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GA88ELL, PETTER & GALPIN: London, Paris & New York.


Mathematical Instruments, &c.


In ordering either Water Colors, Crayons, or Mathematical Instruments, it is only necessary to indicate the number and price attached to each description.


Superfine "Water Colors.

In Mahogany Boxes, urith Sliding Cover.

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1. Improved Colors, 12 small Cakes, Brash

anJ Saucers $0.20

6. The -'Boys'" Box of Colors, 12 Cakes,

Brushes and Saucers

7. The "Scholar's" Color Box, 14 large Cakes,

Brushes and Saucers

8. The ''Universal" Color Box, 18 large Cakes,

Brushes ami Saucers ....

9. The "Educator" Color Box, 27 large Cakes,

Brushes aud S.iucers 1.35

New and Cheap Colors.

In White, Polished Boies, vnlli Sliding Cover. No. 42 A. Containing 14 Small Cakes, 4 Saucers.. .$0.20 40 B. Containing 12 Large Cakes, 4 Saucers... 0.25 40 C. Containing 21 Large Cakes, 4 Saucers... 0.35 40 1). Containing 30 Large Cakes, 4Saucers... 0.50 40 E. Containing 40 I.arg3 Cakes, 4 Saucers... 0.70

Colors free from Poison.

In White Wood, Polislied Boxes, tcilh Sliding Cover.


120. Containing 9 large Cakes, Brush, Colored

Crayons and Saucers $0.50

117. Containing 15 large Cakes, Brushes, Crayons and Saucers 0.85

In Highly Polished Boxes, xriih Lid on Hinges. No.

10. Containing 12 large Cakes, Brushes and

Saucers $0.50

•542. Containing 14 Sticks of Water Colors, Indian Ink, Sepia, 3 Saucers and Brushes. 0.75

15. Containing 18 large Cakes. 6 Saucers,

Brushes and Specimen Print of Coloring 1.10

43. Containing 18 large Cakes, Brushes, Crayons, etc 1.50

-53. Containing 15 large Cakes. Brushes, Crayons, Indian Ink, Stump, Clue, etc 2.00

•55. Containing 18 large Cakes, Brushes, Crayons, Gilt Saucers, Mahogany Box, Lock and Key 2.00

French Pastel Crayons.

In Fancy Paper Boxes. Good Tints, Good Quality.


36. Assorted Colors, 6 Crayons in the Box, per

doz. Boxes $0.60

These are packed in square Boxes, contain-
ing 48 small Boxes.

25. Assorted Colors, 12 small Crayons in the

Box. Per doz. Boxes 1.00

26. Assorted Colors, 12 large Crayons in the

Box. Per doz. Boxes 1.50

28. Assorted Colors, 12 largo Crayons in the

Box. Per doz. Boxes 4.00

Mathematical Instruments.


51. Deal Wood Cox, varnished, containing 4Jinch Compass, Pen and Pencil-legs, and Rule $0.70

53. Deal Wood Box, varnished, Compass, Pen and Pencil-legs, Ruling Pen, Lengthening Bar, Horn Protactor, Rule and Crayon Holder '.... 1.00

64. Same as No. 53, with two Compasses 1.25

55. Same Box as No. 54 with 5%-inch Instruments 1.50

83. Rosewood Case, containing two Compasses, Pen and Pencil, Lengthening Bar, Ivory Ruling Pen, Protactor and Rule 1.60

57. Rosewood Case, with lock and key, two

Compasses. Cow Pen and Tencil, Bar,
Ivory Ruling Pen, Protactor, Parallel,
Scale 3.25

58. Rosewood Case, with lock and key (supe

rior instruments), three Compasses, Bow
Pen and Pencil, Bar, Ivory Ruling Pen,
Two Protactors, Parallel, Scale 4.25

62. Mahogany Case, lock and key, three Com-
passes, Low ditto. Ivory Ruling Pen,
Bar, Protactors, Parallel, Scale 5.00

Send for complete List to


Educational Books.

