capital and capital stock shall be three hundred thousand dollars, divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and said company may acquire and hold such real and personal estate in the upper peninsula of Michigan as the business of said company may require, to an amount not exceeding the capital stock of said company.

Sec. 3. The officers of said company shall consist of a president, a board of five directors, including the president, who shall be one thereof; a secretary and treasurer, who may, however, at the pleasure of the company, be one and the same person : and the said company may levy assessments on the shares of its stock, and forfeit and sell the same for non-payment of any such assessment, in such manner as said on shares company by its by-laws may prescribe.

Sec. 4. The said company shall pay to the treasurer of the state of Michigan an annual tax at the rate of one per cent on the whole state taxamount of capital actually paid in upon the capital stock of said com- port requir'a pany, and also upon all sums of money borrowed by said company, which tax shall be paid on the first day of July in each year, and shall be estimated upon the last preceding report of said company; and for that purpose, the president and secretary of said company shall, on the first day of January in each year, or within fifteen days previous thereto, make under their hands a return to the State Treasurer, verified by their several oaths, stating the amount which has actually been paid



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in on the capital stock of said company, and also the whole amount of money which at any time has been borrowed by said company, and said state tax shall be in lieu of all other taxes upon the personal property of said company, and in lieu of all state taxes on the real estate of said company; and any investment of any portion of the nett profits of said company in the business of said company, shall be considered as so much capital paid in and returned to the State Treasurer accordingly. Said tax shall be secured and paid agreeably to the laws

of this state. Repeal, &c.

Sec. 5. The legislature may at any time alter, amend or repeal this act for any violation of the provisions of this charter.

Sec. 6. The first meeting of said company shall be held at such time 1st meeting.

and place as the persons named in the first section or a majority of them shall appoint, by a notice to be published in one or more newspapers in each of the cities of Detroit and Boston, at least thirty days before the time of such meeting.

Sec. 7. Said company shall be subject to the provisions of chapter Subject to general


fifty-five, title ten of the revised statutes of A. D. eighteen hundred and forty-six, so far as the same are applicable.

Sec. 8. Any inhabitant of this state shall have a lien upon the stock, appurtenances and entire property of said company for all claims and demands not exceeding one hundred dollars each against said company, . originally contracted or incurred within this state, which shall take precedence of all other claims or demands, judgmenis or decrees,

liens or mortgages against said company. Duration of Sec. 9. This act shall be in force for thirty years from and after charter.

its passage, subject to repeal as aforesaid.

Approved April 3, 1848.

visions of revis'd statuter.

Lien of indi. viduals.

No. 215.

AN ACT to incorporate the Marshall Manufacturing Company in

the county of Calhoun. Incorporat'n

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That Charles M. Lee, D. E. Lewis, H. I. Perrin, Darius Perrin, J. J. Perrin, Jarvis Hurd, C. Y. Gilbert, C. T. Gorham, Oliver C. Comstock, and their successors and associ.

ates, are hereby created for the term of fifty years a body corporate, by the name of the Marshall Manufacturing Company, for the purpose of manufacturing woolens and woolen and cotton cloths, in the township of Marshall and county of Calhoun, capable of executing all the powers, entitled to all the privileges, subject to all the duties and liabil. ities specified in chapter fifty-five of the revised statutes.

Sec. 2. Said corporation shall have a treasurer, who shall be a res- Officers. ident of this state, and upon whom service of any process against said company may be made, and the same shall be deemed a valid service thereof upon the said Marshall manufacturing company in the county of Calhoun, and such other officers and agents as the members of the corporation may determine, to be appointed in such manner and for such term as the by-laws of said corporation may prescribe. The treasurer shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of his duties, as the same may be prescribed in said by-laws, in said chapter fifty-five and by this act, and shall give bond in such a sum and with such sureties as the said by-laws may prescribe for the faithful discharge of his duty. Sec. 3. The capital stock of said company shall be one hundred

Capital and thousand dollars, which shall be divided into shares of twenty-five real estate. dollars each, which shall be numbered and registered, and certificates issued by the treasurer therefor to the person entitled thereto. Twenty-five thousand dollars of said capital stock may consist of real estate, which said corporation is hereby authorized to acquire, hold and convey.

Sec. 4. Said corporation may from time to time, at any regular meeting called for that purpose, assess upon each share such sums of " money as the corporation shall think proper, not exceeding in the whole the nominal amount of said share, and such sums so assessed shall be paid to the treasurer at such times and by such instalments as the corporation shall direct.

Sec. 5. The whole amount of debts which said corporation shall at Debts of co. any time owe, shall not exceed the amount of its capital stock actually paid in.

Sec. 6. On or before the first Tuesday in January in each year, it shall be the duty of the treasurer of said company to make a report to Annual rethe Secretary of State, verified by his oath, showing the amount of their capital stock paid in, and the amount of their entire debts and liabilities.

Assessments on shares.


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