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D. Campbell's Home School.


Bandersville High School.


Academy of St. Vincent de Paul.
Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.
Pio Nono College.
Savannah Medical College.


Smithville Acudemy.

Spalding (near Montezuma).

Spalding Seminary.


C. P. Beman School.

Spring Place.

Spring Place High School.

Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain Institute. J. F. Mcclelland, A.M., Principal.


Summerville Institute. .J. C. Loomis, A. M., Principal.

Sylvtinia. Sylvania Academy.


Collinsworth Institute.
Levert Female College.


Tazewell Academy.


Fletcher Institute.
Young Female College.

Thomson High School.


Toccoa Collegiate Institute.

Union Point.

Union Point High School. Wm. K. Reynolds, A. M.. Principal.


Walthourville Academy.


Warrenton Academy.


St. Joseph's Academy. A Boarding and Day School,

for Young Ladies, under the Direction of the Sisters of

St. Joseph.

Washington Female Seminary.

Washington Male Academy. J. I. Inghham, A. 1!.,


Waynesboro'. Haven Normal School.

WlUte Plains. Dawson Institute. J. M. Howell, M. D., Principal.


Sumach Seminary.


Zebulon Academy.


Hen. S. M. Etter, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Springfield, 111.


Abingdon College. — Academic Coarse, 3 years; College Course, 4 years; Biblical Course, 3 years. Address F. M. BRr/NEU, President, Abingdon, III.

Hedding College. Open to both sexes. 10 instructors; 331 students. Scientific, I-atiu-scientilic, and Classical courses. Healthful location, experienced


faculty, moderate expense. Eev. J. G. Evans, A. M., President.

Addison. German Evangelical-Lutheran Teachers' Seminary. — J. C. W. Lindemann, Principal.


Aledo Academy.


Ursuline Convent of the Holy Family and Young Ladies' Academy.


Jennings Seminary. — A school for both sexes. Thorough instruction at low rates. Address Martin E. Cady, Principal.

Belleville. Young Ladies' Academy of the Immaculate Conception.


Academy of the SiBters of St. Dominic.
Bloomington Business University.

Evergreen City Business College. — Thorough and practical. Send for circular to Marquam and Baker, Principals, Bloomington, III.

Illinois Wesleyan University. — Open to both sexes. Regular preparatory and College courses, with College of Law and College of Music. 23 Professors and Instructors; 494 students. Address Rev. W. H. H. Adams, D.D., President, Bloomington, 111.

Bourbonnais Grove, Kankakee Co.

Academy of Notre Dame. Directed by the Sisters of the Congregation de Notre Dame. For information, apply to the SiPkkioress. St. Viateur's College.

Brussels, Calhoun Co. Convent nnd Academy of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Bunker Hill. Bunker Hill Academy. Justin G. Hayes, A.B., Principal.


j St. Joseph's Convent and Academy of the Sisters of 1 Loretto.

Ca rbondale.

Soutnem Illinois Normal University. — 10 Instructors. Preparatory and Normal Departments. All expenses low- Address Robert Allyn, Principal.

Carlinville, Macoupin Co.

Blackburn University. — Open to both sexes. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments, 9 Instructors; 13(5 students. Address Rev. E. L. Hihii, D.D., President, Carlinville, 111.


Carthage College.


Illinois industrial University. — College of Agriculture — College of Engineers — College of Natural Sciences — College of Literature and Arts. Address J. M. Gregory, LL.D., Regent, Champaign, 111.


Academy of the Immaculate Conception B. V. M.
Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Allen Academy and Polytechnic Institute. — The most elegantly and thoroughly equipped Boys' School in the United States. Prepares for the best colleges or for business life. Equal advantages to girls. A few pupils are received into the family of the President and enjoy rare advantages. The Academy and residence are in the most fashionable quarter of the city and only three blocks apart. Able faculty. Address Ira W. Allen, LL.D., President, 663 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.

Miss Bauer's Kindergarten and Fnglish School. Miss Julia Bauer, Principal, 584% N. Clark Street,. Chicago, 111.


Baptist Union Theological Seminary.
Bennett Medical College.

