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New Jersey.

Students are admitted to the regular course, or to pursue special studies selected with the approval of the Principals. Instruction in Drawing will be given to persons not members of the school upon application to the Principals. The school year, commencing the first Monday in September, is divided into four quarters of ten weeks each. Vacation during the Christmas Holidays. Address for all desired information as to terms, etc.. Miss Claka Blooikiood and Miss Addik Bullman, Principals, 112 East State St., Trenton, N. J.


Vineland Institute.

Westfield. „ , m.

The Weatfield Seminary for Young People.—This School is now entering upon the sixth year of its existence and has become a permanent institution. In conformity with the times, prices have again been reduced so that the terms are now as low as possible, consistent with securing competent assistance in the various departments of instruction. Pupils entering the Junior Department, can graduate in four years, two years being given respectively to the Junior and Senior Departments. Pupils can be received at any time into any Department, by passing a satisfactory examination in the studies of the Lower Departments. The classes in Light Gymnastics are free to ail pupils of the Seminary, a place in the class being dependent only upon courteous deportment and careful attention to the instruction given.

It is the constant aim of the Principal and her assistants to inspire their pupils with a love of knowledge, and no efforts will be spared to secure their mental and moral culture, and to surround them with those influences whiuh shall tend to the formation of an elevated Christian character. Although the Seminary is designed primarily for young ladies, young gentlemen are also received. In addition to an Introductory Division, the school is divided into four Departments with a course of study for each.

Board and tuition in English branches and one language- $350.00 per annum. Kive-day scholars, $260.00 per annum. Pupils may enter at any period of the year and will be charged only from the time the engagement is made, but they will be expected to remain till the close of the school-year.

Westfield is delightfully situated on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, less than one hour's ride from New York, with which trains connect frequently during the day. The natural attractions of the village, its delightful scenery, and its elevated and healthful location, nearly two hundred feet above the waters of Newark Bay, combine to make Westfield one of the most desirable places for residence in the vicinity of New York.

Further information will cheerfully be given by the Principal in response to applications, either in person or by letter. Address Mrs. E. H. Ladd, Principal, Westfield, N. J.


Deptford 8chool. — For both sexes. Special attention paid to small and backward pupils. Henry K. Russell, Principal.


Hon. W. G. Rich. Territorial Superintendent of Public Instruction, Santa Fe, N. M.


Holy Family Select School for Boys.

Las Cruces. Visitation Academy.

Las Vegas.

Las Vegas College.

Santa FS.

Academy of Our Lady of Light.

New Mexico.

English and Classical School. G. W. Riqole, Principal.
St. Vincent's Hospital and Orphan Asylum.
San Miguel College.


Hon. Neil Gilmour, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Albany, N. Y.


Hungerford Collegiate Institute.— 15 Instructors; 161 pupils. Classical, English, College Preparatory, Scientinc, Commercial, and Musical courses. Albert B. WAtkins and Orlo B. Rhodes, Principals.


Afton Academy and Union School. J. M. Spraoue, A.M., Principal.


Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Albany Academy. Merrill E. Gates, Principal.

Albany Female Academy. — Founded 1814. 11 Instructors. One of the oldest institutions in this country for the education of young ladies. Designed to afford a complete and thorough education from the youngest school age upward. Tuition moderate. Miss Louisa Ostroh, Principal.

Albany Law School (Union University). 9 Professors; 92 students. Regular course, one year. Fall term begins September 3rd. For terms and information address Prof. Isaac Edwards. Christian Brothers' Academy.

English, French, and Classical Institute. Lucy A. Plymiton, Principal.

Folsom's Business College. — One of the oldest institutions of its kind in the country. 5 Instructors. Designed to impart the Business Sciences so as to enable young men to act as intelligent accountants or business men. E. G. Folsom, A.M., President and Proprietor. Froebel Kindergarten of St. Agnes School.

Medical College ( Union University). — 19 Professors. The regular course of lectures at the College begins on the first Tuesday of September and continues twenty weeks. For information, address Dr. Jacob S. Mosher, Registrar.

New York State Normal School. Rev. Jos. Alden, D.D., Principal.

