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Miss Beebe's Kindergarten. Eleanor Beebe. Principal.


Academy of the Holy Family (Sisters of Charity). This institution is sitnated on a beautiful spot in the village of Baltic. The school-rooms and dormitories are spacious, well ventilated, supplied with gas-light and steam-heating apparatus. Board, Tuition in English and French, Bedding and Washing, per annum, $150.00. For particulars, apply to the Mother Superior.


The Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, — 7 Instructors. Thorough instruction in English branches. Special attention paid to preparation for College and also (or the University course and Scientific school. The Commercial Department combines all the advantages of a Commercial college with those of an Academical course. Location pleasant and healthful, discipline paternal. Military Drill. Rev. Sanford J. Hoktos, D.D., Principal.


Atlantic Military Institute, near Yale College. Catalogue on application. J. E. and W. M. Walton, Principals.


Miss Haines' School for Young Ladies and Misses. Pupils receive all the watchful care, culture, and social advantages of a well-regulated home. Number limited. Miss Haines, Principal, bol Asylum Avenue.


Home School. Mrs. Robert H. Griswolr and daughters, in their healthy and very pleasant home at Lyme, will receive a few young ladies, and thoroughly teach the piano, harp, guitar, singing by the Italian method, and drawing, sketching and painting in oil and water colors. References: Chief-Justice Waite, Washington, D.C., Judge McCurdy, Lvmc, Conn.; C. H. Ludington, esq., 276 Madison Ave., New York; Professor Salisbury, New Haven, Conn.


Mrs. Colton's School for Girls.—A limited number received, on whom unusual attention is bestowed for both care and instruction. Terms, $150.00 per year.

School for Girls.—Full corps of teachers. Best instruction. Health, mind, manners, morals, all cared for. Generous table. Cheerful home. Number limited. References: Ex.-Pres. Woolsey, of Yale College ; Hon. Wm. E. Dodge, New York; and many others. Address Rev. B. A. Smith, Principal.

New Haven.

College and Conmercial Institute. — General RusBell s School. 44th year. 12 Instructors. Prepares for College. Scientific Schools, or Business. Thorough physical training by military drilling, gymnastics, etc. For full information, address Wm.h. Russell A.M., Principal.'

The Elderage, a Family and Dav School for Young Ladies. Primary, Preparatory, and Collegiate Departments Expenses for Board and Tuition, per schoolyear $350.00. The Misses Bangs, Principals, 136 Sherman Avenue.

Madame Louise Gehanne's French Classes. No. 175 Temple Street.

Miss S. M. Hope's Select School. Howe and Martin


Miss Newcomb's School for Children, 143 Wooster Street. Kindergarten instruction for younger children For terms, etc., address Mrs. S. W. Newcomb, Principal.


Hew Grammar School. — A full course of study in both the Classical and English Departments. Prepares boys for business or for College in the most thorough manner. For circulars or information, address Mr. Giles, Principal, Nos. 11 and 12, Insurance Building.

Miss Orton and Miss Nichols (Successors to the Misses Edwards). English and French School for Young Ladies and Children. For circulars and further information, apply to the Principals, at No. 57 Elm Street.

Sheffie'd Scientific 8chool of Yale College Courses in Chemistry, Pure anil Applied, in Civil and Dynamic Engineering, in Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, and Geology, and in general scientific studies, with English, French, and German, Economy, History, etc. For programme, address Prof. George J." Bkimi, Executive Officer.

Mrs. Stebbins' School. 46 Clark Street.
Miss Stevenson's School. 201 Chapel Street,


Home Lawn School for Young l-adies and Children. Miss H. M. Stevens, Principal.

Young Ladies and Children's Institute, Belden Ave. Miss E. M. Carter, Box 83.


Norwich Free Academy. — Open to both sexes. 6 Instructors. Healthy location, flue building, extensive grounds. Library, laboratory, and collections very complete. Rev. Wm. Hitchinson, A. M., Principal.


8augatuck Institute, on the N. H. R. R., near Westport. Business Education, English and Foreign languages, Music, etc. Foreigners taught English. Abel Wbiti.ock, Principal.


