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Durham Academy Established 30 years. Academic, Business, or Collegiate course. L. P. Bissell, Principal.

East Haddam.

Maplewood Music Seminary for Young Ladies. — Established 1863. A thorough graduate course. The linest location on the Connecticut River. For catalogues, address Prof. D. S. Babuock, East Hai>i>am, Conn.

Essex. Hill's Academy.


School for Girls. Miss S. Poktek, Principal.


Glastonbury Academy. P. H. Brewer, Principal.

Goshen. Goshen Academy.


Dr. Pinneo'a Family School for Boys.—Instruction given in all brandies necessary to prepare boys for business or college.

Greenwich Academy. — A Home School for Boys. Limited number. Thorough instruction. Kits for college or business. Terms reasonable. Frank Shei-akd, A.M., Principal, Greenwich, Conn.

Greenwich Institute. —English and Classical—-for boys under 14 years of age. No day scholars. For circulars, address Harry Peck, Principal, GreenWich, Conn.

Mrs. West's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies. Address Box 18f>, Greenwich, Conn.

Brainerd Academy. Mary J. H. Chapman, Principal.

American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb.

Woodburn School — English and Classical School for Boys. Grounds (17 acres), Gymnasium, Ac. Address George E. Abbott, M.D., Principal, Hartford, Conn.

Hannum's Hartford Business College. — Day and Evening Instruction in Business Branches and Short Hind. Conducted by T. \V. Hannum and H. W. Warren, Principals, 370 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn.

Hartford Female Seminary. — Primary, Intermediate, and Academic Departments. 10 Instructors. William Tennev Gage, Principal. Hartford Public High School. Joseph Hall, Principal.

Mount St. Joseph's Boarding School and Academy.
St. Catherine's Academy.
St. Peter's Academy.
Theological Institute of Connecticut.

Trinity College. — Full College course. 1G Professors. Rev. Thomas R. Pynchon, D.D., LL. D., President.


Kent Seminary. — Four or six boys desired, to fit for college at $300.00 per year. The locality is remarkably healthful and free from those associations that lead the young astray. Address M. A. Stone, Principal, Kent, Conn.

Kent Station, Fairfield Co.

Abel Whitlock's Boarding School.

Lime Rock.

Bocky Dell institute—A Boarding School forllovs. He-opens September 11th. Address J. H. Huhlbukt, Principal. Lime Hock, Conn.

Litchfield. Litchfield Institute. Marshall B. Gaines, Principal.


Madison High School.



Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.
Berkeley Divinity School.

Wesleyan University. — Three courses of study — Classical, Latin-scientific, and Scientific. Address Rev. Cyrus D. Foss, D. D., President, Middle-town, Conn.

Young Ladies' Seminary. Rev. B. A. Smith, Mrs. E. M. K. Smith, Principals.

Mystic Bridge.

Myotic Valley institute. — A pleasant home with thorough instruction either in classes or in private. Forty students o( both sexes. Address for further information as to terms, Ac. Capt. J. K. Bucklyn, A. M., Principal, Mystic Bridge, Conn.

Mystic Hirer.
Whipple's Home Srhool for Deaf-Mutes.

New Britain.

Connecticut State Normal 8chool— For catalogues or information, address J. N. Cakleton, Principal, New Britain. Conn. New Britain Seminary.

New Canaan.

New Canaan Institute for Young Ladies. Mrs. E. F. Ay-res, Principal.

New Haven.

Collegiate and Commercial Institute. W. H. Russell,


The Elderage School. Miss E. C. Bangs, Principal.

Grove Hall. — Miss Montfort's School for Young Ladies. Send for circular to Miss Montfort, Nkw Haven, Conn.

Homesworth Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children. 11 Instructors. Preparatory and Academic Departments. Mrs. L. Black NewComb, Principal, 747 West Chapel Street. New Haven, Conn.

Homesworth Kindergarten. Miss Tallman, Principal. Hopkins' Grammar School.