H. B. Bryant's Chicago Business College and English Training School. —.4 Practical Education. The largest and most thorough institution of the kind. The new Business Exchange Room is run in connection with this College. Address, for circulars and catalogues, H. B. Bryaut, Chicago, 111.

Chicago Academy. — English and Classical School for both sexes. Three Departments. Address N. H. Babcock, Principal, 11 Eighteenth St., Chicago, 111.

Chicago Academy of Design Schools of Drawing and Fainting in continuous session. Address W. M. R. French, Secretary, Corner State and Monroe Streets, Chicago, 111. ■

Chicago Atheneum. — Co-operative education in •day and night schools. Address T. B. Fokbcsh, Superintendent, 48 to 54 Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111. Chicago College of Pharmacy. M. W. Borland, President. Chicago Day School for Deaf-Mutes.

Chicago Homoeopathic College Superior clinical

advantages. Winter term begins in October. Apply to J. S. Mitchell, M.D., President, 200 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 111.

Chicago Kindergarten Training School. — For circulars, address, Mrs. A. H. Putnam or Miss Sara Eddy, Room 7, Hershey Hall Building, Chicago, III.

Chicago Ladies' Seminary.—English and Classical studies; Music, Art, and Modem Languages. Address Miss C A. Gregg. Principal, 15 Sheldon Street, ChiCago, 111.

Chicago Medical College. (Medical Department of the Northwestern Uuiversity). The Winter session will commence on the first Monday in October and close on the third Tuesday in March. The Summer session begins on the first Monday in April and closes on the last Thursday in June. This session is free to all who have taken the Matricnlation ticket. Fkks— Lecture Fees for Winter term, $50.00. Graduation Fee, $20.00. Matriculation Fee, $5.00. Dissecting Ticket. $5.00. Hospital Ticket, $6.00. All fees are payable in advance to the Registrar, Prof. Nelson. For further information, address H. A. Johnson, M.D., Secretary, 4 Sixteenth Street, Chicago, III.

Chicago Musical Collsire F. Zeigfeld, President, Adolph Rosknbkcker, Director. For catalogue, address the College, 493 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 111. Chicago Theological Seminary.

Dearborn Seminary English and Classical studies, Modern languages, Music, and Art. Address Z. Gkoveh, Principal, 985 to 989 Wabash Avenue, ChiCago, 111.

Dyhrenfurth Business College.

German Institute. J. C. Stoelke, Principal.

Gleason's Academy. — An elementary, classical, and commercial school for Young Men and Boys. Address M. B. Gleason, Principal, 339 W. Adams Street, Chicago, 111.

The Misses Grant's Seminary. Opens Wednesday September 16th. Ample accommodation for boarding and day pupils. Address the Principals, 128'/ Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111.

Hahneman Medical College and Homoeopathic Hospital.

Heimstreet's Classical Institute. — Day and Boarding pupils; private lessons; native teachers. 420 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, HI.

Hershey School of Musical Art at Hershev Music Hall, 83 and 85 Madison Street, Chicago, 111."

Miss Latimer's School for Girls offers every advan"tage for a liberal education. For further particulars, apply to the Principal, 814 Michigan Avenue, ChiCago, 111.

Metropolitan Business College. — One of the largest and best in the West. Send for catalogue to


Howe and Powers, Principals, 149 State Street, ChiCago, 111.

Metropolitan Musical College. — Most thorough vocal culture, also instrumental, at lowest terms. Apply to Prof. Rice, Principal, 202 State Street, ChiCago, 111.

North Side German Kindergarten. Miss L. Martens,


North Side Kindergarten. Miss A. H. Woodward,


Park Institute. — 19 Instructors; 212 pupils. English Brunches, Classics, French, German, and Italian; Kindergarten and Book-keeping. Mrs. A. E. Bates, Principal, 103 and 105 Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111.

Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Northwest.

Miss B. S. Bice's School for Young Ladies and Children. Boarding pupils at moderate rates. Good references. Address Miss R, S. Rice, 481 North La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Rogers' Collegiate Institute.

Bush Medical College. — 32 Instructors; new and ample buildings. Extraordinary opportunities for clinical instruction. Prof. J. H. Ethekidge, M.I)., Secretary, 603 Michigan Ave. St. Francis Xavier's Academy.