Echo Lawn Institute for Young Ladies and Misses. Designed to afford the very best facilities in the preparation of Young Ladies for Colleges of the highest grade. Board and tuition per year, $400.00. C. C. Wetsell, Principal.

Gothic Hall. An English, French, and German Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, Girls, and Little Children. Board and tuition, $500.00 per year. Misses Aiken and Chase, Principals.

Mr. King's Day School for Boys. H. U. King, Principal.

Mrs. Richardson's English, French, and German Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies.


Waterbury English and Classical School prepares boys for the best colleges and scientific schools. 4 Instructors. School year, 38 weeks; course, 3 years; location healthful; church,society,and literary surroundings the very best; discipline kind and firm, but no red tape; small classes; hour recitations; each teacher devotes entire time to one branch; expenses from $375.00 to $450.00; no extras. I. Jennings, A.M., Master.


Weston Military Institute. A superior school located at Weston, one of the most salubrious towns of Connecticut, and within easy reach of New York City. To boys and young gentlemen who desire preparing for College or business, it offers Hiperior educational advantages. Connected with the Institute is a Hiding School, and ten fine saddle horses are at the disposal of those wishing to learn this healthy exercise. For full particulars and catalogue, apply to the Principal and Proprietor, Gen. A. S. Jarvis.


(Whitlock's Boarding School, removed to Sangatuck, Conn.)




Select Family School for Boys. — Limited to 16. Thorough and refined. Rev. John B. Clemson, D.D., Principal.


Wilmington Conference Academy. — 6 Instructors. Buildings (valued at $45,000) supplied with gas, heaters, baths, etc. Elective and Regular courses. Board and tuition, $200.00 per annum.

B. H. Skinner, A.M., Principal.

Rugby Academy. — A Boarding School for Boys. 8 experienced teachers. Terms, $250.00 to $300.00. For catalogues and circulars, address Dr. Samuel W. Murphy, A.M., Principal., References: Hon. Thos. F. Bayard, Hon. E. G. Bradford, Right Rev. Henry

C. Lay, D.D., Right Rev. Wm. Pinkney, D.D.



The Archer Institute. — Mrs. Archer, late Principal of Patapsco Female Institute, near Baltimore, has removed her school to Washington City. For circulars, address Mrs. M. R. Archer, 1101 Massachusetts Avenue.

Capitol Hill Kindergarten. — 22 3rd St., S. E., Miss Nelly Boyden, Principal.

The Eclectic Seminary. Conducted upon a new and original method which embraces the really valuable elements of the Oral, Objective, Kindergarten, and Industrial methods. Primary and Academical Departments. Improvement guaranteed. Mr. and Mrs. Z. Richards, Principals, 1434 Q Street.

(Hiss Graves' Select School and Kindergarten succeeds the one formerly taught by Misses Merrill and Graves.)

(Miss Hooper's Kindergarten has been discontinued.) (Irving Place Kindergarten has been discontinued. Mt. Pleasant Kindergarten. Miss Julia. Hess, Principal.

Washington Conservatory of Music — 432 Ninth Street, N. w. 10th year. 12 Instructors. The instructions of the best teachers in every department of music furnished at the lowest possible cost to the pupils. O. B. Bullard, Director.



Pio Nono College. — Full Classical, Scientific, and Commercial courses. The Institution is situated upon the heights surrounding the City of Macon, at an elevation of nearly 600 feet above the level of the sea. The surroundings are beautiful and picturesque. The various branches of a complete college education are thoroughly imparted by a competent staff of professors and tutors. The domestic department is under the management of the Sisters of Mercy. Board and tuition in all the college branches, per year, $230.00. Rt. Rev. Wm. H. Gross, D.D., Bishop of Savannah, President.



German Evangelical - Lutheran Teachers Seminary. — A theological school under the direction of the Missouri Synod for the Education of Ministers for the Lutheran Church. 5 years' course of study. 5 Professors. Terms commence September 1st and terminate June 30th. J. C. W. Lindemann, Principal.


