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which, in subjects dependent on a stratum, often limited, of investigation, and a wide superstructure of deductions is, at least, allowable, and ought to be expected. Hence each individual who reads the pages of this, or any similar work, will have to decide for himself how far he coincides with the author's opinions, and how far he considers himself possessed of superior information; indeed, there are few books published that the candid critic does not believe, and with perfect sincerity, he could have written more judiciously than the author, or at least could have largely augmented the information afforded. This must be conceded, that up to the present the work now published is far in advance of all others, and is the best handbook of Irish archaeology that has appeared. It has the advantage of being concisely and clearly written, and contains an exceptional amount of detailed information, well put together.

The "Bibliography of Papers and Works on Irish Pre-Christian Archaeology," which came under the author's notice, containing, as it does, upwards of 1000 classified references to Papers on various subjects by about 400 writers, which forms an Appendix to this volume, is a feature deserving of special remark and commendation, and must prove useful for reference to even advanced students of our past history, and still more so to the tyro commencing such pursuits, enabling him to ascertain, with trifling trouble, or loss of time, the views held by those who have devoted much research and thought to describe, illustrate, and elucidate our Irish prehistoric remains, and whose Papers are dispersed through the publications of different learned societies.

It is needless to say that, issued from the University Press, the work is a most creditable specimen of Irish typography.—W. F.

* The Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeologist. Edited by J. Homily Allen, F.s.a. (Scot.). Published quarterly. (London: Bemrose & Sons, October, 1895.)

The last number of this periodical is before us. The number contains a church study in Venice, by Mr. Harold Hughes; Some Hebridean Antiquities, with views and descriptions of remarkable standing stones, and some curious early forts and earth dwellings, by Mr. MacRitchie, with other articles, well printed and profusely illustrated. Notices of new antiquarian publications form a prominent and interesting feature of the work. Among these notices is one which can hardly fail to attract the attention of Irish readers. It is a review of a recent book on "The Evil Eye." An illustration, reproduced from this book, shows a number

JOUH. R.S.A.I., VOL. V., FT. IV., 5Th SER. 2 F

of silver Diana charms worn in Naples as a preservative from the dangers of this mnch-feared evil. Some of these figures bear a striking resemblance to the rude Shela-na-gig figures in Ireland, which, it is believed, are in some places connected with a memory of the same form of superstition.

Dated Book-Plates, a Treatise on their Origin and Development. By "Walter Hamilton, Chairman of the Ex Libris Society, Vice-President of the Society Fran^aise des Collectionneurs d' Ex Libris. Part III. Price Is. 6d., net. (London: A. & C. Black, Soho-square, 1895.)

The concluding part of this work comprises dated Book-plates from 1800 to 1895, and is illustrated with copper-plates by Mr. C. W. Sherborn and Mr. W. H. Foster, and thirty illustrations. Three excellent examples of modern date, we observe, are by an Irish firm, the designer being a Fellow of the R.S.A.I. The author possesses an unique position and special qualities for accomplishing such a task; he is in touch with all the great collectors, and their accumulations have been placed at his disposal, and being master of all previous lists he has been able to supplement them by his own researches, as few men could. The work is one which must be regarded as of great value in completing all the information up to the present on all dated Book-plates, and will form a standard work of reference on the subject.

Only those plates which are dated are referred to, being the sure reliance and guide to collectors. Dated plates are not only prime evidences of personal and historic value, but interesting as examples of contemporary art; and unless otherwise authenticated as to time and designer, Book-plates lack much of their interest. Mr. Hamilton's work shows an amazing amount of industry in the compilation, and the labour involved must have been very great. Collectors will appreciate the remark in the concluding portion of the prefatory article by the author:—"So long as the relics of distinguished men of the past are treasured, so long as history, genealogy, and heraldry are studied, so long will a good collection of Book-plates be worth possessing and preserving, a futurity which promises to stretch far into centuries yet to come."

The Fourth General Meeting of the Society, for the year 1895, was held (by permission of the Mayor) in the Town Hall, Wexford, on Monday, 9th September, 1895, at 8 o'clock, p.m.;

Thomas Drew, B.h.a., P.h.i.a.i., F.b.i.b.a., President, in the Chair.

The following took part in the proceedings:—

Fellows:—The Bev. Denis Murphy, S.j., Ll.d., M.b.i.a., Pice-President; Robert Cochrane, P.s.a., M.b.i.a., Hon. General Secretary and Treasurer; the Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, M.b.i.a.; James £. Mayler; James Mills, M.b.i.a. ; W. B. Molloy, M.b.i.a.; John J. Perceval; the Bev. Patrick Power, c.c.; the Bev. Canon Stoney, D.d.; Colonel Philip D. Vigors; Robert Lloyd Woollcombe, Ll.d., M.b.i.a.

