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'Masonic Institute. T. H. Mourning, Principal. Springfield.

Academy of St. Catharine of Sienna.


Stanford Female College.

St. Vincent's Academy of the Sisters of Cliarity.


Riverside Seminary.

West Louisville.

St. Joseph's Academy of the Ursoline Sisters.

White Sulphur.

Academy of the Visitation.
Academy Mount Admirabilis.

■Winchester Male and Female High School.


Hon. Robert M. Lusher, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, New Orleans, La. Bastrop.

Morehouse College.

Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Institution for the Education of the Blind.
W. H. Goodall, Vice President.
Louisiana Institution for the Education of the Deaf
and Dumb.

Lousiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College. — 8 Instructors. Tuition free. Library of 14,000 Volumes. Ample Museums, Chemical and Philosophical apparatus; Military Government. Col. David F. Boyd, President.


Sillimau Female Collegiate Institute.

Fairfield, {near Shreveport.) St. Vincent's Academy.

Grand Coteau.

St. Charles College. — An incorporated College conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. The

glan of instruction embraces the ordinary course of cience, Literature, and Commerce, the same as arc taught in other Jesuit Colleges. Board and tuition per year, $200.00. For further particulars, apply to P. Poursine & Co., Agents, 140 Gravier Street, New Orleans, La. Hoiuna. Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.


Centenary College. — Established 1825. 5 Instructors; 61 students. Fine and commodious buildings; unrivaled location; parental government; thorough instruction. Rev. C. G. Andrews, D.D., President. Feliciana Female Collegiate Institute.

Jefferson City.

St. Vincent's Academy.


Convent of the Presentation.


Minden Female College.


St. Hyacinth's Academy.
St. Matthew's Academy.

New Iberia.
Academy of the Third Order of Mount Carmel.
New Iberia Academy.

New Orleans.

Academy of St. Aloysiua of Gonzaga.
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Louisiana.
J. W. Blackmail's Commercial College.
Charity Hospital Medical College.


College of the Immaculate Conception.

Commercial and Classical Academy. T. S. Dubosq, Jr.,


Convent of the Sacred Heart.

Convent of the Third Order of Mount Carmel.

Hebrew Educational Institute.

Leland University. — G Instructors; 159 students. No pupil can ever be excluded on account of race, color, sex, or sect. Preparatory, Academic, and Theological Departments. Rev. Marsena Stone, D. D., President.

Locquet-Leroy Institute.
New Orleans Dental College.
New Orleans University.

Thomson Biblical Institute (New Orleans University).
Opelousas Academy for Boys.
Peabody Normal Seminary for Louisiana.
St. Alphonsus' Convent of Mercy.
St. Joseph's Academy.

St. Joseph's School for Boys. Bro. Justin, Director.
St. Mary's Dominican Convent (Dryades Street).
St. Simeon's Select School.

Soule's Commercial College and Literary Institute. A chartered Institution. Elective System. 32 Branches of Study. Non-Sectarian. Address Geo. Soule, President, New Orleans, La.

Straight University. — 16 Instructors; 242 students. No distinction on account of race or sex. Elementary, Normal, Preparatory, Collegiate, Theological, and Law Departments. Expenses very low. Rev. W. 8. Alexander, A.M., President.

Sylvester-Larned Institute for Young Ladies—15
Instructors; 129 students. Primary, Preparatory,
Academic, and Supplemental courses. location un-
surpassed, grounds ample, instruction thorough and
accurate. Mrs. A. L. Pagaud, Principal, 402 and 404
Carondelet Street, New Orleans, La.
Theological Seminary (Catholic).
Thibodeaux College.

Law Department (University of Louisiana).
Medical Department (University of Louisiana).
Ursuline Convent.


Convent of the Immaculate Conception.

Plaqiiemine. Academy of St. Basil.

St. James, St. James Go.

Jefferson College Incorporated 1861. Under the

direction of the Jlarist Fathers. 60 Miles above New Orleans, near the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Preparatory, Classical, and Commercial courses. Great care taken to promote the physical as well as the intellectual development of students. Board and tuition, per term of five months, $130.00. Address Rev. J. B. Bioot, 8.M., President, St. James, St. James Co., La. Convent of the Sacred Heart.


Academy of the Third Order of Mount Carmel.