Institute of the Immaculate Conception. — Under the charge of the School Sisters de Notre Dame. This

institution, situated in the most beautiful and healthy part of Southern Illinois, combines thorough training in English and German with a truly Christian education. Board and Tuition, per year, $150.00. School year commences Sept. 1st.—For further particulars,address the Principal, riister Mary Jerome.


South Illinois Normal University. (Pee Announcement and Illustration in advertising pages.) Chicago.

Mile. C. Broussais' French and English School for Young Ladies and Children. 564 Michigan Ave.

Chicago Medical College. (Becised Announcement.) Each annual course occupies nine months of the year and is divided into two terms. The first, or spring term commences on the second Monday in .Niarch and continues until the 15th of June. The second, or winter term commences on the first day of October and closes on the first Tuesday in March. Students may enter at the commencement of either the Spring or the Winter term. J. H. Hollister, M.D., Secretary, 73 Randolph St. Mrs. Theo. L. Hegan's Primary School. 218 Twentyninth St.

Saint Agnes School. — The curriculum embraces the plain English branches as well as a full academic course. This school has but one daily session—from 9 to 12.30. Mrs. Mcreynolds, Principal, 701J West Monroe St.

South Side Academy. A Boarding and Day School for both sexes. Collegiate, Intermediate, Primary, and Kindergarten Departments. Day and evening session for class instruction or private lessons, thus affording to ladies and gentlemen, or pupils not otherwise connected with the Academy, excellent facilities for special studies. Pupils from "the suburbs boarded by the week, if desired. For references and circulars, address the Principal, Mrs. R. C. Ross, 9 Langley Av.


(Dover Normal School. O. N. Carter succeeds as Principal.)


Home School for Children. — A good home and careful instruction at moderate rates. Send for circular. S. L. Webster, Principal.


Mocticello Seminary. — Thorough instruction in English, scientific, and classical studies; superior advantages offered in music, painting, and modern languages. Location adapted to health. Buildings commodious. Grounds large and pleasant, fcor catalogue and admission, apply to Miss H. N. HasKell, Principal.


Almira College. — Re-opens September 11th, thoroughly repairedand refurnished. Thorough course of study and full Board of Instruction. Board and tuition per year, $180.00. Mrs. Florence K. Houghton, Principal.

Hyde Park.

Kenwood Hall. — A first class Boarding (and Day) School for Young Ladies, at Kenwood Station, 48th Street and Madison Avenue, Chicago. Unrivaled in situation, attractions, and advantages. Opens under the direction of Mrs. Prof. W. C. Richards, with a full staff of Teachers in all Departments. Prof. W. C. Rich Ards, Ph. D., will have charge of all the Science classes. Send for circular with full details.


St. Francis Academy for YonngLadies. Under the charge of Sisters of St. Francis. Board and Tuition, including a thorough English and German course, for ten months, $150.00. For further information, apply to the Mother-superior, O.S.F., Letter Box 1074.

Lake Forest.

Lake Forest University. — Collegiate Department offers unsurpassed facilities for young men and young Illinois.

women desiring a Christian education. Classical *nd Scientific? courses, with complete corps of professors. Expenses reduced so as to place a college education within the reach of all. Society and moral and religious influences the best. Location the most beautiful and healthful in the Northwest. Address Rev. D. S. Ubeqoby, D.D., President.

Young Ladies' Seminary (Ferry Hall). Connected with but socially distinct from the Lake Forest University. Standard of instruction elevated by aid of College Faculty. Thorough training in English, Scientific, and Classical branches. Unequalcd advantages in Music, Painting, and Modern Languages. Special attention given to health and physical culture. Buildings, grounds, society, and home and Christian influences all that could be desired. Address the Principal, Rev. A. G. Wilson, A.M.

Lake View.

Irving Military Academy. A Scientific, Classical, and Commercial Academy for Boys. Educational facilities the best in the Northwest. Send for catalogue. Office, 163 Madison Street, Room 3, Chicago. Capt. J. Claude Hill, Commandant; Col. G. S. Hollistkb, Principal.