Members :—The Rev. Arthur W. Ardagh, M.a.; Francis Joseph Bigger, M.b.i.a.; Jacob Bollinger, M.a., Ll.d.; William Henning Corker; M. Edward Conway; John Cullin, J.P.; D. Griffith Davies, B.a.; the Rev. B. C. Davidson-Houston, M.a.;

E. R. M'C. Dix; Mrs. Drew; Sir T. H. Grattan Esmonde, Bart., M.p.: Frederick Franklin, P.b.i.a.i.; Dr. Nicholas Furlong, M.b.i.a., J. p.; Major G. F. Gamble; Dr. G. E. J. Greene, M.b.i.a., P.l.s., J.p.; Mrs. J. Greene; Thomas Greene, Ll.b., J.p.; Francis Guilbride, J.p.; Arthur Hade, c.B.; Philip Herbert Hore; Benjamin Hughes; Miss Helen Hughes ; the Rev. H. Cameron Lyster, B.d. ; Brian Mac Sheehy, LL.D.; Miss Manders; William M. Mitchell, B.b.a , P.b.i.a.i.; Goddard H. Orpen, B.a.; J. A. Parker; Festus K. Pounder, B.a.; 8. A. Quan-Smith; George C. Roberts, J.p.; the Rev. J. J. Ryan; Mrs. J. F. Shackleton; the Rev. Canon Smith, D.d.; Victor E. Smyth; W. C. Stubbs, M.a. ; F. P. Thunder; W. J. Grove-White, Ll.b.; J. B. Cullen; Michael Andrew Ennis, J.p.; G. F. Handcock ; W. Ross Lewin Lowe.

Associates:—The Mayor of Wexford; Mrs. W. M. Mitchell; Mrs. T Greene; Miss Greene; Mrs. G. H. Orpen; Mrs. E. M. Richards; Mrs. H. C. Lyster; Miss Morton; Miss F. Morton; A. Roycroft; Miss Newton; Miss Aird; Mrs. Allen; Walter Eakins; Mrs. Ennis; Miss Ennis; John Hore; Harold Hughes, A.b.i.b.a.; the Rev. J. Lyng, c.c.; the Rev. Thomas O'Connor; Astle Ryan; Colonel H. Jervis White, J.p., High Sheriff of the County Wexford; John Walsh; Mrs. J. F. Walsh;

F. C. Bigger; R. R. Belshaw.

The Minutes of the previous Meeting were read and confirmed.

The following Candidates, recommended by the Council, were declared duly elected :—


George A. de M. Edwin Dagg, M.a., Ll.b. (Dubl.), D.i., B.i.c. {Member, 1892), Son. Secretary, South Fermanagh, Derryree House, Lisnaskea: proposed by G. D. Burtchaell, M.a., M.b.i.a., Fellow.

The Rev. Hugh O'Reilly, St. Colman's Seminary, Newry: proposed by John F. Small.


Rev. Joseph Henry Bibby, Bishopscourt, Downpatrick: proposed by George W. O'Flaherty, L.b.c.p.b.

Davys Bowman, Chichester-street, Belfast: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, II.B.i.A., Vice-President.

John Edward Burke, Athlone Pursuivant, Picton House, Kingston-on-Thames: proposed by G. D. Burtchaell, M.a., M.b.i.A., Fellow.

David Carlisle, 103, Franklin-street, New York, U.S.A. : proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.u.i.A., Vice-Preeident.

James Caverhill, Merrion Lodge, Clueenstown: proposed by P. J. Lynch, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Muntter.

The Rev. P. Colgan, p.p., St. Enda's, Aran Isles, Galway: proposed by Robert Cochrane, Hon. General Secretary.

The Rev. Martin Cummins, P.p., Clare Galway: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.b.i.A., Vice-President.

Professor W. Boyd-Dawkins, P.s.a., P.k.s., P.o.s., &c., Woodhurst, Fallowfield, Manchester: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.b.i.A., Vice-President.

Toler R. Garvey, J.p., Thoravale, Moneygall: proposed by the Rev. Sterling de Courcy Williams.

The Rev. D. Hallinan, D.d., P.p., St. Mary's, Limerick: proposed by P. J. Lynch, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Minuter.

W. J. Haslam, B.b., Rockview House, Rathcabbin, Parsonstown: proposed by P. J. Lynch, Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Minister.