Hon. W. J. Cortiiell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Augusta, Me.


Somerset Academy.


Edward Little High School.

Dirigo Business College.

St. Catharine's Hall. — Diocesan School for Girls. The eleventh year of this school will begin September 12th. Miss Martha E. Davis, Principal.


Academy of the Sisters of Mercy.


Bangor Thsological Seminary. — 5 Professors; 48 students. Courses in Exegesis, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Homiletics. Prof. John S. Sewall, Secretary of the Faculty.


Bath High School. George E. Hughes, Principal.


Gould's Academy.

Blue Hill.

Blue Hill Academy.


Bowdoin College. — Chartered 1794. 15 Instructors; 173 students. Full College and Scientific courses. Joshua L. Chamberlain, LL.D., President.

Medical School of Maine, at Bowdoin College. — Fees — Matriculation (payable each term), $5.00. Full course (in advance), $75.00. Address Alfred Mitchkll, M.D., Secretary, Brunswick, Me.


East Maine Conference Seminary and Commercial College. — Open to both sexes. 6 Instructors; ISO students. Academic, Classical, and Scientific courses; Normal Class and Commercial Department. Rev. George Forsyth, A.M., Principal.


Eastern State Normal School. — 7 Instructors; 125 students. Two years' course. Tuition free. G. T. Fletcher, Principal.


Chiua Academy. v


Corinna Union Academy.

Cumberland Center.

Greyly Institute. — Open to both sexes. 10 Instructors; 87 students.. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Commercial Departments. Pleasant location; experienced teachers; moderate expenses. J. M. Hawkes, A.M., Principal.

East Machias.

Washington Academy. Henry K. White, Principal.


Ellsworth High School. D. O. 8. Lowell, M.D., Principal.


Exeter High School.
Farm ington.

Abbott Family School.

Western State Normal School. — 8 Instructors; 135 students. Fine Library and Apparatus. Course of study, two years. Tuition free to all preparing to teach in schools of Maine. Charles C. Rounds, M.S., Principal.

Foxcroft. Foxcroft Academy.


Freedom Academy.


Fryeburg Academy.


Gorham Seminary.


Hallowell Classical and Scientific Institute.


Hampden Academy.


Hartland Academy.


Hebron Academy. — 7 Instructors; 140 students. Classical, Select, Commercial, and Preparatory courses. John F. Moody, A.M., Principal.


Houlton Academy and Fitting School for Colby University. W. S. Knowlton, Principal.


Kent's Hill.

Maine We&hyan Seminary and Female College. — 56 years in operation. 12 Instructors; 200 students. Seminary, Collegiate, Normal, Art, Commercial, and Musical courses. Henry P. Torsey, D.D., President.

Lee Normal Academy.


Bates College. — Open to both sexes. 8 Instructors;» 100 students. College and Theological School. Rev. Orkn B. Cheney, D.D., President. Bates Street Kindergarten. Miss Anna G. Morse, Principal.

Bates Street Kindergarten, No. 18. Miss Grace M. Crosby, Principal.

Nichols Latin School. — 6 Instructors; 73 students. Prepares students of both sexes for college. Fritz W. Baldwin, A.M., Principal.

Limington. Limingtou Academy.


Mattanawcook Academy.
Litchfield Corners.

Litchfield Academy.


Monmouth Academy.


Lincoln Academy. G. M. Thurlow, Principal.

i\ orridgewock.

The Eaton Family School for Boys. Established by the present principal in 1856. Especially designed to give boys a thourough business education.

6 instructors. Hamlin F. Eaton, Principal. North White field.

Academy. Sister M. Ignatius, Directress.


Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts 8 Instructors; 130 students. Designed to

give the young men of the State a thorough, liberal and practical education. Courses in Agriculture, Civiland Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Science and Literature. Tuition free. Chas. F. Allen, D. D., President.


Paris Hill Academy.

Patten Academy and Free High School.


Maine Central Institute. — Open to both sexes,

7 Instructors; 242 students. College, Preparatory, Classical, and Normal Departments. Kingsbury Bacuelder, A. M., Principal.


Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies. The
Misses Symonds, Principals.
Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy.
Portland Business College.