Princeton High School. — 8 Instructors; 327 pupils. H. C. Mcdouqall, Principal. Qtiincy.

St. Francis Solanus College Under the direction

of the Fathers of St. Francis. Opeus the second session of its 19th school year Sept. 4th, 1878. Terms for Board, Lodging, and Tuition, per year, $185.00. Music extra. For fuller iuformation, address the President, Rev. P. Anselmus Mulleb, O.S.F.

St Mary's Institute. — Under the charge of the School Sisters de Notre Dame. This institution, located in the most pleasant part of the town, affords superior educational facilities and advantages for young ladies desiring a Christian education. Board and Tuition, including the English branches, German, French, and all kinds of needle-work, peryear, $150.00. School year begins on the first Monday in September. Address the Principal, Sister M. Bonlvacla.


Sogers' Collegiate Institute and Family Boarding School. Delightful location near Lake Michigan. Thorough preparation for College or business. Send for circular. M. L. Rogers, Principal.

Washington Heights.

Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart—For Young Ladies, under the charge of the Sisters de Notre Dame. Terms for Board and Tuition, per annum, $130.00. For particulars, apply to the SurEBiOBESs.



Central Normal School—Has the same well-known Faculty, with several valuable additions. A School for the Poor as well as the Rich. The improved facilities and the permanency of the Normal in Danville, offer the most favorable advantages. Students are received at any time, and are properly classified at once. Preparatory, Common School, Teachers', Business, Scientific, Classical, Surveying, Musical, Elocution, Penmanship, Drawing, and Painting Departments. Students select their own studies. One tuition admits to every department. (Instrumental Music and Painting are the only extras.) New catalogues will be sent on application. Address W. F. Habpeb, Principal.


Evansville Commercial College and Institute of Penmanship and Telegraphy. — Formed by the consolidation of the Crescent City Commercial College and the JSvansville Commercial College. Rank and Wright, Proprietors.



Indianapolis Classical School. — Prepares boys thoroughly for College. T. L. Sewall and W. F. Abbott, Principals.

Indiana School of Art — Full course of instruction, under competent professors, in Free Hand Drawing, Machine and Architectural Draughting, Perspective, Artistic Anatomy, Sculpture, Figure, Landscape, and Decorative Painting in oil and water colors, Engraving, Lithography, Ceramic Art, Wood Carving, and Industrial Art in all its branches. A fine collection of Antiques has been procured, and Models in historical costume, etc., will be furnished for Life Classes. Neither pains nor expense spared to give pupils the most thorough and practical knowledge of the principles and methods of art work. Scholars can enter the school at any time, and nav by the month or quarter, as they may prefer. The school is open the year through without intermission. Terms of tuition, ten dollars per month, or twentyfive dollars per quarter, payable in advance. Information concerning the school will be furnished on application to Clinton C. Riley, Secretary.


The Central Indiana Normal School and Business Institute has placed itself in the lead of Normal Schools in the United States by adopting a more liberal course of study than is offered by others. At the same time it has reduced expenses below those of any other school. $110.00 will pay for room rent, good board, and tuition for a year of 44 weeks. The vigor and prospects of the Institution arc shown in the Ten Thousand Douar Donation it has received this year, and its new building, new library, new geological cabinet, new extensive line of apparatus, three new departments of study, superior facultv, and the favorable opinion of an intelligent public. Catalogue sent free to any addresB. Wabben Dabst and J. C. Murbay, Principals.


(Smitlcson College not in session. Probably discontinued.)


Institute of the Immaculate Conception This

Institution is under the direction of the Sisters of St. Francis. The course of study embraces all the branches necessary to the acquisition of a solid and refined education. The scholastic year is divided into two sessions of five months each, beginning respectively on the first Mondav in September and the first Monday in February. Tuition, Washing, Bed and Bedding, per session, $60.00. For particulars, address the Mothek-supeeiob.

IOWA. Albion.

(Albion Seminary. Rev. W. F. Babolay, A.M., succeeds as Principal.)

Des Moines.