Dictionary of English Literature. Being a Comprehensive Guide to English Authors and ttteir Works. By W. DAVENPORT ADAMS. 720 pp. extra foolscap 4to. cloth, $4.00

All prominent writers are "included, with (where possible date of births, title of leading works, and dales of their production: notices of STANDARD BIOGRAPHY and CRITICISM, and in many cases critical extracts illustrative of their distinctive characteristics. The titles of the CHI Eh' POEMS. ESSAYS. PLAYS, and NOVELS .n the language are recorded with suitable particulars, also the important works of PHILOSOPHY. SCIENCE, the BELLES-LETTRES, etc. The noms tit plume of literary men and women are given and explained. FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS, PHRASES, and PROVERBS are given, with references to their original sources. CHARACTERS in POETR Y and PICTIONzre indexed, the most celebrated SONGS.POEMS. and BALLADS are entered both by titles and also by first lines. REFERENCES to the works of FOREIGN AUTHORS of all times and countries are inserted. Notices of the most celebrated societies and libraries are included, and special articles have been introduced on such subjects as Poetry and the Drama.

A First Sketch of English Literature. By HENRY MORLEY, Professor of English Literature at University College, and Examiner in English Language, Literature and History to the University of London. Adapted for use in Colleges and High Schools. 912 pp. crown 8vo. cloth, $3.o0

A Book that should be in the hands of every student of English Literature.

Library of English Literature. By Prof. HENRY MORLEY. Vol. I. Shorter English Poems, containing all the leading characteristic Shorter Poems of English Literature, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time; also, nearly 200 Illustrations, including Engravings and Ornaments, taken from original MSS. and other Sources, Authentic Portraits of the Leading Writers, 512 pp. extra crown 4to. cloth, $5.00

Vol. II. Illustrations of English Religion,

comprising selections from many noted writers on Religion. With complete Index, and many Illustrations. 440 pp. extra crown 4to. cloth, $5.00

"There are probably not half a dozen men living who could have been more sa'ely trusted with such a task than the learned Professor of English Literature in the London University." N. Y. Times.

The reader will find many a gem here which he would never find elsewhere.

Illustrated Readings. Comprising a choice Selection from English Literature of all Ages. Illustrated throughout. In 2 Vols, cloth, each $3.50; Gilt edges, each $5.00; 2 Vols in 1, full morocco, $14.00

Studies in Design, for Manufacturers, Architects, Buildrrs, Designers, House - l)ecorators, etc. By CHRISTOPHER DRESSER, Ph.D., E.L.S., F.E.B.S., consisting of Sixty Original Designs, elaborately produced in combined Colors, and in Gold and Colors; with Descriptive Letterpress, and 20 Chapters on Principles of Designing. In cloth binding. Polio. $25.00

Principles of Ornamental Art. By P. EDWARD HULME. P. L. S., P. S. A., With 32 Plates. Royal 4to. cloth, $10.00

Principles of Decorative Design. By CHRISTOPHER DRESSER, Ph. I). Illustrated with 2 Colored Plates, and numerous Designs and Diagrams. Extra crown 4to. cloth gilt, $3.50

The Theory and Action of the Steam Engine. For Practical Men. By W. H. NORTHCOTT, C. E., author of "loathes aiul Turning," etc. Demy 8vo. 224 pp. With Numbers, Diagrams, and Tables, cloth, $3.50

Adopted as a ttxt-book by the U. S. Naval Academy.

Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. By J. R. HEARD, D. D., and C. BEARD, B. A. Crown 8vo. 914 pp. cloth, $1.75

Sketching from Nature in Water Colors. By AARON PENLEY, author of" Ttie English School of Painting inWater Colors," etc. With Illustrations in Ohromo-Lithography after Original Water-Color Drawings. Super-royal 4to. cloth, $7.50

A Course of Painting in A'eutral Tint. With 24 Plates from Designs byR. P. LEITCH. Oblong 4to. cloth, $2.50

The Letterpress to each Plate contains Full Instructions to the Learner, and the Plates show the progress of the work through its different stages.

