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The Second General Meeting of the Society, for the year 1895, was held (hy permission of the Mayor) in the Council Chamber of the Tholsel, Kilkenny, on Monday, 6th May, at two o'clock, p.m.

Deputy Spbgeon-generai Kins, M.b., M.a., M.b.i.a., Fellow,
in the Chair.

The following took part in the proceedings in Kilkenny or Waterford :—

Fellows:—Robert Cochrane, P.s.a., M.b.i.a., Hon. General Secretary and Treasurer; The Moat Rev. B. A. Sheehan, D.d., Bishop of Waterford and Lismore; 6. D. Burtchaell, M.a., M.u.i.a.; P. M. Egan, J.p., Hon. Secretary for Kilkenny City; W. E. Kelly, J.p.; Richard Langrishe, P.b.i.a.i.; William B. Molloy, M.b.i.a.; M. M. Murphy, M.b.i.a., Hon. Secretary for North Kilkenny; The Rev. P. Power; M. J. Hurley, Hon. Secretary for Waterford City.

Members:—The Rev. W. Healy, P.p., Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster; The Rev. Canon Hewson, B.a., Hon. Secretary for South Kilkenny; B. J. Ussher, j.p., Hon. Secretary for West Waterford; E. W. Kelly, Hon. Secretary for East Waterford; W. J. Smith, j.p., Mayor of Waterford; the Very Rev. Thomas Hare, D.d., Dean of Ossory; F. J. Bigger, M.b.i.a.; C. P. Bolton, J.p. ; the Bev. W. Carrigan, c.c.; Miss M. Chearnley; James Coleman; Alderman Coyle; the Rev. H. W. Davidson, H.a.; Edward Fennessy; Surgeon Lieut.-Col. Greene, M.b.; Thomas Greene, Ll.b.; J. Ernest Grubb; the Rev. M. P. Hickey; Miss F. Keane; P. Kenny; Miss K. L. King; Brian MacSheehy, Ll.d.; John M'Neill; the Very Rev. F. O'Brien, P.p., M.u.i.a.; the Eev. E. O'Leary, P.p.; Dr. G. O'C. Redmond; the Eev. Canon Rooke, M.a.; John F. Small; G. N. Smith, B.a. ; the Rev. R. 0. Thompson ; Edmund Trouton; P. J. Tuohy, B.l.; J. N. White, M.b.i.a.; Miss Younge.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting were read and confirmed.

The following Candidates, recommended by the Council, were declared duly elected:—


M. J. Hurley, Hon. Secretary, Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society (Member, 1890), Abbeylands, Waterford: proposed by Eobert Cochrane, F.s.a., Hon. General Secretary.

John Moran, M.a., Ll.d. {Member, 1888), Boyne Villa, Trim: proposed by Robert Cochrane, P.s.a., Hon. General Secretary.

T. Barry Lillis, Bosemount, Booterstown: proposed by J. J. Digges La Touche, Ll.d., Fellow.


Miss Badham, St. Margaret's Hall, Mespil-road, Dublin : proposed by John Cooke, M.a., Fellow.

Miss M. Josephine Bennett, Blair Castle, Cork: proposed by Joseph H. Bennett.

Alexander Mitchell Burden, c.E., County Surveyor, Kilkenny: proposed by R. Langrishe, J.p., Fellow.

George W. Casson, J.p., 25, Clyde-road, Dublin: proposed by J. Vincent Legge.

Miss H. F. Chamney, 15, Elgin-road, Dublin: proposed by Miss Reynell, Son. Secretary, Co. Westmeath.

Robert William Christie, P.i.b., 21, Elgin-road, Dublin: proposed by H. Ailingham, M.b.i.A., Hon. Secretary, Co. Donegal.

The Rev. Joseph W. Coulter, B.a., Cathedral Close, Ferns: proposed by G. E. J. Greene, P.l.8., M.b.i.a.

The Rev. Albert E. Crotty, M.a., Moyliscar Rectory, Mullingar: proposed by the Rev. W. Falkiner, M.a.

S. A. D'Arcy, L.b.c.p.i., L.b.c.s.i., Rosslea, Co. Fermanagh: proposed by the Rev. G. R. Buick, Ll.d., Vice-President.

Joseph Francis Dawson, Inspector, Munster and Leinster Bank, Cork: proposed by John H. Robinson.