University of Des Moines. — Preparatory, Full Collegiate, Scientific, and Ladies' courses. For information, or for circulars ani catalogues, address J. A. Nash, President.


Academy of the Visitation, 3rd Street For Boarders and Day Scholars. Conducted by the Nuns of the Visitation. The scholastic year consists of two sessions, beginning respectively on the first Monday of September and the first of February. Pupils are, however, admitted at any time during the sessions, and charged only for the remaining portion. Difference of religious belief is no obstacle to admission. The course of instruction embraces every solid, useful, and ornamental branch requisite for young ladies.



Epworth Seminary for both sexes. Three courses: College Preparatory, Normal, and English. Vocal and Instrumental Music. Able Instructors. Location healthy and moral, Board and tuition low. Ladies board in the Seminary building. Rev. J. B. Albrook, A.M., Principal.


Lenox Collegiate Institute Open to both sexes.

8 Instructors; 216 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Three courses of study. A Department of MuBic. Rev. Samuel Hodue, D.D., President; Miss Mary A. Geouge, Preceptress.

Iowa City.

State University of Iowa. — The following Departments are in full operation: Collegiate—divided into School of Letters and School of Science, and including Didactics and Civil Engineering; four years' course. Law—Course, one or two years, at option. Either course admits to the Bar. (Eighty-four graduates last year.) Medical—Two courses of twenty weeks each admit to examination for degree of M. D. Homoeopathic Medical, same requirements. Partial and post-graduate courses as desired. Students in either Department have the privilege of free admission to the lectures and exercises of other Departments. For catalogues, containing full information as to courses of study and expenses, address J. L. Pickard, President.



Lane University. — A Christian institution for the education of both sexes. Three courses given — Classical, Scientific, and Teachers'. 5 Instructors. Three terms of thirteen weeks per each year. Tuition, $6.00 per term. Location healthy and retired. Rev. L. S. ToniLL, A.M., President.



Pine Hill Academy. — A School for Young Men and Boys. Professor Marchwinski, graduate of Berlin University, an experienced teacher, has been engaged as assistant. His chief work will be the Mathematics, the Modern Languages, as German and French, and the Natural Sciences, and their application to Agriculture, etc. For circulars, address B. H. Mccown, Principal.

Forest Academy. — (Founded 1855.) A CollegiateMilitary Institute. Special attention given to elementary instruction. Boys and young men taught a full College course. Great care given to Book-keeping, Practical Surveying, Civil Engineering and Field Work, Telegraphy, Vocal Music, and the speaking of French and Herman. Military Drill for physical exercise. Arms furnished by the State of Kentucky. A complete chemical laboratory and full set of philosophical apparatus. Terms moderate. For further particulars, address Col. J. N. Current, Proprietor.


Clinton College (formerly Clinton Female College). Open to both sexes. Primary, Intermediate, Preparatory, and Collegiate Departments. Due attention to physical and moral training. T. N. Wells, President.


Georgetown College and Western Baptist Theological Institute. — fi Instructors. Complete and varied advantages for instruction. Academic and Collegiate Departments, and Theological Institute. All studies elective. Location healthful, expenses low. Tuition in Theological Institute free. Rev. Basil Manly, Jr., D.D., President.


Miss Barbaroux' School. Miss H. Babbaroux, Principal.


Boarding and Day School. Mrs. M. Prettyman, Principal. .

Prof. Chenault's University Class. — A few pupils instructed in the Classics, English, and Higher Mathematics. Those and those alone are desired who have a thorough college or university course in view. The standard of admission is—sufficient advancement to begin the work of preparation for college; that of completion—ability to enter, with credit, the sophomore class of Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, or the intermediate class of the University of Virginia.

References—The faculties of the leading Kentucky colleges, of Princeton, Johns Hopkins University, and of the University of Virginia. — J. W. Chenault, Principal.

German and English School for Boys and Girls. Wm. Mueller, Principal.

Miss Hampton's School for Girls. Young ladies instructed in Elocution and English Literature. Miss L. D. Hampton, Principal.