Medical Institution of Yale College.—Winter term begins October 3d, 1878; closes January 30th. 1879. Fees:—Matriculation Fee, $5.00. For the Spring term (February to June), $00.00. Contingent expenses of Laboratory, Springterm, $10.00. Winter term, Lecture Fees, $105.00. Demonstrators' ticket paid once a year by those who dissectj $5.00. Graduation Fee, $25.00. For further information, address Chas. A. Lixdsley, Dean, New Haven, Conn.

Miss Nott's English and French Family and Day School for Young Ladies. Circulars sent npon application. Address Miss Nott, 33 Wall Street, New Haven, Conn.

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College.—For information, address Prof. G. J. Brush, New Haven, Conn.

West End Institute. — Mrs. S. L. Cady's English and German Family School for Young Ladies. Firstclass instruction in all branches. For circulars, address Mrs. S. L. Cady, Principal, 09 Howe Street, New HaVen, Conn.

Yale College. —The departments of instruction are comprehended under four divisions, viz.: The Faculty of Theology, of Medicine, of Law,

of Philosophy and the Arts. 99 Professors and Instructors; 1039 students. Rev. Noah Pouter, D.D., LL.D., President.

Yale Divinity School—fi Instructors; 107 students; 3 years' course. Prof. Geo. E. Day, Secretary.

Yale Law School. — Regular courses, 2 yearsj Graduate course (for degree of I). C. L.) 2 years. Fall term opens September 20th. Address Prof. Wayi.and, New Haven, Conn.

Connectic u t.
Yale School of the Fine Arts.

Young Ladies' School. Miss E. H. Daggett, Principal.

New London. Bulkeley School.

New Preston. Waramang Academy.


The Newtown Academy Conducted on the "Optional system." Rev. James 1'. Hoyt, A. If., Principal.

Fitch's Home School for Young Ladies and Boye.


Dr. Fitch'B Family School for twenty boys. Send for circular to Dr. Fitch, Principal, Norwalk, Conn.

Terrace Place School Boarding and Day School

for Young Ladies and Children. Mrs. J. L. Harlem,


TheSclleck School. C. M. Selleck, A.M., Principal.

Norwich. Boarding and Day School fur Young Ladies. Mrs. M. W. Hakes, Principal.

Convent of the Immaculate Conception, under the charge of the Sisters of Mercy. Sister M. Sylveria, Superioress.

French and English Boarding School. Misa H. MeeKer, Principal. Norwich Free Academy.


Saybrook Seminary,

Seabury institute. — A Collegiate and Academic School for Young Men. Rev. P. L. Shepard, A.M., Principal.


Bettj' i.Mitary Academy. — Emphatically a Home School, Situation unsurpassed in hcalthfulness, accessibility and adaptation to boarding-school purposes. Thorough instruction and discipline. Careful moral and Christian training. Hoys prepared for college and business. Number limited. Circulars sent on application. Address James Beits, Principal, Stamford, Conn.

Gothic Hall. — Young Ladies'School. Apply to Misses Aiken and Chase, Principals, Stamford, Conn.

Home School for Young Ladies and Children. Miss P. L. Riblet, Principal.

Select Hoarding anil Day School. G. B. Glendining, Principal.

Th3 Maples. — A Family School for Young Ladies and Children. Board and Tuition in English and Latin, $3.i0.00 per year. Modern Languages, Music and Drawing extra. Address, for circular. Miss M. G. A. Fkss :ndes, Principal, Stamford, Conn.

Stratford. English and Classical School for Boys. Fred. SedgWick. Principal.

Family School for Boys. Rev. E. B. Emerson, Principal

Stratford Academy for Boys and Girls. Founded 1S05. Geo. B. Himn, Principal. Stratford Female Institute.

Connecticut Literary Institution.


Thomaston High School. Rout. Forsyth, A.M.. Principal.