A Course of Sepia Painting. With 24 Plates from Designs by R. P. LEITCH. Oblong 4to. cloth, $2.50

The Letterpress to each Plate contains Full Instructions to the Learner, and the Plates show the progress of the work through its different stages.

Water-Color Painting. By R. P. LEITCH. With 24 Colored Plates, and Full Instructions to the Pupil as to the Manner of Mixing and Applying the Colors. Second Edition, cloth, $2.50

Cassell's Practical, Geometrical, Mechanical, and Ornamental Drawing Book. With Blank Space for Copying, cloth, $1.25

Cassell's Tirenly-five Cent Drawing Copies. A Superior Series of Drawing Copies, printed on stout paper, in Five Series of Books.

Series A. Floral and Vegetable Forms. "B. Model Draunng. "C. iAindscape Draunng. "D. Figure Draicing. "E. Animal l>rawing. Each Series can be had in 12 Parts, $0.25 each; or 1 vol., cloth, price $3.50 each. The Parts may be had separately.

Cassell's German-English and English-German Pronouncing Dictionary. Third Edition. Crown 8vo. 914 pp. cloth, $1.75

Cassell's French-English and English-French Dictionary. Crown 8vo. 956 pp. cloth, $1.75

Tlie Little Folks' History of England. By ISA GRAIG-KNOX. With 30 Illustrations. Third Edition, cloth, $1.00

Cassell's Euclid, Edited bv Prof. WALLACE, M.A. 110th Thousand. 8vo. 216 pp. cloth, $0.75

Cassell's Technical Manuals. Adapted for Teachers in Public and Private Schools, for Students in Training Colleges and Science Classes, for use in National and Elementary Schools, and Artisans and Students generally. Illustrated throughout with Drawings and Working Diagrams. Bound in cloth.

Applied Mechanics. By Prof. R. S. BALL, LL.D. cloth, $1.00

37ie Elements of Building Construction and Architectural Drawing. By E. A. DAVIDSON. 10th Thousand. $1.00

Color. By Prof. A. H. CHURCH, M. A. With Colored Plates and numerous Diagrams. $1.25

Gotliic Stonework. By E. A. DAVIDSON. $1.50

Linear Drawing and Practical Geometry. By E. A. DAVIDSON. 17th Thousand. $1.00

Linear Drawing atid Projection. The 2 Vols, in 1. Cloth lettered, $1.75

Drawing for Machinists and Engineers. Third Edition. By E. A. DAVIDSON. $2.00

Model Drawing. By E. A. DAVIDSON. $1.50

Orthographical and Isometrical Projection. By E. A. DAVIDSON. 12th Thousand, Revised and Enlarged. $1.00

Practical Perspective. Third Edition. By E. A. DAVIDSON. $1.50

Systematic Drawing and Shading. By CHARLES RYAN. 7th Thousand. $1.00

Any of the Books on this list sent prepaid on receipt or published price. Catalogue free on application.




APRIL 1878.

** The books mentioned in this Catalogue should be retailed at prices not higher than those appen* led. When not thus obtainable, the publishers will send them by tnail or express, carriage free, at these rate*.

KE YS will be sent to teachers only.

* CHARTS cannot be sent by mail.

Prices named do not in all cases include transportation.

Alden's Christian Ethics; or, The Science Of Duty. By Joseph Aldbn. D.D., LL.D., President of State Normal School, Albany, N. Y. Cloth, lamo., 170 pages. Price, by tnail, $1.10.

Apgar's Plant Analysis, A valuable Companion for students in the science of Botany, by the use of which they may easily become familiar with botanical terms, and their application to boLanical descriptions, containing. among other valuable features, an illustrated "Analytical Arrangement of Botanical terms." By Hon. E. A. Apgar. Supt. Public Instruction of New Jersey; and Prof. A. C. Apgar, of the New Jersey State Normal School. Handsomely printed and substantially bound in flexible cloth. Price, by mail, 70 cents.