St Agnes School. — A Church School for Girls under Bishop Doane, Sister Helen, and Miss Boyd. Regular and post-graduate courses (Oxford or Harvard), Music and languages. Terms, $350.00 per year. Address Bishop Doane, Alrany, N. Y. St. Joseph's School. St. Mary's School for Girls.


Cottage Seminary.


Alfred University. — 14 Instructors; 116 pupils. Equal facilities and equal privileges to both sexes. Primary, Preparatory, Grammar, Academic, Collegiate, and Theological Departments. Rev. Jonathan Allen, Ph.D., President.


St. Bonaventure'a College. — Conducted by the Franciscan Fathers. Founded 1859. Situated near the Allegany River, on the N. Y. & Eric Railroad, in one of the most healthy and picturesque sections of the countrv. Extensive grounds and large and wellselected library. Course of studies — ecclesiastical, classical, scientific, and commercial. Board and tuition, per annum, $200.00. Address Very Rev. Fra. Leo Da Saracena, O. S. F., President, St. Bonaventure's College, Allroany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. St. Elizabeth's Academy.


Amenia Seminary.—Founded 1834. Open to both sexes. 15 Instructors. Eclectic, Scientinc PrepareNew York.

tory, College Preparatory, and Ladies' Graduating

courses. Healthful and pleasant location; superior

advantages; thorough scholarship. S. T. Frost, A.M.,



Amsterdam Academy Incorporated 1839. Open

to both sexes. 10 Instructors; 242 students. Primary, Preparatory, Academic, Classical, and Post Graduate courses. William W. Thompson, A.M., Principal.


Andes Institute.—For both sexes. Pupils prepared for business, teaching or college. Instruction thorough. Terms moderate. Send for circular. Address Rev. E. H. Stevenson, A. M., Principal, Andes, Delaware Co., N. Y.


St.Stephen's College. 8 Instructors; 80students. Preparatory and College courses. The Rev. Bobert B. Fairbaikn, D. D., Warden.


Ives Seminary.

Arcade Academy and Union, School. J. H. Gibson,


Argyle Academy. Geo. A. Hoadlev, A.M., Principal.

Attica. Attica Union School and Academy. Thomas D. Lovell, A. M., Principal.


Auburn Theological Seminary. — 6 Instructors; 44 students. The regular course of theological study, occupies three full years. Rev. E. A. Huntinoton, Secretary.

Miss Helen E. Hart's Kindergarten. Young Ladies' Institute. Mortimer L. Browne, Principal.


Augusta Academy.


Cayuga Lake Academy. Chas. Kelsey, Principal.

Wells College for Yonng Ladies. —13 Instructors, Full Collegiate Special and Academic Courses. Superior instruction in music. Location uusurpassed lor beauty, healthfulness, and refinement; buildings elegant; a home where parents may with confidence entrust their daughters. Term begins September 11th, 1878. Send for catalogue. Rev. E. S. Frlsbee, President.


Bay View Institute.—English, Classical, Commercial, and Military School. Near the Atlantic Ocean and Great South Bay. Address L. Homeb Habt, Principal, Babylon, Suffolk Co., N. Y.

Balmville (Xeicburgh.) Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.


Batavia Union School. —13 Instructors. Preparatory and Academic Departments. Delightful location. New and commodious buildings. Expenses low. Gardner Fuller, A. M., Principal.

Mrs. W. G. Bryan's Boarding School for Young Ladies. Address Mrs. W. G. Bryan, Principal. BiTavia, N. Y.

Hiss E. G. Thrall's Family Boarding and Day School for both sexes. School year of throe terms. . Board and tuition, $100.00 per term. Miss E. G. Thrall, Principal. St. Joseph's Convent of Our Lady of Mercy.

Belfast. Genesee Valley Seminary and Union Graded School. Prof. J. E. Dewey, Principal.


Union Academy of Belleville.

New York.


Binghamton College and Conservatory of Musicfor Young Ladies. — Doubled its number last year. Terms, $300.00; no extras; Bible College free. Address Rev. R. A. Patterson, A. M., President, BinqHamton, N. Y.