Hill's High School, — A Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Gentlemen. Beach Hill, Principal.

Tyler City.

Alworth Hall.

Connectic u t.


"The Gunnery"; Family Boarding School.


Academy and boarding School of the Immaculate


Congregation de Notre Dame.

St. Margaret's School for Girls.

Westerly, Nete London Go. Academy of the Sacred Heart.

West Haven.

Oak Hill Ladies,' Seminary. — Established 1815. 9 Instructors. Preparatory and Academic Departments. Mrs. S. E. W. Atwater, Principal.

Westport. Green's larms Academy. Charles W. Stevens, Principal.


Boarding School. — Terms moderate. Address Augl'stis WniTLOCK, Principal, Wilton, Conn. Wilton Academy. E. Olmstead, Principal. Winchester.

Winchester Academy.


Young Ladies' Institute Preparatory and Academic Departments. Special Classes formed for pupils desiring to enter Mt. Holyoke Seminary, Wellesley, Vassar, or Smith Colleges. Miss J. S. Williams, Principal.


Academy and Boarding School of St. Margaret of Cortona.


Parker Academy. — A Boarding School for Boys. Classical and English courses. Wilbur V. Rood, A.M., Principal.


Family School for Young Ladies. Miss E. Bowen, Principal.

Woodstook Academy.


Hon. James H. Groves, State Superintendent of Free Schools, Smyrna. Del.


Family School for Young Girls.
Select" Family School for Boys.


Wilmington Conference Academy.


Felton Seminary.

Georgetown. Georget wn Academy.

Laurel. ,

Laurel Classical and Commercial Academy.


Milfonl Seminary.


Del-ware College. Open to both sexes. Classical, Scientific and Literary courses. Charges for tuition remitted to such students as receive the State Scholarships. Address William H. Purnell, L. L. D.. President, Newark. Del.


Smyrna Seminary.


Academy of the Visitation B. V. M This Institution offers superior advantages for the instruction of young ladies, The building is a handsome brownstone mansion with large grounds, and has been fitted up at great expense for the comfort and convenience of the pupils. The location is one of great beauty, elevated and very healthy, and the past success of the JDela. -ware.


Sisters ia a sufficient guarantee that this institution offers every facility for obtaining a first-class education. Pupils will be received at any time during the year and will be charged with only such portion of it as may remain.

Terms, per session of Five months: Entrance Fee, paid but once, $5.00,—Board and Tuition, including Bedding and Washing, per session, $125.00. For more detailed information, apply to the Superioress of the Academy of the Visitation, Delaware Avenue, WilMington, Del.

Delaware State Normal University.
Miss Robertson's Family Boarding and Day School.
Rugby Academy.
Taylor Academy.

"Wesleyan Female College. 13 Instructors. Primary, Preparatory und Collegiate Departments. English and Classical Courses. Address Rev. John Wilson, A. M., President, Wilmington, Del. Wyoming.

Wyoming Institute of Delaware, for both sexes. 6 Instructors; 88 pupils. Preparatory and Academic Departments. Rev. M. Heath, Principal.


Hon. J. O. Wilson, Superintendent of White Schools, Washington, D. C.

Hon. G. P. T. Cook, Superintendent of Colored Schools, Washington, D. C. €feorgetoum.

Academy of the Visitation.

Georgetown College.—This Institution, conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, was founded by Archbishop Carroll in 1789 and raised by Congress to the rank of a university in 1815. The Medical Department was established in Washington in May, 1851, the Department, in October, 1870. The academic year of the Classical Department begins on the First Tuesday of September and ends on the last Thursday of June. The Pension for the Scholastic V ear for Tuition, Board, Lodging, Washing, etc., is $325.00. Modern Languages (except French) Music, Drawing, etc., extra. For further particulars, address Rev. P. P. Iikai.y, 8. J., President, GeorgeTown, I). C.