Bradbury's Alpine Glee Singer. A Complete Collection of Secular and Social Music, arranged in four vocal parts, for Choirs, Singing Classes and Musical Societies; with a full course of Vocal Exercises for the cultivation of the voice, and for improvement in musical notation. By W. B. Bradbury. Boards, 300 pages. Price, by mail, $1.25.

Bradbury's Carol. A New and Complete

Music Book of instruction and practice, for Schools, Academies and Singing Classes. By \V. B. Bradbury. Boards, 324 p t j;es. Price, by mail, 50 cents.

SAME WORK, in paper covers. Price, by mail, 30 cents.

Bradbury's Musical Bouquet and Institute

Choir. Being a Collection of Songs, Duets, Trios and Choruses. Together with a New and Complete Course of Elementary Instruction, and Lessons in Singing for the School-room and Social Circle. By W. B. Braouury and Charles C. Converse. 238 pages. Price, by mail, 80 cents.

Bradbury's Musical Gems, For. School And

Home. A rich and full collection of Music for the Young, original and arranged; with choice selections from the Schools of Germany and Switzerland, together with a new, easy and progressive course of Elementary Instructions and Exercises, constituting a complete Musical Manual for Teachers and Students. By W. B. Bradbury. Boards, 206 pages. Price, by mail, 50 cents.

Bradbury's Flora's Festival. A Cantata.

Arranged as Choruses, Solos, Duets, etc., for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices, and suitable as a Musical recreation for an evening cntertiinment or soiree. The choruses, solos, etc., 37 in number, bein : complete in themselves, may also be used separately as four-part pieces, or glees, songs, duct-, etc. Price, by mail, 30 cents.

Bradbury's Metropolitan Glee Book. A

collection of Glee Choruses, Opera Choruses, and Four-part Songs, from the most popular authors, to which is added the most favorite choruses from " Handel's Oratorio of the Messiah." Boards, 250 pages. Price* by mail, $1.25.

Bradbury's Singing Bird. A choice collection of Juvenile Music arranged on a progressive plan. By W. B. Bradbury. Boards, 176 pages. Price, by mail, 50 cents.

Bryant & Stratton's Common School Boole

Keeping. Embracing Sixteen distinct Sets of Books—eight in Single Entry and eight in Double Entry—with ample Exercises for the Learner, Examples for Practice, etc. Cloth, iamo., 192 pages. Price, by mail,$1.00. BLANKS for same, per set of five, by mail, 80 cents.

Bryant & Stratton's High School Book

Kbkping. An Analytical and Progressive Treatise on the Science of Accounts, and its Cotlaterial Branches. Prepared for High Schools and Academies. Cloth, 8vo, 216 pages. Price, by tnail, $2.15.

BLANKS for same, per set of six, by mail, $2.15.

Bryant & Stratton's Counting - House

Book-keeping. Embracing Complete Sets of Books in every Department of Merchandise Business—Importing, Jobbing, and Retail, Farming; Settlement of Estates; Commission, Forwarding, Banking, Brokerage and Exchange: with full Explanations and appropriate Remarks on the Customs of Trade ; and examples of the most important Business Forms in use. Cloth, large 8vo , 374 pages. Price, by mail, $3.25.

Cathcart's Literary Reader. Typical Selections from the best British and American Authors, from Shakespeare to the present time, chronologically arranged: to which are added Biographical and Critical Sketches, and numerous notes, a Glossary of the difficult words in the text, and a Dictionary of some of the most familiar of British and American Authors. Intended for the use of Schools, Academies, and Seminaries, as also for the Home. By Geo. R. Cathcart, M.A. 1 vol. cloth, leather backs, tamo., 438 pages. Price, by mail, $1.40.