Joseph Holland, Holland House, Knock, Co. Down: proposed by William Gray, M.u.i.A., Vice-President.

The Rev. P. A. Keating, O.8.p., Athlone: proposed by Mrs. Tarleton, Hon. Local Secretary for King's County.

John William Killeen, Solicitor, 32, Waterloo-road, Dublin: proposed by A. G. Ryder.

R. Alexander Stewart Macalister, B.a., P.s.a., 41, Torrington-square, London, W.C.: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.u.i.A., Vice-President.

Arthur W. S. M'Comiskey, M.b., Killough, Co. Down: proposed by George W. O'Flaherty, L.r.c.p.b.

James M'Connell, Annadale House, Belfast: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.B.I.A., Vice-President.

James S. Mahon, Solicitor, 28, High-street, Belfast: proposed by Seaton F. Milligan, M.b.i.A., Vice-President.

R. Grainger Nash, J.p., Finnstown House, Lucan: proposed by W. Grove White, LL.b.

James O'Connor, Wexford: proposed by J. J. Perceval, Hon. Local Secretary, Wexford Town.

Mrs. Power O'Donoghue, K.I.J., 2, Peter-place, Dublin: proposed by J. R. O'Connell, M.a., Ll.d., Fellow.

Miss E. O'Connor-Morris, Gartnamona, Tullamore: proposed by Mrs. Tarleton, Hon. Secretary for King's County.

J. A. Parker, Postmaster, Wexford: proposed by Robert Cochrane, Hon. General Secretary.

Miss Anna H. Richardson, Craigentemple, Portrush: proposed by L. M. Ewart, M.b.i.A., Vice-President.

Mrs. A. G. Ryder, Portmahon Lodge, Inchicore: proposed by A. G. Ryder.

David Sherlock, D.l., Rahan Lodge, Tullamore: proposed by Mrs. Tarleton, Sen. Local Secretary for King's County.

Miss Mary J. Small, Hill-street, Newry: proposed by John F. Small.

Mrs. E. Weber Smyth, 6, St. Stephen's-green, Dublin: proposed by G. D. Burtchaell, M.a., M.b.i.a., Fellow.

Miss Stokes, Victoria-place, Athlone: proposed by Robert Cochrane, Hon. General Secretary.

Hector R. Graham Toler, J.p., D.l., Durrow Abbey, Tullamore : proposed by the Rev. Sterling de Courcy Williams.

John Francis Walsb, Wexford: proposed by J. J. Perceval, Hon. Local Secretary, Wexford Town.

The Rev. Isaac Warren, M.a., 11, Trinity College, Dublin: pioiosed by S. W. P. Cowan, M.a., X.S.I.A., Fellow.

R. H. Wilson, Bengal Civil Service (retired), 23, Cromwell descent, London, 8. W. : proposed by Rev. S. A. Brenan, Hon. Local Secretory for Slid Antrim.

T. E. Lloyd, Manager of the National Bank, Enniscorthy: proposed by the Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, Fellow, Hon. Local Secretary for South Wicklow.

The following Papers were read, and referred to the Council :—

"Irish Art as exhibited in Early Celtic Crosses, and other objects," by the Rev.

Denis Murphy, 8.J., Ll.d., M.b.i.a., Vice-President. "The Antiquities of Ferns," by Philip Herbert Hore.

The Meeting then adjourned to the following evening.

Tuesday, 10th September, 1895.

The Society again met in the Town Hall, Wexford, at 8 o'clock, p.m.;

Thomas Drew, B.h.a., P.h.i.a.i., F.r.i.b.a., President, in the Chair.

Mr. Hore concluded his Paper on "The Antiquities of Ferns."

Mr. F. J. Bigger, M.b.i.a., read a Paper on "The Ancient Church, Ciosses, and Antiquities of St. Mac Dara's Island, off the Coast of Connamara."

(On the 11th of September, while the Members visited the ruins described, Mr. J. B. Cullen read a Paper on "The Ancient Churches of the Town of Wexford.")

The Papers were referred to the Council.

The remaining Papers on the list were taken as read, and also referred to the Council, viz.:—

"Some 17th-century Events, illustrated by Contemporary Documents," by Sir

Thomas Grattan Esmonde, Bart. "St. Ibar and his House," by Rev. Denis Murphy, 8.J., Ll.d., M.b.i.a., Vice


"Wexford in the Stone Age, illustrated by Stone Implements," by the Rev.

James F. M. ffrench, M.b.i.a., Honorary Local Secretary for Wicklow. "Dean Swift's Library," by T. P. Le Fanu, B.a.

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