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for the second set; Lady Grace Maxwell succeeded her. About ten o'clock the company began to disperse. I soon after accepted (notwithstanding supper was nearly ready) the obliging offer of a set-down from Lady Farnham, who dropped me at the corner of Earl-street near twelve o'clock.

BALL AND ASSEMBLY AT SEAPOINT, July 2nd, 1800. “July 2nd.—Wednesday evening, we drank tea at Mr. Browne’s; and about 10 o'clock Robert Tighe and Henry Prettie called on us in a glass coach, and we went to Seapoint to a ball; we found the room tolerably full, and a very good sett dancing when we went in. After our arrival there were two setts before supper. I danced one of them with one of the Miss Dawsons ; James Tisdall danced with one of the Miss Cramers ; Julia and Kitty each danced a sett with Bob Tighe and Henry Prettie. About one o'clock the bell rung, and we went to the supper-room, where we had a very tolerable supper, but the wine was execrably bad. After supper one sett was danced, and we set out for home (Marlboroughstreet), where we arrived a little after 3 o'clock.”

“Old Belfast,” (Edited with Notes by R. M. Young, B. A., C.E., M.R.I.A.)-The northern capital is again fortunate in having another volume added to its books of history, “a companion volume to the ‘Townbook of Belfast,' but complete in itself.” If we may judge from the prospectus and specimens sent us, the complete book (which is promised for April, 1895), ought to form a volume no less attractive to the general reader than to the student of local history. The work comprises a great mass of material collected by the late eminent antiquary William Pinkerton, F.B.A.; also personal narratives of the stirring periods of 1649 and 1690; ballads; the history of the Island Magee witches, and a series of descriptions of the counties Down and Armagh in 1682. The illustrations are numerous and interesting; old views and maps of the town in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; and a series of clever pictures: Sir Arthur Chichester presenting the charter of the town to the Burgesses in 1613, the Assault on the North Gate by Col. Venables in 1649, the Corporation presenting an Address to King William in 1690, &c.; nor are the small cuts less attractive.

aties Down andland Magee witch periods

Notices of Books.

[Note.Those marked * are by Members of the Society.]

* History, Guide, and Directory of the County and City of Waterford.

By P. M. Egan, Author of Historical Guide to Kilkenny, fc. (Kilkenny : P. M. Egan.)

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This volume, which runs to some 800 pages, is, both in letterpress and binding, very creditable to its Kilkenny publisher, especially in view of the very moderate price at which it is issued. The illustrations are numerous, but many of them have not been printed successfully. The best are views of the old Cathedral, photographic pictures of two of the old towers on the city wall, and reproductions of views from Smith's “ History." To the description of the numerous towns and churches in county Waterford are added notices, topographical and historical, of Clonmel, New Ross, and Youghal, outside its limits. Mr. Egan claims to have identified the site of St. John's Priory, Waterford, which had not been recognised by former historians. Also amongst new features is a list of the High Sheriffs of the county. Lists of Members of Parliament (reprinted from the Parliamentary Return) and of Bishops, &c., are useful for reference. The portion forming a Directory to the City and County must also be of great utility.

We should have wished to learn more of the very interesting mediæval history of Waterford and New Ross. Indeed, we feel from the style in which some parts are treated, that the author is not much in sympathy with the study of early history. Viewed, too, from the strictly historical standpoint, there is a marked lack of references to, or acknowledgment of, authorities. Regarded, however, as a historical guide, these demerits are not so serious, and may, perhaps, leave the book more attractive to many readers.

The book unquestionably gathers a very large amount of matter hitherto scattered ; and presents it in a handy form, and a popular style, and at a price within reach of all. Such a book should do much to stimulate an interest in local history, and, we hope, lead to its more general study, and a more diffused desire to preserve the remains of our past.


TAE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Society, for the year 1895, was held (by permission) in the Royal Dublin Society's House, Kildarestreet, Dublin, on Tuesday, 8th January, 1895, at four o'clock, p.m.

THOMAS DREW, R.H.A., F.R.I.B.A., P.R.I.A.I., President,

in the Chair.

The following were present during the proceedings :

Fellows :—R. Langrishe, F.R.I.A.I., Vice-President ; John Ribton Garstin, M.A., LL.B., B.D., 8.8.A., M.K.I.A., Vice-President; the Rev. Denis Murphy, 8. J., LL.D., M.R.I.A., Vice-President ; Robert Cochrane, F.8.A., M.R.I.A., Hon. General Secretary and Treasurer ; G. D. Burtchaell, M.A., M.R.I.A.; George Coffey, B.B., M.R.I.A. ; Patrick J. Donnelly; Patrick M. Egan, J.P.; the Rev. James F. M. ffrench, M.R.I.A.; Lord Walter Fitz Gerald, m.R.I.A. ; William Frazer, F.R.C.8.I., M.R.1.A., HON. F.S.A. (Scot.) ; Charles Geoghegan, Assoc. Inst. C.E.I.; Deputy Surgeon-General Henry King, M.A., M.B., M.K.I.A. ; S. K. Kirker; J. J. Digges La Touche, M.A., LL.D., M.R.I.A.; Seaton F. Milligan, M.R.I.A.; James Mills, M.R.I.A.; William R. Molloy, M.R.I.A.; J. Casimir O'Meagher, M.R.I.A. ; Count Plunkett, M.R.I.A. ; the Rev. Canon Stoney, M.A., D.D. ; Colonel P. D. Vigors; Thomas J. Westropp, M.A., M.R.I.A.; Robert Lloyd Woollcombe, LL.D., M.R.I.A.; E. P. Wright, M D., Sec. R.I.A.