Portland School for Medical Instruction. — The aim of this School is to afford to Medical Students greater facilities tor obtaining a higher grade of professional education than can usually be given under the direction of a single preceptor. Systematic Daily Recitations, Familiar Lectures and Demonstrations, Ample Clinical Instruction, Abundant facilities for Practical Anatomy. Circulars with full information sent on application.

South Berwick.

Berwick Academy.

South Paris.

Oxford Normal Institute.
Stevens Plains.

Westbrook Seminary and Female College. — For both sexes. Academic and Collegiate Departments. Maine.

Special attention to students preparing for College. Those fitting themselves for teachers and those whose advantages have been limited will receive encouragement and assistance. Spacious and commodious buildings, excellent library, extensive apparatus. Rev. J.P. Weston, D. D., President. Topsham.

Franklin Family School.


Oak Grove Seminary.


Colby University. — Open to both sexes. 10 Instructors; 124 students. Full, complete, and thorough College course. Substantial and commodious Buildings. Library of over 13,000 volumes. Rev. Henry E. Robins, D. D., President.

Waterville Classical Institute.—5 Instructors; 120 pupils. College Preparatory course of great thoroughness; also collegiate course of four years for young ladies. Jas. H. Hanson, LL. D., Principal.

West Lebanon.

Lebanon Academy.


Wilton Academy. A. B. Allen, Principal.


Hon. M. A. Newell. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Baltimore, Md.


St. John's College.—Founded 1784. 12 Instructors; 112 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Terms for board and tuition, $275.00 per annum. Send for Catalogue. James M. Garnett, LL. D., President.

United States Naval Academy. — Instructors attached to the Academic staff, 72; 360 Cadets. Bear Admiral C. R. P. Rodoers, Superintendent.


Academy of the Holy Cross.
Academy of St. Joseph.
Academy of the Sisters of Mercy.

Alt Saints School. — A Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, conducted by the All Saints' Sisters from London, England. Reopens September 21st. Address Sister Superior, 261 Hamilton Terrace. Baltimore Academy of the Visitation. Baltimore City College. William Elliot jr., President. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.

Baltimore Female College, endowed by the State of Maryland, has new buildings, ample grounds, good apparatus and an able Faculty. The 62nd semi-annual session opens September 13th. 1878. Board and tuition, $225.00 to $285.00 per year. Address N. C. Brooes, LL. D., President, Baltimore, Md. Baltimore Normal School for the Education of Colored

Boys' School of St. Paul's Parish.

Sadler's, Bryant and Stratton Business College. — Established fourteen years ago, and still conducted under the personal supervision of its founder and proprietor. This institution has made steady progress in utility and public favor, and now stands at the head of this class of schools. Our penmanship department is in charge of one of the ablest penmen in the country. Our references are our patrons. No vacations. Enter at any time. For terms and particulars, call at the College or address W. H. Sadler, President, Nos. 6 and 8 North Charles Street.

Csn'enary Biblical Institute. — 3 Instructors; 121 students. Preparatory, Normal, Classical, and Select courses. Rev. J. Emory Round, President. College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Conservatory of Music of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore. —5 Instructors. Instruction in the Theory of Music, Art of Singing, and Art of Instrumental Music. Asger Hamerik, Director.

Eaton and Burnett's Business College. N. E. corner of Baltimore and Charles Street. Offers unsurpassed facilities to Young Gentlemen and Ladies for acquiring in the shortest possible time, and at the most moderate cost, a thorough Business Education. The Principals have devoted years of study and practice to this special system of Education. For particulars, address as above.

Eutaw Place School. — Home School for Young Ladies and Little Girls. Teachers and Professors of eminence are employed and pains taken to secure for the pupils a solid and accomplished education. Mrs. H. L. Singleton, Principal, 488 Eutaw Place.

Friends' Academy.—A select English and Classical school for pupils of both sexes. 6 Instructors. Prof. Lucius V. Tlttle, Principal, 193 Eutaw Street.

Friends' Elementary and H'gh School. — A Primary School, an Academy and Collegiate Institute for pupils of both sexes. Special facilities offered in each department by a corps of 12 professional instructors. Students fitted for a business or professional course, or prepared for College or University. Address Eli M. Lamb, Principal, Lombard Street, near Eutaw, Baltimore, Md.

Johns Hopkins University. — 7 Professors; 14 non-resident lecturers; 12 associates; 98 students. Departments of Philosophy, Law, and Medicine. D.C. Oilman, LL. D., President. Institute of Our Lady (Aisquith Street). Institution for the Colored Blind and Deaf-Mutes.