Cathcart's Youth's Speaker. Selections

for Declamation in Prose, Poetry and Dialogues, suited to the requirements of young pupils. By Geo. K. Cathcart, M.A. 1 vol.'" 65 cents.

, illustrated, cloth, 190 pages. Price, by mail.

Cousin's Psychology. Elements of Psychology, included in a Critical Examination of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, and in additional pieces. By Victok Cousin. Translated from the French, with an Introduction and Notes, by Caleb S Henky, D.D. Cloth, iimo., 568 pages. Price, by mail, $1.50.

Dana's Geological Story Briefly Told.

An introduction 10 Geology for the general reader and for beginners in the Science. By Prof. James D. Dana. LL.D. 1 vol. lamo., 275 pages. Numerously illustrated and handsomely bound. Price, by mail, $1.30.

Dana's Text-Book. Revised Edition. A

Text-Book of Geology, designed for Schools and Academies. By Jambs D. Dana, LL.D.. Silliman Professor of Geology and Natural History, Yale College. Cloth, fully illustrated, 350 pages. Price, by mail, $1.75.

Dana's Manual of Geology. Thoroughly

Revised, much enlarged, and almost wholly rewritten. Treating of the Principles of the Science, with special reference to American Geological History, for the use of Colleges, Academies and Schools of Science. By James D.


138 & 140 Grand St., New Yobk

-133 ic 135 State St., Chicago

Dana. LL.D., Sill!man Professor of Geology and Natural History, Yale College. Illustrated by a Chart of the World, and over one thousand figures, mostly from American sources, i vol. 8vo., about 850 pages. Pricet by mat/,

THE SAME, in half morocco, by mail, $5.00.

Eliot and Storer's Elementary Manual of

Chemistry. Abridged from Eliot and Storer's Manual, with the co-operation of the authors. By Wm. Ripley Nichols, Professor of General Chemistry in the Mass. Inst, of Technology. Price% by mail, $1.30.

Eliot and Storer's Manual. A Manual of Inorganic Chemistry, arranged to facilitate the experimental demonstration of the facts and principles of the Science. By Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard University, and Frank H. Storer, Prof, of General and Industrial Chemistry in Mass. Inst, of Technology. 1 vol. fully illustrated, 600 pages. Price, by mail, $2.40.

Fasquelle's Introductory Course. A Course

of the French Language, for beginners. Cloth, 300 pages. Price, by mail, 80 cents.

Fasquelle's New Method. A new method of learning the French Language. Embracing both the Analytic and Synthetic modes of instruction ; being a plain and practical way of acquiring the art of reading, speaking and composing French. Cloth, 508 pages. Price, by mail, $1.60.

KEY TO SAME. Price,by mail, %uto.

Fasquelle's Colloquial Reader. Interesting narratives in French, for translation, accompanied by conversational exercises, with grammatical and idiomatical references, and a copious Vocabulary. Cloth, 260 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Fasquelle's Napoleon. Napoleon, par

Alexandre Dumas. For the use of Colleges and Schools, with conversational exercises, explanatory notes and references to " The New Method," on the plan of " The Colloquial Reader." Cloth, 272 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Fasquelle's Telemaque. Les Aventures de

Telemaque, fils d'Ulysse. Par Fenelon. With grammatical and idiomatical references to "The New Method," and the explanation of the most difficult words and passages. Cloth, 390 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Fasquelle's Racine. Chefs-D'CEuvre de Jean Racine. Prepared for the use of Colleges and Schools, with explanatory notes and references to "The New Method. Cloth, 320 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Fasquelle's Manual of Conversation.

Esprit de la Conversation Franchise. Being a copious manual or class-book of French Conversation, with a full collection of French idiomatical phrases, alphabetically arranged. Cloth, 275 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Frobisher's Voice and Action. A new

and practical system on the culture of Voice and Action, and a complete analysis of the Human Passions, with an appendix of Readings and Recitations, designed for Public Speakers, Teachers and Students. By Prof. J. E. FroBisher. 26a pages, cloth. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Glaubensklee's Synthetic Grammar. A

Synthetic Grammar of the German Language, to which is added a collection of Exercises. Cloth, 190 pages. Price, by mail, 85 cents.

