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This volume completes the series of Paragon Readers. While the same general principles which have marked the whole series are preserved, this volume is designed to meet a wider class of readers, and to serve as the basis of further reading and study.

With the view of interesting the young, and of conveying valuable information, choice extracts from the most eminent authors of past and present times have been carefully selected. Among those of past times, Shakspere, Bacon, Milton, Pope, Addison, Cowper, Goldsmith, and Dean Swift have been laid under contribution. Of

recent writers, Byron, Sir Humphry Davy, Scott, Prescott, F. D. Maurice, Charles Kingsley, Macaulay, Dickens, Howitt, and Carlyle have furnished valuable material. To the publishers of the works of Maurice and Kingsley, and particularly to the widow of the latter, the best thanks of the Editor are due for permission to copy these extracts.

The poetry has been specially selected to meet the requirements for Standard VI. according to the Mundella Code.

The scientific information is given with a view of awakening inquiry, and forming habits of careful observation.

Notes are added where necessary to explain meanings and allusions, and a short table of Latin prefixes and suffixes has been added.

The same care that has been taken with regard to type, paper, binding, illustrations, &c., in the previous volumes will not be found wanting in this one.

It is hoped that this volume, usually put into the hands of scholars as they are drawing to the close of their school career, will lead them on in after life to a wider and more systematic study of English literature, and will tend to promote one of the most healthful of all human tastes—a love of books.

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