8t. Ignatius College.—14 Instructors. Preparatory Department, Classical and Commercial courses. Library of 10,000 volumes. Rev. J. De Bi.iece, S. J. President.

St. Joseph's Academy.
Seminary of the Sacred Heart.

Union College of Law (of the University of Chicago and the Northwestern University). Collegiate year, 36 weeks. Tuition, $50.00 per year. I or catalogues, &c, address Hon. H. B. Huhd, Treasurer, 95 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111.

University of Chicago. — 21 Professors; 325 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments, and Union College of Law. Address Rev. Galcsha AnDerson, D.D., President, Chicago, 111.

Woman's Hospital Medical College of Chicago. The Eighth annual course of Lectures will commence on Tuesday, October 2nd, 1878, and continue twentyone weeks. This institution offers to Women a thorough medical education, with first-class facilities for its accomplishment. Dissecting material abundant. The new college within one block of the Cook Co. Hospital and Central Free Dispensary furnishes students the best clinical advantages of any Woman's College in the country. T. D. Fitch, M.D., Secretary, 296 West Monroe Street, Chicago, 111.


Danville High School. J. G. Shedd, Principal.


St. Teresa's Ursuline Convent and Academy.

Northern Illinois Normal College.
Rock River University.


Dover Normal School. W. J. Cook, Principal.
East St. Louis.

Academy of the Sisters of Mercy for Young Ladies.
Howe Literary Institute. Spencer F. Holt, A.M.,


Cook County Normal and Training School.


Eureka College. — 10 Instructors; 60 students. Collegiate, Bible, and Music Departments. H. W. Everest, President.


Northwestern University and Garrett Biblical Institute. 52 Instructors; 800 students. Preparatory, Illinois.

College, and Professional schools. Address for in-
formation and catalogue, Olivek Mabcy, President,
Evanston, 111.'
Woman's College of Literature and Art.

Worthington Business College and English Training School. Both sexes. No vacations. Near Chicago. Circulars free. Evanston, 111.


Ewing College. — 8 Instructors. Collegiate, Academic and Music Departments. Address Rev. Wm. Shblton, D.D., President, Ewino, 111.


Northern Illinois College and Griffith's School of Reading and Oratory. Open to both sexes. Expenses $200.00 a year. Address A. A. Griffith, A.M., President, Fulton, 111.


Academy of the Sisters of St. Dominic.

Northwestern German-English Normal School. — 5 Instructors. Preparatory, Academic and Normal Departments. B. F. Mkrtkn, Principal.


Knox College.—13 Instructors; 327 students. Com

grising Knox Academy—a preparatory school—Knox eminary for Ladies, and Knox College for Gentlemen. Course of Instruction thorough and complete. Address Hon. Newton Bateman, LL. D., President, Calesburo, 111.

Lombard University.—10 Instructors. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Open to both sexes. Address Rev. Nehehiah White, Ph. 1>., President, Galesburo, 111.

Western Business College and Institute of Penmanship and Telegraphy. J. M. Martin and lino., Principals and Proprietors, Galesbubo, 111.


Monticello Ladies' Seminary. Miss H. M. Haskell.

Almira College. Jons B. White, President.

St. Scholastica's Academy of the Poor School-Sisters of Notre Dame.

Highland Park.

Highland Hall. — A College and Preparatory School for Young Ladies. This Institution affords the best advantages for the physical, aesthetic, mental, and moral training of your daughters. Full college course of four years. Subordinate courses. Situation unsurpassed in healthfulnes and beauty. School year of forty weeks begins September 19th, 1878. Address inquiries to Edward P. Weston, President, Highland Park, 111.

Illinois Agricultural College.


Illinois College.—15 Instructors. Preparatory Department (Whipple Academy) and College Course. Rufus C. Crampton, A. M., President.

Hlinois Female College. — Buildings, Terms, Literary, Musical and Art Departments unsurpassed. Address W. F. Short, President, Jacksonville, 111. Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.

Jacksonville Business College. — A practical, useful education within the reach of all. 1) Instructors. G. W. Brown, Principal.