Mrs. L. M. Peterselia's Boarding and Day School, for Young Ladies and Children, with Kindergarten. French and German by the Natural Method. St. Joseph's Academy.


Bridgenampton Literary and Commercial Institute. — 7 Instructors. Pleasantly situated at the Eastern end of Long Island. Classical, Scientific, Commercial, and College Preparatory courses. Lewis W. Hallock, Principal.


State Normal School.


Adelphi Academy (Lafayette Avenue, Corner St. James Place).—29 Instructors; 638 students. Preparatory, Academic, Special Collegiate, and Post Graduate Departments. Stephen G. Taylor, A. M., Principal. Miss A. M. Anderson's Kindergarten.

Athenaeum Seminary for Young Ladies, under thecharge of Rev. George Nokman Bigelow, A. M., and Rev. John Flavkl Bkjklow, D. D. This school has. been in successful operation for over nine years. The principals and their assistants are teachers of experience, having been connected with normal schools and other seminaries of learning both in this country and in Europe. The school is divided into three departments — Preparatory, Sub-Collegiate, and Collegiate. No extra charges in any department. For full information, address the Principals, Bigelow Brothers, Athenaeum Seminary, cor. Clinton and Atlantic Streets, Brooklyn, N.Y. A. T. Baldwin's Private School for Boys.

Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute. — 30 Professers and Instructors; 683 students. Academic and Collegiate Departments. Classical, Scientific, Liberal, and Commercial courses. David H. CochRan. LL.D., President,

Brooklyn Heights Seminary. — For the education of Young Ladies. Established by Prof. Alonzogray, LL.D., in 1851. The present principal has devoted himself for a period of twenty-five years and more to the subject of Female education; he lias had thousands of pupils under his caro aud is aided by able and experienced teachers.

The edifice is eligibly situated, is 75 feet in front, 63 in depth and five stories in height. There are devoted to school purpose, large and well - ventilated wardrobes, a Laboratory, and rooms for Recitations, for Painting and Drawing, and for Instrumental Mnsic. The school is divided into two Departments—Junior and Senior—each of which is subject to sub-divisions. These classifications are based not upon age but upon the scholarship of the pupil. The course of study includes the English branches, French and Latin, Music, Drawing and Painting, Ac. The institution offers unusual advantages to thoso who wish to pursue the higher branches of study. It is provided with a large and well selected Library, with costly Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus, Globes, Maps, and Geological Charts, Cabinets ot Minerals and Shells, Optical instruments, and numerous paintings and engravings.

The building attached to the Seminary furnishes accommodations for a limited number of young ladies from abroad. Applications for catalogues and for informations as to terms, &c, both for Day and Boarding pupils, may be made to the Principal, Charles K West, M.D., LL.D., 138 Montague Street, BrookLyn, N.Y. Brooklyn Institute.

Brooklyn Juvenile High School, 96 Livingston Street. 11 Instructors; 200 pupils. For boys of Jffew York,

from five to twelve years of age. Course of study preparatory to the Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute. Mibs A. S. Dobbin and Miss S. E. Rogers, Principals. Browne's Business College.

Carroll Park School.—A Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children. Delightfully situated in the healthiest and most beautiful part of Brooklyn. An unusual opportunity is offered to those who desire their daughters to have, in addition to the ordinary benefits of school training, those special advantages and means of culture afforded by a residence in a large city. Latin and French taught in addition to all the ordinary English studies—without extra charge. Special studies taken at the charges of professors chosen in accordance with the wishes of parents. Students fitted for Vassar College. Address Mrs. D. A. DunNing, Carroll Park School, 242 Carroll Street, BrookLyn, N.Y.

Cheneviere Institute. — French and English Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children. This Institute was founded thirteen years ago by Prof. Marc Cheneviere, and is now under the direction of Mile. Longchamp and Miss M. W. Mead who, with able assistants, aim to furnish every advantage lor a thorough and complete education. English, including the higher branches, is thoroughly taught, special attention being given to daily exercises in Spelling, Dictation, and Composition. Instruction in French and German, Drawing, Vocal Music, and Calisthenics without extra charge. The Fall Term will commence Wednesday, September 18th. 1878. Address the Principals, 19 Elm Place (near Fulton Street), Brooklyn, N.Y.