Glaubensklee's Eclectic Reader. A series

of progressive selections from the best modern German authors, with copious notes, intended as introductory part to "Woodbury's Eclectic Reader." Cloth, 138 pages. Pricet by mail, 80 cents.

Goodison's Drawing; from Objects. A

Manual for the Teachers and Pupils of Common Schools. By Prof. John Goodison, of the Michigan State Normal School. Small quarto, 54 pages. Price, by mail, 50 cents.

Gray's How Plants Behave, How they

MovEj Climb, Employ Insects To Work For Them. Beautifully illustrated, and printed on fine paper. 41.0. Price, by mail, 65 cents.

Gray's How Plants Grow. A Simple Introduction to Structural Botany ; with a Popular Flora, or aa arrangement and description of Common Plants, both wild and cultivated. Intended for young people and Common Schools. Illustrated by more than 500 engravings. 232 pages, small quarto. Price, by mail,

This book, in connection with the "School and Field Book" supplies a complete course in Botany /or Common Schools, Academies and Seminaries*

Gray's Lessons in Botany, And Vegetable

Physiology, to which is added a copious Glossary, or Dictionary of Botanical Terms. Fully illustrated. Cloth, Svo., 236 pages. Price, by mail, $1.15.

Gray's Field, Forest and Garden Botany.

A simple introduction to the Common Plants of the United States, east of the Mississippi, both wild and cultivated. Cloth, 8vo., 386 pages. Price, by mail, $1.75.

Gray's School and Field Book of Botany.

Comprising the *' Lessons in Botany," and " Field, Forest and Garden Botany/' A most popular and comprehensive School Book, adapted to beginners and advanced classes, t vol. 8vo. cloth. 621 pages. Price, by mail, $2.15.

This book, in connection with ** How Plants Grow,"" supplies a complete course in Botany /or Common Schools Academies and Seminaries.

Gray's Manual of Botany. Arranged according to the natural system, and containing 20 plates, illustrating the Sedges, Grasses, Ferns, etc. Fifth edition, 1867. Eighth issue, 1868. Cloth, 8vo., 700 pages. Price, by mail, $2.00.

THE SAME, bound with * The Lessons." Price, by mail, $2.50.

This work, in connection with ** The Lessons" supplies a complete course in Botany /or Colleges and Scientific Schools.

Gray's Structural and Systematic Botany.

An introduction to Structural and Systematic Botany and Vegetable Physiology, being a fifth and revised edition of the Botanical Text-book. Illustrated by over 1300 woodcuts. 1 vol. cloth, 8voM 556 pages. Price, by mail, $3.00.

Hailman's Outlines. A System of Object Teaching, prepared for Teachers and Parents. By Wm. M. Hailman, A.M., with an Introduction by James N. McElligott, LL.D. Cloth, lamo., 160 pages. Price, by mail, 85 cents.

Hatfield's Church Hymn Book. Superior

to all other collections for the encouragement of Congregational Singing. Cloth. Price, by mail, $2.00. All styles 0/ binding. IVith and without Tunes.

Hatfield's Chapel Hymn Book. Abridged

from the Church Hymn Book. Cloth. Price, by mail, $1.25

Hennequin's Treatise on the French Verbs.

Including an easy and practical method for acquiring the Irregular Verbs, and the Rules for the Present and Past Participles. Cloth, 125 pages. By Alfred Hennec;uin, M.A., Instructor in French in the University of Michigan. Price, by mail, 75 cents.

Hickok's Mental Science; Or. The Human

Mind As Given In Consciousness; for the use of Academies and Colleges. By L. P. Hickok, p.D. Cloth, iamo., 400 pages. Price, by mail, $1.40.