Jacksonville Female Academy.—Established 1830. 10 Instructors. Primary, Preparatory, and Academic courses ol study. Departments of Music and Art. Address E. F. Bullard, A.M., Principal, JacksonVille, 111.

St. Rose's Convent and Academy of the Sisters of St. Dominic.


The Athenaeum A University for Young Ladies,

and the Conservatory Musical College. Solid or ornamental culture. Address the Principal, JacksonVille, 111.


Joliet Business College.
Kankakee, Kankakee Co.

St. Joseph's Seminary.


St. Mary's School. C. W. Leffinowell, Principal.
Swedish-American Ausgari College.

Lake Forest.

Ferry Hall.—A Young Ladies'School of the highest class. 10 Instructors. Miss Martha H. Sfraouk, Principal.

Lake Forest Academy. — Boys' Fitting and Boarding School. Graduates are now in Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Williams, Princeton, Univerity of Michigan, and Lake Forest University. For Catalogue, address A. R, Sabin, Principal, Lake Forest, 111.

Lake Forest University Open to both sexes. 15

Instructors. Rev. R. W. Patterson, D. D., President.

La Salle.

La Salle Academy.

St. Patrick's Academy. Bro. Camillus, Superior.

St. Vincent's Academy.


McKendree College. Preparatory, College and Law Departments. Open to both sexes. Address Rev. Ross C. Houuhton, D. D., President.


Lincoln University.

St. Joseph's Ursuline Convent and Academy.


McDonough Normal and Scientific College.


Evangelish-Lutherischcs Collegium.
Wartburg Seminary.


Monmouth College.—Open to both sexes. 11 Instructors. Collegiate, Academic and Musical Departments. 349 Students. J. C. Hutchinson, A. M., President pro tern.

Morgan Park.

Chicago Female College.— Preparatory and Collegiate Departments; an Optional Course, also Graduating Course in Music, Drawing and Painting. Address G. Thayer, President, Morgan Park, Cook Co., 111.

Morgan Park Military Academy. — A first-class Preparatory School for boys. Location attractive. Educational facilities unsurpassed. For information, address Capt. Edward N. Kirk Talcott and Henry T. Wright, Associate Principals, Morgan Park. Cook Co.. 111.


Morris Normal and Scientific School Thorough,

practical, economical. Terms open September 3rd, November 12th, January 28th, April 15th. Address the Principal, Morris, 111.

St Angela's Academy This institution, in charge

ot the Sisters of the Holy Cross, is delightfully located on the Chicago and Rock Inland Railroad, and possesses every facility for imparting a thorough education at very- reasonable terms; $160.00 per annum. For particulars, apply to Sister-superior, St. AngeLa's Academy. Morris, HI.

Mt. Carroll.

Mt Carroll Seminary Opens its 2Gth year under

the same principal, September 12th, 1878. The fourth building (furnished with all modern improvements) just completed to meet the steadily increasing wants of the School. "The Oread" (the School Journal) Illinois,

giving full particulars mailed free to all sending postoffice address to the Principal, Mt. Carroll SemInary, Mt. Cakkoll, 111.

Mt. Morris.
Kock Uiver Seminary. M. E. Hitt, Principal.


Nortnwe ;Wru College for both sexes. Full Classical, Scientific, German, Business, and Art courses, with Preparatory Department. Unparalleled cheapness. Rev. A. A. Smith, A. M., President. For full information, address Rev. Wm. Hlelster, Treasurer, Naperville, 111.


Academy of the Sisters of St. Benedict.


Illinoia State Normal University for the special preparation of teachers. The full course of study requires three years. Tuition free to those who pledge themselves to teach in the state: to others, $30.00 per year. High School Department otters the best advantages for preparing for college or for business. Tuition. $30.00 per yea,-. Grammar School Department furnishes excellent facilities for obtaining a good, practical education. Tuition, $25.00 per year. Primary Department, a charming place for the "little folks." For particulars, address Edwin C. Hewett, President, Normal, 111.

High School Dspartonnt of State Normal University. Special attention paid to fitting young men for college. For years its graduates have entered Harvard and other first-class colleges without conditions. The English course presents rare opportunities to young men preparing for business or young ladies desiring a thorough course of study. For further information, address L. L. Bukrington, A. M., NorMal, 111.