Home School. Miss Belle Peers, Principal. Holyoke Academy. K. Robinson, A.M., Principal.

Miss Hynes' Schooi for Children. Miss Florence Hynes, principal.

Law Department of the University of Louisville. Faculty: Hon. Henry Pirtle, LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law, Equity, and Common Law; James S. Pirtle, Esq., Professor of Constitutional Law, Equity, and Commercial Law; Hon. James Speed, Professor of the Practice of Law, including Pleading and Evidence, and International Law and Codes of Practice; Hon. Horatio VV. Bruce, Professor of the History and Science of Law, of the Law of Real Property, and of the Law of Contracts, and of Criminal Law. The Thirty-third session will begin on the first Monday in October, 1878, and continue five months. The fees of the Professors for the session are $65.00. Matriculation Fee, $5.00, and (iraduation Fee, $10.00. Address all communications to Professor James S. Pirtle.

Louisville Conservatory of Music, North Wing of Public Library Building. A full corps of superior teachers, and increased facilities for giving a thorough musical education. All branches of music taught by Professors who make specialties of their departments. Particular attention will be given to the Vocal Department, an experienced teacher from New York having been engaged for voice culture and singing. Classes in sight reading and children's chorus Masses will also be formed immediately. For circulars or further particulars, apply to Mrs. Harvey Myers, Proprietor and Manager.

Louisville Rugby School. — Boys thoroughly prepared for college or business pursuits. Pupils from a distance can obtain board in the neighborhood at reasonable rates. For catalogues or other information, apply to W. N. Mcdonald, A.M., and A. L. Mcdonald, Principals, 395 Fifth Avenue.

Marvin Female Academy. — A Boarding and Day School affording the best facilities at as low rates as can be had anywhere. For circulars, address S. T. Scott, 113 Broadway. Dr. H. Moore's Collegiate School.

Mount St. Mary's Academy, Barrett Avenue. This beautiful institution affords every facility for acquiring a finished education. Board and tuition in English for the scholastic year, $100.00, payable half-yearly in advance. Music and the languages form extra charges. Address the Mother-superior, Sisters of Mercy, 169 Second Avenue.

Ifew Castle.

Henry Male and Female College.—Open to both sexes. 8 Instructors. Primary, Intermediate, and Collegiate Departments. Healthful location, handsome buildings, careful instruction. Rev. R. Ryland, D.D., President.



Edgar Institute. — A Collegiate Institute for Boys and Young Men. For circular with full information, apply to (J. H. Withrow and B. H. Waddell, Associate Principals.


Princeton College. — Open to both sexes. 4 Instructors; 92 students. E. Lee Blanton, President.


Baton Rouge.

Eeadville Seminary. — Incorporated 1859. A private, select school with number of pupils limited. Careful and thorough instruction by experienced and successful teachers. Board and tuition, per year, $275.00. Mrs. Mary W. Read, Principal.

Collegiate Institute for Boys.—The course of stndy is designed to develop the whole mind and embraces all the branches neccessary to a first-class education for any business or professional pursuit. Board and tuition per year, $300.00. W. H. N. Maoruder, Principal.


Homer College.

New Orleans.

The Locquet-Leroy New Orleans Female Institute. A Day and Boarding School for Young Ladies, with Kindergarten. Primary, Elementary, and Academic Departments. 16 Instructors. French is the language of the Institute. M mo. 8. B. Locqcet-leeoy, Principal, 280 Camp Street.


South Paris.

Oxford Normal Institute.—7 Instructors. Normal, Classical, and Commercial Departments. Expenses low. R. J. Everett, Principal.


Wilton Academy Open to both sexes. 5 Instructors; 127 students. Location pleasant and healthy. Introductory, Classical, and College - Preparatory courses of study. Good Advantages for students preparing to teach. Expenses moderate. A.b.allen, A.B., Principal.



Lambeth Softool for Young Ladies and Little Girls. Boys aged from 6 to 10 received. Miss P. A. Hodges, Principal. Miss Hodges has had much experience as a teacher, having taught for more than four years at St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, New Jersey, and for three years she was the Principal of Lambeth School (select) in Kittanning, Pa.