F. Enapp's German and English Institute. — Established 1850. In successful operation for 28 years. Widely known and patronized. Students from all sections of the country. Special department for the education of the Deaf and Dumb. F. Knafp, Principal, 29 Holliday Street.

Law School of the University of Maryland. Hon. John A. Inqlis, LL. D., Senior Professor.

Loyola College. — 10 Instructors; 100 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Courses. Rev. E. A. Mcgurk, S. J., President.

Maryland College of Pharmacy. Wm. E. Thornton, Treasurer.

Maryland Dental College. — R. B. Winder, Dean, 140 Park Ave. Maryland Institute Schools of Art and Design.

Maryland State Normal School. —13 Instructors; 220 students. Tuition free to appointed students; to others, $25.00. M. A. Newell, Principal. Morison Academy.

Mt. Vernon Institute. — English, French and German. Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies. Mrs. Mary J. Jones and Mrs. B. Maitland, Principals, 46 Mt. Vernon Place.

The Misses Norris' English and French Boarding and Day School for > oung Ladies. Open from September 20th to June 20th. Superior Educational Advantages. 32 McCulloh Street, Baltimore, Md.

Oxford School for Boys.

Pembroke School. 189 and 191 Madison Avenue. English and Classical Departments. Sixteenth School year begins September 9th, 1878. The purpose of this school is two-fold—to prepare pupils in the most thorough manner for the best Universities, Colleges and Scientific Schools, and, with equal thoroughness, for business pursuits and general culture. Primary, Intermediate (for both sexes), and Academical Departments. Teachers of proven ability. Lectures on Sound, Light, Geography, and Natural History, illustrated by the Stereopticon. Sidney B. Frost, A.M., Principal. Roland Academy.


St. Catherine's Normal Institute.

St Frances Academy. — For colored Girls. Board and tuition per quarter, $30.00. For further information, address Sister Mary Louise Noel, Mother Superior, St. Frances Academy, Baltimore, Md. St. Joseph's Academy (Calvert Hali). School for Young Ladies. Miss Sarah: A. Jenness, Principal.

School of Law (University of Maryland). School of letters and Sciences for Boys. 8chool of Medicine (Washington University).

Southern Home School for Young Ladies and Little Girls. Established 1S42. French spoken. Address the Principals, Mrs. Wilson M. Gaby and Mrs. Gen. John Peoram, 197 and 199 North Charles St., BaltiMore, Md.

8tewart Hall Collegiate and Commercial Institute. Theological Seminary of St. Sulpice, and St. Mary's University.

Miss Williams' Kindergarten. Miss E. Otis Williams,
Zion School. Rev. Henry Scheib, Principal.

Brookeville Academy.

Burkittsville. Burkittsville Female Seminary.


Cambridge Female Seminary.
Carroll, Baltimore Co.

Mt St Joseph's College, conducted by the Xaverian Brothers. Situated on the Frederick Road, three miles from Baltimore. Every attention given to the neatness, politeness, health and comfort of the scholars. Terms commence on the first Monday of September and the first Monday of February. For further particulars, apply to the Superior, or to Brother Alexius, Carroll, Baltimore Co., Md.

Catonsville, Baltimore Co.

lit de Sales Academy for Young Ladies, conducted by the Sisters of the visitation. Five miles west of Baltimore. Location unsurpassed for health and beauty. Whilst constant effort is made to secure for pupils a thorough English education, special attention is paid to Music and French. Address for particulars, Mother M. Rkhina Neale, Superioress, Mt. de Sales Academy, Catonsville, Baltimore Co., Md. Overlea; Home School for Young Gentlemen.

Charlotte Hall.

Charlotte Hall Academy. — Established 1774. 4 Instructors; 60 pupils. Thorough preparation for college or business. Herbert Thompson, Principal.


Washington College. — Established 1782. Prepares for college or Business. William J. Rivers, A.M., Principal.


Holy Trinity School.

College of St. James.

College of St. James Grammar School.(Diocesan). Preparatory Department and High School. Henry Onderdonk, A.M., Principal.

College Station.

Maryland Agricultural College. — 9 Instructors; 81 students. 286 acres farm: imposing buildings; attractive gardens. The next session will commence Monday, September 23d. For catalogues, apply to Wm. ti. Parker, President.