Grand Prairie Seminary and Commercial College. A superior school for both sexes. Faculty of six. 243 students the past year. Classical, Scientific, and Musical Departments. Village free from saloons and kindred vices. Expenses very moderate. For catalogue, address Rev. John B.'robinson, A.M., President, Onarga, 111.

St. Francis Xavicr's Institute.


Edgar Collegiate Institute. Josiah Hi'rtv. A. M., Principal.


Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Parish's Central Illinois Business College and Telegraphic Institute. A. S. Parish, Principal.

Peoria County Normal School. — r> Instructors; 120 students. Normal and Training Departments. S. H. White, Principal.


Academy of the Sisters of St. Joseph.


Princeton High School. Henry L. Boltwooi>. A.M.. Principal.


ChaidocK College. 11 Instructors. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments — Classical and Scientific courses. Rev. E. W. Hall. A.M., President. Convent of the Holv Family and Academy of the Poor School-Sisters of Notre 'Dame. Gem City Business College. D. L. Mfssklman, Principal. St. Francis' College.

Richvieiv, Washbujton Co. Washington Seminary. Rev. Edgar W. Clark, A.M., Principal.

Robin's Nest.

Jubilee College.



Rockford Business College.

Hockj'ord Seminary for Women. College, Preparatory, Musical, and Art Departments. Terms low. Address Anna P. Sill, Principal, Rockford, 111.

Bock IsUtnd.

Augustana to.luge and Theological Seminary

10 Instructors. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Theo-
logical Departments. Instruction imparted through
the medium of the English and Swedish languages.
Address Hcv. T. L. Hasselquist, D.D., President,
Rook Island, 111.
Rock Island Business College.

Itnma, Randolph Co.
Convent and Academy of tho Sacred Heart.


Illinois Polytechnic Institute. Rev. M. Phillips, Superintendent.

Springfield. Concordia College.

St. Joseph's Ursuline Convent and Young Ladies' Academy.

Springfield Business College. — No summer vacation. Students enter at any time. Send for circular to S. BoGAituis, Proprietor, Springfield, 111.

Teutopolis. St. Joseph's Ecclesiastical College. Rev. P. M. KlosTerman, O.S.F., President.


Illinois Industrial University. (See ChamPaign, Ills.)

Upper Alton.

Shartieff College. — Open to both sexes. 13 Instructors. Academic and Preparatory; Collegiate and Theological Departments. Address Rev. A. A. KenDrick, D. 1)., President, Upper Alton, 111. Washington Heights, Cook Co. Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Waterloo, Monroe Co. Convent and Academy of the Sisters of St. Joseph.


Westfield Co'.letre. — 0 Instructors. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Open to both sexes. Rev. Samfel B. Allen, D.D., President. Wheat on.

Wheatou College.


Todd Seminary lor Boys.


Hon. Jamks II. Smart, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Indianapolis, lud.

Battle Ground.

Battle Ground Collegiate Institute.


Bedford College and Normal Institute. — Four separate and complete courses — Classical, Scientific, Ministerial, and Ladies'. Normal Department. 6 Instructors. J. A. Bf.attie. President.

Bloom ingdale.

Friends' Bloomingdale Academy.

Bloom ington.

Indima University. — IS Professors; 3'2."> students. Preparatory. Collegiate, and Law Departments. !,;■:«, Iel Moss. D.D., President.


Bourbon College.


Barnett Academy.

Cra wfordsville.

Wabash College. — 12 Instructors; 190 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Classical Rev. Joseph F.


Scientific, and Partial courses.
Tuttlk, D.D., President.


Crescent City Commercial College.

Evansville Commercial College. Rank & Wright,


Medical College of Evansville. Geo. B. Walker, M.P.,


Ferdinand, Dubois Ob.
Academy of the Immaculate Conception.

Fort Wayne.

Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Evangelisch - Lutherisches Concordia-Collegium. G. Schick, Rector.

Fort Wayne College. — Normal, Scientific and Classical courses. Expenses very low. W. P. Yocum, Principal. St. Augustine's Academy.