Miss E. Christiansen's English, German, and French Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children, with Kindergarten. Pupils received at any time and charged from date of entrance. Thorough instruction given in all the branches of an accomplished education, with superior advantages for German and French Conversation. Qualified teachers are engaged, and special attention is paid to de?ortment. Each term of school comprises ten weeks. he best references given. For full information, address Miss E. Christiansen, 360 State Street, BrookLyn, N. Y.

Claghorn's Bryant and Stratton Business College. 8 Instructors. A thorough course of study. C. ClagHorn, Principal and Proprietor.

Clinton Avenue Institute for Young Ladies. 392

Clinton Avenue. 12 Instructors. Preparatory,

Academic, and Collegiate Departments. Miss ElizaBeth A. Holcombe, Principal.

College Grammar School. — (1849 to 1878.) Classes Bmall; instruction very thorough and individual. Mathematics, Classics, and business English, as each scholar selects. Address L. W. Hart, A.M., Principal, 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Columbia Conservatory of Music, 673 Bedford Ave.
J. J. Alexander, Musical Director.
Convent and Academy of the Visitation.

Hiss Cuthbert's English and French School for Girls and Boys. The Fall term of this school will commence about the second week of September, 1878. It is now in session, however, and pupils can be entered at any time. An early application is necessary, as the number of pupils is limited. A Kindergarten class has been formed and is in successful operation. All the usual branches of an English education are tanght, comprising Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, History, etc. Terms, per quarter of eleven weeks, made known on application at the school. Private Lessons for Adults will be given, if desired, at such hours as may be arranged. Address Miss Cuthbert, Principal, 137 High Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Prof. Davison's Institute.

New York.

Deutsche Realschule. Jos. Deghlee, Principal, 170 Pacific Street,

English Mathematical and Classical School for Young Gentlemen. Students desiring to enter the Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, the School of Mines (Columbia College), the Stevens Institute of Technology, at Hoboken, or the Troy Polytechnic Institute, will find the course in Mathematics particularly thorough and adapted to preparation for either of the above Institutions.

For full particulars, as to terms, etc., address J. H.
Cone, A.M., Principal, 19 Greene Avenue, corner
Cumberland Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Female Institution of the Visitation.
French's Business and Telegraph College, 1311 Fulton
Street. Geo. W. French, Principal.
Franklin Avenue Juvenile Academy, 289 Franklin
Ave. M. E. Wright, Principal.
Friends" Seminary.

German-American School. Andrew Faas, Proprie-
tor and Director, 20 Central Ave., (E. D.)
German, English, and French Academy. Mrs. Elise
Medler, Principal.

Mrs. E. Goodwin's [nei W. A. Henrichsen) German-American Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children. This excellent school is pleasantly located on Brooklyn Heights and offers superior advantages for the careful and thorough instruction both of children and young ladies. It has competent teachers for the diflerent branches, and pupils receive the very best care and attention. Mrs. GoodWin is the daughter of a North-German Protestant Minister, and, consequently, the best facilities are offered for the study of German Language and Literature. Address Mrs. R. Goodwin, Principal, 154 Montague Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Greenpoint Academy, 73 Calyer Street, (E. D.) Rev. Oscar Kaselitz, Principal.

Madam GroEchel's Select Family School for Young Ladies and Children. It is the intention of the Principal to make this school as select as possible in order that pupils may receive all possible attention. The number of boarding pupils has therefore been, limited to eight, and a few day scholars will be received.

English is taught in all the regular school branches, studies being assigned and advancement allowed according to the pupil's age, proficiency, and progress. French is the language of the family and will, therefore, become the daily language of the pupils, and, as one of the family is a German, such pupils as desire can receive correct instruction in the German language.

Music is a specialty in this school; many of the young ladies, formerly in attendance, have been thoroughly educated and fitted as teachers in this branch by Aladame Groschcl, and are now occupying good positions in schools, north and south. Sight-reading and instrumental music, for four and eight hands, are taught, great attention being paid to regular and careful practice.

Soirees and receptions are given monthly, when the pupils receive their friends, entertaining them with recitations and musical selections.