West Nottingham Academy for Young Men and Boys, is situated in a perfectly healthy location and is free from temptations to intemperance and vice. Good and abundant board is furnished. Pupils thor

oughly prepared for the Freshman or higher classe in College. The English branches thoroughly ta For catalogues, address Geo. K. Bechtel, A.M., Prin


Contee's Station.

Alnwick Female Seminary.


Carroll Hall Academy.

St. Edward's Academy and Parochial Schools.

Darlington. Darlington Academy.

Elkton. Elkton Academy. T. L. Graham, A.M., Principal.

Ellicott City.

Rock Hill College. — Under the direction of the Christian Brothers. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Post Graduate Courses. Bbotheb Bettklin, Director.

St Charles' College. — Founded 1831, by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. 12 Instructors. A preparatory ecclesiastical seminary for Catholic youth. Rev. P. P. Denis, S.S., President. St. Clement's Hall.

Emmittsburgh, Frederick Co.

Mt St Mary's College. — Founded 1808. All students are taught the doctrines and trained to the practices of the Catholic Religion. The studies necessary for graduation, including a thorough course of English Literature, occupy three years; the Preparatory course takes from two to three years. Board and Tuition, $150.00. For information, address Rev. John A. Watterson, A. M., President, EmmittsBurgh, Md.

St Joseph's Academv for Young Ladies. Founded 1809. Incorporated 1816. Convenient and spacious buildings, ample accomodations, modern improvements. Board and tuition. $250.00 per year. letters of inquiry should be addressed to the Mother-sufkRiob, St. Joseph's Academy, Emmittsburgh, Md.

Fallston, Harford Co.

Oakland Boarding School for Young Ladies and Gentlemen. Mathematical, Classical, and Elementary. G. G. Curtis, A. M., Principal.


Frederick College. — Classical, Mathematical, and English Departments. Commodious rooms; extensive library; thorough instruction. Thos. A. Gatch, A. M., Principal. Frederick Female Seminary.

Maryland Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. St. John's Literary Institution.

Young Ladies' Academy of the Visitation. — Located in a healthy and picturesque region. Board and tuition, $200.00 per year. Music, Drawing, and the Languages extra. Address Mother M. Lohetto Hunter, Frederick, Md.


Glcnwood Institute.

Govanstown, Baltimore Co.

Notre Dame of Maryland. — Conducted by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. A Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies. Pupils of all denominations received. Address the Directress.

Hagerstown Seminary for Young Ladies.
St- Joseph's Academy.

lMiester. Mt. St. Clement's College. Geo. Riland, C S. R., Director.


St. John's Female Seminary.

Lutherville Female Seminary. — Founded 1853. 7 Instructors; 76 students. Practical and thorough education; prescribed and liberal Collegiate course, llev. J. R. Dimm, A. M., Principal.

Mecha n icstown.

Mechanicstown Mule and Female Seminary.



Millington Academy. H. Tonkin, Principal.

Mount Washington (near Baltimore).

Mt. St Agnes Acauemy. — Peculiar advantages offered to young ladies who wish to receive a solid, useful, and ornamental education. Board and tuition, per session of five months, $100.00. Music, Langua

fes, etc., extra. Address Sister M. Bonaventure Iiium.kiOn, Directress, Mt. St. Agnes Academy, Mt. Washington, Baltimore Co., Md.

New Windsor.

New Windsor College.
Owtng's Mills.

The McDonogh School. William Allen, A. M.,


Phoenix Academy. B. G. Clapp. Principal.
Fort Deposit.

Evandale Home School for Young Ladies and Children. This Institution is located in Cecil County, two miles north of Port Deposit, and is accessible by railroad from Baltimore and Philadelphia. For healthfullness of location, instruction, and personal supervision, few institutions combine greater advantages. The next session commences on the second Monday in September. For circulars, address Mrs. Robt. Evans, Principal, Port Dei-obit, Md.

Beisterstown, Baltimore Co.

The Hannah More Academy. — Founded 1832. Preparatory and Academical Departments. Retired and healthful location; thorough instruction. Rev. Aktih'k J. Rich, A. M., Rector.