Hickok's Moral Science. For the use of

Colleges. By L. P. Hickok, D.D. Cloth, i2mo., 412 pages. Price, by mail, $1.40.

Hickok's Rational Psychology • Or. The

Subjective Idea And Objective Law Of All IntelliGence. By L. P. Hickok, D.D. Cloth, 8vo., 543 pages. Price, by mail, $2.15.


138 & 140 Grand St., New York

-133 & 135 State St., Chicago Hickok's Creator and Creation. By L. P.

Hickok, D.D. Cloth, imp. nmo., 360 pages. Price, by m.ic/, $>.

Hickok's Logic of Reason. By L. P. HicKok, D.D. Cloth, imp. i2tno., 191 pages, Price, by mail,

Hickok's Humanity Immortal. By L. P.

Hickuk, D.D. Cloth, imp. 121710., 362 pages. Price, by mail, $2.00.

Hitchcock's Anatomy and Physiology.

For School.*, Academies and Colleges. Illustrated by nearly 400 engravings. By Kdward Hitchcock, D.D., LL.D., and Edward Hitchcock, Jr., M.D. Cloth, iamo., 443 pages. Price, by mail, $1.40.

Hitchcock's Elementary Geology. Well

adapted to the use of Schools, Academies and Colleges, and the eeneral reader. By Edward Hitchcock, LL.D., and Charles H. Hitchcock, A.M. Fully illustrated. Cloth, iamo., 430 p.*ges. Price, by mail, $1.40.

Horton's Vocal Music Reader. For

Grammar Schools. By D. P. Horton, assisted by Wm. Tillinghast, Teachers of Music in the Brooklyn Public Schools, etc. 32 pages. Price, by mail, 13 cents.

Howard's Aids to Composition. Aids to

French Composition ; or, progressive and instructive exercises for the practical application of grammatical rules to writing French. With a Guide to Familiar and Commercial Correspondence. Business Forms, Vocabulary of Commercial Terms, etc. By W. W. Howard. Cloth, 309 pages. Price, by mail, £1.10.

Hunt's Literature of the English Lan

Guage. Comprising representative selections from the best authors, also lists of contemporaneous writers and their principal works. Designed as a text-book for Academies, High Schools and Seminaries. By E. Hunt, LL.D., late Principal Girls' High and Normal School, Boston. 640 page?. Price, by mail, $3.15.

Jahn's Biblical Archaeology. By Thomas

C. Upham, Prof, of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy, etc., in Bowdoin College. Cloth, Bvo„ 572 pages. Price, by mail, $2.50.

Kelloarg's Ars Oratoria. Selections from

Cicero and Quintillian on Oratory. With Notes. By Martin Kkllogg. Professor of Latin and Greek in the University of California. 1 vol. cloth, 157 pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Kendrick's Introduction. An introduction

to the Greek Language containing an outline of the Grammar, with appropriate exercises, for the use of Schools and Private Learners. Cloth, 172 pages. Price, by mail, 75 cents.

KerPs First Lessons in English Grammar.

Designed as an introduction to the >>tudy of English Grammar. 170 pa^es. Price, by mail, 40 cents.

Kerl's Common School Grammar, A

Simple, thorough anil practical Grammar of the English Langua-e. Cloth, 350 pages. Price, by mail, 85 cents.

Kerl's Shorter Course in English Gram

Mak. Denned chiefly for the use of Schools where only one text-book in Grammar is required. 250 pages. Price, by mail, 65 rents.

Kerl's Comprehensive English Grammar.

A work particularly useful to every Speaker, Writer and Teacher, as a hook of reference. i2tno. cloth, 375 pages. Price, by mail, $no.

Kerl's Elemants of Composition and

Rhktoric. A simple, concise, thorough and practical work, on 1 new plan. Designed to occupy an intermediate po*it on betw en Common Gr.1mm.1r and Higher Rhetoric, emli<vlying from each ts most useful to the writer. Cloth, 40J pages. Price, by mail, $1.10.