The school year commences September 15th, but pupils may enter at any time. They will be charged for from the date of entrance and will be expected to remain for the balance of the school year at least. Girls of seven or eight years of age are admitted into the school, and the greatest care is given to their physical and mental training, the family manners and home life of the school rendering such especial care possible. One of the teachers always accompanies the girls to their own church.

Thoroughness is the aim thronghont the entire school course and careful attention is given that the principles of every study shall be accurately mastered and correctly understood.

For terms or circulars, apply to Madame Groschel, Principal, 146 State Street, Brooklyn. N.Y.

Nevr York.

Mrs. Hackett's Kindergarten (362 Grand Avenue).
Mrs. Marker's School.

Kissick's Commercial, Classical, and Mathematical College. — Day and Evening Instruction given in Penmanship, Business Arithmetic, Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry, Greek, 1-atin, (Jennan, Spanish, Geometry, Algebra, etc. Special attention is paid to the instruction of persons whose early education has been neglected. Private instruction is given to such as desire it. A Ijadies' Department is connected with the College. The Terms arc the lowest ever offered for thorough instruction, viz: Bookkeeping, $10.00 per quarter, $20.00 per year; Writing, $8.00 per quarter, $16.00 per year; Arithmetic, $8.00 per quarter, $'20.00 peryear. Full commercial course, $25.00 per year; unlimited $35.00. English branches at equally reduced rates. College open from 9 A. M. till 9 P. M. Address W. A. Kissick, A.M., Principal, 192 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Ijifayette Academy. 1-ay College. Rev. John L. Chapman, Secretary.

Lock-wood's New Academy for Youth of Both Sexes, 139 and 141 South Oxford Street. 13 Instructors; 181 students. Kindergarten, Preparatory, Intermediate, Academic, and Collegiate Departments. John Lockwood, Principal.

Long Island College Hospital. — The clinical advantages of the Longlsland College Hospital are unsurpassed in this country. For circulars, address Samuel G. Armok, M.D., Dean, or Jahvls S. Wiout, M.D., Registrar, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Henry Mollenhauer's College of Music.—Thorough instruction given in all branches of music at moderate

grices—Pianoforte, Harmony. Singing, and Wind and tring Instruments. The design and aim of the Institution is to give to beginners a thorough foundation for a complete musical education and to impart stylo and finish to more advanced pupils. The opportunities which this College of Music offers to persous desiring a solid education in any or all the branches of music are fully equal to those of any similar institution. For terms and other information, address Henry MollenHaueh, Director, or Ernst Grabs, Secretary, 56 Court Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Normal Business College.

Packer Collegiate Institute. — Brooklyn Heights. Founded 1845. 38 Instructors; 628 students. Designed to furnish to young ladies a thorough and complete college education. Preparatory, Academic, and Collegiate Departments. Extensive library and apparatus. A. Crittenden, A.M., President Remsen Street Kindergarten. Remsen Street School. Miss Craoin, Principal.

Rivers' Dancing Academy. — This school has been established for a number of years and has attained the reputation of being one of the best institutions for instruction in its special department in this country. Something more than a mere knowledge of dancing, is taught, and particular attention is paid to correct deportment and physical training, so that gentle manners and healthy development are alike secured. References can be mode to many of the leading citizens of Brooklyn whose families have been steady patrons of this school. For terms and particulars, address C. H. Rivers, Instructor and Proprietor, 175 State Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

8t Francis' College, conducted by the Franciscan Brothers. This Institution is situated in a very healthy part of Brooklyn, and only a few minutes' walk from Prospect Park. Careful and thorough instruction in all the advanced English branches and the Languages. Unremitting attention given to the intellectual and moral culture of the students; discipline sufficiently strict, yet mild and paternal. Board and tuition, per annum, $220.00. No extra charge for Latin,'Greek, etc. For further particulars, apply to the Rt. Rev. Bishop Locgulin,

New York.

to any of the Rev. Clergy in the City, or to the Su-
Perior, St. Francis' College, Baltic Street, Brook-
Lyn, N. Y.
St. John's College.
St. Joseph's Academy.
St. Mary's Academy.
St. Mary's School.