Members :-J. G. Alcorn; the Rev. William F. Alment, B.D.; the Rev. Arthur W. Ardagh, M.A.; Henry F. Baker; the Rev. J. W. Ballard ; Miss Mary Banim ; J. H. Bennett; Henry F. Berry, M.A.; Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.1.A.; 0. H. Braddell; James Brenan, R.H.A., M.R.I.A. ; the Rev. R. A. Burnett, M.A.; the Rev. W. W. Campbell, M.A., R.N.; Anthony R. Carroll ; James Charles, m.i.J.; W. P. Chapman ; M. Edward Conway ; Henry A. Cosgrave, u.1. ; the Rev. George W. S. Coulter, M.A.; David H. Creighton ; E. R. M'C. Dix; Matthew Dorey ; the Rev. J. B. Dougherty, M.A.; the Rev. A. L. Elliott, m.a.; the Rev. William Falkiner, M.A.; the Rev. Canon Fisher, M.A. ; Surgeon Lieut.-Colonel J. J. Greene, M.B.; the Rev. John Healy, LL.D. ; the Rev. William Healy, P.P.; H. Hitchins ; M. J. Hurley ; the Very Rev. H. Jellett, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's ; Bryan J. Jones ; Richard J. Kelly; Williams R. Kennan; the Rev. R. A. Kernan, B.D.; George Kernan ; Stephen M. Lanigan; John V. Legge; Brian Mac Sheehy, LL.D.; the Rev. F. G M'Clintock, m.a.; M. J. M‘Enery, B.A.; Robert M‘Intosh ; C. M`Neill; John M'Neill; B. P. J. Mahony, M.R.C.v.s. ; William M. Mitchell, R.H.A.; Joseph M. Moore, M.A.; the Rev. J. E. H. Murphy, M.A.; P. Newell, B.A.; the Rev. Denis O'Donoghue, P.P.; William P. O'Neill, m.R.I.A.; J. E. Palmer; J. Monsarratt Quinn; T. W. Rolleston; Victor E. Smyth ; Bedell Stanford, B.A.; William Stirling, P.R.I.A.I. ; Mrs. Stoker; William C. Stubbs, M.A.; the Rev. James H. Walsh, B.1).; Robert White; the Rev. G. 0. Woodward, B.A. ; Frank Hugh O'Donnell

The Minutes of the previous Meeting were read and confirmed.

The following Candidates, recommended by the Counsil, were elected :

FELLOWS. Charles F. Doyle, M.A., P.R.U.I. (Member, 1890), 19, Kildare-street, Dublin : proposed by G. D. Burtchaell, M.A., Fellow.

Patrick J. Donnelly (Member, 1893), 136, Capel-street, Dublin : proposed by Thomas Drew, R.H.A., President.

H. Stow Garlick, 653, Eastern-avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.: proposed by Horace W. Whayman, Fellow.

Thomas Greer, M.R.I.a., P.R.G.S., J.P., Sea Park, Belfast, and Grove House, Regent's Park, London, N.W.: proposed by the Rev. Canon Sayers.

William G. D. Goff, J.P., Glenville, Waterford : proposed by Thomas Drew, R.H.A., President.

MEMBERS. Alexander Agnew, Upper Clifton, Bangor, Co. Down: proposed by $. F. Milligan, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Ulster.

Algernon Fetherstonhaugh Briscoe, J.P., Curristown, Killucan: proposed by the Rev. William Falkiner.

Frederick Ogle Campbell, Main-street, Bangor, Co. Down : proposed by Robert Cochrane, F.S.A., Fellow, Hon. General Secretary.

Thomas Carney, The Hibernian Bank, Kells, Co. Meath: proposed by James Deady.

Mrs. G. B. Coulter, 21, University-square, Belfast: proposed by R. M. Young, B.A., Fellow, Hon. Local Secretary for Belfast.

Henry Courtenay, Hughenden, Leinster-road, Rathmines : proposed by the Rev. H. Cameron Lyster, B.D.

Miss Mary E. Cunningham, Glencairn, Belfast : proposed by S. F. Milligan, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Ulster.

John B. Cullen, 40, Kenilworth-square, Dublin : proposed by the Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, Fellow, Hon. Secretary for Co. Wicklow.

Major-General W. L. Devenish-Meares, J.P., p.L., Meares Court, Ballinacargy, Co. Westmeath: proposed by the Rev. William Falkiner.