Georgetown Collegiate Institute.
Georgetown Female Seminary.
Georgetown Institute for Males.

nTMnadi??',A,c^m7 of tho Visitation—Founded
1799. Delightfully located in a healthy situation on
the Heights of Georgetown in close proximity to the
city of Washington. The extensive grounds afford
every facility fjr active exercise which the pupils are
required to take at all seasons. A public distribu-
tion of premiums at the close of each year. Board
■and Tuition, $300.00 per annum. Music. Languages
etc., extra, Apply to the Directress of the Ladies'
Academy of the Visitation, Georgetown, D. C.
Young Ladies' Seminary Mrs. 11. A. Wheeler, Prin-


Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Academy of the Visitation.

Boys' English and Classical High School. J. W

Hunt, Principal.

Miss Calkins' Select School.

Capitol Hill Female Seminary.

Columbian University. — College, Law School and -Medical School. For catalogues, address J. ('. WelLing, LL. D., President, Washington, D. C. Emerson Institute.

English and French Boarding and Dav School. Alps Bujac, Principal.

English, French and Classical Institute. Mrs \no Jackson, Principal.

District ot Columbia

English and French School for Young Ladies. Miss

S. L. Jones, Principal.

German-American Kindergarten and School for Girls

and Boys. Misses Pollock and Noerk, Principals.

Gonzaga College.

Miss Hooper's Kindergarten.

Howard University Open to both sexes. 20 Instructors; 192 students. Collegiate, Medical, Legal and Theological Departments. Wh. W. Patton, President.

Howard University Law School.
Incarnation Church School.

Irving Place Kindergarten. Miss Lucy E. Brown,

Kindergarten Normal Institute for the training of Kindergartners, and National Kindergarten for children from 3 to 10 years of age. Mrs. Louise Pollock and Miss Susie Pollock, Principals. Regular Course opens October 2nd and closes June 18th. Summer class, partial course for teachers, from July 2nd to September 1st. Mrs. Louise Pollock has been for 15 years an earnest student and advocate of the Kinder garten system, and translated Mmc. Lina Morgenstern's Paradise of Childliood, a Manual for the Family and Kindergarten, in 1864. Miss Susie Pollock graduated in the Kindergarten Normal Institute ol Berlin, Prussia, 1869, and has ever since been successfully engaged in teaching, in accordance with Froebel's system, in Massachusetts and Washington. For terms and particulars, apply to Mrs. Louise Pollock, or Miss Susie Pollock, " 1127 Thirteenth Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Medical Department of the University of Georgetown.—F. A. Ashford, M.D., Dean, 1330 New York Avenue, Washington, D. C. Miner Normal School.

Mt. Vernon Academy. Mrs. J. E. Somers, Principal. Mt. Vernon Institute. Mrs. C. W. Paiho, Principal. National College of Pharmacy. J. C. Fill, Secretary.

National Deaf-Mute College.—10 Instructors. Preparatory and Collegiate courses of study. Thorough training and advanced education for Deaf-Mutes. Address Edward M. Gallaudet, LL. D., President, Washington, D. C.

National University (Law Department).
Park Seminary. Mrs. G. M. Gonbkon and Miss A. T.
Smith, Principals.
Misses Perley s Select School.

Pinkney Institute. Misses M. and A. Burgess, Principals.

Ritteuhouse Academy.
Rosslyn Seminary.
Roys'*Classical and Mathematical Academy.

St Cecilia's Academy.—Under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. A new Boarding and Day School offering every advantage to young ladies desirous of obtaining a solid and finished education. Terms, including Board, Tuition, Washing, Bedding, General Instruction in Vocal Music, Drawing, Calisthenics, Plain and Ornamental Needle-work, per session of live months, $100.00. Particular attention paid to Vocal and Instrumental Music. For further particulars, address the Sister Superior, 601 East Capitol Street, Washington, D. C. St. Matthew's Academy. St. Matthew's Institute.

School for Young Ladies. Mrs. C. B. Burr, Principal. School for Young Ladies and Children. Miss Mary Kerr, Principal.