Select School tor Young Ladies (Willoughby Ave.)
Seminary and College of St. John the Baptist

south Brooklyn Seminary, 370 Clinton Street. Kindergarten, Preparatory, Academic, and Collegiate Departments. A. W. Morehouse, A.M., Principal.

Julius Btern's German and English Institute. — A school for both sexes from 6 to 16 years of age. Four to six boarding scholars will be received and cared for. As the private residence of the principal is quite near Prospect Park — Washington Ave., near Flatbush Ave., (Town of Flatbush) — there is no doubt that this is the healthiest and most advantageous place for school purposes on Long Island. Address Ji'lius Stern, Principal, 416 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Miss Whitcomb's English and French Day School.
Williamsburgh Business College.
Wright's Business College. Henry C. Wbioht, Prin-


Bryant's Buffalo Business College. Buffalo Central School. Ray T. Spencer, A.M., Principal.

Buffalo Female Academy. — Located on Delaware Ave., in the most delightful portion of the city. Primary, Academic, and Collegiate Department. 10 Instructors; 150 students. Rev. Albert T. Chester, D.D., Principal.

Buffalo Practical School All the High School

and Academic branches taught. Students instructed separately. A7o clauses. Students enter at any time. Herman Poole, Principal. Buffalo Telegraph College.

Canisius College A Classical and Commercial

College, conducted by the Jesuit Fathers. Expenses
moderate. For prospectus, address Martin Port, S.J.,
President, Buffalo, N. Y.
Heathcote School.
Holy Angels' Academy.

Le Couteulx St Mary's Institution for the Education of Deaf-Mutes.—This Institution, under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph, and located in the most healthy and delightful part of the city of Buffalo, offers every facility for the moral and intellectual training of Deaf-Mutes of both sexes. Parents and guardians may rest assured that nothing will be left undone to promote tho advancement and comfort of children entrusted to their care, by a corps of teachers who have made the interests and training of the Deaf-Mutes a special study for the past sixteen years with great success on the part of the Institution, and with much satisfaction to its friends and patrons.

The scholastic year is from the first week in September till the last week in June. For further information, application may be made to Rt. Rev. Bishop Ryan, or to the Institution, 125 Edward Street, BufFalo, N. Y. Martin Luther College (Theological Department).

Medical Department of the University of Buffalo. — Session of 1878—79. Preliminary term begins October 9th. Regular term begins November 6th. Fees: Matriculation, $5.00; Faculty, $100.00; Perpetual Ticket, $150.00; Graduation Ticket, $25.00. Address Thomas F. Rochester, M.D., Dean, BufFalo, N. Y. St. Joseph's Academy.

St. Joseph's College. — Under the direction of the Christian Brothers. Primary, Preparatory, and Collegiate Departments. Brother Joachim, President.

JTew York.

St. Mary's Academy. State Normal School.


Cambridge Washington Academy and Union School.


Canandaigna Academy.

Granger Place School for Young Ladies. Family limited to thirty-five; thorough Preparatory, Academic, and Collegiate departments of study. Address Miss Caroline A. Comstouk, President, CananDaigua, N. Y.


Canisteo Academy.


Canton Union School.

St Lawrence University. — Open to both sexes. The University as at present organized embraces two Departments: The College of letters and Science; the Theological School. These departments are independent of each other in their Faculties and in the instruction and government of their students. The College has a Faculty of 7 Instructors with two courses of study, the Classical and Scientific. Rev. A. G. Gaines, D. D., President, TJie Theological School has 3 Instructors and a three years' course of study. Rev. Ebknezer Fishkr, D. D., President.


Drew Seminary and Female College, for both sexes: superior advantages; low rates. Address Geo. C. Smith, A. M., Cakmel, N. Y.


Cazenovia Seminary.—Open to both sexes. 12 Instructors; 425 students. Classical, Scientific and English, Musical, and Drawing and Painting Departments, location accessible and attractive; advantages superior. Rev. Winfield S. Smyth, Ph. D., Principal.