Franklin College. — 7 Instructors. Preparatory and Collegiate, Music and Art Departments. Open to both sexes. Rev. W. T. Stott, D.D., Principal.


Elkhart County Normal and Classical School.

Greencastle. Female College of Indiana.

Indiana Asbury University. — Open to both sexes. Incorporated 1837. 13 Professors; 505 students. Classical, Philosophical, Eclectic, Normal, and Biblical courses of study. Alexander Martin, D. D., President.


Hanover College. — 10 Instructors; 111 students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Geo. C. Heckman, D.D., President.


Hartsville University. Rev. W. J. Pruner, President.

Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Indiana. H.
Jameson, M.D., Secretary.

Indiana Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.

Indiana Medical College.

Indianapolis Business College and Telegraph Institute. C. C. Koerner, Principal.

Indianapolis Kindergarten. Miss Alice Chapin,

Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart,
St. John's Academy and Day School.


Butler uu'versity. — Open to both sexes. 11 Instructors; 173 students. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Business Departments. Otis A. Bl'hgess, LL.D., President. College of Bnsiness.


St. Augustine's Academy and Day School.


Central Normal School and Commercial Institute. Preparatory, Teachers', Commercial, and Collegiate Departments. 10 Instructors. W. F. Harper, Principal.

La Fayette.

Pcrd -.e University. — Open to both sexes. The University embraces the Departments designated respectively: I. The University Academy; II. The College of General Science; III'. Special Schools of Science and Technology. 11 Instructors; lt>6 students. Address E. E. White, LL. D., President, La Fayette, Ind..

St. Ignatius' Academy.
St. Mary's Boarding and Select School for Boys. J.M.


Scherer, C.S.C., Superior.
Star City Business College.

La Grange.

La Grange County Normal School.


St. Rose's Academy.


Hall's Business College.

Holy Angels' Academy. — Boarding School tot Young Ladies. An elegant budding delightfully located in the midst of highly improved grounds. Teaching thorough and varied. Music a specialty. Terms low. Address for Circulars, Sisters Of The Holy Cross, lx>GANsroKT, Ind. Smithson College.

Madison, Jefferson Co. Our Lady of Angels' Academy.

Marion. Normal School.

Merom, Sullivan Co.

Union Christian College 8 Instructors ; 126 students. Academic, Collegiate, Normal, and Bible Departments. Rev. Tuos. C. Smith, A.M., President.

Michigan City.

St. Ambrose's Academy.
Moore's Hill.

Moore's Hill College. — Open to both sexes. 8 Instructors; 124 students. Preparatory, Collegiate, Music, Normal, and Elocution Departments. Rev. John P. D. John, A.M., President.

New Albany.

De Panw Female College.

Select School. Miss E. L. Baldwin, Principal.

New Haven.

New Haven Academy.

Notre Dame, St. Joseph Co.

St. Mary's Academy. — Under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The course of studies is thorough in the Classical, Academical, and Preparatory Departments. No extra charge for French or German, as those languages enter into the regular course of Studies. The Musical Department is conducted on the plan of the best Conservatories of Europe by 9 teachers in Instrumental and 2 in Vocal Music. In the Art Department the same principles which form the basis for instruction in the great Art Schools of Europe, are embodied in the course of Drawing and Painting. Pupils in the Schools of Painting or Music may pursue a special course. Influential friends of the Academy have given Gold Medals as prizes for superior excellence in each of the following departments: Plain Sewing, Cooking, French, German, Painting, and Drawing. Number of teachers in Classical and Academic course—14; in Modern Languages—4; in Art Department—5; in Instrumental Music—9; in Vocal Music—2. Special terms for two or more members of a family. Simplicity of dress enforced by rule. For Catalogue, address Mother-superior, St. Mary's Academy, Notre Dame P. 0., Ind.

University of Notre Dame. — Founded 1842. 43 Instructors. Accommodations for five hundred students. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments, Scientific Course, Law Department, and Commercial Course. Rev. Wm. Corby, C.S.C., President.

Oldenburg, Franklin Co.
Institute of the immaculate Conception.

Northeastern Indiana Literary Institute.

Peru Graded School. Geo. C. Manning, Principal.


G. W. Allen's Select School.

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