Kiddle's Short Course. A Short course in

Astronomy and the use of Globes. This work deserves commendation for the simplicity of its style, the Judi' ious character of its selections, and the large amount of information which the author has compressed into so small a compi*a. The questions added for solution, and the exerci-es with the Globes, form a valuable feature of the hook. By Hhnrv Kiddle, A.M , Supt. Schools, New York City, an<! author of "New Manual of the Elements of Astronomy." Fully illustrated. Cloth, 200 pages. Price, by mail, 80 cents.

Kiddle's New Manual. A new Manual of

the Elements of Astronomy, descriptive and Mathematical, comprising the latest discoveries and theoretic views, with directions for the use of Globes, and for studying the Constellations. By Henry Kiddle, A.M. Cloth, fully illustrated, 284 pages. Price, by mail, Si.30.

I have just finished an examination of Kiddle's N-w Manual of Astronomy, and have been very mil- h pleased with it. I find it clear, concise and thorough, omitting no topic of any importance, and indicating in a satisfactory manner the methods by which the results of modern Astronomical science have been arrived at. without demanding too high a decree of mathematical training on the part of the pupil. —[Prof. A. G. Compton, A.M., College of the City of New York.

Kitto's Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature.

By John Kitto, D.D.. F.S.A., Editor of "The Pictorial Bible," etc. Illustrated by Maps, Engravings on Steel, and 554 Engravings on Wood. In 2 vols, royal 8vo., half calf, 1878 pages. Price, by mail, $3.oo. THE SAME, in cloth, by mail, $5.00.

Kuhner's Elementary Grammar. An

Elementary Grammar of the Greek Language. From the German. By Samuel H. Taylor, LL.D., late Principal Philips Academy, Andover, Mass. Cloth, 355 pages. Price, by mail, J 1.40.

Languellier and Monsanto's Practical

Course With The. French Languagr, on IVoodbury^s Plan with German. There are many things here explained which have been quite omitted in other urainmaxs, while the arrangement of each lesson seems methodical and practical. By Profs Louis A. L*ngusllier, LL.D., and H. M. MovSanto, M.A. Beautifully printed and handsomely bound in cloth, with leather back. 550 pages. Price, by mail, $1.75.

Loomis' First Steps in Music. A course of

instruction in Music for Common Schools. I'.y Geo. B. Loomis. In Jour bo-fks. Boards, No*. 1 and 2. price, by mail, 13 cents each. No. 3, 30 cents. No. 4, 50 cents.

Loomis' Progressive Music Lessons. A

course of instruction in Music for Common Schi»ol>. The method is based on correct principles of teaching, and the lessons, dictated by a lorn; practical experien-:e of Prof. Loomis.'are such as to enable teachers generally to aoply them with facility and success.—^Hon. Hgnhv Kiddle, Supt. Schools, New York City. Revised from "First Steps."1 In three books. No. 1, by mail, 18 cents. No. 2, 22 cents. No. 3, 30 cents.

Mantilla's Spanish Reader No. One. A

Primer commencing with the Elements of the Lan:uage, and ending with Moral Stories. Illustrated by mimcous fine cuts. By Prof. L. F. Mantilla. Boards, 132 pages. Pi ice, by mail, 20 cents.

Mantilla's Spanish Reader No. Two. A

Sequel to the first bo>k, and containing, besides a collection of well-chosen Stories, a sketch of the Discovery and Conquest of every one of the Spanish-A meric -n cuunti ies. At the end are also a selection of pieces written bv eminent authors in Spanish America. By Prof L. K. Mantilla. 1 vol., fully illustrated, 336 pages. Price, 70 cents.

Mantilla's Spanish Reader No. Three. O

sea Autores selectos Espanolese HUpano- Americanos. By Prof. L. F. Mantilla, I vol., cloth, 40a pages. Price,, 90 cents.

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