Chappaqua Mountain Institute, for both sexes, under the care of Friends, 32 miles from New York; gives careful training at $225.00; stone building; steam heating; gas in rooms. Address, for catalogue, S. S. Collins, M. A., Chaff Aqoa, N. Y.

Chatham Village.

Chatham Academy.


Cincinnatus Academy.


Claverack College and Hudson River Institute. — 24th year. 20 Instructors; 11 departments. College preparatory, English, and Business courses for gentlemen. For ladies, College course with baccalaureate degree. Primary department. Address Rev. Alonzo Flack, Ph. D., President, Clavekacx, N. Y.

Clifton (Stolen Island.) St. Mary's Academy.

Clifton Springs.

Clifton Springs Female Seminary A Home School

limited in numbers. Great attention paid to the moral and educational culture of the pupils. 5 Instructors. Miss Claka E. Hahn, Principal. Ladies' School. Dr. Geo. Loohis, Principal.


Clinton Grammar School. — 6 Instructors; 73 students. Preparatory, Classical, and Commercial courses. Rev. Isaac 0. Best, A. M., Principal. Clinton Liberal Institute. Cottage Seminary.

The Dwight School for Girls and Young Ladies.— Four yeara'courBe. Healthful location. Experienced teachers. Benjamin W. Dwioht, LL. D., Principal.

Hamilton College 13 Professors; 169 students.

Collegiate and Law Departments. Rev. Samuel GilMan Brown, D. D., President.

New York.
Houghton Seminary.

St. Bernard's Select School.

College Point.

Fuerst Institute. A German-American Boarding School for Boys, delightfully situated on the Long Island Sonnd, nine miles from the city of New York. The buildings were erected expressly for educational purposes, and are provided with elegant, well-ventilated rooms, modern improvements, and everything requisite lor the comfort and welfare of pupils. Scientific and Commercial courses. Thorough instruction given in the English, German, and French languages. Drawing, Painting, Music, etc., by competent teachers, also lessons in Spanish, Latin, and Greek if desired. Boys, from nine to seventeen years of age, admitted, at any period of the school-sessions. Terms (including tuition, board, and washing) $300.00 per annum. Send for circular. Otto Fuebst, Director.

Leseman's College Point Academy. — Boarding School for Boys. Established I860. Thorough courses in English and German. Tuition in the Classics, French, Drawing, Painting, and Music. Remarkably fine and healthly situation, no serious case of sickness having occurred since the foundation of the Institute. Ample play grounds and gymnastic apparatus; Bathing, Boating, and Fishing — all under constant supervision. Terms, inclusive of all branches, except the Classics and Piano, $150.00 per term of six months. Circulars sent to any address upon application to A. Von Uechtritz, Director, College Point, N. Y. Poppenhuscn Institute. Jos. Schrenk, Superintendent. Miss Walther's Private School.


Bede Hall (Boarding School for Boys).


St. Mary's Convent of Mercy.

Cornwall-on-tlte- Hudson.

Cornwall Heights School Foreign and American

teachers. Business, Scientific, and Classical courses Single rooms. Mountain or river excursions every Saturday. Lakes and streams for fishing, woods for trapping. Address Ores Cobb, A.M., Principal, Cornwall-on-tue-hldsox, N.Y.


State Normal and Training School. J. II. Hoose,
Ph. D., Principal.

St. Stephen's Convent.

Croton Military Institute. —A Classical and Commercial School for boys of all ages. Select, retired, new, spacious. Address C. B. Warring, Ph.D., Principal, Croton-on-the-hldson, N.Y.

Home School for Young Ladies and Misses. For circulars, address Mrs. M. C. Barlow, Croton-on-tiie Hudson, N.Y.


Dansville Seminary. — A Hygienic School for students of all ages. 15 Instructors; 317 students. Five graduating courses requiring from two to six years study. Hygienic education a specialty. S. H. GoodYear, A.M., Principal.

Deansmlle. Deansville Academy.

Delhi. Delaware Academy.

De Huyter.

De Ruyter Institute and Union Graded School. ( 'has. II. Maxsdn, Principal.

Dobbs Ferry.

The Misses Masters' Boarding and Day School for

Young Ladies and Children. Healthy and accessible location; thorough instruction ; experienced teachers.

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