Mrs. Arthur Hales, Belvedere, Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham, S.E. : proposed by H. Pomeroy Truell, D.L.

Thomas E. Hudman, 3, Summerville-terrace, North Circular-road, Dublin : proposed by James Mills, M.R.1.A., Fellow.

Miss Helen Hughes, 185, Rathgar-road, Dublin: proposed by W.J. Gillespie, Fellow.

The Rev. Robert Jeffrey, M.A., The Manse, Portadown: proposed by C. Winston Dugan, M.A.

Miss K. Knox, Ennis, Co. Clare : proposed by T. J. Westropp, M.A., Fellow, Hon. Secretary for N. Clare.

Miss Leech, Danesfield, Clontarf: proposed by the Rev. Denis Murphy, s.J., LL.D., Vice-President.

The Rev. John M‘Elhatton, c.c., Strabane : proposed by S. F. Milligan, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Ulster.

George Metcalfe, Johnstown Cottage, Rathdowney, Queen’s County : proposed by Hugh Allingham, M.R.I.A., Hon. Secretary for S. Donegal.

The Rev. Joseph Moorhead, B.A., The Manse, Broughshane, Co. Antrim : proposed by W. T. Clements.

M. J. O'Callaghan, Office of Public Works, Dublin : proposed by R. Cochrane, P.S.A., Hon. General Secretary and Treasurer.

Mrs. A L. Persse, Ormonde View, Ballycrissan, Ballinasloe : proposed by W. F. Budds, J.P.

The Rev. R. Caledon Ross, Strangford, Co. Down: proposed by the Rev. E. A. Cooper, B.D.

The Rev. Innocent Ryan, Professor, St. Patrick's College, Thurles : proposed by the Rev. W. Healy, P.P., Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

The Cavaliere Lorenzo Salazar, Director of the Bibliotheca, S. Martino, Naples : proposed by T. J. Westropp, M.A., Fellow, Hon. Secretary for N. Clare.

His Honor Judge Shaw, M.A., Woodlawn, Dundrum : proposed by the Rev. G. R. Buick, LL.D., Vice-President.

Mrs. Simpson, West Church Manse, Ballymena : proposed by the Rev. G. R. Buick, LL.D., Vice-President.

Thomas J. Smith, D.I., R.I.C., Dungannon: proposed by G. A. Dagg, M.A., Hon. Secretary for S. Fermanagh,

James Walby, Engineer, Post Office Telegraph Department, Belfast : proposed by S. K. Kirker, Fellow, Hon. Secretary for Co. Cavan.

The Rev. George R. Wedgwood, 32, Gt. Charles-street, Dublin : proposed by the Rev. J. W. R. Campbell, s.a.

The Rev. George Woodburn, M.A., P.R.U.1., The Manse, Kells, Co. Meath : proposed by the Rev. W. T. Latimer, B.A.

The Report of the Council for the year 1894 was then brought forward :

THE REPORT OF THE COUNCIL FOR 1894. Since the presentation of the REPORT for 1893, notice has been received of the deaths of five Fellows and twenty Members. The Fellows who died wereJoseph Bennett; Allen E. Douglas, m.n.; Lord Emly; John Hill; and John L. Robinson, R.H.A.

Mr. John Hill, who was elected a Member in 1858, and a Fellow in 1871, was for several years one of the Hon. Local Secretaries for the County of Clare. A notice of him has already appeared in the Journal for 1894.

The untimely death of Mr. John L. Robinson has removed one of the most useful and active Members of the Society. Elected a Member in 1889, and a Fellow in 1893, he acted as Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster during the past five years, and in January, 1894, he was co-opted a Member of the COUNCIL. On the formation of the Committee for the purpose of carrying out the Photographic Survey of the Antiquities of Ireland, Mr. Robinson consented to act as Hon. Curator, and in connexion with this undertaking his loss will be most severely felt. To the Journal he contributed a paper on “Celtic Remains in England," vol. i., 5th ser. (1890), and “Notes on the Photographic Survey,” vol. iii., 5th ser. (1893); besides which he gave at the Society's Meetings many Photographic Illustrations (by means of lantern-slide transparencies) of the places visited by the Society on their Excursions.

of the Members who died, Mr. Peter Burtchaell was the senior on the Roll of Ordinary Members, having been elected on the 7th of March, 1852. For twenty-six years, 1861 to 1887, he was a Member of the General Committee, and for twenty years one of the Trustees of the Society, from the institution of that Office, in 1870, until relieved at his own request, in 1890.

In Mr. A. J. Fetherstonbaugh the Society has lost one who, had he been spared, showed promise of becoming conspicuous in the first rank of historical workers. His paper on “The True History of the Two Chiefs of Dunboy,” which appeared in the Journal, vol. iv. 5th ser. (1894), after the lamented death of the author, gave proof of his ability as a writer, and capacity for historical research and criticism.

The resignations of two Fellows and forty-nine Members have been accepted. The

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