Select School. Miss Sarah A. Pollock, Principal.
Select School and Kindergarten. Misses A. D. Mer-
Rill and B. C. Graves, Principals.
Spencerian Business College. H. C. Spencer, Prin-

Theological Department of Howard University.
Thompson Academy.

Washington Conservatory of Music. Dr. O. B. BulI.aki), Principal.

District of Columbia.

Washington Female Seminary. Mrs. Z. I). Butcher
and Hiss M. C. Douglas, Principals.
Washington Normal School. Miss Lucilla E. Smith,
Wayland Seminary.

West End Seminary. Miss V. Faust, Principal.
Young Ladies' Boarding and Day School. Miss Lauba
Ii. Osborne, Principal.

Toang Ladies'Seminary. MissM. J. Habroveu, Principal.


Hon. W. H. Haisley, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tallahassee, Flu.

Eau Crallie.

State Agricultural College, (not yet fully organized.)


St, Joseph's Academy.


Cookman Institute.

Eivers'de Institute. — A Home School for Girls. Boys under fourteen vears of age also admitted as day scholars. For circulars, address Mrs. Lucy E. Smith, Jacksonville, Fla. St Joseph's Academy.

Key West.

Convent of Mary Immaculate for Young Ladies. Directed by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Instruction given in the various branches of a solid, useful, and ornamental education. For information, apply to the Dibectbess.


St, Joseph's Academy.


Masonic Academy.

Pensacola. Christ Church School.

St. Augustine.

St Joseph's Academy.


West Florida Seminary.


Hon. Gustavis J. Orb, State School Commissioner, Atlanta, Ga.


Annianna Classical School.


Furlow Masonic, Female College. .

Mulberry Grove Academy.


Georgia State College of Agriculture and Mechanic


Lucy Cobb Institute.

University of Georgia. — 45 Professors and Instructors; 442 students. The Departments of the: University are: 1) Academic Department, 2) State College Department, 3) Law Department, 4) North Georgia Agricultural College, 5) Medical Department. Henry H. Ticker, D.D., L.L.D., Chancellor.

A tlnnta. Atlanta Medical College. JonN Tiiad. Johnson, M.D., Dean.

Atlanta University. — Open to both sexes, without regard to race, color, or nationality. 16 Instructors: 214 students. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Normal Courses. Edmund A. Ware, A.M., President, AtLanta, Ga.

Clark University. R. E. Bisbee, President.
Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

Eclectic Medical College of Georgia. Dr. I. J. M. Goss, Dean.

Moore's Southern Business University. — The only actual Business School in the South. Established 1858. B. F. Moobe, President.

Augusta Institute.
Medical College of Georgia.
St. Mary's Academy.


Bairdstown Academy.


Gordon Institute.


Benevolence Male and Female High School.


Blackshear Academy.

Boston, Thomas Co. Grooverville Academy.

Bowdon College.

Buena Vista.
Moss Hill Academy. Ida Munbo, Principal.
Peach Orchard High School.

Bullard's Station.
Lodge Academy.


Butler Female College and Male Institute.

Cameron. Screven Co. Paris Hill Academy.


Carrollton Masonic Institute.

Erwin Street School.

Cave Spring.

Cave Spring Female Seminary.

Georgia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

Ileum Manual Labor School.


Plenitude Academy.


Cochran High School.


Columbus Female College. — 8 Instructors. Regular Academic Course and School of Music. Address C. B. Glenn, President, Columbus, Ga. St. Joseph's Academy. Slade's School for Boys.


Conyers Female College.
Conyers High School.


Corinth Academy.

Southern Masonic Female College.


Crawford Academy.


Andrew Female College. A. L. Hamilton, D.D.,


Cuthbert Male High School.


North Georgia Agricultural College.


Crawford High School.
Dalton Female College.


Danburgh High School.


South Georgia Male Institute.



Cedar Grove Academy.