The Hon. Edward A. de Moleyns, J.p., Dingle, Co. Kerry: proposed by D. de C. Mac Gillycuddy.

James Fleming, Jun., Kilmory, Skelmorlie, Scotland: proposed by the Rev. G. R. Buick, Ll.d., Vice-President.

W. Blythe Gerish, 3, Oxford Villas, Wormley, Herts: proposed by L. M. Ewart, M.b.i.A., Vice-President.

Graham Augustus Goold, Solicitor, Monkstown, Cork: proposed by Joseph H. Bennett.

Mrs. J. Greene, Monte Vista, Ferns: proposed by G. E. J. Greene, P.l.b., M.b.i.a.

Howard Guinness, Chesterfield, Blackrock: proposed by Rev. Dr. Stokes,


Thomas Hayes, o.i., B.i.c., Hawarden Villa, Mullingar: proposed by S. K. Kirker, Fellow, Hon. Secretary, Co. Cavan.

George Hickson, Woodville, Castleisland, Co. Kerry: proposed by D. de C. Mac Gillycuddy.

Benjamin Hughes, Independent Office, Wexford: proposed by G. E. J. Greene,

F.L.s., h.R.I.A.

The Rev. John Humphreys, B.a., The Manse, Tullamore; proposed by the Rev. J. Tweedie Agnew.

The Rev. David Jones, M.a., Canon of Bangor Cathedral, Llandegai, N. Wales: proposed by D. Griffith Davies, B.a.

Ernest A. Kinnear, Ballyheigue Castle, Co. Kerry: proposed by D. de C. Mac Gillycuddy.

P. M. Laffan, L.b.o.p.i., Belper Hill, Tara, Co. Meath: proposed by the Rev. Oliver Brighton, M.a.

Z. J. Ledger, 27, George-street, Limerick: proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.a., M.b.i.a., Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

Joseph Lewis, Sandycroft, Bloomfield, Belfast: proposed by W. J. O'Neill.

William Irwin Mahaffy, Solicitor, Ward Villa West, Bangor, Co. Down: proposed by S. W. P. Cowan, B.a., Fellow.

Miss H. G. Manders, 17, Waterloo-road, Dublin: proposed by W. Frazer, p.B.c.s.i., M.b.i.A., Fellow.

The Rev. P. M'Girr, Adm., Westport: proposed by P. Newell, B.a., Hon. Secretary, Co. Mayo.

The Most Eev. Thomas J. M'Redmond, D.d., Bishop of Killaloe, Bishop's House, Aahline, Ennis: proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.a., M.b.i.a., Fellow, Bon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

James Montgomery, 5, Carlisle-road, Londonderry: proposed by Thomas Watson, Fellow.

John W. Mullen, Physician and 8urgeon, Ladywell Sanatorium, Eccles, Lancashire: proposed by Ben. H. Mullen, M.a., Fellow.

Mrs. Murtagh, 9, Eaglan-road, Dublin: proposed by John Robert O'Connell, Ll.d., Fellow.

Miss Murtagh, 9, Raglan-road, Dublin: proposed by John Eobert O'Connell, Ll.d., Fellow.

The Very Rev. Thomas O'Meara, P.p., V.o., Eoscrea: proposed by H. C. Brett, b.A., Hon. Secretary, Co. Tipperary.

George L. O'Connor, Architect, 198, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin: proposed by William Stirling.

Frank Hugh O'Donnell: proposed by William P. O'Neill, M.b.i.a.

Patrick M. O'Halloran, Corofin, Co. Clare: proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.A., M.b.i.a., Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

Miss Edith Oldham, 33, Upper Leeson-street, Dublin: proposed by George Coffey, B.e., M.b.i.a., Fellow.

James Perry, M.b., M. Inst. C.b., Co. Surveyor, Well Park, Galway: proposed by Eobert Cochrane, P.s.a., M.r.i.a., Hon. General Secretary.

Robert A. Simms, Lisdoron, Ballymena: proposed by the Rev. G. E. Buick, Ll.d., Vice-President.

Robert Wolfe Smyth, J.p., Portlick Castle, Athlone: proposed by Edward M. Glee son, j.p.

Miss Stacpoole, Edenvale, Ennis: proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.a., M.r.i. A., Fellow, Hon. Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

Michael B. Stokes, The Square, Tralee: proposed by D. de C. Mac Gillycuddy.

Thomas Courtney Townshend, B.a. (Dubl.), 23, South Frederick-street, Dublin: proposed by Everard Hamilton, B.a.