The course, besides thorough English instruction, will include Latin, French, Vocal Music, Drawing, and Oil Painting of candles, tiles, etc. Vocal Music taught in classes. French lessons given every day in classes, at a moderate rate. As much as possible of the Kindergarten instruction will be used, and the rate forsmall children is reduced to $20.00 per annum.

As the association of many small children in play might be attended with some danger, it is proposed that they shall only remain in school from two to three hours, and "without any recess. Miss P. A. Hodobs, Principal, No. 9 Maryland Avenue.


Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.—The oldest and for many years the only Dental College in the world. 10 Instructors. Regular course of lectures commences Nov. 1st. Fees for the session, $100.00. Ample opportunity for study and operation. F. J. S. Gokoas, M.D., Dean, 259 N. Eutaw Street. Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Little Girls. Mrs. R. J. Brent and Daughters, Principals, 108 St. Paul Street.


Chatsworth Seminary. — Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Little Children. 194 West Franklin Street. Finest grounds in the city for the exercise of pupils. Miss E. L. Benny, Principal, has an experience of twenty years. Course of study—Classical and Scientific, with Music, Art, Dancing, and Horseback Riding. For circulars and all desirable information, address the Principal.

Classical School for Boys, No. 78 Read Street. C. PowEll Grady, M.A., Principal.

Edgeworth Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Little Girls, No. 59 Franklin Street, Baltimore. For circulars, apply to Mrs. H. P. cite, Principal. German, French, Latin, and Greek taught by Dr. R.

C. Beer (tho private tutor), 210 N. Fremont Street. The Misses Hall's School, for Young Ladies and Little Girls. 142 Park Avenue.

Miss S. A. Jenness' School for Young Ladies. 234 Madison Avenue. Tuition from $40 to $80 per year. No extra charge for Latin, French, or German. Morison Academy for Young Ladies, 27 Cathedral Street. Helen S. Fletcher, Principal.

Music School. — Vocal and Instrumental Music, taught separately or in classes, by Jas. M. Deems, 163 West Fayette Street.

Monumental Institute, 336 Madison Avenue. Full Corps of Teachers and Professors. Miss A. M Atchett, Principal.

Newton Academy for Boys and Young Men. Thomas Lester, Principal.

Faterson Park Seminary and Kindergarten, 322 Baltimore Street; removed from New Brunswick, N.J. in 1877, on account of the superior advantages of Baltimore. Health, good manners and morals, and the education of the mind receive equal consideration. Training class for ladies, in Kindergarten methods. Misses K. 8. French and J. F. P. Randolph, Principals. Richland School for Boys, 121 Lanvale Street. W».

D. Martin, A.M., Principal.

St Catharine's Normal Institute. Directed by Sisters of the Holy Cross. The great object of this institution, will be to select and train those who> show a disposition and fitness for the office to become Teachers in Catholic schools. The course of instruction will be thorough in religion, English branches, the languages, drawing, needle-work, vocal and instrumental music. Particular attention paid to the training of organists and teachers of Catholic choirs.

For detailed information, apply for prospectus to the Sister-superior.

School for Boys, Corner of Eutaw and Madison Street.
Dr. Robt. Atkinson, Principal.
School for Boys. Garden Street, near Biddle. Geo.

E. Carey, A.M., Principal.

Miss M. W. Talbott's School. Calvert, above Madison Street.

Cliarlotte Hall.

(Charlotte Hall Academy.—Gen. O. C. Henderson, formerly Professor in Virginia Military Institute, succeeds Mr. Thompson as Principal.)


Oakland Boarding School for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.—Mathematical, Classical, and Elementary courses. Surveying and Engineering practically taught. Location unusually healthful. Board and tuition in English studies, $200.00 per year. G. G. Curtis, A.M., Principal.'


Olenwood Institute. Parents and Guardians will do well to consult the Glenwood Circular before making arrangements elsewhere — "The Best and Cheapest Object-Teaching School in the State." Address Prof. L. G. Mathews, A.M., Principal.

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