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This school is located at Bergen Point, New Jersey, within a half hour's ride from New York, with which it connects by numerous trains daily. The town possesses great beauty of scenery, a healthy climate and a renfiued surrounding. The locality is free from fever and ague, the buildings and grounds are ample, attractive and homelike affording every facility for outdoor exercise, safe bathing, etc. The course of study is thorough and complete. Numerous lectures on important and interesting subjects are arranged for the benefit of the students throughout the term. The very highest references given, (see p. 35)

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TraAm: Col. CHAS. J. WRIGHT, A.M. (Hohart College. Mathematics, Drawing, Gymnastics, Military Tactics; ROBERT DONALD. A.M. (Union College). English Laugnage and Literature, History, Elocution, Composition; Maj.W. A. FLINT, Geography. Penmanship. Natural Sciences, Vocal Music, Military Tactics; JAMES G. RODGER, A.B. Yale, Classics. Natural Sciences; JAS. A. VOLKER, A.M. (Manhattan College , Modern Languages, Vocal Music; Mrs. VT. A. ELINT, Instrumental Music; J. N. TILDEN, M. D . Hygiene and Physiology; FREDERICK DKNNSTADT. Dancing.


A first class school offering thorough instruction, strict discipline, four courses of study, handsome buildings, ample grounds, complete gymnasium, healthful and beautiful location and a pleasant home for $400 per year with no extras except instrumental music. Illustrated Circular of 51 pages, free upon application to the principals

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The plan of the Jackson Military Institute is framed with judicious reference to the best culture of the pupils, imparting to them a thorough preparation for business or admission to College and the Military or Naval Academy.

The locality in which the school is situated, is unsurpassed in all respects as the most desirable one for a Boarding School.

The Buildings and Grounds are ample, well-shaded, attractive, and home-like. The Sleeping Apartments, for the most part, are arranged for two pupils each, and all the beds are furnished with patent springs and hair mattresses. The School Rooms are commodious, well-ventilated, and supplied with furniture adapted to the greatest comfort and health of the pupils.

English Department; Cleissieal Department; Business Department; Department of Telegraphy.

Special Merits: Thorough and careful instruction in all the branches taught; due attention to physical training and to military drill; paternal care and discipline; cultivation of moral and religious character.

Terms: For board, ordinary washing and mending, bed and bedding, fuel, gas, and tuition in all the English branches and the Classics, per school year, $400. (10.

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It has full courses of instruction for Teachers — Professional and Educational.
Three Grades of Pedagogical Work — Common School, High School and Collegiate.
A Department of Military Instruction and Practice.
Special attention paid to Technical Draining, Practical and Theoretical Pedagogics.

Terms begin: Second Monday in September, Second Monday in January, Third Monday in March. Special Session for Natural Science work and Normal drills Third Monday in July

For Catalogues and information, send to

ROB. ALLTN, Principal.

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Permanently located on the ea-Bt bank of tho Hudson, a little above Riverdale, at a point where the river concentrates its most forcible claims to its beautiful appellation, "The Rhine of America." Hourly trains to and from New York, starting either from the Thirtieth Street Depot or the Grand Central, render access easy.

The situation is healthy and elevated, containing a continuous view of magnificent scenery.

The grounds immediately pertaining to the Institution number sixty-three acres, a largo portion of which Is tastefully laid out aud thrown open to the pupils. At the suggestion of several eminent physicians, and their assurance that every advantage enjoyed at regular sea-bathing resorts could be found in this locality, a convenient bathing-house has been erected.

The Academy building, in the Byzantine style, possessing great architectural beauty, is one of the largest educational structures in the United States. The tower rises two hundred and ninety feet above water level, affording fine opportunities for astronomical observation.

By its charter, the Academy enjoys all the rights and privileges of the first collegiate institutions in the State. The course of study embraces the various branches of a solid and useful education.

The services of distinguished Professors are secured in the musical departments for those who prefer masters. Lectures are delivered by an able Professor, who has philosophical and chemical apparatus at his command. Calisthenics and Dancing are tlflO taught by Professors. A fine Library of Belected works, embracing a range of varied literature, is at the command of the pupils. The entire " Arnold collection" of minerals, donated to the Institution July 4th, 1872, by Dr. Edmund S F. Absold, its munificent friend, has Bo enriched and extended the cabinet that it is now one of the finest and most valuable in the United States.

Tho correspondence of the pupils is under the supervision of the Mother Superior. Parents may rest assured that every attention, consistent with the spirit of a firm but mild government, is paid to the comfort of the young ladies placed at the Institution. No undue iufluence is exercised over the religious opinions of non-Catholic pupils; however, for the maintenance of order, all are, required to conform to the external discipline of the Academy.


Board, Tuition in English and in French, Stationery,
Calisthenics, bourse of Lectures, use of Bed and
Bedding, Washing and Doctor'B Fee $235.00


Tuition on the Piano 60.00

Vocal music, private tuition, or tuition in class—charges regulated by Professor.

Spanish and German, each 20.00

Drawing and Painting in Water Colors 30.00

Painting in Oils 40.00

Tuition on Harp . 100.00

Tuition on Guitar 60.00

Tuition on Onran 80.00

Dancing—charges regulated by Professor.

Use of Apparatus iu the Higher Classes 6.00

Library Fee LfiO


Summer Vacation—per week $5.00

Mending and Materials for 4.00

Books and other Articles furnished at City Retail Prices.

Parents and Guardians should leave with the Treasurer a sufficient sum to cover all anticipated outlays for Books, Clothing, Sheet Music, etc

Pupils are received At any time of the year, and charged from date of entrance. No allowance is made for partial absence or withdrawal before the expiration of a term, except in a Pupil's serious or protracted illness. At tho end of the first term, and after a general examination in their studies, bulletins are forwarded, informing Parents and Guardians of the health, proficiency and application of their children or wards.

Address all communications to the Post Office address:

Academy Mount SL Vincent-on-the-Hudson, New York City,

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