Chas. Francis Walker, Kilmore-quay, Wexford: proposed by J. J. Perceval, Fellow.

Thomas Walpole, J.p., Monadrehid, Borris-in-Ossory: proposed by B. P. J. Mabony, M.b.c.v.s., Hon. Secretary, Queen's County.

John S. Weir, J.p., Carrickbrack, Convoy, Co. Donegal: proposed by Walter Bernard, P.r.c.p.

The Rev. Percival S. Weldon, Numey Rectory, Bagenalstown: proposed by the Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, M.b.i.a., Fellow, Hon. Secretary, Co. Carlow.

W. H. Welply, Inspector of National Schools, 5, Ely-place, Galway : proposed by A. P. Morgan, B.a.

Miss Westropp, Deer Park, Clonlara, Limerick : proposed by Thomas J. Westropp, M.a., M.k.i.a., Hot). Provincial Secretary for Leinster.

F. P. C. Wheeler, 64, Hatton Garden, London: proposed by the Rev. W. Falkiner, M.a.

Robert C. Wilson, Tops, Raphoe: proposed by Walter Bernard, T.r.c.p.
Thomas Wray, Hanover-place, Coleraine: proposed by John Kennedy.

The following Report was read and unanimously adopted on the motion of Alderman Coyle, seconded by Mr. M. M. Murphy, M.e.i.a., Fellow:—

Report Of The Auditors Of The Treasurer's Account For The
Tear 1894.

"The Receipts for the year 1894 amounted to £878 18*. 7rf., being slightly in excess of those for 1893. The amount received by subscriptions, £664 8*., shows an increase of £31 10s. on the preceding year, and is the largest amount yet received under that head, although there has been a slight diminution in Entrance Fees. The Expenditure is considerably less than in 1893. It amounts to £884 Is. Id., including the sum of £100 transferred to the Capital Account, which now stands at £900, leaving a balance on the General Account of £100 5*. 3d. in the Provincial Bank to the credit of the Society."

By permission of the Mayor, the Civic Sword and Mace were laid on the table for exhibition.

Mr. P. M. Egan, Fellow, Hon. Secretary for Kilkenny City, exhibited an old Pistol presented to the Museum of the Society by Mr. Edward O'Grady. It was found near St. Francis Abbey, where the city was assaulted by Cromwell.

The following Paper was read and referred to the Council:—

"On a recently-discovered Monument at Inistiogue, county Kilkenny," by the Rev. Canon Hewson, B.a., Hon. Secretary for South Kilkenny.

On the motion of Mr. Langrishe, Fellow, seconded by Dr. MacSheehy, a vote of thanks was passed to the Mayor of Kilkenny for having so kindly granted the use of the Council Chamber in which to hold the Meeting of the Society.

The meeting then adjourned to 8.30 p.m. at Waterford.


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By Messrs. Ponsonby & Weldrick's Account for Printing, Bind-
ing, and Distributing Four Quarterly Parts (1500 copies
each) of the Journal, ... .

,, Messrs. Ponsonby & Weldrick's Account for Miscellaneous
Printing, .... .

,, Extra Publications Account and Drawings, Blocks, &c. for do.,

„ Illustrations for Journal,

,, Stationery Account, . . .

,, Postages and Incidental Expenses Account,
„ Expenses of General Meetings and Excursions in 1894, # .
„ Mr. R. Day, Vice-Prcs., Expenses incurred by him for Special

Trains at Cork Meeting, 1893,
„ Rent and Insurances,Museum, Kilkenny, and 7, St. Stephen'

Green, Dublin, ....
„ Assistant-Secretary and Treasurer for one year (1894),
,, Expenses of Photographic Survey,
,, Drawings purchased from Mr. J, G. Robertson, .
,, Purchase of back Numbers of thejournal,
Amount invested in "J per Cent. Consols, 1894,
„ Refund of Subscriptions paid in error in 1894,
,, Subscription to Archaeological Conference, 1894, .
,, „ ,," Henry Bradshaw Society," 1894,
,, Balance, 31st December, 1894, .


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We have examini

ed this Account, with the Vouchers and Books, and find it correct, there being in the Provincial Bank to the Credit of the So-iety on 3:st December, 1894,
£0" 5*. id. The Capital Account now amounts to £9"" invested in "| per Cent. Consols in the names of the Trustees.

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