St. George's Hall for Boys. — Advantages, accommodations, situation and climate unsurpassed. Terms (250.00 to $300.00 per year. Address I'rof. .tas. C. Kinkak, A. M., Principal, Beisterstown, Baltimore Co., Md. St. Michael's Home School for Boys.


Rockville Academy.

Sandy Spring.

Stanmore School.


Western Maryland College. — For both sexes. Twenty-third session opens September 3. For catalogues, address J. D. Ward, D. D., President.

Woodstock, Howard Co. College of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Woodstock College.


Hon. J. W. Dickinson', Secretary of the State Board of Education, Boston, Mass.


Amherst College. — 21 Instructors; 350 students. Full, complete, and thorough College course. Partial. Scientific, and Post-Graduate courses. Rev. Julius H. Seelye. D.D.. LL.D., President. Massachusetts Agricultural College (Boston University). Mt Pleasant Institute for Hoys.


Abbott Academy. — 13 instructors; 117 students. Course of study covers four years. The first term of the fifteenth year opens on August 29th. Miss Philena Mckekn, Principal.

Andover Theological Seminary. — 8 Professors ; 3 Lecturers: 73 Btudents. Tuition free. Rev. Edwards A. Park, President.

Phillip] Academy. — Founded 1778. 7 Instructors; 200 Students. Academic and Preparatory courses. Cecil F. P. Bancroft, Ph.D., Principal. Punchard Free School.



Cotting High School. Chas. W. Sticknet, Principal. Auburndale.

Lasell Seminary for Young Women. — Excellent table board; elegantly furnished rooms; special care of health. Personal attention to our girls possible only in a school not too large. Boston privileges. First class instruction in all branches. Catalogues free. Address C C. Bkaudon, Principal, AtHi UnHale, Mass.


Family Boarding School for Boys.


Powers Institute.

Houghton School. F. F. Phillips, Principal.

Blackstone Square School.
Boston Art Club.
Boston College. Rev. Robert Folton. S. J., President.

Boston Conservatory of Music. — 16 Instructors. Thorough and complete instruction in all branches of Vocal and Instrumental Music. The only Violin school in the United States. Not more than four pupils in each class. Julius Eichbebq, Director, 154 'Fremont Street.

Boston Day School for Deaf-Mutes.
Boston Dental College.
Boston Normal School.

Boston University. — Eight Colleges and Schools. Open to both sexes. 99 Professors, lu-tructors and lecturers; 665 students. Wm. F. Warren, S. T. D., LL.D., President. For information, address the Registrar, Dr. David Patten.

Boston University Law School. — Opens October 3rd. Address E. H. Bennett, LL. D., Dean, 20 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

Boston University School of Medicine. — Lecture term commences October 9th, 1878. 1. T. Talbot, M. D., Dean, (16 Marlborough Street.

Boston University School of Oratory, for Publio Speakers, Readers. Professors of Elocution, Actors and for general culture. Next term begins October 9th. For Circulars, address Prof. Lewis B. Monroe, 7 Beacon street, Boston, Mass.

Boys'Classical School 40 Cortes Street. Thorough

Sreparation for Harvard College anil Scientific Schools, pens Sept "inbcr 9th. Circulars Bent to any address. Private Tuition, transient or yearly. Henry Dame, A.M., Principal.

Bryant & Stratton Commercial School. — 15 Instructors. A thorough and practical education, adapted to business pursuits. 11. E. Hirdahh. Principal.

Chauncv Hall fihool. — Classical. Scientific. Business, Military. The different departments. Kindergarten, Preparatory, and Upper, accommodate pupils of both sexes from three to twenty-one years ot age. Special students received in all sections of Upper Department. For particulars, address the Principals, 259—265 Boylston Street. Boston, Mass. Classical and Mathematical School. Wm. H. Brooks, A. M.. Principal. Codman Mansion Home School. Comer's Commercial College.

English and Classical School for Boys. Established A. I), lsiio. The nineteenth year begins Monday, September 16. 1878. The course of study is arranged to secure a thorough preparation for Harvard University and for the Scientific Schools. Copies ot recent examination-papers will be sent on application. Arrangements for the accommodation of pupils from a distance, with board and lodging, may be made by addressing W. Jf. Evvns, Principal.

English High School.—Founded 1821. 21 Instructors: 504 pupils. Edwin P. Seavkr, Head Master. French's Business College.

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