Dirt Town.
Dirt Town Academy.
Farmersville Academy.

Andrew Male High School.


Euharlee Academy.


Fairburn Academy.


Flemington Institute.

Milliard Institute.

Monroe Female College. — Founded 1849. 8 Instructors; 130 students. Academic and Collegiate Departments. Healthful, accessible, and central location; experienced Faculty; large and convenient buildings; tine natural sun uundings. Address RichArd T. Asbuby, A.M., President, Cuthbebt, Ga.

Fort Valley.

Fort Valley Female Seminary.
Fort Valley Male Academy.


Franklin Institute.

Gainesville Male and Female College.

Garden Valley, Macon Co. Oak Grove Academy.


Samuel Bailey Male Academy.

Griffin Female College. — Established 1848. Average annual patronage, 135. 8 Instructors. This Institution offers strong inducements and is steadily increasing in popularity. Address A. B. Niles, A.M., President, Griffin, Ga.

Grooverville, Brooks Go. Pine Grove Academy.


Hamilton Female College.
Head of Tennessee.

Rabun Gup High School.

High SlwaJn, Morgan Oo. Braswell Academy.

Hlnesvllle, Liberty Co. Bradwell Institute.


Hogansville School.


Planters' High School.

Houston. Heard Co. Farmers' High School.


Martin Institute. — Chartered 1818. 4 Instructors; 124 students. Prof. J. \V. Glenn, Principal. Jefferson ville.

Auburn Institute.


Kingston Academy.
La Grange.

La Grange Female College.
La Grange High School.

Southern Female College. — Founded 1K43. Primary and Preparatory Departments; Collegiate Course; Music and Fine Arts Department*. II Instructors; 104 students. Address I. F. Cox, A. M., President, La Gbanoe, Ga.

Lexington. Meson Academy.


Liberty Hill.

Liberty HillHighSchool.


Adams Practical School at Washington Institute.
Thos. J. Adams, Principal.
Washington Institute.

Long Cane, Troup Co.
Long Cane Academy.

Lumpkin Masonic Female College.

Hunter's School for Boys. Benj. T. Hunter, A. M.,

Mercer University. — Comprises the College of Liberal Arts and the Law School. 9 Professors; 114 students. Regular College Course. Address Rev. Archibald J. Battle, D. D.. President, Macon, Ga,

Mt de Sales Academy, under the direction of the Sisters of Mercy. This Academy is connected with St. Joseph's, Columbus, Ga., whose reputation for educational advantages is unsurpassed throughout the State. The course of instruction embraces all the studies that constitute a thorough and accomplished education. For further particulars, address DirectRess Of Mount De Sales Academy, Macon, Ga. Pio Nono College.

Wesleyan Female College.— Founded 1836. Large and commodious buildings, choice library, extensive grounds. 1^0 pupils. Vvm. C. Bass,, 1 resident.

Madison. Forest Home Institute. .Mrs. E. Nebhut, Principal. Georgia Female College. Madison Male High School. Temperance Hill High School.


Marietta Female College.
.Marietta Male Institute.

MarshalIri lie.

Marshaliville High School.

Milner Hijjli School.

Montezuma High School.


Mountville Academy.

Nacoochee .Male and Female High School.


College Temple.


Emory Col!ege.-9 Professors; 167 students. Academic and Collegiate Departments. Rev. A. G. Haygood, D.D.. President.


Mercer High School. V. T. Sanfoko, A.M., Principal.

Anthon School. Creed Sasskk, Principal.
Houston h eniale College.
Perry Male School.

Pine Log.

Pine Log Masonic Institute.

Pleasant Hill.

Talbot Valley Select School.

Powelton Male and Female School.


Cherokee Baptist Female College.

Borne Female College. — Founded 1856. 8 Instructors; 97 pupils. Complete Academic Course. Uev. J. M. M: Caldwell, President. Rome Male High School. Rome Military Institute.

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